WOW Classic Guide Level 1-60 Throughout Phase 4
WOW Classic Guide Level 1-60 Throughout Phase 4

Phase 3 of World of Warcraft Classic is almost coming to an end, and soon Phase 4 is coming, which means that World of Warcraft Classic is over halfway, and Blizzard is also developing new game content, but for starters, there are still many game content to go through from level 1 to 60, it is also a long-term process, some efficient methods might take it easier.

Killing anytime
Farming or grinding, is a very common method to earn XP, as long as you kill every monster you encounter at any time, it will allow you to gain a small amount of XP, but gather less and more, over time you will quickly upgrade, and by the way, the dungeons are the best places to encounter monsters.

It is obvious that this method could take too much time and energy, in order to gain a lot of experience, you need to stay in front of the computer all days.

Leveling Add-on
This is the best way to gain a large amount of experience in World of Warcraft Classic in a short time, adding the leveling add-on in the game can greatly shorten the upgrade time. With it, it can tell you where you can find monsters, what are suitable quests for you, the best places you can go, etc. In short, it can provide a guide to reduce the time on exploring.

Using Gold
There is nothing that WOW Classic Gold can't solve, which can be used to purchase advanced equipment to kill monsters faster to gain experience, also, if you are lack of Gold, why not come to and get some.

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