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  • WOW Classic Phase 3 Guide-Grinding In PVP

    Jan 19, 2020

    As you all know, World of Warcraft Classic Phase 3 will be released on February 12, with the new raid, quests game content, therefore the guide for Phase 3 is necessary, especially for those no-lifers.

    Who are the no-lifers? They are a group of players who are grinding away is Classic Azeroth, especially in the PvP ranking system and battlegrounds. For those, the rank is determined by the amount of honor to accumulate, and the rank and honor can only be gained by playing PvP matches in the various Battlegrounds.

    Now, let's introduce the content of Phase 3 first.

    Blackwing Lair is the new 40-man raid after completing the Blackhand's Command questline, there is an entrance to the instance located between Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes.
    During the raid, the players would encounter numerous Dragonkin and Humanoid monsters, so you must learn how to defeat them with the items or gear.

    Starting from February 5, 2020, the players can collect cards from various different Darkmoon Decks to get ready for Blackwing Lair, until then, the location called Darkmoon Faire would drop 8 bosses and 120 loot, providing some unique items to players.

    Sunken Temple Class Quests, allowing the classes which are level 50 that takes place in the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, including:

    Torwa Pathfinder
    The Hunter's Charm
    Chillwind Camp
    Cenarion Aid
    A Simple Request
    Elemental Mastery
    An Imp's Request
    A Troubled Spirit

    Each one has different function among them. As long as completing the class-specific questlines, it would conclude with some rare Classic items as an end.

    Eternal Quintessence
    In order to gain access to Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros, the players who are Revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords and complete the Hands of the Enemy quest can receive Eternal Quintessence, one of the useful Classic items to douse the runes of the Firelords in the Molten Core Raid.

    Anyway, WOW Classic Phase 3 is going to launch in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

    For some players, they can only get some rare items through PVP, and their rank can only be determined by the amount of honor points. In order to increase the PVP ranks, WOW Classic Gold can be used to purchase advanced equipment as support.

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  • World Of Warcraft February Update Will Bring Blackwing Lair And Darkmoon Faire

    Jan 11, 2020

    Not long time ago, Blizzard announced the upcoming release of World of Warcraft Classic, along with the Blackwing Lair, the Darkmoon Faire, the full content can be checked below:
    This is not the first time that such a major content update is added to World of Warcraft Classic, introducing a variety of new content, features, as well as advancing the story in the world.

    The Blackwing Lair attunement quest and the return of the Darkmoon were set to release on February 12 at 6 PM EST, bringing the end game raids and the Molten Core, which is also the home of Nefarian, one of the toughest dragons in all of Azeroth. The players can go to the peak of Blackrock Mountain to fight with their fellow guildmates.

    As long as the players complete the Blackhand's Command quests, they could get the Blackwing Lair attunement through activating Drakkisath's Brand near the boss, General Drakkisath and unlocking the items after defeating the Scarshield Quartermaster at the Blackrock Spire in Blackrock Mountain.

    The level above 50 are invited to complete the quest line and unlock one of three powerful items made for the class, if someone doesn't know how to improve their levels, head to the Sunken Temple to complete some quests, this will definitely provide some help to you.

    After defeating the boss Majordomo Executus in the Molten Core, one of the hardest bosses in WOW Classic, the players can get one rare item, Eternal Quintessence, which can be also obtained by defeating enemies in Alterac Valley, such as the Frostwolf General Drek'thar.

    Don't forget Darkmoon Faire, this is a magical time of one year starting from February 7, with the full festival beginning February 10.

    Just telling, it is hard for you to really figure out the full content of the update, so you'd better play WOW Classic for yourself on February 12 to enjoy it.

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  • What Is Expected In 2020 Throughout World Of Warcraft Classic?

    Jan 03, 2020

    Happy New Year! Nothing can be more exciting than staying on the World of Warcraft Classic servers. In the past year, WOW Classic was released, and we have been playing it for several months and have summarized the achievements before.

    Thanks for the friends who accompanied us in World of Warcraft Classic community in the past, WOW Classic is a great game to play, we are all looking forward to 2020, as well as the new content in WOW Classic.

    1.Blackwing Lair
    This will be released as the first 40-man raid dungeon of WOW Classic in early January 2020, along with a series of new content and challenges. The entrance of Blackwing Lair is located between Searing Gorge & Burning Steppes at Mount Blackrock. In order to enter Blackwing Lair, the players are required to complete the Blackhand's Command, and fight with numerous different Dragonkin and Humanoid monsters inside the raid.

    When completing the raid, the players can get rewards including Onyxia Scale Cloak, Stratholme Holy Water, Free Action Potion and Greater Fire Protection Potion after defeating the bosses.

    2.Phase 3
    Phase 3 of WOW Classic will be released following with Blackwing Lari and Darkmoon Faire in early 2020. Blizzard already said that there will be a total of six phases to launch throughout WOW Classic, now two of them were already available, and Phase 3 will be released in early January.

    3.The Opening of gates of Ahn' Qiraj

    The Gates of Ahn' Qiraj was a server-wide world event that heralded in the opening of the raid instances Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj and Temple of Ahn' Qiraj, which was first finished in 2006. However, will something change in WOW Classic in 2020? Sure.

    4.The Burning Crusade
    It can be guessed that Blizzard may revive WOW: The Burning Crusade in 2020 as an expansion of WOW Classic to open up Azeroth's portal to the Outlands and witness the re-emergence of King Arthas with the server.

    From the World of Warcraft Executive Producer Hight, it might release the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King to be the first expansion for WOW Classic as the wishes of the audience.

    However, this is not certain that all of these will become reality in 2020, and there are many unknowns that will happen.

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