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  • WOW TBC Classic: Details About Phase Schedule and Content Roadmap

    Jun 11, 2021

    WOW TBC Classic has arrived, and its content will be divided into 5 phases. The following is a complete TBC phase schedule, including the duration time and content of each phase.

    TBC Phase Schedule and Content

    Phase 1

    * Karazhan (10-man), Gruul’s Lair (25-man), Magtheridon’s Lair(25-man) raids

    * In addition, there are 8 dungeons.

    It is now available, although the exact end date has not been released, according to the previous WOW Classic classic schedule, we speculate that it will run for two and a half months.

    Phase 2

    * Serpent Shrine Caven( 25-man), Tempest Keep (25-man) raids

    * The Arena Season 2

    Phase 2 has not yet officially launched, but based on the past, we speculate that it will be launched on August 15 and last until October 29.

    Phase 3

    * Battle for Mount Hyjal(25-man), Black Temple (25-man) raids

    * Arena Season 3, which brings some great actions for raiders and PVPers

    It will last from October 30th to January 14th.

    Phase 4

    Zul’Aman (10 man), which gives players less time to catch up, and according to Blizzard, this stage does not include new arena games.

    This phase will last from January 15th to March 30th.

    Phase 5

    Quel’Danas(zone), Magister’s Terrace(5-man), and Sunwell Plateau(25-man).

    This huge final phase may begin around March 31, until the WOW Classic Wrath of Lich King is revealed.

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  • Genshin Impact: Where To Find Echoing Conch and Get Echoing Tales Quest?

    Jun 10, 2021

    Genshin Impact 1.6 has arrived. Echoing Tales is a limited-time event that runs in the first half of the update. This is a simple event where you will need to collect Echoing Conches to exchange for rewards, such as Primogems and talent upgrade materials, but the most important reason to complete Echoing Tales is getting one of the new outfits.

    Collecting several Echoing Conches will give you free access to Barbara's summer sparkle outfit, which is the only way to get it before June 28. After that, the event is over and the only way to get the clothes is to buy them.

    Echoing Tales

    You need to meet some requirements to unlock Echoing Tales, just like the Midsummer Island Adventure quest, your Adventure Rank needs to hit 21 or higher, complete Song of Dragon and Freedom and complete the first part of the Klee story quest - Trifolium. The AR requirement of Trifolium is lowered to 21 during the event.

    How to get Barbara Outfit?

    The conch search spans the entire island chain. When you see Echoing Conches on the beaches or elsewhere, you need to collect them. You don't need to find all of them to get Barbara's costumes, but it is worth collecting as many of them as possible for the level-up materials and enhance ores.

    Echoing Conch Locations

    Echoing conch is scattered around the islands, with new map markers similar to other gathering points and Anemoculus/Geoculus markers, they are easy to be found.

    You can no longer go to the island or collect the echo conch after June 28. But after the event, you can use 1680 Genesis Crystals to get Barbara costumes.

    Echoing Tales Rewards

    4 Echoing Coches

    60 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, 2 Guide to Freedom

    8 Echoing Coches

    60 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, 2 Guide to Resistance

    12 Echoing Conches

    60 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, 2 Guide to Ballad

    24 Echoing Conches

    New Barbara outfit, 60 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, 2 Guide to Gold

    28 Echoing Conches

    30,000 Mora, 10 Hero's Wit, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore

    32 Echoing Conches

    30,000 Mora, 10 Hero's Wit, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore

    Now you can run for Barbara’s new outfit. In addition, there will be more content waiting for you to complete. The biggest advantage of Genshin Impact is regular updates, because it always brings freshness to players and thus keeps some veterans.

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  • WOW TBC Classic: Where The Dark Portal Is Located and How To Get There?

    Jun 09, 2021

    The second era of WOW has been released through The Burning Crusade, and now it is time for Horde and Alliance players to explore outside of Azeroth and head to Outlands. The journey through space requires a special mode of transportation, and you need to visit the Dark Portal to reach new zones.

    In the Shadowlands era, you only need to visit the portal room from the capitals of the two factions, but when WOW TBC was first released, the situation was not so simple. This means that Classic players need to find the Dark Portal and get through it to reach Outlands and start new content. But depending on the player's starting point, this may be a difficult journey, but fortunately, there are some perfect and best routes to reach the portal.

    The best path to the Dark Portal will vary depending on whether the player is a member of Horde or Alliance, so just follow the path that matches your loyalty.

    How to get to Dark Portal?

    For Horde players

    * Travel to Orgrinnar

    * Take the Zeppelin to Grom’gol

    * Use the Grom’gol flight path to travel Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows

    * Mount up and start heading south into the Blasted Lands and keep heading south until the portal is in sight

    For Alliance players

    * Travel to Stormwind

    * Fly from Stormwind to Nethergard in the Blasted Lands

    * Follow the path south until the Dark Portal is in sight

    These are details you need to find the way to the cursed land in WOW TBC, open the TBC content through the Dark Portal, and start powering in the Outland zones.

    Once you reach the new zones, the main storyline quests of the game helps them point in the proper direction to reach their faction’s first base in Outland, where you will be able to continue to level up and take the first step to level 70 cap.

    It's worth noting that PvP can be a bit harsh in the shared leveling areas (and on the way to the Dark Portal itself in some cases).

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  • WOW TBC Classic: How To Layer Hop?

    Jun 08, 2021

    If you want to enter WOW TBC Classic with your friends, then you will need to know something about layer hopping. If you didn't know before, then this article will give a detailed introduction.

    Recently, the highly anticipated re-release of the WOW expansion - The Burning Crusade has attracted new and old players to the Dark Portal to experience its demonic horror atmosphere. If you want to fully experience WOW, we will provide a lot of tips, which will help you explore the dangerous terrain in the Outland.

    What’s layer hopping?

    Unlike the retail version of WOW, WOW Classic includes the concept of "layer hopping", which is due to the programming of the game.

    In WOW Classic, every realm you visit has multiple versions of the same world, and they are stacked on top of each other. This is your "layers".

    This is a simple method of population control. When the player reaches the population cap, any new players who log in will be sent to the next available "layer". If you are a new solo player and encounter this situation, it will not affect you. But if you want to play the game with a group of friends who are on one while you are on another game, then you will face a problem. After all, exploring Azeroth with friends is a more interesting thing, isn’t it?

    How to change layers in TBC?

    If you want to dive into another layer, then you need to know which layer you are on. The best way is to install the Nova World Buffs addon. When everything is ready, in order to layer hop, you need to complete the following steps:

    * Download and install Nova World Buffs

    * Go to the “configuration” menu

    * Select “show Minimap Layer”, and close the menu. You'll see which layer you're on, displayed at the bottom of your minimap. You'll need to target an NPC to see this, otherwise, it will continually show “no layer”.

    * You can now ask for a layer hop by typing “looking for Layer Hop, not Layer [X]”. Ensure that you specify which layer you don’t want to end up on.

    Layer hopping not only allows you to play with your friends, but you can also make new friends through it, or even just change scenery. And in terms of collecting items, you can also collect different resources faster.

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  • Genshin Impact 1.6 Update: Release Date, Kazuha Banner, and More

    Jun 07, 2021

    Genshin Impact 1.6 is coming soon, and many players can't wait to know about the latest content and when it will be available.

    Release Date

    On Wednesday, June 9, the patch will be launched first in Asia, and then in North America after 4 pm, which is based on the past times.

    Kazuha & Klee

    But this is not the time for the new banner of 5-star Kazuha to appear. This Anemo swordsman is saved for the second banner, maybe two weeks later, and Klee will return to her first reprisal banner, which will be released with this update.

    More events

    Midsummer Island Adventure

    This is the main content of this update. In fact, it will be a series of new islands. The story quest to take us will also allow us to sneak to Beidou's pirate crew.

    Once you reach the islands, you will have a boat full of Klee bombs that can travel between the islands and launch firebombs at the enemies.

    Character skins

    In 1.6, Genshin Impact also launched the character skin for the first time. As part of the event, you will get Barbara's new summer skin, but you will need to pay for Jean's new look.

    New world boss

    There will be a new world boss in the game, a huge samurai named Maguu Kenhi, this may be part of the Archon story quest, after which you can fight again.

    New weapons

    Currently, we know that there will be two new weapons, Freedom-Sword, which is Kazuha's 5-star weapon.

    Mitternachts Waltz, a 4-star bow. In addition, there are more that have not been confirmed. We will not know more details until the 1.6 version is released.

    Serenitea Pot

    There are many more updates to the Serenitea Pot system, the most urgent of which includes a higher load limit, you will be able to make your home more elaborate.

    Now, this is almost the main event and content in 1.6. If Mihoyo releases more related news later, MMOWTS will also update it in time to let players know. And MMOWTS will always pay attention to the hot topics discussed by the players and give corresponding ideas or guides.

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  • WOW TBC Classic: World-first Level 70 Player Has Appeared, You Can Also Level Fast With These Tips

    Jun 03, 2021

    WOW TBC Classic has been released, and a player named Hacez became the first player to reach level 70 in TBC, which is awesome. After playing the game for about 14 hours, Hacez successfully upgraded to level 70 through the farming dungeon. The dungeon team of Hacez belongs to the guild Progress of the European server Firemaw. Progress is considered to be one of the most efficient guilds and usually clears content faster than other guilds in the world. If you are also looking for a way to reach level 70 quickly, then you should not miss this article.

    Fast level tips

    Complete quests

    As we all know, doing quests is the main way most players choose to level up. When you are in the new Outland zones, you will find different quest hubs, and you should rack up experience through these.

    However, the boosted characters will not have the best gear and maybe weaker than those naturally leveled characters. Therefore, when you are exploring from Outland, it is best to explore the high-level areas of Azeroth first, such as Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands, or Silithus.

    Get help from professions

    During the upgrade process, certain skills can help you. Especially First Aid, which allows you to make consumables, which can heal your character when things are not going well. According to the time you want to invest, you can craft gear and weapons, or choose two gathering classes, and put your collected materials on the auction house to earn some WOW TBC Classic Gold.

    Group with friends or guilds

    When completing quests, team up with friends or guilds to spend less time on each quest. Although the experience gained from enemies in the team will be reduced, the quest rewards for each player are the same. Therefore, the speed with which a group can clear quests usually makes the upgrade process more efficient and easier.

    Run dungeons

    If you already have a group, start running the dungeon. In TBC, there are many Paladin tanks, so dungeons in Outland are more feasible than normal. And it's worthwhile to run the dungeon to gain extra experience.

    Set your hearthstone to save time

    Walking around in TBC is time-consuming, so to save time, it is helpful to use your Hearthstone and set it up accordingly. Some quests will let you go to different places to kill enemies or collect items. It is a waste of time to go back and forth, so you can use your hearthstone to return to the innkeeper at a quest hub or town, which will save you a lot of time.

    Rested experience is important

    When you plan to log out, make sure you do so at an inn or rested place. The rest experience gives you twice the XP for killing enemies and is gained faster when you log out of the game.

    During the upgrade process, you need to sleep IRL at a certain point, and it makes sense to make the most of the buff by maximizing the amount you get when you are not logged in. You can judge whether you are in the rested area by the "Zzz" in the corner of the character portrait.

    In short, if you want to quickly upgrade to level 70, early-stage investment is necessary. Use TBC Classic Gold to equip your character with the best weapons and gear to make him stronger to cope with all kinds of troubles.

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  • WOW TBC Classic: How To Reach Exodar?

    Jun 02, 2021

    Now WOW TBC Classic has been released, and some new content has arrived. To have a better gaming experience, buy TBC Classic Gold is recommended. It has introduced two new capital cities, one of which is The Exodar, although reaching it can be a bit tricky. If you are confused about how to get to this Draenei city, this guide will introduce some related details.

    How to get to Exodar?

    Take a boat

    The first way to reach The Exodar is to take a boat from Auberdine. This small Night Elf village is located on the Darkshore coast. You can get there on foot or by boat from Darnassus or Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. After arriving at Auberdine, you need to go to its three-pronged dock, and the boats leading to the Exodar will pull to its middle prong.

    Use portals

    It is also possible to use a portal to reach the Draenei capital. You will encounter this main hub shortly after passing through the Dark Portal, although it can only be done after reaching level 58. You can use the Mage portal to Shattrath at any level, and you can use the Exodar portal there for free.

    Learn the relevant spell

    Mages can also summon portals that lead directly to The Exodar at level 40, but they need to go to the city to learn the related spell. This means that you shouldn't expect every level 40 Mage you meet to send them to Draenei's capital, because characters above level 58 are more likely to have made the trip.

    Leave the Exodar

    You can take the aforementioned Auberdine boat at a dock in the south of the city. From there, you can hop on a boat to Darnassus or Menethil Harbor, or you can hang out on Darkshore. It is worth noting that players who follow Draenei starting area questline will eventually be sent to the dock below Exodar.

    And it's worth noting that this is the only place where you can find a jewelrycrafting trainer in WOW Classic. So if you are interested in this new class in The Burning Crusade, hope this article will give you the first contact with it.

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  • WOW TBC Classic: Aldor Or Scryer? Best Pick For Each Spec And Profession For PVE

    Jun 01, 2021

    It’s only a few hours since WOW TBC release, so now you can prepare for it. There are already a lot of players hoarding a large amount of TBC Classic Gold, which is a good choice. In addition, in the early stage of Outland Adventure, you will face a major choice, and this is difficult to undo, so you need to consider it carefully.

    Once you reach the mid-60s and head to Shattrath City, you will need to choose whether Aldor or Scryer. In order to make the journey smoother, we will introduce the best options for each spec.

    Go Aldor or Scryer?

    In the early state, Aldor comes out on top in most classes, only Warlocks only use Scryer for PVE. It is worth noting that the shoulder enchants are very minor DPS/HPS gains between the two. In addition, this will also take into account the BoP rewards from two quests and purchases through the vendor, Aldor is Deatgblow to the Legion, and Scryer has Turning Point.

    Specs that should go Aldor for PVE

    * Druid: Feral DPS - Feral Tank - Restoration

    * Hunter: Beast Mastery - Marksmanship

    * Paladin: Holy - Protection - Retribution

    * Priest: Holy - Shadow

    * Rogue: Assassination - Combat - Subtlety

    * Shaman: Enhancement - Restoration

    * Warrior: Arms - Fury - Protection

    Specs that should go Scryer for PVE

    * Druid: Balance

    * Hunter: Survival

    * Mage: Arcane - Fire - Frost

    * Shaman: Elemental

    * Warlock: Affliction - Demonology - Destruction

    Aldor and Scryer Profession Recipes

    Profession recipes is another special feature. Most of the items created by these recipes are available for sale, and we recommend the shoulders/items as a priority.

    * Alchemy: Scryer - Recipe: Elixir of Major Firepower/Aldor - None

    * Blacksmithing: Scryer - Arcane Resistance Plate armor set/Aldor - Fire resistance Plate armor set.

    * Enchanting: Neither faction offers a benefit

    * Engineering: Neither factions offers a benefit

    * Jewelcrafting: Both have unique gems and necklaces, however, the items made are BoE meaning you’d be able to buy them regardless.

    * Tailoring: The Aldor leg enchant recipes Pattern: Silver Spellthread and Pattern: Golden

    * Spellthread. Scryer leg enchants Pattern: Mystic Spellthread and Pattern: Runic Spellthread

    * Leatherworking: Both factions offer leather and mail armors sets with the same conditions as Blacksmithing (Scryer = Arcane/Aldor = Fire) - Aldor also offers Defence Rating armor patches, while Scryer offers MP5 armor patches. Both recipes produce BoE items.

    How to change back to Aldor or Scryer?

    If you regret the choice you made, don't be afraid, because you can switch back to another faction. Unless you find yourself hated with the opposite faction, it may take a while. Here is what you need to do.

    Go from Scryer o Aldor

    Find NPC Sha'nir in the lower city and he provides the quest - Strained Supplies. You will need to farm 8 Dreadfang Venom Sacs from Dreadfang Spiders in Terokkar. Once you have finished this quest, you can unlock the same quest as a repeatable quest. This will provide the same reward. If you find yourself at Hated with Aldor, it will take about 1344 Venom Sacs to reach Neutral (10% less for humans).

    Go from Aldor to Scryer

    Find NPC Arcanist Adyria in the lower city, he provides the quest - Voren'thal's Visions. You need to collect 8 Dampscale Basilisk Eyes from Basilisk mobs in Terokkar. Once completed, you can unlock the same quest as a repeatable quest, which will also provide rewards. If you find yourself at Hated with Scryer, then it will take roughly 1344 Venom Sacs to get to Neutral (10% less for humans).

    You can choose Aldor or Scryer according to your specific situation, the correct choice will make you spend the next game more smoothly. As for the WOW TBC Classic Gold in the game, you can buy them from MMOWTS.

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  • WOW TBC Classic PVE: DPS Tier List

    May 31, 2021

    WOW TBC is coming soon, and some changes in the game will make various classes more feasible. Many specializations that were previously considered "meme" have been modified to make them more playable in the game.

    As the raids of TBC are reduced from 40 to 25-man, each slot will be more important, and the composition of the raid will be very different from Classic. Compared to having 15 or more Warriors in a raid, you may not see more than 4 fighters of spec in a balanced raid composition. Despite the need to diversify your team configuration, there are still some classes that stand out in DPS meters.

    Tier S


    Warlock is the best DPS in TBC. They can provide various curses for raids to debuff boss encounters. At the same time, they are also very effective by using Health Stones and Soul Stones to improve raid survivability.

    Destruction Warlock will provide the highest DPS, and many raids will run 4 or more. Having an Affliction Warlock in the raid will increase team damage.


    Beast Master Hunter and Destruction Warlock will be top DPS in TBC. They are the strongest in the physical DPS since melee classes take a backseat in the expansion.

    It is expected that there will be 3 to 4 hunters in your raid and an Enhancement Shaman to maintain a Grace of Air Totem, and a Feral Druid to make them the leader of the Pack.

    In some raids, there may be Hunter's survival for Expose Weakness. Although a specific hunter will cause less damage, the raid will benefit more to make up for the loss.

    Tier A


    In TBC, most players will use Arcane or Fire as their spec instead of the popular Frost spec in the early stages of Classic.

    Arcane Intellect is one of the most iconic buffs in the game, it can ensure that the Mage has a place in the raid.

    Tier B

    Enhancement Shaman

    It is the most useful melee DPS class in the game. With the help of Windfury Weapon, they can produce more powerful damage than other classes. The utility of their totem will allow them to fight hunters and other melees.

    You should run a bunch of Enhancement Shamans in your raid, one for the melee group and the other for the hunter group.

    Tier C

    Elemental Shaman

    They will be able to maintain better damage values than Classic, but their greatest value will come from the Totem of Wrath given to Warlocks and Mages.

    Shadow Priest

    Shadow Priests will serve as an S-Tier classes support in TBC. Many raids will bring Shadow Priests to supplement Warlock's damage.

    Tier C+


    You may only want to run one in an optimized combination, you will want them to run Improved Expose Armor to support hunter damage.

    Tier C-

    Retribution Paladin

    Their greatest value comes from providing the Seal of Blood, which increases the player's damage at the cost of health.

    Tier D

    Feral Druid

    The nerf of the way Feral Druids benefit from "powershifting" severely hinders their viability. A Feral Druid tank can provide the greatest utility, and it may be used by many guilds.

    In the upcoming TBC, you can choose the role that suits you best according to your situation. This is the DPS Tier list provided by MMOWTS.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: What Does 'Mita Movo Lata' Mean?

    May 28, 2021

    Genshin Imoact’s Mutual Exchange world quest guides players to talk to hilichurl, but it’s a bit difficult to understand for players. Because this creature speaks his own language, players need to decipher it to complete their quest. Now, everyone is curious about what "Mita Movo Lata" is, so that they can provide it to Hungry Hilichurl, and MMOWTS will introduce this in detail.

    What does Mita Movo Lata Mean?

    Mita Movo Lata means "meat in the water", and Hungry Hilichurl pursues fish.

    In order to hand over the meat, you just need to interact with the monster, select "is it this one", and then select the fish from your inventory. Hilichurl will respond with a resounding "mosi Mita" after receiving the item. Then you will receive a reminder that you have completed the Mutual Exchange quest, where you can continue your adventure.

    Where does the translation come from?

    This is directly explained in the Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian. You can access this handbook by pressing the input next to "consult manual" on the Mimi Tomo event menu, you can find detailed information on "Mita movo lata" under the Useful Phrases header. This is not the only translation in the handbook, although you need to revisit it during this new event of Genshin Impact.

    In addition, you also need to figure out what "unta nunu" means, you can also find it under the Time and Direction heading in the Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian.

    This is the guide for Genshin Impact quests. As the game progresses, MMOWTS will provide more guidance based on players’ needs.

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