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World Of Warcraft Classic Beginner Guidance

Source: MMOWTS

Oct 23, 2019

As we all know, World of Warcraft Classic(WOW Classic) is going to be released in 17 days, before that, if you haven't spent some time experiencing the stress tests, the brief guidance is just prepared for newcomers to WOW Classic like you, it covers the basic gameplay, character creating, classes picking and other more essential character skills of WOW Classic, hoping to help you by it.

What's World of Warcraft Classic?

WOW Classic is the latest server option of World of Warcraft, which looks like a copy of WOW in 2006, and it is scheduled to launch on August 27, 2019. Even so, WOW Classic has dramatically changed the gameplay on the basis of the past one. In a word, it must bring a brand new experience to the players.

How much will WOW Classic cost?

As long as you pay $15 a month for the subscription of WOW Classic, you can enjoy the server option for free.

Character Creating

Earlier we have mentioned that Blizzard allowed players to reserve names of WOW Classic characters on August 12, and choose class and race for the character. There are four Alliance and four Horde races in all, and each one has nine classes for you to choose from, each class has some specific skills, but once you choose one of them, you can't change it any more, so think twice before making a decision.

We will keep up to date on how to pick up the suitable classes in the coming days.

Incidentally, don't always be addicted to collecting WOW Classic Gold, although it does help you a lot in the game. At the beginning of WOW Classic, what you need to do is collecting resources as much as you can, and farming for some gold when necessary. When your level is high enough, it is also allowed to buy some WOW Classic Gold from some reliable stores like MMOWTS to enhance your character skills and equipment.

Skills Improving 

Each class starts with skills, and every few levels, your class will unlock more new skills, and accordingly your character will also acquire new abilities.

In addition, during World of Warcraft Classic, the number of weapons equipment determines your success or failure, each weapon has specific skills, if you want to play better in the game, you need to constantly level up your weapon level by asking the weapons masters in your capital or gold.

Once you join WOW Classic, it means that you will face numerous challenges, soon some dungeons and raids would be the first part of challenges, anyway, be sure to be patient, it is just the beginning of your adventure, good luck on your WOW Classic.

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