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Final Fantasy XIV Job Guide: Some Pro Tips For Playing A Dark Knight

Source: MMOWTS

Since the release of FFXIV Shadowbringers, the Dark Knight Job has undergone some interesting changes, so players will find that the Dark Knight makes a fun, although it is still somewhat complicated.

1. Quietus and Bloodspiller are attacks

The two main attack skills of the Dark Knight are Quietus and Bloodspiller. Quietus is an AOE attack with a range of 5 yards, causing 210 base damage to nearby enemies at cost of 50 Blood. Bloodspiller is a single target attack, causing 600 damage at the cost of 50 Blood as well. If the players are saturated with blood, they can feel free to g crazy attacking.

2. Blackest Night Is For Allies

The main focus of the Dark Knight is the use of Blackest Night action. It is obtained through a Job quest at 70-level and is considered one of the most powerful tools of the Dark Knight. When used on the target, it creates a barrier around the target that can absorb 25% of the target's total HP, which means that the more HP the target has the stronger the barrier will be. The advantage of this is that it has good coverage and can protect other targets that happen to be close to the target.

3. You Want The Blackest Night Barrier To Break

A key aspect of the Blackest Night barrier is to ensure that it will break rather than fade away. The reason for this is that if the barrier is shattered, it will trigger the option for the player to use Edge of Shadow or Flood of Shadow using Dark Arts instead of MP. Because of this, it is very important to properly arrange the deployment of barriers to match the enemy's large-scale bombardment.

4.Dark Missionary For Boss Ultimates

When the Blackest Night is used for general attacks, the Dark Missionary is almost completely used to counter a Boss enemy that uses their Ultimate. When triggered, the Dark Missionary will reduce the incoming magic damage for both the player and nearby teammates by 10%.

5.Dark Mind For Solo Magic Damage

Although the Dark Knight cares about keeping his teammates alive, it is important to keep themselves alive and continue to fulfilling that role long term. If players find that they are the only target of Boss's wrath, this is an action they want.

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