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  • ACNH Guide: How To Get Extra Star Fragments?

    Apr 17, 2021

    You can reach new heights of creativity in the process of building and decorating the entire island in ACNH. You can also interact with NPCs, swim, dive, catch bugs and fish.

    Many players like to decorate their islands with sparkling items to make them look better. Among them, the most suitable items for decoration are star fragments, which can shine at night.

    About Star Fragments

    You can find Star fragments by the beach after making a wish at a shooting star at night. It is a craftable material that can glow at night. You must have a meteor shower on your island to gather this item. Usually, you will see small meteor showers twice a week and a large meteor shower once a month.

    When will the meteor shower appear?

    Isabelle will announce the news of a large meteor shower in her daily announcement, but if there are any events happening on the same day, she will not notify you.

    Large meteor showers are easy to detect, they usually occur between 7 pm - 4 am.

    However, small meteor showers are difficult to detect because the shooting stars are more scattered. But the time is the same: 7 pm - 4 am.

    How to get star fragments?

    When you find a meteor shower, you can start to make a wish on stars. Every wish will drop a star fragment on your beach.

    Types of star fragments

    * Regular Star Fragments - Typical yellow fragments.

    * Zodiac Fragments - Responds to the current month of your islands and are needed to craft Zodiac DIYs.

    * Large Star Fragments - Key for many Celeste DIYs.

    Each fragment has a different drop rate, depending on your birth month. The specific Zodiac star fragments will decrease according to the Zodiac sign time period.

    How to get EXTRA star fragments?

    Under normal circumstances, you can only get 20 star fragments by wishing on a meteor. But now there is a way for you to get 40 fragments. You only need to invite a friend to your island, and wish together, them you will get 40 fragments.

    But your friend needs to wish at least 100 times to get an extra 20 pieces. So if you want to get extra pieces, you need to wish hard with your friends.

    This is how to get extra star fragments. As for more ACNH tips, you can visit the news page of MMOWTS.

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  • WOW Classic: A Fan Finds Rare Item After Nearly 4-year Grinding

    Apr 16, 2021

    Blizzard’s WOW continues for 17 years. During this time, many rare items have been sought after by fans. Some are exclusive items for events a few years ago, and some are weapons with a small drop rate. Among them, The Pendulum of Doom is one of them. Recently, a WOW Classic player finally owns this item after 4 years of grinding, which is awesome.

    The player stated that he initially started his journey from the retail version of the game and then came to WOW Classic. He started to the grind to see if he could obtain 7 rare items of Uldaman dungeon. They include:

    * The Digmaster 5000,

    * The Jackhammer

    * Spaulders of a Lost Age

    * Shadowforge Bushmaster

    * Miner’s Hat of the Deep

    * Papal Fez

    * The Pendulum of Doom

    After 2000 runs on the retail version and 292 runs on the WOW Classic, he solves his troubles with Pendulum of Doom and a Papal Fez. But he still hasn't been able to get the Jackhammer, Digmaster 5000, or Spaulders of a Lost Age, so he will continue to quest. Now he plans to run 8 runs to reach 300.

    Now, you can buy Pendulum of Doom in the WOW Classic shop. The pendulum of Doom is a two-handed axe. If you hit someone on the head with it, it can cause 250-350 fatal damage. Of course, if you have enough time, getting it by grinding can bring you greater happiness.

    Now that the player has obtained the item, he said that he is making a Level 39 Shaman for WOW Classic Burning Crusade. Burning Crusade is currently undergoing beta testing and will be released later this year. At that time, MMWOTS will also update relevant news and specific details in time.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: The Tips And Tricks To Defeat Abyss Herald

    Apr 15, 2021

    Genshin Impact 1.4 released the new story quest - We Will Be Reunited. A new enemy appears in this quest, called Abyss Herald. You will face it on three different occasions.

    In order to obtain missions and new enemies, your Adventure Rank needs to hit 36 and you have completed the Bough Keeper: Dainsleif, and the first story chapter of Razor.

    Although Abyss Herald is more ferocious than Abyss Mages, as long as you use the right tactics, you can easily defeat him. In each battle, he will become stronger and even call other enemies to help him in the battle.

    Where to find the Abyss Herald?

    * End of Call of the Abyss Domain

    * Wolvendom in Boreas Arena

    * Second Entry of Call of the Abyss Domain

    Before entering Wolvedom, you need to stock up enough food.

    The Abyss Herald’s Abilities

    In each battle, Abyss Herald will have almost the same abilities, but on the second and third encounters with him, he will summon other enemies to join the battle.

    * 3-Sweep Combo: Performs three hydro blade slashes.

    * Annihilation: Sends out a cross-shaped hydro attack.

    * Decimate: Summons a hydro blade to send flying towards the player.

    * Hydro-Shield: Creates a hydro shield to help absorb damage.

    * Abyssal Roar: Attacks with consecutive spinning attacks up to four times back-to-back. During this period he will dash through the air towards you.

    * The End is Nigh: Summons hydro blades and sends them out in eight different directions. During the time this attack is charging, he will perform melee slashes in all directions.

    Abyss Herald encounter variations

    * First Fight: No extra enemies. You need to knock off 3/4 of the health bar.

    * Second Fight: A Cryo and Electro Hilichurl archer will come and assist him. His Hydro shield will be used, you need to drain the shield to win the battle.

    * Third Fight: A Pyro and Yydro Abyss Mage will come and help him. You need to destroy his shield and deplete his health.

    Fight Tips

    The Abyss Herald is a Hydro enemy, so you need to keep as far away from him as possible and use a cryo bow-user to deal with him. Ganyu is the best choice.

    Make sure that there are heroes in your team that cause elemental reactions. The Abyss Herald can be frozen, so based on this, you can use close-range cryo characters such as Kaeya, Chongyun or Rosaria. In addition, Qiqi is also a good choice, because her elemental skills can freeze Abyss Herald and provide healing.

    There are also some suitable characters for use in combat:











    When Abyss Herald attacks you, he always moves his arm right. He also has a tendency to shout out what kind of attacks he is using. When you hear these calls, you will know when to evade.

    In the second and third battles, you need to solve his helper as soon as possible to avoid extra damage.

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  • WOW Classic: A Instant Level 70 Realm Is Added To Burning Crusade Beta

    Apr 14, 2021

    Now, if you are a WOW Classic player, you can log in to a new WOW Classic Burning Crusade realm - Badge of Justice.

    In this new realm, you can create 70-level characters with Flying learned, dungeon blue gear, and some choices of weapons and trinkets. This new realm is likely to be related to the upcoming raid test announced by Blizzard last week.

    According to Blizzard, until Friday, Karazhan, Gruul, and Magtheridon will conduct raid tests. In the present itemization choices, you will be able to pick up consumables and any profession you want from Shattrath's vendors.

    Although this realm is currently offline, once Karazhan's raid test window opens, it may be online as soon as possible. If these raid tests are successful, Blizzard may look towards Sunwell, Tempest Keep, and Black Temple in the future.

    If all the raid tests prove to be successful, we may see the early Q3 release of the WOW Classic Burning Crusade servers. But Blizzard has not yet given an official release date, so all this is just our guess.

    Blizzard is wise. As a game with a strong fan base, WOW Classic needs to consider the needs of different fans as much as possible, so this strategy is adopted.

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  • ACNH: Fishing Tourney Rewards, Dates, Configuration, And Specifications

    Apr 13, 2021

    Spring has arrived and ACNH has organized a new tournament - "Fishing Tourney". For players in the northern hemisphere, this is the "Spring Fishing Tourney", and for players in the southern hemisphere, this is the "Autumn Fishing Tourney". This is a quarterly event, and it began on April 10 and will end in July. This is the fifth fishing Tourney organized by ACNH. To participate in the Tourney, you need to talk to C.J, after which you will enter the tournament.

    Fishing Tourney Explained

    The first-time entry is free, and you need to pay 500 Bells for each entry thereafter. The fishing tournament has a time limit. You need to catch as many fish as possible within 3 minutes. After the end, you will be scored based on the number of fish you catch. You can't cheat in the game, but you can use a gold fishing rod and bait to lure fish.

    How to win?

    Previously, the judging criteria for winning the tournament was the type and size of the fish, but now this mode has changed. In ACNH, the type and size of the fish are not important, because the number of fish you catch this time is the basis for scoring. So the more fish you catch, the better your chances of winning the tournament. So, you don't waste time catching big fish or valuable species, you just need to catch as many fish as possible. Besides, if you can collect 3 fish in 3 minutes, you can get an extra 2 points.

    To win the game, you can stay near the river bank and use bait to lure the fish.


    You will receive trophies and prizes as rewards. Trophies will be awarded to you based on accumulated points, and you will get gold, silver, and bronze.

    • To earn Gold Trophy - 300 points
    • To earn Silver Trophy - 200 points
    • To earn Bronze Trophy - 100 points

    In addition to trophies, points can also be used to purchase special different prizes in the competition. In ACNH, there are a total of 13 prizes, each of which will cost you 10 points. So for getting these rewards, you need to catch at least 100 fish in a day's match.

    Below is the complete list of prizes:

    * Fish Cooler

    * Fish Print

    * Fish Rack

    * Fish Umbrella

    * Fish Wand

    * Fishing Rod Stand

    * Tackle Bag

    * Anchor Statue

    * Fish Doorplate

    * Fish Pochette

    * Fish-Print Tee

    * Marine Pop Wallpaper

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  • MH Rise Guide: Where To Hunt Down And Farm Novacrystal?

    Apr 12, 2021

    If you are a player of Monster Hunter Rise and are looking for relevant game news or guides, then MMOWTS will provide all the details about MH Rise. This article will show you how to farm Novacrystal effectively.

    About Novacrystal

    Novacrystal is a High-Rank resource used for various weapons and armors, so it is a wise choice to always store it in advance. Once you reach a higher rank, you should consider farming these resources.

    We will introduce the specific locations of Novacrystal in detail and tell you how to collect as many things as possible.

    Where to find Novacrystal?

    Novacrystal is a hard-to-obtain resource. Part of the reason is that you can only find it in high-rank quests. If you do not start a high-rank quest, then no matter what you do, Novacrystal will not appear. If you haven't been able to unlock high-rank quests, you can only focus on unlocking them for now.

    Novacrystal location

    If you are already in the High Rank, you can start to get some Novacrystals. Novacrystal will be spawned from mining nodes in Flooded Forest, but as a rare item, Novacrystals are very rare when coming from blue nodes. When coming from white nodes, there will be a little more common. White nodes will be more difficult to find but will provide better rewards.

    How to farm?

    Carry out high-rank quests or adventures in Flooded Forest. The first is the white mining node. It is much easier to get there from the Flooded Forest sub camp, so you can go there quickly.

    Next are the blue nodes, but they are unlikely to provide Novacrystal, but they are easy to find and mine.

    Two white nodes and one blue node are hidden in the upper levels of the large temple. You can climb to the entrance room by using your wirebugs and sprinting on the walls. To open the top door of the temple, you need to use a Large Barrel Bomb!

    If you want to mine Novacrystal more efficiently, you need to use the Geologist skill, which allows you to mine from the ore nodes several times.

    Novacrystal mining locations

    * Flooded Forest - White Mining Nodes

    * Flooded Forest - Blue Mining Nodes

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  • WOW Classic: When Can We Transfer The Character To An Era Realm?

    Apr 09, 2021

    Players of WOW Classic are about to face a difficult choice, whether to make their characters stay in the original WOW forever, or to let them progress the new content. Blizzard has completed all the content of the original game, which means that it will enter the expansion of The Burning Crusade, which will bring huge changes to the gameplay and the world.

    If you choose to progress to The Burning Crusade, you will get an accurate recreation of everything that the 2007 expansion has to offer. This includes two new races: the Draenei of the Alliance and the Blood Elves of the Horde. You will also get a higher level cap and the ability to go to Outland. This is a brand new world full of new quests, raids, dungeons, and creatures.

    You can also choose to just stay in Azeroth, let your character stay in the latest patch of WOW Classic, and avoid any further extended versions. All existing realms will access The Burning Crusade, and a new set of replication realms called Classic Era will retain the old content. You will need to access these servers through, and each character needs to choose between Classic Era and The Burning Crusade servers before playing the game. Another paid option is to clone characters so that they can appear on both servers at the same time.

    The Classic Era realms will be launched together with The Burning Crusade and are currently scheduled to be released in 2021. However, when the objection is that you start downloading the Burning Crusade patch, you need to make a choice, whether to stay in the original Classic or move forward to the Outworld and beyond.

    The decision to run multiple versions of the game at the same time attracted a lot of WOW Classic players, who would like to know how Blizzard handles the WOW Classic expansion packs. This strategy for Blizzard is a good way. WOW Classic has a vast player base, so it does a good job in response to the needs of different players.

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  • MH Rise Guide: Best Buddy Skills And Moves You May Want To Know

    Apr 08, 2021

    In Monster Hunter Rise, you will have your partners to follow around, each with its own set of skills. So this article will detail their skills and the moves provided by the game.

    Palico has set skills and moves. As for Palamute, they have skills and gear. They all have their utility and provide you with good support during the hunting process.

    There are dozens of different methods, but we will introduce the best, which will greatly help you in hunting monsters.

    Best Buddy Skills

    * Status Attack Up: Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks

    * Attack Up (L): Greatly increases attack (will stack)

    * Knockout King: Increases the likelihood of stunning and tiring monsters

    * Critical Up (S): Increases affinity (will stack)

    * Ranged Attack Up: Increases ranged attack

    Because Palamutes and Palicoes have skills the same way, you can equip them with the same skills. Doing so will increase their potency. And aggressive methods are more popular, they will help you deal with monsters easily. Knockout King and Status Attack Up can make your buddy support you very well!

    Best Palico Moves

    * Go, Fight, Win: Reduces your stamina loss while your Palico is dancing

    * Power Drum: Sounds a drum that raises attack and defense for both you and your Buddies

    * Shock Purr-ison: Sets up a shock trap that stops large monsters from moving

    * Rousing Roar (Exclusive to Fighter type Palico): let's loose a fearsome roar, empowering both Buddies and you

    * Endemic Life Barrage (Exclusive to Gathering type Palico): Fires endemic life at monsters from a ballista. Results vary according to launched creatures

    * Pilfer (Exclusive to Gathering type Palico): A boomerang attack that steals materials from monsters

    * Giga Barrel Bombay (Exclusive to Bombardier type Palico): Rushes at a foe with a Giga Barrel Bomb

    There are still other options, but for Palico moves, those listed above are obviously the best. Because they can benefit quests.

    Best Palamute Gear

    * Guarding Paraso: An iron-layered umbrella shield for Canynes, capable of both attacking and defending

    * Heal Blade Scroll: A scroll activated on the attack, healing all in its vicinity. Its effect lasts for a limited time.

    * Diversion Scroll: A scroll with a unique scented salve that lures you. Its effect lasts for a limited time

    There are not many options for Palamutes' exclusive gear, but they are still useful. They are both defense and support options, Guarding Parasol/ Heal Blade Scroll is the most common combination. You need to make Palamute's behavior "Follow" so that it can get close to you and heal you.

    These are the Best Buddy Skills and Moves you may want to know. In addition, partners can play an important role in your adventure, so you should also pay attention to their build and training.

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  • Genshin Impact: When Will Yanfei Be Playable?

    Apr 07, 2021

    Currently, Genshin Impact 1.4 version is in progress, but many fans are already looking forward to 1.5 content. As always, many characters have been leaked on the internet for a long time before the arrival of new content. Yanfei is one of them, she is Liyue's legal expert. So will she become a playable character in version 1.5?

    Yanfei is part of an alleged datamine. Generally speaking, the rumors of Genshin Impact are very reliable, so Yanfei is likely to become a playable character in version 1.5, and the other leaked character is Eula.

    From the current point of view, Yanfei comes from Liyue and is a Pyro character. But there are already a large number of Pyro users in the game, so Yanfei may be saved for a later update. Besides, Yanfei is suspected to be a catalyst user, so many of her attacks will be based on magic and ranged. There are also rumors that she is a 4-star character like Rosaria or Xinyan, which means that she is more likely to be obtained through the Wish system than a 5-star character like Venti or Diluc.

    Even if Yanfei is part of the 1.5 version, it is unlikely to be the first character to appear. MIHOYO usually updates Genshin Impact every 6 weeks, but new characters do not appear at the same time. For example, Rosaria was part of the 1.4 update, but she was only added as a banner character on April 6.

    There are already many choices in Genshin Impact that have made more obvious choices so that they can be played in version 1.5. Scaramouche and Baizhu have been leaking since their first appearance in the game. With such a unique design, these NPCs will become playable in the end, because they are already in Genshin Impact, so once they become playable characters, they will surprise fans.

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  • ACNH: Build-a-Bear Collection Goes On Sale!

    Apr 06, 2021

    Starting from the morning of April 6, Build-a-Bear Workshop, a stuffed toy seller, will start selling products with the theme of Nintendo’s ACNH. It is worth noting that if you have signed up for the virtual waiting room, you will have priority, and you will need to shop in the limited window on that day.

    People who enter the waiting room between 9:30 and 10:00 in the morning will be randomly assigned to the queue position. When their shopping window approaches, customers will be alerted via a direct notification on their computer or via email. At present, we don’t know how long the new window will last, and we don’t know which characters will be available. However, you can customize your order to some extent. For Build-a-Bear, this usually includes choosing clothing, accessories, and even sounds and smells.

    To join the waiting room, you need to subscribe to the Build-a-Bear email list first, through which you will receive a special link. Users who log on to the website after 10 am on April 6 can still place orders without joining, but you will be at the back of the line.

    The company has always been keen to take advantage of popular culture brands such as Disney and Harry Potter. In terms of games, it launched a new Pokémon series, and a Yoshi release will be released before the end of 2021.

    Limited shopping windows are often a way to build up publicity and short-term sales. In this case, they are necessary to some extent. Because of the popularity of Build-a-Bear, the initial Animal Crossing run is likely to be sold out.

    As far as games are concerned, ACNH is very suitable for stuffed animal toys, because the characters in it are often furry and very cute.

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