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  • WOW Classic: Character Cloning Fee Makes Players Angry

    May 08, 2021

    Blizzard has revealed that WOW Burning Crusade Classic will be released on June 1, but this does not seem to be good news, because at the same time as the announcement, Blizzard also revealed the price of the deluxe edition and new account services. Many players feel disappointed about these prices. 

    Burning Crusade Classic makes WOW's first expansion reproduce the way it was in the past, allowing WOW Classic players to explore a new continent, grind more levels, and many other exciting changes, such as flying mounts. However, what makes fans angry is the $35 cloning fee so that it can be on the WOW Classic and Burning Crusade servers at the same time.

    The patch scheduled to be released on May 18 will introduce some expansion features earlier. After the patch is released, you need to make a permanent choice: move your character to Burning Crusade or keep it in the original WOW Classic. Players who enter Burning Crusade will stay on the same server and enjoy all the new features and exploration areas when it is released a few weeks later. Players who choose to stay in WOW Classic will not enjoy the new features, and the level cap is 60.

    If you want to have the advantages of both servers at the same time, you can clone a character to two servers for $35, but fans think this is a shameless money grab, and this service should be provided for free. Compared with other MMO games, WOW’s account services are overpriced and force players to choose between two servers.

    Many fans are on the fence on whether to clone or not. If it is only a $10 fee, most players will agree, but few people will spend $35 to clone.

    We don’t know how Blizzard will respond to fans’ dissatisfaction and whether it will take other measures. MMOWTS will continue to wait for related news about WOW Classic. Once Blizzard releases news, MMOWTS will notify you in time.

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  • Genshin Impact: When Will The New Dendro Element Appear?

    May 07, 2021

    In Genshin Impact, each nation and character is adapted to one of the many elements in the world. Currently, there are 6 elements in the game, but the 7th element (Dendro) will also be soon. Because of the 1.6 beta, many leaks regarding the next major update have begun to appear. So many fans have begun to wonder whether the Dendro element will appear in the 1.6 version.

    So far, there is no exact news about Dendro characters, but long-rumored playable characters such as Baizhu and Yaoyao are Dendro users. Dendro is a poison-type element, portrayed with a lime green color, and the Pyro character is expected to have elemental reactions.

    Since its release last year, Genshin Impact has not added a new Element, so if the Dendro character appears in version 1.6, it will definitely attract more players.

    Now, a lot of 1.6-related new content has been leaked, and the game will introduce some playable characters such as Kazuha and Yoimiya, as well as boat travel. Update 1,6 will also introduce a new Inazuma region, which is attuned to Electro Element. But there is still no news about the role of Dendro, which seems to imply that the Dendro element will not appear in the June update.

    Taking into account the previous experience, Kazuha and Yoimiya may appear, as the Inazuma region becomes the focus, most of the focus of the elements will be on Electro. So we predict that the Dendro element will appear in version 1.7. Dendro is an element of the Sumeru nation, so if you want to experience Dendro, you need to wait for a long time.

    But for more accurate news, we have to wait for Mihoyo to announce that, in any case, the 1.6 update will be a big update, and more new content will arrive, just for the appearance of the Inazuma region, players will not feel bored.

    MMOWTS will also update the latest news to let you know. If you are a new player of Genshin Impact, you can also browse some related game guides on MMOWTS.

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  • ACNH Guide: How To Catch Scorpions?

    May 06, 2021

    In ACNH, new animals, fish, and critters appear every month. In May, you will find scorpions on your island.

    Scorpion is a seasonal bug, from May to October, you can find them on your island between 7 pm and 4 am. Scorpions are also considered to be a rare bug, which means that the chance of encountering scorpions in the wild is very small. Considering that tarantulas will not appear until autumn, scorpions are currently the focus of the island, but if you can catch them, you can sell them for 8000 bells.

    How to catch scorpions?

    Just like catching any critters, to catch a scorpion, you need to have the right tool, which is a net. If you have caught tarantulas before, then you already can catch scorpions, because the process is very similar, or even the same.

    Step 1

    Log in to the game while the scorpion wandering (from 7 pm to 4 am). There are two ways of hunting:

    * Redeem Nook Miles Tickets, hope your mysterious island is a scorpion island

    * Hurt hunting on your island

    Step 2

    When you are hunting on your island, once you find the scorpion, you need to carefully approach it with a net while holding down the “A “button. This will allow you to crawl slowly with your net when you are ready. When the scorpion notices you, it will raise its claws, and if you continue now, it will attack you. If you stop and hold “A”, the scorpion will lower its claws and let you sneak closer. Take a few more steps, and the scorpion will raise its claws again.

    Step 3

    Repeat the above strategy, knowing that the scorpion is close enough to you, you can catch it with the net, and you will be its new owner.

    This is how to catch a scorpion. If you are looking for a way to catch a scorpion, then this article is useful for you.

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  • Genshin Impact 1.6 Beta: What Content Can You Expect?

    May 05, 2021

    The 1.6 version of Genshin Impact will arrive in June, but due to information leaks on the Internet, many fans have already seen the relevant content. Many leaks are from the 1.6 beta test. Here is everything you need to know about the latest leak.

    Some test players leaked some content online, so that other fans can understand which new characters, quests and weapons will be added in the next update. Just like the housing system leaked in version 1.5, there is also a new feature in Genshin Impact 1.6 version. According to leaks, boat travel will appear in version 1.6, which will provide players with a new way to go to the Inazuma area. This should be unlocked through the main story. Thanks to Beidou's ship, you will be able to enter the new island nation.

    Inazuma Region

    Mihoyo has shared the concept art of the Inazuma region, which is based on the Electro element. This long-awaited area seems to have finally appeared in version 1.6. On the surface, this is the biggest content update since the release of Genshin Impact. This new country will also be home to other playable characters.

    New playable characters

    Many people are curious about Kazuha, she is the new Anemo Sword user from Inazuma in version 1.6. But Yoimiya, a 5-star Pyro user, may also become an upcoming playable character. In addition, the Klee banner may also be expected to re-run, similar to the re-run of Venti in 1.4 and Zhongli in 1.5. However, these contents may still change in version 1.6.

    The prospect of new areas like Inazuma and new playable characters like Kazuha is very exciting. The boat travel will add more depth to the game’s open-world exploration, so it seems very attractive.

    MMOWTS will keep up with game trends and continue to provide relevant guides, like the previous Best Build For Yanfei and Wood Guide. If you are interested, you can subscribe to MMOWTS and check them out.

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  • ACNH May Day Maze Guide: How To Get The Maze Done?

    Apr 30, 2021

    May Day is coming soon, which means that the special event is about to begin. There is a maze in the center of the event for you to complete. You need to do some specific things and collect some specific items to find your way out again.

    When will the May Day Event start?

    The event will start at 5 a.m. on May 1st and will last until 5 a.m. on May 7th.

    If you also want to participate, you need to make sure that you have installed the latest patch.

    How to complete the maze?

    First, you need to go to May Day Island, but it can only be visited once, so you will need to complete it when you arrive.

    To get there, you need to find Tom Nook first, and he will provide you with the information you need before sending you to Dodo Airlines. When you meet Orville, he will give you a special May Day Ticket. You tell him that you want to choose "Use May Day Ticket".

    When you arrive, you will be greeted by the maze, and you need to get out of it! You need to collect materials as you move forward in order to be able to access further sections. The best way is to pick up everything you find.

    Maze guide

    1. At the beginning, you need to use a shovel to dig up the bush on your left, some fruits will appear, eat the fruit, and then shovel the tree you saw nearby.

    2. There is a hole right in front of you, jump over it, now you will see 3 pieces of wood, pick them up. Continue along this path, jumping the holes, until you line up just above the three holes.

    3. Jump hole 3, pick up the materials you will encounter, and then jump back to where you are. Then do the same way with the second tree, you will see the second branch and an axe. After you jump back again, you need to walk west in the direction you came from until you meet another tree. At this time you can use that axe to cut down the tree, and then use a shovel to dig out the stump.

    4. Pick up the branches and two pieces of fruit, and then walk to the center of the maze.

    5. Go back to those three holes again, now you can jump the first hole. Once you have cleared the hole, continue to walk west along the path until you see a huge rock.

    6. Eat a piece of fruit from your inventory, then smash the stone with a shovel, so you will find a piece of iron nugget that can be collected. Now go to the place where the three pieces of wood were before, there is another rock that needs to be smashed. The crushed rock will reveal more fruit and two DIY recipes - Flimsy Axe and Axe.

    7. Continue along this path, you will see another tree, you can eat some fruit, destroy it, and then dig up the stump. Now you will see a DIY workbench, use it to craft a flimsy axe, and then upgrade to an axe.

    8. Now go back to those three holes, jump over them, and you will come to another tree, chop them with an axe, and collect fruits. There will be a hole in the north, jump over it, follow this path, and you will return to the original three holes. Jump over the first one, and you will come to another tree and chop it down.

    9. Now you will have a new hole to jump over, once you clear it, you will need to collect the last bit of fruit. Then jump the next hole, but make sure you don’t consume fruit yet.

    10. Nearly the end, you will see three trees, use your tools to take them down. Now you have reached the end of the maze!

    If you get lost at any time, use "!Rescue Service" and you will be sent to the start. But if you follow this guide, you will not get lost.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get Every Wood Type?

    Apr 29, 2021

    Now you can have your own house in Genshin Impact, but you need to furnish it yourself. You can use wood taken from the trees to craft furniture. Each piece of furniture requires a different type of wood, which means you need to cut down different trees.

    How to harvest wood?

    You can use your sword to harvest wood from any tree. When you cut a tree with your sword, it will shake, and each tree will drop up to three wood chips. If the tree does not shake, which means it will not provide wood.

    Each tree can only be harvested once a day.

    Where to get Birch Wood?

    Birch Trees always have yellow or light green conical leaves and white trunks. They can be easily farmed in Windwail Highland of Mondstadt or directly in front of Dawn Winery. Most of these trees are in Mondstadt, but you will also see some at the border between Mondstadt and Liyue.

    Where to get Cuihua Wood?

    The Cuihua tree has large bulbous leaves and often has fruit like Sunsettia hanging. If you see fruit on the tree, you may have accidentally found a Cuihua.

    It can be found in Mondstadt and Liyue, but the best place to farm it should be outside of Mondstadt. You will find several Cuihua near the city border and three Cuihua trees in front of the bridge leading to the city.

    Where to get Cedar Wood?

    Cedar trees are large trees with many branches, each branch has a tiny sphere of foliage.

    Cedar trees are scattered throughout Mondstadt. If you go east of the Statue of the Seven on Starfell Lake, you will find a lot of cedar trees. Go south along with the same statue and you will find other Cedar trees.

    Where to get Fir Wood?

    Fir trees are known for their skinny trunks and branches with needle-like leaves, so they are also very recognizable.

    You can find them in both Mondstadt and Liyue. They are generally located between Windrise and Springvale in Mondstadt.

    Where to get Pine Wood?

    You can only find Pine Wood in Dragonspine. In the snow-capped mountains, almost every tree is the Pine tree, so it is not difficult to obtain Pine Wood.

    Pine trees have a unique green color and lack plump leaves, so you can distinguish them from other trees by these two features. Since they are located in Dragonspine, they will be covered in snow.

    Where to get Sandbearer Wood?

    The top of the Sandbearer tree has bright orange leaves, and its trunk is white and very skinny.

    You can only find them in Liyue. It is easier to find them in Mt. Tianheng, which is located outside Liyue Harbor. In addition, you can also go to the top of Mt.Aozang to take a look.

    Where to get Bamboo?

    Qingce Bamboo should be the easiest to find, you can only find it in Liyue. If you see tall and skinny green bamboo shapes, it must be a bamboo stalk. You can harvest it and farm bamboo segments.

    The best place to farm Bamboo is in the center of Qingce Village. Teleport to the waypoint of the actual village, and you will quickly find a lot of bamboos. Once you have done there, you can head to the colorful plantlife to find more bamboo.

    Now you can go to different places to get the corresponding wood according to your needs.

    Now that Genshin Impact 1.5 version is released, MMOWTS will continue to provide corresponding game guides later, so that you can get everything you need faster.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: The Best Build For Yanfei

    Apr 28, 2021

    Although Yanfei is a four-star Pyro Catalyst wielder, as long as you pair the right team and the best DPS build for her, you can maximize her Pyro damage.

    About Yanfei

    She is a top legal expert in Liyue Harbor, proficient in all fields of law, also known as the "law that walks". She also has a mysterious connection with another new character - Eula. Yanfei is part of the illuminated beast, similar to Ganyu, and generates scarlet seals, which reduces her stamina consumption when using normal attacks or elemental skills and elemental bursts.

    Although Yanfei's stats are not particularly prominent, positioning her as a DPS, together with shield characters such as Diona and Zhongli, will bring you a different experience.

    Her Best DPS Build

    You can use her normal attacks to create scarlet seals, or Signed Edict and Done Deal to maximum the number of scarlet seals, and then perform a charged attack.

    She and a shield character will be a perfect match, but in order to match the elemental reaction, characters like Xingqiu and Zhongli are suitable choices.

    Yanfei abilities

    Normal Attack - Seal Of Approval

    Normal Attack: The fireballs she shoots can cause Pyro damage up to 3 times.

    Charged Attack: Deal AOE Pyro damage to the enemy after a short casting time.

    Plunging Attack: Yanfei fell from midair to the ground, causing damage to enemies in her path, and deal AOE Pyro damage when landing.

    Elemental Skill - Signed Edict

    Summon flames and cause AOE Pyro damage to nearby enemies. Any enemy concentrated by the flames will allow Yanfei to get the maximum number of Scarlet Seals.

    Elemental Burst - Done Deal

    When using this skill, she can summon a burst of flame to spray nearby enemies.


    Solar Pearl is suitable, it is a 4-star catalyst weapon, it will increase critical strike damage and elemental skill damage.

    Skyward Atlas is also recommended. It is a 5-star catalyst weapon that will increase elemental damage bonuses and have the opportunity to apply additional attack damage.


    Crimson Witch of Flames, when equipped with 4 pieces, will increase vaporize damage. It will also increase her overloaded and burn damage by 40%, as well as all vaporize and melt damage by 15%.

    This is the best build for Yanfei. If you own Yanfei, you might as well try the above suggestions.

    New content and more events will also come, MMOWTS will also follow the players' concerns and update relevant guides.

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  • Genshin Impact: Summit Shaper Guide

    Apr 27, 2021

    Genshin Impact's highly anticipated 1.5 Patch is coming soon, and fans are preparing for it. The new patch will bring a lot of content to the game, which includes new event quests, new characters, and new weapons. Zhongli's banner will also return, the protagonists are Diona, Yanfei, and Noelle. Finally, Summit Sharper will be summonable along with Memory of Dust and Lithic Spear as part of the weapon rerun banner.

    Summit Shaper is a very coveted 5-star weapon. Fans will fight for it in the upcoming patch. If you are also interested in it, you need to know some details about it.

    When will the Summit Shaper Banner drop?

    Version 1.5 will be released on April 28, The Epitome Invocation banner featuring Summit Shaper will appear. The banner running time has not been confirmed, but it is expected to last 2-3 weeks. There are a total of 7 weapons in the banner, 4 of which are new event-specific weapons, and the remaining 3 are already in the game.

    All the boosted weapons:

    * Summit Shaper - 5 Star

    * The Memory of Dust - 5 Star

    * Lithic Blade - 4 Star

    * Lithic Spear - 4 Star

    * The Flute - 4 Star

    * Eye of Perception - 4 Star

    * Sacrificial Bow - 4 Star

    Summit Sharper Stats

    * Base Attack - 46

    * Secondary Stat - ATK 10.8%

    * Perk - Golden Majesty: Increase shield strength by 20%. The attack on the enemy is increased by 4% (8% at max LVL) for 8 seconds. This passive type can be stacked up to 5 times.

    * Ascension Materials:

    Hunters Sacrificial Knife

    Luminous Sands from Guyun

    Damaged Mask

    In addition, every upgrade requires Mora. The higher the ascension, the higher the grade of Sacrificial Knives, so you need to go hunting in Fatui often.

    Summit Shaper is very suitable for Geo characters because they can use its shielding attribute. However, so far, only Albedo is a user of Geo sword. In addition to him, you can also run Keqing to try Electro element base build and use Summit Shaper. This is an offensive build with strong attack power.

    With the arrival of the 1.5 update, MMOWTS will update more relevant news and game guides.

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  • ACNH Guide: How To Earn More Bells With Turnips?

    Apr 26, 2021

    Turnips are special vegetable items in ACNH and the best way for you to get the most bells. This article will provide some useful tips for selling Turnips. Surprisingly, ACNH is not just a simple game that brings people happiness, it also contains many lessons about how the economy works, from supply and demand to stock trading.

    Most of your time in the game is to raise enough funds for future villagers to build new properties, or to repay the loan owed from Tom Nook. To do this, you need to sell fruits, furniture, bugs, fish, and other natural resources.

    Over time, you will unlock new opportunities to earn money faster, including the ability to buy and sell Turnips in the game.

    Using these Turnips correctly will allow you to reap millions of Bells every week. Next, we will provide relevant tips.

    How does it work?

    After you unlock Nook’s Cranny, Turnips will appear on your island. Once this new business starts, a boar named Daisy Mae will visit your island from 5 am to 12 pm on Sunday. Daisy Mae sells Turnips at different prices every week, and the prices are completely random. You should resell it to Timmy and Tommy at a higher price.

    For example, if Daisy Mae sells Turnips for 100 bells, you can make a profit as long as you can sell them to Timmy and Tommy for more than 100 bells. Note that after purchasing Turnips, they can only last for a week. Once a week has passed, Turnips will rot and their value will decrease.

    So you need to profit from them before they go bad, but you can't control the prices that Timmy and Tommy mark every day, so every transaction is a gamble.

    How to profit on Turnips?

    First, you need to check Timmy and Tommy every day to see what their Turnips prices are for that day. The price of Turnips changes twice a day, once during the opening and the other time in the afternoon. We strongly recommend that you sell them for the first higher price. This is a very safe method because waiting too long or the selling price is too low will make you lose a lot of bells.

    You will also start to notice the Spike Patterns on the Turnips prices. These patterns indicate that a peak will soon occur on the price of Turnips. Every third price change, the third may be the highest, especially at the end of the week. Check Turnips prices twice a day and record the patterns that will appear.

    Turnips is a team-based game. Timmy and Tommy on each player's island are different, so you can call your friends and ask them for the price of Turnips that day. This is beneficial for players who have invested a lot of time in ACNH.

    In general, if you want to get more ANCH Bells through Turnips, you should not want to expect to get rich at once. It is best to start with meager profits. Once you understand the whole mechanism, you can play with your own methods. 

    If you don't have too much time in ACNH, it may not be realistic to earn Bells through Turnips, so buy Animal Crossing Bells may be a better choice.

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  • Genshin Impact: All Hilidream Camp Recipes

    Apr 24, 2021

    Genshin Impact now has a new web event, which is a good time for players to earn in-game currency. All you need to do is to experiment with different materials and try to craft a bunch of items for Hilichurls in a small camp. Each item will give you some prizes, which you can use in the game.

    We will show the recipe list of the Hilidream Camp event, as shown in the picture below, we have marked the name of each ingredient in the picture.

    the list is as follows:

    * Bed: Wood, Bucket, Bowl

    * Ladder: Wood, Bucket, Straw

    * Mounted Mask: Wood, Bowl, Straw

    * Fireplace: Bucket, Bowl, Straw

    * Cabinet: Wood, Wood, Bucket

    * Stone Table: Wood, Wood, Bowl

    * Screen: Wood, Wood, Straw

    * Stone Seat: Bowl, Bowl, Wood

    * Lampgrass Lamp: Bowl, Bowl, Bucket

    * Rug: Bowl, Bowl, Straw

    * Elemental Decoration: Bucket, Bucket, Wood

    * Lantern Decoration: Bucket, Bucket, Bowl

    * Mini Pyrovine: Bucket, Bucket, Straw

    * Cooking Pot: Straw, Straw, Wood

    * Unusual Hilichurl Portrait: Straw, Straw, Bucket

    This should be what you need to get the max rewards, from Mora to XP. These net events are usually quite beneficial, even if you put in a small amount of work, in this event, you only need to look up the recipe list and log in for a few days.

    Although these are not difficult, you can't do them all in a short time, so you can collect as many materials as possible first, and then craft them according to the recipes. This whole thing is a mini-preview of the larger upcoming housing construction system. There you can build a house for your character through a new magic teapot, if you are interested, you can check the article on Housing System.

    Now, you just need to practice on some Hilichurls and create a small and comfortable place for them. Although version 1.5 has not been released yet, during this time, Genshin Impact fans will not be bored!

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