World of Waecraft Classic Layering Mechanic Is Removed
World of Waecraft Classic Layering Mechanic Is Removed

When the release of World of Warcraft Classic in August last year, Blizzard had to add more servers and use the layering mechanics to prevent players from queuing for too long due to the inability of existing servers to carry a large number of players.

It is one of the most pressing issues of insane queue times in World of Warcraft Classic. This is very common that you need to wait for several hours when you want to enter a character of WOW Classic, and once you are disconnected due to any network problems, you'll have to start waiting again, as a result, players have already complained a bot about it.

Speaking of layering mechanic, it essentially puts players into different phases from one another, which greatly wolves the overload issues in World of Warcraft Classic.

By then, Blizzard has announced they will remove the layering mechanic from all US realms in World of Warcraft Classic, as it has analyzed that the current realm populations have justified returning to the intended population arrangement for each realm, that is, the number of players in each realm is now appropriate. At the same time, Blizzard unlocked any realms that were locked for new character creation.

Until then, the layers would be contracted from two to one, and all paid character transfer restrictions temporarily remain to keep players from transferring to and re-overpopulating some realms.

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