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  • ACNH: What Is Pigeon Milk and How To Get It?

    Dec 03, 2021

    Thanks to the ACNH 2.0 Update, the Roost is finally available on most islands. Although the Pigeon Barista is familiar to many loyal fans, if you are a new ACNH player, then you may not know it yet.

    Some new players may be confused about pigeon milk now, so MMOWTS will give a detailed explanation.

    What’s pigeon milk?

    It is easy for some players to think that it is a joke that Brewster gives you a cup of pigeon milk for your coffee because pigeons do not make milk, they are not mammals.

    But in fact, pigeon milk is not the kind of milk we usually think of, but more often called crop milk, which is a regurgitation secreted from the bird's crop lining (a special pouch used for half-processed food birds have). It is not even like milk at all. It is a pale yellow, like cheese with a particularly high protein and fat.

    It is usually used to feed newly hatched young birds, which can help them grow quickly.

    How to get pigeon mild in ACNH?

    If you want to try pigeon milk in ACNH, the unlocking process is also very simple.

    Since Brewster is an indifferent character when you go to The Roost every day, he doesn't talk too much, he only takes your order. As long as you often go there, which means you need to spend 200 ACNH Bells every day, you can build a good relationship with him. Eventually, he will make a special drink for you, which may include pigeon milk.

    So, if you get pigeon milk from Brewster, it means he treats you as a friend, which is great.

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  • ACNH Free 2.0 Update Will Arrive On Nov.5 With New Features

    Oct 20, 2021

    The ACNH 2.0 update will be released on November 5. Nintendo stated that this will be the final major free update of the game. It will introduce a large number of new features and content and content to the popular Switch life sim, and a paid DLC expansion will come with it, so this update will be rich in content.

    Returning Characters

    The Brewster that fans have been calling for is finally coming back, along with The Roost. The cafe will be located on the second floor of the museum on your island when you can enjoy your coffee time.

    In addition, you can also meet Kapp’n at your island pier. He will take you on boat tours and take you to mysterious islands where there are new flora or different seasons or times. Kapp’n will also sing his iconic sea shanties during the voyage.

    Harv’s Island has also ushered in some new changes. Harv collaborated with hairstylist Harriet to expand the island into a plaza. You can donate ACNH Bells to help them build various buildings.

    Katrina, the Fortune teller, and Tortimer, the mayor from the previous game, will also return, and so as Reese and Cyrus. This alpaca couple can customize furniture for you.

    New Content

    A new tape deck

    You can do some stretching exercises with other residents. You can use buttons or motion controls to do stretches.

    Island ordinances for New Leaf

    You can choose an ordinance to tailor the experience to your game style. For example, the Early Bird ordinance allows all islanders to active earlier in the day than usual.

    Camera Function

    The new Pro Camera Nook Phone app allows you to view islands and take photos of villagers and scenery from a first-person perspective. You can put down a tripod so that your character can appear in these photos.

    New Customization

    Tom Nook will be able to remodel your home with various new exteriors. There will be an assortment of fence types and you can even customize some of them. New DIY recipes will also be available. You can plant tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables and use them to craft soups or pizzas. If you have accumulated a large number of Nook Miles, you can use them to buy new furniture.

    In addition, a new outdoor storage shed can be connected to your home storage boxes and an outdoor ABD terminal, allowing you to easily access your account without returning to the Resident Service building.

    More content MMOWTS will be kept updated continuously. If you are a loyal fan of ACNH, then you can subscribe to MMOWTS to get the latest news.

    And once any new items appear in the game, you can come to MMOWTS to buy ACNH Items you need as soon as possible. This will undoubtedly help you save more time and you can have enough time to immerse yourself in the game itself.

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