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  • Genshin Impact: A Hollow Soul Hidden Achievement Guide

    Jul 30, 2021

    The 2.0 update of Genshin Impact introduced a lot of new content, and also added many hidden achievements, including a game of A Hollow Soul. To get this achievement, you need to finally find Washizu's lost professions in Higi Village and complete the Sinister Instruction world quest. However, you still need to do some work before you get the quest, and MMOWTS will introduce the relevant info in detail.

    First of all, you need to pursue this achievement in 4 daily resets. You can't get the Hollow Soul achievement right away, because some things need to be completed within 4 days. Specifically, you need to interact with the Outsider Shrine located south of Serpent’s Head every day.

    You need to interact with Outside Shrine 3 times a day, and it will become inactive until the next daily reset is completed. In addition, every single interaction will cause a purple orb to appear in front of the building, and when three of them appear, you will be there until the day’s work is completed. At this time, you can have a brief conversation with Washizu, and notice that his dialogue changes slightly every day.

    On the fourth day of visiting the Shrine, you will be a little surprised because Washizu will become aggressive and will attack you. This attack will trigger the start of the Sinister Instruction world quest. The first goal is to defeat the crazy samurai. After defeating this enemy, you will receive an Incomplete Note and a Tattered paper, as well as instructions to visit Higi Village to find the samurai possessions.

    The last step is to go to the southeast corner of the marked area of Higi Village and walk behind the home found there. Then, you should stand between the two torches in this alcove and press the input that appears on the screen to “Dig”. Immediately afterward, an Exquisite Chest will spawn, and looting it will result in the Sinister Information quests being marked as completed, and the Hollow Soul hidden achievement in Genshin Impact will be obtained.

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  • Nintendo Stated New Content Will Be Added To ACNH

    Jul 28, 2021

    The lengthy content shortage in ACNH is coming to an end! Within two days, Fireworks will return to the popular Switch game that lacks activities. Nintendo has stated on Twitter that more content will appear later this year.

    ACNH will be updated for free on July 29. So if you are an ACNH player, make sure you have updated to the latest version to enjoy the upcoming weekly fireworks shows and new seasonal items. In addition to these updates, New Horizons is currently developing more free content and plans to launch later this year. More detailed information will be released in the future, so players can continue to pay attention and can look forward to it.

    ACNH was first released in March 2020, because it was during the covid-19 pandemic, so this is undoubtedly a good opportunity. A large number of players have joined the game. After that, the game is constantly updating content, such as adding swimming, Weddings, and fireworks. So, during that period, this game brought a lot of comfort to the players. But after the introduction of new things stopped, and people's lives returned to before, people did not pay as much attention to it as before, which also caused ACNH to lose a lot of fans.

    For now, the latest free update just repeats the previous event. Before this, ACNH received a series of décor options in its first-anniversary event, plus some April Fool’s themed things, such as whoopie cushions. In addition, the past few months have been very calm.

    But the game is about to get fireworks, which is also surprising. Fireworks can be said to be the most irritating invention in the game. It has no other purpose except to scare housepets and make neighbors awake, but it seems to be the embodiment of the spirit of Animal Crossing.

    As for the new content that Nintendo said, we can only wait patiently. But since there will be new content, which means players never see before. Some players speculate that it is expanding the island. If this is true, it will re-attract more players.

    In any case, MMOWTS will always pay attention to the subsequent updates of ACNH. If there are new content and new ACNH items, MMOWTS will also launch the corresponding new items in time. In addition, ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets will still be available on MMOWTS. So ACNH players must not miss MMOWTS.

  • Genshin Impact: The Heron's Invitation Guide

    Jul 27, 2021

    Genshin Impact has just launched a new web event. Web events have successfully maintained the player's immersion and rewarded the player. The Heron’s Invitation web event was launched after the recently implemented version 2.0 update. In this event, you need to read the stalls of the Inazuma marketplace carefully to find gifts for an important character. As long as you work in the right direction, you will have the opportunity to buy the perfect gift for Ayaka.

    The focus of the Heron’s Invitation event is Kamisato Ayaka. Just like in the main game, the web event saw Traveler prepare to meet the princess-like figure, who holds the power of the Yashiro committee. The 6 best gifts must be bought from the market stalls.

    This event should only take you 10 minutes or less. Although the time is short, you will get generous rewards, including 40 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, and 3 Shivada Jade Fragments. This event only lasts until August 2, so players who have not started need to hurry up.

    How to complete The Heron’s Invitation Event?

    If your Adventure Rank reaches 10 or above, you can visit the Heron’s Invitation web event through the official notice on the Genshin Impact website, or through the link provided in the official in-game mail. This link will open a new browser tab and the event will start. After a short cutscene, you will be able to visit 4 different stalls in Inazuma Market.

    There are 6 slots in your inventory, so you need to buy 6 gifts. The 6 special items are:

    * Luxurious Kimono

    * Luxurious Fabric

    * Delicious Tricolor Dango

    * Delicious Tuna Sushi

    * Luxurious Mask

    * Luxurious Tachi

    You can buy The kimono and fabric from Ogura Textiles&Kimonos, two food items from Shimura’s, and a mask from Netsuke no Gen Crafts. Finally, you can find Tachi at Amenoma Smithy. These stores are all places you can visit throughout the game after arriving at Inazuma in Genshin Impact.

    Each store will only have two items in stock at a time. You can wait 2 minutes for stock to be cycled, hoping that higher-level items will appear. In addition, you can also choose to have a conversation with other shop patrons to cause the new stock to be put out immediately. After each conversation, you should check whether the items you need are available.

    Once you have obtained 6 high-quality items, a prompt will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. You will be able to meet Kamisato Ayaka afterward.

    In short, this will bring you closer to recruiting the Yashiro Commission princess, so you can try Ayaka's unique game style. If you have not been able to get Ayaka in the game yet, you can choose to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with Ayaka on MMOWTS.

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  • ACNH: Some Rare Items That Are Hard To Get

    Jul 26, 2021

    ACNH has always been a game about exploring, farming and collecting. It provides countless rare fishes, insects, fossils, and items for you to collect. In addition, you can get many different furniture sets in the game, but some of them are hard to get, and rare items are the most expensive. There are even some that you cannot buy with Animal Crossing Bells.

    Below are the rarest items, it must be incredible when you get them.

    Desktop Computer

    A desktop computer is a rare item sold at Nook’s Cranny shop. It can be black, silver, white or pink. The screen can be customized to display desktop view, search engine, calculations, web browsing, or programming. It sells for 400,000 Bells.

    Grand Piano

    In Nook’s Cranny, the grand piano is a rare item, worth 260,000 ACNH Bells. Its color cannot be changed at will, but it spawns in white, black, cherry and walnut color variations. This piano is one of the most interactive items on this list, because you can play the piano and it can make a realistic sound.

    Gold Rose Items

    Gold Rose Wreath is very rare in ACNH because it has to be crafted and requires 10 golden roses and its DIY recipe. Once you craft it and show it, Gold Rose Wreath has the lucky trait, so it will add 777 points to your Happy Home Academy.

    Zodiac Items

    Zodiac Items are very rare, because they need to be carefully crafted and can only be made when they are matching with the Zodiac sign once a year. The entire Zodiac set is time-sensitive. It requires you to make a wish to the stars at night when Celeste is in the town and the sky is clear.

    Space Items

    Space Items can only be obtained through Celeste. All space items need a lot of Star Fragments. If you want to craft any space set items, it's time to start stargazing. Some of these items also require iron nuggets, so you need to farm rocks with a shovel once a day.

    Wedding Pipe Organ

    Wedding Pipe Organ is only available during the Wedding Season (June 1-June 30). It has three different color variations, white, dark brown and natural color. It sells for 40 Heart Crystals.

    Royal Crown

    The rarest and most expensive item in ACNH is the Royal Crown. It can be purchased in the Able Sister shop. The Royal Crown is the ultimate bourgeois flex in ACNH.

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  • The Genshin Impact Crossovers Begin! Horizon's Aloy Will Join Genshin As A 5-Star Character

    Jul 23, 2021

    Mihoyo announced that Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn will come to Genshin Impact and as a five-star character.

    Aloy is the protagonist in Horizon Zero Dawn. She seeks answers from a lost civilization to save her own post-apocalyptic world. Now, she will take her talents to the land of Teyvat in Genshin Impact. This Savior From Another World will be provided to Genshin Impact players for free, and players on PlayStation will get exclusive early access. The cooperation between the two games will unroll as part of the 2.1 and 2.2 updates.

    Mihoyo did not announce a release date for Aloy, but stated she will show up within a limited time.

    In Genshin Impact, she will be a 5-star character. On PS4 and PS5, she will also have a special bow. Mihoyo has shared details about getting Aloy:

    In version 2.1, players with an Adventure Rank of 20 or above can receive Aloy through the in-game mail after logging in to the game on PS4/5. At the same time, during version 2.2, other players can receive Aloy via in-game mail after logging in to the game on any platform.

    In addition, in the 2.1 and 2.2 versions of Playstation, players with an Adventure Rank of 20 or above can also get a free four-star Bow that gives Aloy a special buff.

    This announcement was released after the release of the Genshin Impact 2.0 Inazuma update, so it seems to bring surprises to players again. 2.0 has introduced a new region and a new character, and rich content is waiting for players to explore. 

    Aloy has traveled through more than one world. In April of this year, she joined Fortnite as a playable character. According to Mihoyo's press release, more details of her Genshin Impact crossover will be released later.

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  • WOW TBC Classic: Blizzard Will Give Extra Rewards To Alliance PvPers

    Jul 22, 2021

    Blizzard once again tested the Battlegrounds of the same faction in WOW TBC Classic, this time Alliance players will get more rewards than Horde players.

    From July 20th to 27th, the Battlegrounds of the same faction will re-enable TBC Classic, and there will be some adjustments to the previous same-faction Battlegrounds test. The maximum group size can be reduced to 5 for a Battlegrounds queue. The matchmaking system will wait for a while to find an opposite-faction match, and Alliance players will be able to complete a repeatable quest, rewarding the Battleground for winning a box of loot, including various crafting materials, consumables, and currency.

    The PvP Battlegrounds are usually against opposing faction, such as Horde against Alliances. But TBC has a faction imbalance problem. When it comes to the match-made Battlegrounds, there are more Horde players. This resulted in a lot of queue time for Horde players, making it almost impossible for them to obtain PvP items. The repair plan proposed by Blizzard is to be tested within a weekend to see if the situation will be changed.

    The result is that players can find the match time almost immediately, but Blizzard also found that many players are playing in completely premade groups, which when encountered by players who solo queue and are not happy. As a member of the Alliance, being able to participate in PvP more easily has long been a benefit, and Blizzard seems to be removing this benefit.

    Therefore, there are new enlistment rewards. Blizzard stated that the trend in the past few months has been for the Alliance’s Battlefield participation rate to be lower, and these new rewards seek to increase this number. They don't seem to change the game drastically, but want to imitate the design pillars and intentions of the original TBC game system, and solve players' concerns in a way that can capture the spirit of the original game design.

    The changes in the Battlegrounds are not the only modern adjustment of TBC. In addition to paid levels boost and a new mount, the game content will also be rolled out in stages.

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  • Genshin Impact: Ayaka's Best Builds

    Jul 21, 2021

    Ayaka is one of the latest heroes to join the Genshin Impact roster, so many players are also very curious about her. MMOWTS will introduce her best builds, including artifacts, talents, and weapons.

    Ayaka is one of the characters introduced in the 2019 beta. With the development of Genshin Impact, she has become a mature character. It is not yet known how this character will fair when compared to the Cryo characters already in the game, but she has the opportunity to become a better usable character, as long as you equip her with the correct artifacts and weapons!

    Ayaka was officially announced as a new hero in the 2.0 update. Genshin Impact showed a lot of new content in the Livestream demonstrating a lot of things coming to the game. Outside of Ayaka, you will meet new bosses like Pyro Hypostasis and Perpetual Mechanical Array.

    Not only that, a brand new area, Inazuma, will be added to the game for the first time since the Dragon expansion. So in the face of so many new challenges, players will not want to give up easily. Only the best heroes can maximize their game experience.

    About Ayaka

    Ayaka is a Cryo character, and with the right builds, she will be unstoppable. She is a DPS character, if your team lacks a character like this, then don't miss her.


    The Mistplitter Reforged Sword is suitable. It was also introduced in the 2.0 update. Besides, you can use Primordial Jade Cutter or Blackcliff Longsword instead of pulling for new content.


    Blizzard Strayer is a complete 4-set and the best set for Cyro characters.

    Support heroes

    Diona or Rosaria are both good choices. They can help Ayaka use her elemental abilities.


    As for talents, you should always invest in the first available talent. If you want to add Ayala to your roster, then you may still have a long way to go. But don’t worry, MMOWTS has prepared surprises for players who don’t want to spend time, and Genshin Impact Accounts with Ayaka will be available. So you can pay close attention to MMOWTS from now on so that once we launch the new Genshin Impact Accounts, you will be able to know the first time.

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  • Genshin Impact 2.0: Details About Housing and Gardening Changes

    Jul 20, 2021

    Genshin Impact 2.0 will be released on July 21. This update will contain a lot of content, including new enemies, new exploration areas, new puzzles, new powers, and new storylines. Needless to say, Inazuma Islands are definitely a great experience, and this is what fans have been waiting for. Like Inazuma Island, the Serenitea Pot housing system has also received new changes.

    The new system is gardening. You can now enter your Teapot homes and have the ability to plant various types of plots, each containing specific plants, which can only be placed in those specific soils. There is also a new item called Sub-Space Waypoint in the game, which allows you to instantly move around your housing plot. However, placing too many waypoints will have the opportunity to change how Tubby’s upkeep of the house. Trees may fly around, house items may move, mountains and rocks may start to swirl.


    You will need to complete a world quest - The Art of Horticulture, by reaching Reputation level 3 in Inazuma. Once completed, you will be allowed to use the Seed Dispensary. When the Dispensary is equipped, it will let you collect plant seeds around Mondstadt. Once you have collected enough seeds, you can plant them in the chosen plot. If you get the seeds with the Seed Dispensary at least one time, you can also buy seeds with Realm Currency.

    Three Gardening Plots

    Once you have obtained the seeds you want to plant, you need to enter the Serenitea Pot's home and choose the desired plot for the specific seed. There are three types of plots to be purchased, and each plot has its own set of plants:

    * Jade Field: Radish, Mint, Carrots, Jeuyun Chili, Valberry, Mushroom, Sweet Flower, and Small Lamp Grass.

    * Luxuriant Glebe: Windwheel Aster, Glaze Lily, Violetgrass, a new plant from Inazuma, Silk Flower, Qingxin, and Cecelia.

    * Orderly Meadow: Calla Lily, a new plant from Inazuma, Sea Ganoderma, Snapdragon, Lotus Head, and Horsetail.

    Each plot can hold up to 4 seeds in its list. However, it may take 2-3 days to grow a plant, which is longer than the time required for the natural resources to regrow in the game world. Based on this, fans speculate that there will get changes in the future.

    Although there is no info about the house items, you will be able to find new house recipes that contain Inazuma nation items. Maybe an object like the Statue of Seven will appear, which will heal the entire team, and you don't need to resort to some healers. And by then, Ayaka will also appear, and MMOWTS will also update her best build in time. If you are a Genshin Impact player, you can subscribe to MMOWTS to get some tips.

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  • WOW TBC Classic: How To Play Destruction Warlock?

    Jul 19, 2021

    If you are looking for pure damage, Warlocks are one of the best options in TBC. This profession has three unique specializations, but the most powerful is Destruction, because it provides much more damage than Affliction and Demonology.

    Except for some useful curses and consumables (Healthstone and Soulstone), your character usually will be to pump out a lot of damage with Destruction, which boils down to a few buttons. There is a unique element, Destruction can be played as Shadow or Fire.

    Gameplay and rotation

    Destruction Warlock rotation is very simple, you only need to use some spells, and you will use the same two buttons over and over again. What you need to do is:

    * Use Fel Armor

    * Use Demonic Sacrifice on your Succubus or Imp 

    * Cast your assigned curse (or Curse of Elements if you’re the only Warlock)

    * Maintain Immolate

    * Cast Shadow Bolt or Incinerate

    Stat Priority

    * Spell Hit (up to 16%)

    * Spell Haste 

    * Spell Damage

    * Spell Critical Strike

    * Intellect

    Best Destruction Warlock Gems

    * Chaotic Skyfire Diamond

    * Great Dawnstone 

    * Veiled Noble Topaz

    * Runed Living Ruby

    * Glowing Nightseye


    * Head - Glyph of Power

    * Shoulder - Greater Inscription of Discipline

    * Cloak - Enchant Cloak - Subtlety

    * Chest - Enchant Chest - Exception Stats

    * Bracers - Enchant Bracer - Spellpower

    * Gloves - Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower

    * Legs - Runic Spellthread

    * Boots - Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed

    * Weapon - Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost/ Enchant Weapon - Sunfire (Depending on if you prefer Shadow or Fire)

    Best Destruction Warlock Professions

    There are two excellent professions to choose from, which are Tailoring and Enchanting. Tailoring provides some of the best items in the early part of the game, the Spellstrike set, Shadow’s Embrace and Spellfire sets.

    At the same time, the enchantment gives a solid stat boost because it allows you to gain 24 extra spell power, thanks to the unique ring enchants.

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  • Genshin Impact 2.0: When Will Inazuma Be Available?

    Jul 16, 2021

    Now, in Genshin Impact, Dragonspine and the Golden Apple Archipelago are available, but they came without Archon. This is a big project, since Genshin Impact started, we have had the opportunity to visit a brand new area for the first time. Now Inazuma is the focus of much attention, and fans are looking forward to its appearance. Based on this, MMOWTS collected some relevant information.

    The release date for Inazuma

    The release date for Genshin Impact 2.0 and Inazuma region is July 21. During that period, there will be a brief downtime followed by a shower of primogems in your email for putting up with it.

    When it comes, you will get kinds of stuff. Inazuma itself is based on Japan, and became the eternal nation by the denizens of Teyvat. It is under the rule of Electro Archon Baal, who seems that most of the undercover and easy-going Barbatos and Rex Lapis of Mondstadt and Liyue are much more active. She tried to deprive people of their elemental visions and some people are fighting back.

    Compared to Dragonspine and Golden Apple, this area is described as dense with world puzzles and other content, all of which revolve around Electro. This also means that Traveler will be getting access to their third element.

    New Characters, weapons

    Cryo sword user Ayaka and Pyro archer Yomiya are very popular. Players have got a 4-star Anemo claymore user - Sayu.

    As for the new craftable weapons, new 5-star weapons, and two new artifacts. Everything in the game has new additions to some extent.


    From a broader perspective, cross-play and cross-save through PlayStation will be feasible, which may also be expected by some fans. You can also garden in the Serenitea Pot, which further increases the functionality there.

    In addition, the following new events will also appear. In short, Mihoyo is preparing for something big, which has successfully aroused the curiosity of fans! When 2.0 comes, MMOWTS will also update the article to introduce the detailed content. If you don't want to miss the latest news, subscribe to MMOWTS.

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