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Finally, the 1.1 Update of Genshin Impact was released. As we said before, 4 new heroes will appear. Zhongli and Tartaglia are 5-star characters, and Diona and Xinyan are 4-star characters. Tartaglia is the most popular one. You can also call him Childe. Because he is a Hydro user!

And he is a very flexible character cause both ranged and melee attacks can work on him. Therefore, he is considered to be one of the most formidable characters of Genshin Impact.

How to get Childe?

He is a five-star character, so... of course only through the Wish system in the game, where he appears as a banner character in the Farewell of Snezhnaya event. Hope you have enough luck to get him.

About Childe

He has range and melee attack skills, which makes him special, and his Hydro skills can cause AOE damage to multiple enemies at the same time. For releasing his powerful abilities to the maximum extent, you need to improve his ATK stats by increasing his Element Stats. Childe is already considered one of the S-rank heroes, so if you equip him with appropriate weapons and artifacts, he will be invincible.

Best Artifacts

For him, the best artifact is Wanderer's Troupe set. Once Childe is equipped with it, Elemental Mastery will be upgraded by 80%. When he is equipped with 4, his Charge Attack will increase by 35%. If you don't have Wanderer's Troupe set, then other artifacts that can increase his ATK or Elemental Stats also work.

Best Weapons

Because he uses a bow, the best weapon is The Stringless. It can increase his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Damage up to 48%.

If you want to improve his ATK stats, you can equip her with Rust Bow, which can increase his Normal Attack to 80%.

Elemental Attacks are the true strength of Childe, so you need to pay special attention to this.

1.1 has been released, so Childe must be a character that everyone desires, because he is strong enough. In short, I can't wait to know who will be the first player to get Childe, he/she must be super lucky.

In the future, MMOWTS may also sell Genshin Impact Accounts with Childe, so stay tuned to MMOWTS from now on!

Once we launch this account, you will be the first to know. Now you can also buy Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star weapons on MMOWTS, which will also make your character stronger.

Nov 12, 2020

Mona, as a five-star character using Hyrdo, who can not desire her? She can summon waves and waterspouts to cause a lot of damage to the nearby enemies, so if you have her, you should find the best build for her, because this can better release her as a five-star hero ability.

How to get Mona?

As we all know, she is a five-star hero, so you can imagine how difficult it is to get her. You can only get her through the Wish system. If you have enough luck, she may join your team, so... Just pray.

About Mona

Mona is an astronomer, so she has a lot of magic skills, which undoubtedly provides good support for the team members. If you want to focus on her DPS, you need to increase her Elemental Damage, Elemental Recharge and Elemental Mastery. This is conducive to maximize her AOE attacks, while being able to trigger Elemental reactions with other heroes.

Best Artifacts

Any artifacts that can increase her different Elemental stats are good, so if you want to increase her Elemental Burst Damage, Noblesse Oblige is the best.

As for increasing her Elemental Recharge, Exile set is good because it can increase by 20%.

The Instructor set is also very important for Mona, it can improve her Element Mastery.

These three are very useful for Mona, so you can equip Mona with 4 pieces of any set, and you will get the most rewards.

Best Weapons

The Favonius Codex is the best weapon for it, because it will eventually generate an Element Orb, which can restore 6 Energy, and it can also trigger the quick Elemental Reaction of Electro users like Fischl, so just like the previous article mentioned, if Mona and Fischl are in the same team, then the Water Team will be very strong.

Second only to The Favonius Codex is a four-star Spellbook, which is also difficult to obtain.

So easier to get is the 3-star weapon - Otherworldly Story. It can increase Mona's ATK and Energy Restore, and it can generate Orbs, which can restore Mona's health.

Mona can become one of the most powerful heroes with the most suitable character builds, not only because she is a five-star hero, but also because she is flexible enough to help other heroes trigger Elemental Reactions to quickly knock down enemies. This is the feature other heroes do not have. Any artifact and weapon can reflect her various skills, thus making her stronger.

If you need any heroes or weapons, you can come to MMOWTS. MMOWTS provides cheap Genshin Impact Accounts with five-star heroes or five-star weapons, because we all know that the pull rates of Genshin Impact are too low, and many players have not even been able to have five-star heroes that others envy, but if you come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with any hero you want, you can quickly let them join your team!

After you place the order, we will send you the account information by email, so please check your inbox or spam in time!

Nov 11, 2020

Fischl is a user of the Electro element and has always been regarded as one of the best characters in Genshin Impact. She can dish out a lot of lightning-based damage, and her weapon is a bow, so if you like long-range attackers, she is also a good character, her skill can summon her pet raven - Oz, it can deal certain damage to the enemies.

How to get Fischl?

Currently, you can only get her through the game's Wish system, and there are rumors that Fischl will be an important role in patch 1.1. If you already have her, then you are lucky.

About Fischl

Her Electro damage is destined to make her a powerful character, so you should focus on improving her elemental damage.

Best Artifacts

You can equip her with the Gambler set, which can increase her Elemental Skill damage by 20%.

When she equipped with Thundering Fury, her Electro damage will increase by 15%. When Fischl equipped with these artifacts, her output will too high to believe.

Best Weapons

Because she uses a bow, Stringless is the best for Fischl because it can increase Elemental Skill while also increasing Burst damage.

If you prefer her non-elemental damage, then Rust Bow is great. Its Rapid Firing ability can increase normal attacks DMG by 40%, and up to 80% through Ascension.

All of this shows that Fischl is very suitable for using Hydro element to cause damage to the enemies. When combined with Pyro users like Amber and Diluc, she can also accumulate overload combinations and cause high damage.

Since then, we have updated the best builds of powerful members in a fire team: Diluc, Venti, Xiangling, and Fischl. if you want to build an unstoppable Fire Team, you can refer to the best builds of each character and equip them with appropriate weapons and artifacts. Although some characters and weapons are difficult to obtain in the game, you can choose to buy the items you need on MMOWTS.

But if you haven't determined which heroes you want to let join your team yet, don't worry, because patch 1.1 is coming soon, there will be 4 new characters about to appear. You can consider letting them join your team. If you are not lucky enough to get them in the game, you can choose to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with the character you like on MMOWTS.

And MMOWTS will continue to provide free game guides, hope those will help you to complete some tasks more smoothly in the game!

After you purchased Genshin Impact Accounts on MMOWTS, we will send you the account information in the form of an email, so please check your inbox or spam in time!

Nov 10, 2020

Although there are many popular characters in Genshin Impact, Diluc is still the character that players most want to have, because he is a five-star character with giant claymores and pyro abilities, so he is one of the powerful and rare characters. But once you have him and equip with the best builds, your team will be invincible in future adventures.

How to get Diluc?

The only way to get him is through the gacha pull Wish system, you cannot get him through the main story.

About Diluc

In the previous article, we said that he is the main output of a fire team, his giant claymores are enough to make him a strong member of the team, and his Pyro skills are not to be underestimated, his Tempered Sword ability can attack 4 times in a row. At the same time, Dawn Elemental Burst can summon a phoenix to cause AoE damage to surrounding enemies.

All of this shows that he is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact, so the best build is also very important to him.

Best Artifacts

Because Diluc uses Pyro skills, you should consider how to make him deal more damage, so the Crimson Witch of Flames artifact is the best for him. It can increase Diluc's Pyro damage, as well as the effects of Burning and Overloaded status effects.

Best Weapons

Diluc uses claymores to cause damage to the enemies, so you need to pay attention to increasing his DMG or ATK stats. For Diluc, the best weapon is Wolf's Gravestone. It is also a 5-star weapon, which can increase Diluc's attack by 40%. In addition, when the health is low, this can increase it up to 80% with a buff.

Skyward Pride is another great weapon, it can also increase attack %.

Of course, the above two weapons are relatively rare, so most players will equip Diluc with Debate Club, because it is a 3-star weapon, which is easier to obtain than the above two.

But if you still want to equip Diluc with the best weapons, you can choose to go to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with Wolf's Gravestone, which is very cheap and MMOWTS provides other heroes. If you like, you can also purchase Genshin Impact Accounts directly.

These are hot sales on MMOWTS, because the 0.6% pull rates of Genshin Impact is indeed too low, which has always annoyed many players.

Nov 09, 2020

There are many different characters in Genshin Impact. Needless to say, Diluc and Mona are two of the most popular characters, and they are also hot sales on MMOWTS. So in the future, we will also update on the best character builds of Diluc.

How to get Noelle?

Today we mainly introduce Noelle, she is a popular character.

You need to get Noelle through the gacha pull Wish system. So if you want her to become one of your team members, you need to spend a little time and it would be better if you have enough luck. However, when Genshin Impact was first released, there was a Beginners' Wish event. If you are lucky enough to participate in that event, then you should already have Noelle.

About Noelle

She uses claymores to knock back enemies at close range and will cause AOE damage. In addition, she can also summon a shield to protect herself and increase damage output. If you like close-range fights, don't miss her. If you can find the best character build for her, her performance will impress you. She has one of the highest defenses among characters, so she plays a vital role in the early stage.

Noelle's mainly focuses on enhancing defense or attacking. Therefore, the perfect character builds of her should pay attention to these aspects. So, when you equip her with Artifacts and Weapons, you should consider which can increase defense. If possible, it would be better to increase the attack and damage stats.

Best Artifacts

The best Artifacts are the Retracing Bolide set. This artifact is very rare, but when Noelle is equipped with 2 pieces, it increases her shield's strength by 35%. When equipped with 4 pieces, Noelle's Normal and Charge Attacks will be increased by 40%. This can't be said to be good, it is perfect, because it improves Noelle's defense and attack stats at the same time.

Best Weapons

She also uses claymores, like Diluc. The best weapon for her is Whiteblind claymore. It can increase the ATK and DEF of Normal and Charged Attacks and lasts for 6 seconds. This effect can stack up four times, which makes it's more awesome.

If you haven't obtained Whiteblind claymore. Then White Iron Greatsword is also good. It not only improves Noelle's defense, but also restores her HP after every enemy she defeats.

These are the tips we can give about Noelle. If you think your Noelle is not strong enough, it may be that you equipped her with the wrong artifacts and weapons. You can refer to this guide to equip her with the correct weapons. You can choose to go to MMOWTS to purchase a Genshin Impact Account with 5-star weapons.

If you need, you can also check if there are any 5-star heroes you like. The rare 5-star heroes in the game can basically be purchased on MMOWTS. Sometimes you don't have enough luck to get them in the game, you can choose to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts.

After all, luck is not that important when you got money.

Nov 04, 2020
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