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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is consistent with the real world to some extent. The ending date of spring 2022 in Animal Crossing New Horizons is slightly inconsistent with the actual date of June 20. In Animal Crossing, the season is more in line with the season in the northern hemisphere. For example, most of June is still spring, but many people still think it is "summer"In Animal Crossing, spring is long before the actual summer solstice.

The seasons of Animal Crossing will vary according to the hemisphere selected when the player starts the game. As we all know, spring in the northern hemisphere is autumn in the southern hemisphere, and vice versa. If you visit friends in another hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can see different seasons. There are also opportunities to catch different insects and fish on other people's islands.

The spring of Animal Crossing New Horizons brings green trees. The first few days of spring also brought cherry petals, which players can collect with a nets. But the whole spring is full of seasonal fish and insects, as well as spring green bamboo. I hope players want to make full use of spring in the game. Note that the time of the end of the season in the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere is completely different. Players in the northern hemisphere have already started spring, and there is still a long spring to enjoy. Players in the southern hemisphere have to wait a long time, but it doesn't hurt to be ready.

In the northern hemisphere, the spring of Animal Crossing New Horizons will end on May 31. Although spring began to show signs as early as February 25, the snow on the island began to melt and the rain increased. Spring fish and insects don't appear until March 1. Spring ends on November 30 in the southern hemisphere. As in the northern hemisphere, signs of spring began to appear quiet on August 25, but insects and fish of this season began to appear on September 1.

Because of these differences, for example, rabbit day celebrations are held only in the spring of the northern hemisphere. Halloween and Thanksgiving take place in the spring of the southern hemisphere During these three months, players of Animal Crossing New Horizons can visit other islands in different hemispheres, experience various activities in different seasons, and make full use of these two months to obtain rewards.

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Mar 23 ,2022

In ACNH, Celeste will teach you how to wish on a shooting star and create an outfit wand. Celeste is a stargazing aficionado who will occasionally visit your island and give you special recipes. But knowing exactly when she visits will help you run your game more smoothly.

MMOWTS will tell you exactly when Celeste is visiting and how to tell if she'll be on your island that night.

When does Celeste show up?

Celeste will only appear on your island on clear nights after 7 pm. Her visits are completely random and there is no way of knowing if she will be there without checking.

It's a little different from the nights of the meteor shower, which always guarantees a visit from Celeste. Still, we had no way of tracking her down, because when she came, she was always wandering the island.

This means that if you want to talk to her, you need to run around looking for her. Talk to her and she'll teach you how to wish on shooting stars, get a DIY Star Wand recipe, and more.

Once you have all the recipes available to you, she will start giving you star fragments. These fragments include 5 regular star fragments, a large star fragment, or a zodiac star fragment.

MMOWTS will continue to provide you with ACNH related game guidance and news to help you grasp the latest trends. And you can buy ACNH 2.0 Items here, which are some of the items introduced in the 2.0 Update, giving you more options to make your island richer.

Mar 10 ,2022

Recently, an ACNH player sent Jolly Redd where he should be - prison. This also caused discussion among players, so MMOWTS will introduce this new event.

Jolly Redd is a sly fox who appeared in Animal Crossing and most recently in the ACNH 1.2 update. In New Horizons, Redd and his "Treasure Trawler" boat will dock on your island if you can sell enough items to the Blathers' museum.

Once Jolly Redd is on your island, you can buy works of art from this fox and donate them to Blathers' museum. Note that Blathers is hard to please as he only accepts genuine artworks, and Redd is not a reliable seller as he sells several fake artworks in ACNH. Thankfully, the fakes that Redd sells always have some kind of fairly obvious tell, and if you have discerning eyes, you can spot the real from the fake before buying.

Because of Redd's bad behavior, a player finally put him in jail. An ACNH named Accomplished-Play-98 shared this image on Reddit:

Redd is in jail, looking sad. And Tom Nook and Isabelle laugh at him.

For many players, it's frustrating to spend their hard-earned ACNH Bells on a fake, and because of this, he seems to be unpopular with most players. But there are also players who think that his unscrupulous behavior in order to make a living is also appreciated.

In any case, this scene is also very interesting. If there are new players sharing new gameplay, MMOTWS will also share it here in time to let you know. As for in-game items, you can also get them here, and cheap ACNH 2.0 Items are also available here, allowing you to get what you need faster.

Feb 23 ,2022

ACNH has ushered in a new update, update 2.0.5, which introduces 10 changes to the game. One of the main points is that they have made other tweaks and fixes to improve the game experience. We don't know exactly how much the game has changed, but there are some important details and MMOWTS lists them as well.

We've learned that ACNH has made some improvements, including the Happy Home Paradise DLC, but we don't know the exact file size yet, so it's uncertain how long it will take you to download it.

Fixed Issues

* Fixed an issue where the player could not progress through the explanation about Photopia under specific conditions after moving to another island.

* Fixed an issue where the game would not progress after a message was displayed when a conversation had started and a lot of furniture items had been placed on the island.

* Fixed an issue where Luna would repeat the explanation related to the "Search by island name." option over again.

* Fixed an issue where island residents would wear custom designs as a different pattern type than how the custom design was displayed in the tailor shop.

* Fixed an issue where an island resident visiting a player's home would remain in the player's home after the player used the Room Sketch app, the Happy Home Network app or the Custom Designs Portal during the visit.

* Fixed an issue where a player would use a door decoration when remodeling the home of an island resident, but the door decoration would sometimes be removed when a new day started.

* Other adjustments and corrections were made to improve the gameplay experience.

You can always come to MMOWTS to buy ACNH Items to decorate your island. Although there will be no bigger updates later, regular updates will always appear, which has to mention some seasonal festivals, you can use related themed items to create some atmosphere to cater to the festival theme, which is also a very fun part.

Feb 18 ,2022

In ACNH, if you are good enough at the Turnip market, then you even have the chance to make a lot of ACNH Bells, which is high yield, but also high risk. Stalk Market is a volatile market where Turnip prices go up and down. Typically, Turnip sells for between 50-150 Bells, but they can also be worth as low as 15 Bells and as high as 650 Bells. MMOWTS will give some tips allowing you to get as many Bells as possible by selling Turnips.

When does Daisy show up?

Considering that Daisy Mae sells her Turnips between 90-110 Bells, then you need to be careful when buying Turnips. Turnips bought at 90 Bells can make you more money, and Turnips bought at 110 Bells can bring you to financial ruin.

Daisy Mae will show up on your island every Sunday and stay on your island from 5 am to 11:59 am, but she'll stay longer if you don't go inside. You can go find her, and once located, she'll sell you Turnips in bulks of 10. The threshold to enter the Stalk Market is at least 900 Bells, and you have to buy 10 at a time.

Turnips have a lifespan of only a week and you have to sell them within a week. You can sell Turnips to Timmy and Tommy every day other than Sunday. You can log in to the game around 11:50 am to see Timmy and Tommy's valuation and see if that day's value is worth selling or not.

Turnip Calculator

If you want to avoid Stalk Market risks, you can use the Turnip Calculator, which estimates the price of turnips in the morning and afternoon for each day of the week. You just need to input the Turnip prices and the Turnip price for each subsequent day. Typically, when you enter the prices for Tuesday morning, the price of Turnips for the rest of the week can be determined with nearly 100% accuracy. Turnip Calculator can help you make as much profit as possible.

Of course, if you don't want to take any risks, you can go directly to MMOWTS to buy Animal Crossing Bells, which is also the fastest way to get bells and can make you a millionaire in no time.

Feb 14 ,2022

It's been 2 years since ACNH's release, but there are still a lot of active players, and that's because Nintendo updates right after its release every month, whether it's providing new content to the community or fixing existing issues, which is to satisfy the players. And the current 2.0 Update and paid DLC also provide players with freshness, you can directly come to MMOWTS to buy ACNH 2.0 Items.

Although the game has worked well, it still has some hilarious bugs. Recently, MMOWTS found that an ACNH player shared an interesting phenomenon in which a bug in the game turned the waters of the island into bright red.

On Reddit, Thought Player posted a photo showing how the river on the ACNH island was red instead of the normal blue. The player did not explain the phenomenon in the caption of the photo, but said it was "worrying".

Considering there is only one photo in the post, it doesn't show that the phenomenon exists only in river water, or if it also affects the ocean around the island.

Many people have made fun of the issue, even linking it to the Blood Moon phenomenon in Breath of the Wild. There is also speculation that the red water is a plague, and players are advised to watch out for frogs and locusts.

Considering the waters are where fish are caught, if this bug isn't addressed, it could have a range of effects.

Feb 09 ,2022

In ACNH, you can see shooting stars in the sky at night and wish on them for Star Fragments, but when will the shooting stars appear? This is what players care about. Based on this, MMOWTS gives a timetable.

What time will Shooting Stars appear?

On a clear night, Shooting Stars or meteor showers generally appear around 7:00 pm. A good sign is you can encounter Celeste around your town.

When Celeste appears in your town, the shooting stars will appear that night. She will occasionally visit your island and offer special star-themed recipes.

According to player reports, shooting stars usually last until around 4 am, so if you want to make a wish, you have plenty of time to use the stars to your advantage.

You can use Up on the D-Pad, and as long as you don't have the tools in hand, you can make a wish on a shooting star at night.

While Celeste can't guarantee that there will be shooting stars that night, she will make a good statement that there will be shooting stars that night.

Another way to tell is to talk to your villagers during the day. If Isabelle or your villagers are talking about a meteor shower, it's bound to happen that night.

Now that ACNH 2.0 Update is available, many players may have been enjoying the new items for a while, if you are a new player, you can go directly to MMOWTS to buy ACNH 2.0 Items, which gives you more options to decorate your island.

Feb 06 ,2022

A post about how ACNH players describe villagers they want gone from their island has instantly become a community discussion, and one of the biggest memes is Bill Wibbly.

Bill Wibbly personifies the villagers that ACNH players want to get rid of for whatever reason. This meme emphasizes the strong distaste some ACNH players have for certain villagers, including those considered the worst villagers in ACNH, and how they denigrate the most innocent-looking characters. This also means that the popularity of villagers depends on personal preference.

Now that ACNH players have accepted Bill Wibbly's meme, they now use "Bill Wibbly" to describe a villager they don't want to stay on the island. Others have also blamed the fictional Bill Wibbly for other misfortunes in the game, such as when a beloved villager accidentally leaves their island. So who exactly is Bill Wibbly, MMOWTS will unravel the mystery.

Who is Bill Wibbly?

ACNH fans created Bill Wibbly's art style according to ACNH villagers, designed Bill Wibbly's costume in the game, and even played as the character.

Bill's popularity shows how active the ACNH community is, and the players themselves are good at innovating new game content and sharing it with other players, which is a great interaction.

Once there are more interesting ACNH posts, MMOWTS will also share them here as soon as possible, and you can also buy ACNH Items here, because of the arrival of the 2.0 Update, more items are also eye-catching, which greatly enriched the game content.

Jan 26 ,2022

ACNH provides a lot of content for players to enjoy. Now that the 2.0 Update has arrived, the new ACNH 2.0 Items have brought players a higher level of gaming experience.

You can only have one island in ACNH, and local couch co-op is very limiting and the process of visiting other players' islands is very long. As a result, some of the systems surrounding multiplayer can be confusing to navigate. MMOWTS will detail the Friends system, including how to add them.

Difference Between NS Friends and ACNH Best Friends

* Nintendo Switch Friends: Users added to be friends on your Nintendo Account, outside the game. When you open the gates at your airport with a Dodo Code and say that your “Friends” can visit, you are allowed any of your Nintendo Switch Friends to visit.

* ACNH Best Friends: Users who are already your Nintendo Switch Friends and whom you have added to your Best Friends list in the game. When you open the gates with a Dodo Code and say that your “Best Friends” can visit, only people you have added to the Best Friends list in-game can have a visit.

How to add a player to your best friends list?

The easiest way to add a player to your Best Friends List is to exchange Friend Codes. After that is let you visit their island and let them visit your island. Note that this requires Online Play, which means you'll need a Nintendo Online subscription.

When they visit your island, you will get a notification in your Best Friends list app. Just click on the name of the person you want to add to your Best Friends list and send the request. Once the other player accepts your request, everything is ready now. After that, you can send instant messages to your Best Friends who are online.

Once ACNH has more updates, MMOWTS will also be updated with the latest news.

Jan 22 ,2022

ACNH's first event of the new year is coming soon, which is the Fishing Tourney, which will start on January 8. You can get trophies and other exclusive prizes from it. MMOWTS will provide some tips to give you a greater chance of becoming a champion.

Fishing Tourney start time

Fishing Tourney will be available on January 8th from 9 am to 6 pm.

How to participant in the Fishing Tourney?

To participate in the event, you need to talk to C.J. your town’s plaza. You only need to pay a 500 ACNH Bells entry fee and you can catch as many fish as possible in 3 minutes.

At the end of the time, go back to C.J., he will calculate your points based on the number of fish you can catch. For every fish you catch, you will get one point. If you can catch 3 or more fish before the end of the time, you will get extra points.

The points you earn can be redeemed for exclusive fish-themed items from C.J. If you reach a certain milestone, you will also get a special trophy. 

Fishing Tourney Tips

Teaming up with friends to start the tourney will increase your efficiency. The number of fish caught by each player will be added together at the end of the round, making it easier to accumulate points and get rewards.

Now you can make some preparations for the Fishing Tourney, you can make a lot of bait in advance. You can camp out and fish in one place with the bait. C.J. usually pays the same price when visiting your island, so you can get additional Animal Crossing Bells via this.

The ACNH 2.0 Update has arrived for a while. If you need any ACNH 2.0 Items, you can come to MMOWTS to buy them at any time.

Jan 07 ,2022
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