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  • ACNH: How To Get Mario Themed Items In The New Update?

    Feb 26, 2021

    The much-anticipated ACNH 1.8.0 update has finally arrived, and related content has been leaked for a while. The most important part is Mario-themed items.

    Nintendo decided to release the base update of the game before the Super Mario items are unveiled, which means you have more time to get extra bells, you can clear up some space, and determine the location of your new items. These items will make your island more unique.

    How to download the 1.8.0 update?

    If you have set the Nintendo switch to update automatically, the update will start to download when you turn on the switch.

    If you like handling game updates manually, you can select the "+" icon on the menu, and then select "Software Update". Choose the "via the Internet", and your Switch should find new updates soon.

    Super Mario Update Item

    If you want to collect Mario themed items, you need to pay attention to the following clothes and furniture:



    Wallpaper, Floors, and Rugs

    This does not seem to have many new items, but many Mario items have special interactive features. For example, Warp Pipes allows you to create shortcuts across your island. You can even use blocks and flag poles to create a custom Mario course. Of course, this has some limitations.

    How to get Mario items?

    Super Mario items will only be available on March 1. Once at that time, you will be able to find them easily. You only need to open the Nook Shopping App. You can find most items in the "Promotion" section, and their prices range from 350 Bells to 120,000 Bells.

    Another small surprise is that as long as you download the update, you will be able to get Mushroom Mural wallpapers for free. After the update download is complete, check your email and you will find that wallpaper is waiting for you as a gift.

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  • Genshin Impact: These Things You May Want To Know About Xiao

    Feb 25, 2021

    Regardless of whether you have gotten Xiao, it is undeniable that he is one of the most popular heroes right now. There is no denying that Xiao is the best character in DPS, just like Diluc, Ganyu, Childe, and Klee. As one of the newest members in the Genshin Impact DPS pool, it is time to introduce Xiao appropriately. It turns out that this quiet and mysterious Adepti has many secrets. Here are some little-known things about Xiao:

    He Requires Qinxin Flower

    For players, it is very tangled whether to prepare for Xiao or Ganyu. Because their ascension material is Qinyin Flower. The process of obtaining this flower is very difficult because they are both located on the top of the mountain. To make matters worse, their banners succeed each other, which means that if you own Ganyu, you may not have additional Qinxin flower for Xiao. But Xiao is Ganyu's mentor, and they can share the flowers lore-wise.

    His former boss is Zhongli

    Zhongli is the one who rescued Xiao from a cruel Adepti fate. He has always been the deity and protector of Liyue, and he has maintained it well. Zhongli is Xiao's boss. As Morax, he is the one who formed Yakshas to fight against the demons in Liyue. As for the other four Yakshas, they didn't get good ends.

    His favorite food is Almond Tofu

    Every hero has his own favorite food. For Xiao, Almond Tofu is his favorite, and is called "Sweet Dream" by him.

    He has the highest base ATK

    In the beta test of Genshin Impact, Xiao was considered a powerful character. Although the developers made adjustments to him later, he was still very strong. He has the highest base ATK.

    He eats snow

    Although Xiao is more than two thousand years old, he still has some cute habits - he eats snow. Because he once said, "Once the snow is thick enough, we can eat it." Given his stern personality, this should be true.

    Venti’s music can make Xiao sane

    Since Xiao ate too many nightmares and killed too many demons, he has been haunted by the violence of the past. This also implies that Xiao might go crazy or die like other Yakshas. However, in the character cutscene, Xiao listens to Venti playing the Dihua flute. Some people speculate that if it weren't for Venti's soothing music, Xiao might have succumbed to his karmic burden.

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  • ACNH: You Can Catch These Critters Before February Ends

    Feb 24, 2021

    February is coming to an end, which means that some animals in ACNH will disappear, so make sure to catch them before they disappear. We also made a list of things you need to find for filling out the Museum.

    The southern hemisphere is losing a large number of critters, including cicadas and almost all exotic beetles. There are not many critters farewell in the northern hemisphere, and some only diving can catch sea creatures leaving.

    Northern Hemisphere

    Southern Hemisphere

    If you still have a creature that you’re not caught, you can refer to the information in the above list to catch the critter you need. With the coming of March, many new events will come, including Girls’ Day, Pi Day, and Shamrock Day, so now you can prepare for the new events in the future. If you need ACNH Bells, you can come to MMOWTS to buy them.

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  • Genshin Impact 1.4 Update: Will Mimi Be The New Playable Character?

    Feb 23, 2021

    Although the 1.3 version of Genshin Impact is still in progress, because the 1.4 update is not far away, many fans are already curious about what content the 1.4 Update will bring. Related rumors have been circulating recently, in addition to Rosaria, Kyaka, as well as Mimi, and they are all speculated that they will appear in version 1.4.

    Since the release of Genshin Impact, there have been many related rumors revealed, most of which are related to the characters in the game. In fact, Mimi was leaked last year. As part of Genshin Impact's alleged datamine, 8 characters were leaked. Since then, characters like Rosaria have entered everyone's sight. So will Mimi become a playable character in version 1.4?

    Mimi is indeed likely to become a recruitable character in version 1.4, because the previous rumors have been confirmed to be true, so we can believe that the rumors of Mimi and Rosaria banners are true. But we know very little about Mimi, because there is almost no concrete footage of her, and most of them can only be rendered by fans, so Mimi is still a mystery for fans. But because of this, Mimi will attract everyone's curiosity even more.

    So now it seems that the upcoming 1.4 Update will bring more content to fans. It can be seen that regular updating is definitely a good strategy to keep fans feel fresh, and it will also make the story content more complete.

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  • Genshin Impact: When Will Rosaria Be A Playable Character?

    Feb 22, 2021

    Genshin Impact 1.4 Update will be released in less than a month. Now many players are curious about the new content. At the same time, news about the 1.4 version has also been revealed. What attracts fans most is the new playable characters, Rosaria seems to be very popular.

    As early as last year, Rosaria was a part of an alleged datamine that revealed 8 new playable heroes for Genshin Impact. Since that time, other characters have appeared on this list, including Hu Tao, who is a hero will appear in version 1.3 because of rumors that he will appear in the Genshin Impact banner. Now with version 1.4 coming soon, Rosaria will be the protagonist of the latest update.

    The news that Rosaria will become a playable character is not uncommon, because she once appeared on the Genshin Impact 1.2 liveatream. At that time, some fans speculated that she could be playable at some point. Although Rosaria has appeared in the game, she cannot be recruited. Considering her unique style and relationship with other characters such as Barbara, Rosaria may also be an important role.

    Because Rosaria was part of a data mining leak and eventually appeared in the game, it seems true that she will become a playable character. Because of previous experiences, many of the previous reveals of characters are very accurate. As for more precise news, we still need to wait for Mihoyo to announce.

    So far, other rumored banner roles are quite accurate:

    In version 1.1, Zhongli and Tartaglia were leaked in advance

    In version 1.2, Ganyu and Albedo appeared

    But in version 1.3, Hu Tao hasn't appeared yet, but it should not be far away from his arrival. So for Genshin Impact fans, they will not feel bored, because there is still much new content waiting for them.

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  • ACNH Guide: You Can Expect These Upcoming Events

    Feb 20, 2021

    In ACNH, you can participate in many special events. The Festivale just past has also excited players for a while, and in the next few months, you will participate in many events.

    In New Horizons, there are holidays, village birthdays and various competitions almost every day. Nintendo will often add new events in big game patches.

    Based on the 2020 events, we have speculated on the upcoming new events in 2021, which should be useful to new players.

    Girl’s Day (February 25-March 3)

    To celebrate Girls’ Day, you can purchase a Girls’ Day doll set during this period: a tiered set of Japanese Hinaningyou dolls and a Bonbori lamp.

    Pi Day (March 1-14)

    This date matches the first three digits of Pi (3.14). In ACNH, you can choose a Pi-themed pie from Resident Services during the period from March 1-14.

    Shamrock Day (March 10-17)

    You can buy Shamrock Rugs, Shamrock Door Plates, and Shamrock Sodas. You can celebrate St. Patrick's Day through Shamrock Day from March 10 to 17. You can also wear Shamrock-themed costumes, which are available at Able Sister.

    Cherry Blossom Festival (April 1-10)

    Between April 1-10, you can find the DIY recipes of cherry blossom petals. All the hardwood trees on the island have become cherry blossoms. You can catch them with your net. For players in the southern hemisphere, you have to wait until October 1-10.

    Bunny Day (April 1-12)

    During this period, a rabbit called "Zipper" will come to your island, it will ask you to find the colorful eggs hidden around the island, and then use them in special DIY recipes.

    Weeding Day (April 30)

    On the Weeding Day, many village names will gather together to weed. Leif, the host of this event, will reward you with flower furniture in exchange for weeds.

    May Day (May 1-10)

    During the May Day event, you will be able to get a special ticket, you can take a trip to the island with a hedge maze. If you can complete the maze, you will receive a special prize.

    International Museum Day (May 18-31)

    If you visit the museum during this period, Blathers will invite you to a Stamp Rally to celebrate International Museum Day. You have to visit specific exhibits to collect stamps, which can be exchanged for wall-mounted furniture.

    Wedding Season (June 1-30)

    Throughout June, this is the wedding season, a bunch of married alpacas needs help to take anniversary photos, you can complete their request to get special ACNH wedding furniture.

    Summer Solstice (June 20)

    The Summer Solstice occurs on June 20 (December 20 in the Southern Hemisphere). On this day, the sun never sets, so you can catch nocturnal bugs during the daylight.

    These are the upcoming events, so you can refer to these times to prepare for the upcoming events, which means that players will have new expectations almost every day. As for the ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets needed in the game, you can buy them on MMOWTS. If you are coming to MMOWTS for the first time, you can get a 5% off coupon at the coupon center. This way you can buy Animal Crossing Bells at a lower price. And we can guarantee fast delivery. You will receive the ACNH Bells you purchased within 30 minutes after you place the order.

  • Genshin Impact: When Will Hu Tao Be Playable?

    Feb 19, 2021

    The character of a popular Genshin Impact - Hu Tao has recently caused heated discussion, and her auto-attack and Elemental Burst animations have been leaked.

    Hu Tao is one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact, but she did not appear in the 1.3 update, which made many fans more curious about this character. Considering that Xiao and Keqing are having a shorter banner than usual, so is there a chance for Hu Tao to join the game?

    The latest news revealed all Hu Tao's kit, including auto-attacks, Elemental Skill and Elemental Bursts. Her playstyle is very similar to Xiao, so many fans think she is Fire Xiao. The release date of the Hu Tao banner has not yet been determined, but because Keqing’s banner will end in early March, based on previous experience, Hu Tao should be added to the game on March 2nd and become a playable character.

    As for which four-star characters she will be paired with on the banner, we still don’t know. According to some specific banner rules, we have made a list of possible heroes:

    • Razor - Has not appeared on the banner since Zhongli which was 4 banners ago
    • Fischl/Sucrose - very similar to Razor, neither of them appears on the banner since Albedo
    • Chongyun - shares the same talent ascension material

    February is about to come to an end, so fans can look forward to the next update, when there will be new playable characters. If Hu Tao will become the latest playable character in the next update, then MMOWTS will also launch Genshin Impact Accounts with Hu Tao in time. If you are a loyal fan of Genshin Impact, you may have browsed MMOWTS. If you search for "Genshin Impact Accounts" on the Internet, you should find that MMOWTS ranks first or second, so you can trust this website 100%. If you are still skeptical, you can buy Genshin Impact Starter Accounts to try, and then rest assured to buy more cheap Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star heroes.

  • ACNH: When Will Mario-Themed Items Be Available?

    Feb 18, 2021

    To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario, Nintendo added Mario-themed items to ACNH. The new content will be released on February 25.

    This update includes Mario and Luigi’s iconic costumes, as well as items like Bowser flags and building blocks, making the island feel more in line with this mustachioed plumber. The trailer that has been released shows impressive possibilities, from classic dungeon-themed items to villagers in costumes, this update will be free for all players. Other items include mushrooms, collectible coins, stars, Whomp blocks and bricks, as well as different rugs and murals that can be placed at your home. Although the update will take place on February 25th, Mario-themed items will be on sale through Nook Shopping on March 1.

    Nintendo revealed this update earlier this year, although it was earlier than expected. ACNH continues to hold game events throughout the year to keep the game fresh. Earlier this week, players got the content of the carnival. ACNH was launched in March last year and became a cultural phenomenon. The past Festivale event also brought much new content to players, including new equipment, furniture, reactions, and the visitation of the special peacock NPC Pave, which allows you to collect feathers for themed rewards.

    It should be noted that if the annual event is repeated, there will be more events in the next few months. ACNH players will usher in two repeating events in April: Cherry Blossoms and Bunny Day. We don’t know whether the specific details have changed from before, so we can look forward to it.

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  • Genshin Impact: Lantern Rites Event Guide

    Feb 10, 2021

    Genshin Impact 1.3 will introduce a series of free events, including:

    • Stand By Me
    • Theather Mechanicus
    • Xiao market
    • All that Glitters

    The event will be held in Liyue Harbor on February 10.

    Lantern Rite will be the main stage event throughout the month and will award outstanding rewards, so you need to actively participate in the game every day. Lantern Rite will be carried out in 3 main stages. The first stage will begin with the "All That Glitters" event on February 10.

    The eligibility criteria

    Your Adventure Rank needs to at least reach 23, and you need to complete Act 1 of "Of the Land Amidst Monoliths" and Xiao's story quest.

    All that Glitters (February 10-28)

    In the first stage of the event, you will participate in an interesting three-stage quest:

    • The Origin of the Lanterns
    • Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns
    • Light Upon the Sea

    You can get rewards for completing them. This event will regularly give you Primo Gems, Hero’s Wit and Mora. After completing each quest, check your progress on Lantern Rite's main page to get Festive Fever.

    Lantern Rite tales

    You need to get quests from citizens to get interesting rewards, which will be counted in Lantern Rites Festive. You will get Primo Gems, Mora, and Festive Fever from every completed quest. To unlock every aspect of Lantern Rites tales, you need to complete the questline of the previous event and related missions.

    Theater Mechanicus (February 10-28)

    This event will provide a special event currency in "Peace Talisman", and you will be able to exchange rewards during the Xiao Shop stage. So make sure to complete each target quest in this event and improve your Festive Fever and Talisman pile.

    This event will be held in the Ruijin area of Liyue Harbor. Every time you try it, you will spend a Xiao Lantern. This is the only stage where you can earn Peace Talisman. The currency will be used for shopping in the Xiao event shop.

    In this event, only the towers can cause damage to the monsters. You need to place towers strategically to stop the monsters. You will get a special Veneficus Sigil and you can upgrade your towers.

    How to craft Xiao Lantern?

    You need to collect three resources: Lantern Fiber, Wick Material, Plaustrite Shard

    Xiao Market

    The last stage of the shop will give you amazing rewards that only be brought by"Peace Talisman". So make sure to farm your lanterns, talisman. You will get Mystic Ore, Mora, Hero’s Wit, Crown of insight, and other items from this event.

    The Xiao Market will open on a specific date:

    • First stage: 2021/02/10 10:00-2021/03/07
    • Second stage: 2021/02/14 04:00-2021/03/07
    • Third stage: 2021/02/18 04:00-2021/03/07

    Stand By Me (February 10-March 7)

    To unlock a free 4-star character, you need to collect enough special event currency, you need to push festival fever until achieving "Glow of a Thousand Lanterns", and provide 1000 peace talisman, invite a four-star character from Liyue to join your team.

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  • Genshin Impact: The Locations Of Purple Creatures Are Here and The Lantern Rite Festival Is Coming

    Feb 09, 2021

    Finally ushered in the last day of the Five Flushes of Fortune event. You need to use Kurious Kamera to take pictures of purple creatures. You can find these purple creatures in the locations below.

    Given that today is the last day of the Five Flushes of Fortune, you may have collected all the color photos and received all eight rewards from Ji Tong. If the collection has not been completed, you can ask your Genshin Impact friends.

    As for the purple creatures, you can find them in the following locations:

    Electro Slimes and Electro Hilichurls

    In Teyvat, Electro Slimes can be seen everywhere. The disadvantage is that it may be difficult to search specifically for Electro-type slimes with the Adventurer's Handbook. Nevertheless, you can find three slimes in Cape Oath and Luhua Pool.

    Electro Hypostasis

    Needless to say, Electro Hypostasis is a purple creature. So you can take pictures of it with Kurious Kamera.

    Fatui Cicin Mage

    Finally, the Fatui Cicin Mage enemies are also good choices. First, you have to use the Adventurer’s Handbook to find their locations on the world map.

    You can wait for Fatui Cicin Mage to spawn three wasps, each of which is a purple creature. But the only trouble is that you may lose the focus of Kurious Kamera due to frequent attacks from mage and insects.

    The completion of the collection means that the Five Flushes of Fortune event is about to end, but fans will not be bored, because the new event - The Lantern Rite Festival is about to begin.

    The upcoming The Lantern Rite Festival has three stages:

    • Stage one: February 10th
    • Stage Two: February 14th
    • Stage three: February 18th

    It will bring a lot of attraction, including exclusive events, food and rewards, and games like Theater Mechanicus. Each stage will have different quests and changes to the market, so you need to know about each stage. At that time, MMOWTS will also update related game guides, you can pay more attention to MMOWTS.

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