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With the updates of Terror Zone in Diablo 2 Resurrected, it may come as no surprise that the Amazon is the best choice for this challenge. As the fastest boss-killing build without any other competitors, she is an absolute and typical glass cannon.

Thus let's talk about her skills build and here is the suggestions about her skill point using.

Lightning Fury and Charged Strike as Amazon's key damage skills, make sure you can max them all as much as possible. Charged Strike is the most important single target dps skills on boss killing, while Lightning Fury could be the greatest and most powerful AOE skills with the interaction of Pierce.

Most of her elemental devastation comes in the form of lightning damage, you can also deal the physical damage to some special monsters but this will rarely be required, as your mercenary's conviction aura which could break the immunity of most monsters.

One thing you have to pay much attention, Amazon is extremely relying on mana, thus you have to prepare enough mana potion especially when you get your end game gear, meanwhile your mana sustain will be unbelievable lower than before. Meditation could help your mana recovery, and you can also use Mana Leech to over come it.

About gear, over here is the recommended list of Amazon on Lightning Damage Build.

Regardless, this is the best boss killer in the game. so when any of the end of act areas get terrorized, this build will be well equipped to deal with the any Act Bosses for that reason.

Alone this build is a very solid choice when you try to reach level 99 with or without terror zones. While she may run into problems with unique monsters that are immune to both physical and lightning damage, it's in your best interest to quickly move on from those ones, and find large packs of enemies that can be taken down quickly with Lightning Fury, or you can find weaker unique monsters that can practically be one poked.

Since more inform about the D2R Ladder will updates in, this web could be your best assistant. Other than that, you can also find Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items here in cheap price. Do not let it slip, come here to see!

Sep 15 ,2022

As the dark horse profession of Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 1, after three months of testing, players finally saw the shining point of Amazon. In Ladder Season 1, which is gradually coming to an end, Lighting Amazon Build is in Endgame with excellent clearing speed and high area damage and it plays a great advantage.

While Lightning Amazon can handle just about anything, survivability and defense can get in the way when faced with enemies like Uber. So it is very important to choose the right D2R Ladder Items. In the choice of Runewords, we also need to take into account the bonuses of damage and survivability. We can turn our attention to the following options:

1. Spirit - Shield

Spirit Runeword is the only shield in the game with all skills +2, and it has the absolute advantage of a low budget. Whether it is in the early stage or late stage of Ladder, players can use it to obtain a very considerable improvement.

From the affix point of view, the +55% Faster Hit Recovery and +250 Defense vs. Missiles it brings can take advantage of the Lighting Amazon Build and make up for the lack of survivability.

2. Enigma - Chest Armor

Enigma's delivery boost is the main reason most builds want it, and Lightning Amazon is no exception. Players can limit the range of the aura through the Spirit Runeword. At the same time, it also brings a nice speed boost.

MMOWTS is committed to bringing you more information and services, so stay tuned. You are welcome to visit us anytime.

Aug 04 ,2022

Up to now, Ladder has been released for more than two weeks, and more and more players have entered the process of Ladder. Compared to the first week, the number of players has grown significantly, and the number of characters entering the Ladder is now twice as many as last week. Many players have not had time to try and enter the first round of Ladder's challenge.

Among the four modes of Ladder, Expansion has an absolute quantity advantage, which population accounts for 90% of all Ladder players. Many players who try Ladder for the first time will choose this mode because it does not limit the selection of characters, the class distribution is also representative.

Judging from the classes players chooses, the second week is still dominated by Sorceress and Paladin. However, the variety of characters players choose has increased significantly, with classes excluding Sorceress and Paladin making up almost 20% in the first week, but rising to nearly 40% in the second week.

In terms of the growth of various classes, Amazon is definitely the winner, and it is now second only to Sorceress and Paladin in the number of Ladders. A big factor in this situation was the emergence of Teo, the first player to reach level 99 in Ladder. He used Lightning Javazon to build, which led to a series of imitation effects, so the proportion of Amazon continued to rise.

The selection of Barbarian and Necromancer also showed an upward trend, now making up 6.6% and 7.4% of all roles, respectively, while Assassin and Druid, even at the bottom, increased their share from last week. This may be the result of players experimenting with multiple builds more frequently.

MMOWTS will continue to bring you the latest news of the first Ladder season of Diablo 2: Resurrected. You can also buy cheap D2R Ladder Items here. There are a variety of products that can help you level up. You are welcome to place an order at any time.

May 17 ,2022

Players all over the world are doing their best to reach the top of the Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder for tons of rewards and fame. Some people even forget to eat and sleep to get to the top. Teo1904 is exactly that. Yesterday, his hard work finally paid off as Teo became the first player to reach level 99 this ladder season!

Teo recorded his moment when he reached level 99 by streaming on Twitch. As a player in Expansion mode, the competition is fierce. It took Teo a total of 138 hours to upgrade from level 1 to level 99 of the Ladder, and the last upgrade alone took 28 hours, which is amazing. That means he spends more than half of the week in Ladder, sleeping less than five hours a day.

It is worth mentioning that Teo's success is not achieved alone, and a large part depends on the support of his teammates. Because Ladder has the characteristic that the higher the level, the more difficult it is, his group of eight spent hundreds of hours of XP feeding him to get through. Also, its username"Teo_Unsullied"is in honor of one of his deceased friends, Unsullied13, who is known in the Diablo 2 community.

Teo's ascent was also officially recognized, and he and his team were praised for their understanding of the task of the season. Surprisingly, Teo's top ladder career is Amazon, not the common Sorceress or Paladin. It can be said that he and his team have created new gameplay that can achieve rapid upgrades by fully optimizing the experience rate of specific characters.

If you're also fighting on your Ladder season, MMOWTS will support you, and you can buy cheap D2R Ladder Items here to advance your season. We will also continue to update the relevant news and guides of Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder, you are welcome to pay attention to us.

May 07 ,2022
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