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  • にほん
  • LOL: Wild Rift / モバイルゲーム暴動アカウント / レベル:10

    LOL: Wild Rift / モバイルゲーム暴動アカウント / レベル:10

    - +


  • LOL: Wild Rift  (9000-10000エッセンスの間、5つの魔法のボール) モバイルゲーム暴動アカウント - レベル:15

    LOL: Wild Rift (9000-10000エッセンスの間、5つの魔法のボール) モバイルゲーム暴動アカウント - レベル:15

    - +


  • 2020-11-27
    Excellent service! Although there was a small correction everything was great and I really appreciate the good service!
  • 2020-11-27
    Great shopping experience at this site, I got what I wanted for little money.
  • 2020-11-27
    waited 24 hrs for my order still haven't arrived :( event almost ends and it'll be hellish grinding
  • 2020-11-26
    They sent the account info to my email, get it tested and it is OK, this site is great!

About LOL: Wild Rift Accounts

What is LOL: Wild Rift?

As early as October last year, the developers of the League of Legends officially announced the news that the League of Legends will be launched on the mobile platform in the 10th anniversary carnival. And on 2020 September 16, we finally ushered in the closed beta of the League of Legends mobile game.

According to the developer's introduction, the game is not simply porting the PC version of League of Legends to mobile phones, but as much as possible to provide players with the purest fun of the rift battlefield on mobile phones. The rift has been redesigned and still retains the classic branch. The estimated time of each game is 15-18 minutes, allowing players to enjoy classic elements such as defense towers and wild monsters while relaxing the game. The unique dual joystick system can provide effective support for players to reproduce PC game operations.

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