World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Everything You Need To Know
World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Everything You Need To Know

Everyone is waiting for the eighth expansion in World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, an epic addition to open the gates to the realm of the dead, but due to the current situation, its development and other related activities have been affected or delayed to a certain extent.

At BlizzCon 2019 in November 2019, the new expansion was proposed to be released in 2020, but until now, it has not been announced an exact release date, and affected by the COVID-19, its reveal event was also delayed for a while.

However, players still can't wait to see everything in Shadowlands.

There are three pre-purchase editions for Shadowlands, Base, Heroic and Epic, with not the same subscription fees and corresponding permissions.

What's more, in Shadowlands, its level cap has also been reduced from 120 to 60, which means that players need to spend more time and energy each level up, and the challenges they will face are more difficult.

You are also able to customize the facial features and decorations at will with a new looking system, including hairstyles, eyes, colors, tattoos, etc.

More often than not, every update of World of Warcraft will add new areas to play, so does Shadowlands, it added Oribos, Bastion, Ardenweald, the Necrotic Wake, Halls of Atonement and more, each one of which brings quests and rewards.

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