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In Genshin Impact, to complete The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent quest, you need to find the NPC of it - Aru. You will see the shade after activating Evernight with the mechanic in Dainichi Mikoshi.

Aru will guide you in the Byakuyakoku trials, and in the first task, you need to find 3 important Fragments. These items are all distributed in different areas of Enkanomiya, which is why World Quest is divided into 3 parts:

* The Trail of Drake and Serpent

* The Heart of Ouroboros

* Dreams in the Gaps

After getting 3 Fragments, you need to go back to Aru to continue the quest. But at this time, it may not be so easy to find him, so MMOWTS will tell you how to find Aru.

How to talk to Aru?

To talk to Aru, you need to make sure the time is set to Evernight. Because ghosts don't appear during the Whitenight, you can't talk to him then.

Switching the day is as easy as approaching the device in the middle of Dainichi Mikoshi, and as soon as you get the Golden Bridle, the "Switch to Night" button will appear.

Who is Aru?

Aru is an Afterimage in Enkanomiya that will help you to complete the trials in the area. Unlike the other Shades of Tokoyo, Aru knows what he is, just a projection of his past life.

After you have collected those 3 Fragments, Aru will reveal the final task - Primordial Bathysmal Vishap.

The dragon is under the rule of Dainichi Mikoshi, and you need to defeat it to get the Bloodbranch Coral. It's challenging, so you need a "hero" to complete this task.

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Jan 12 ,2022
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