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  • ACNH: More Information About Tom Nook, He Was Failed Before!

    Jan 08, 2021

    In Animal Crossing, Tom Nook has become an important role, from a real estate entrepreneur to a store owner. He runs Resident Services in New Horizons, which provides you with house loans, and when you have paid off the previous loan, he will help you expand your house.

    His Dream

    Although his role is quite simple, he has become an integral part of AC and has his own life before he became a businessman. He will also occasionally tell you about his past life, and then tell you to forget what he just mentioned.

    When he was young, he was a dreamer full of fantasy, and he firmly believed that he would achieve success, fame and glory in the big city. He and Sable the hedgehog have a deep friendship. But then he abandoned his family and friends and just wanted to fulfill his big dream.

    His Interpersonal Relationship

    With Sable

    But life in a big city is not easy. He gradually realized that he could not realize his dream, so he returned to the town and started to run a shop. Although he and Sable did not reconcile, they would often mention each other. They still care about each other.

    With Redd

    At some point in the past, Tom Nook has worked with foxes, so he will often ask players if they have worked with a fox before, and he will tell players that foxes are not trustworthy. Many players guess that the fox in his mouth is Redd, after all, he is really suspicious.

    With Timmy and Tommy

    Some people say that he is the uncle of Timmy and Tommy, but in Wild World, Tom Nook said that the two of them are just his employees. Others believe that Tom Nook adopted the two of them, but it has not been confirmed. Tom tells players that he donated most of his income to an orphanage, so this guess is also possible.

    With Villagers

    Villagers have different opinions about him. Some villagers think that he is not a raccoon, but a person in a fur coat. Others think that Tom's actions are criminal, but Tom claims that these are rumors.

    From the current point of view, Tom Nook seems to have gradually approached his original dream, because he has created a good life in his hometown. Whenever there is a need, he will take on a position of leadership. If he continues to work hard, he will achieve success.

    It can be seen that ACNH is not just a game that makes people happy, the story behind it is also very warm, which is enough to attract more loyal players.

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  • ACNH Guide: How Can We Visit Our Friends' Islands?

    Jan 06, 2021

    ACNH has been released on Switch for a long time, but new players are still joining. One of the most notable features of this game is to allow players to visit friends' islands through the in-game airport, which makes the game closer to real life.

    To visit another island in the game, you need an online connection. If there is no stable connection, it is impossible to go to other islands. Once completed, you need to get the Dodo Code from your friends.

    How to get Dodo Code?

    To get this Dodo Code, you need to talk to Orville at the local airport and tell him you want visitors. Once completed, a Dodo Code will be distributed, and then you can tell this code to your friends who want to visit your island. Similarly, if you want to visit your friend's island, you have to ask your friend for this Dodo Code.

    How to visit your friend's island?

    You can talk to Orville, you tell him "I wanna fly", you can choose an island that can accept tourists, and then input the Dodo code. Then you can go to your friend's island. What you need to pay attention to is: ACNH Online connection has strict requirements for what can and cannot be done.

    Some restrictions

    If you visit your friend's island, your friend will not be able in the menu, nor talk to villagers or NPCs. Your friend can't even move any furniture, whether indoor or outdoor. But you can hang out on the beach or run on the island freely.

    How many players can visit at once?

    ACNH supports up to 4 players on a system locally and up to 8 players online. This means that if there are already 8 friends visiting your island, then your other friends will not be able to visit your island until someone leaves your island.

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  • ACNH: To Create A Neighborhood For Your Villagers, You Can Do These

    Jan 04, 2021

    With the development of ACNH, you can use many different ways to settle houses. In the beginning, the land around the town was fixed and villagers could build houses on it, but now villagers can move onto rare flowers or right front of the house. New Horizons gives you enough freedom to build and plan, so it is now possible to create a neighborhood according to your wishes.

    If you want to create a neighborhood for your residents, but don't know where to start, you can refer to this article.

    Get some inspiration

    Art comes from life. If you see some designs you like in your life, you can put them on your island now. What you can't achieve in real life, you can try in ACNH!

    Pick one theme

    Rural forest town or city streets? Fairy tale style or natural earthy style? These are the choices you need to make. If you find it difficult to make a decision, you can refer to the following options:

               * The combination of shops and houses OR a simple residential zone

               * Every villager has his own yard OR the houses are close together and the space is small

               * Do you want public areas like parks or gardens?

               * A unified path OR many different paths

               * Will every house have dividers like bushes?

    Prepare enough space

    The prerequisite for building a neighborhood is to have enough space. When you meet this condition, you can start planning. Remember the following things:

               * For 10 villager houses, we recommend at least 200 squares, but your design may need more, so you can clear more space in advance.

               * You have to pay 50,000 bells every time you move a building, and you can only move one per day, so you'd better think carefully before placing it.

               * The size of the villager's house is 4*4. Remember this is helpful for you to design yards and place paths. The size of your home is 4*5.

               * Put the house on the same horizontal line so that it is easier for the villagers and you to pass through.

               * The path can be paved directly to the doorstep of the villagers' house or a place farther away from the house, you can design it according to your preferences.

    Yard building

    This is the most interesting part of the neighborhood, because the villagers wake up every morning and can do something here. The yard includes the front yard, side yard and back yard. Don't forget to include the yard space when moving houses and laying down paths.

    Make the vibe harmonious

    You can design different yards for your villagers according to their Personalities and colors.

    Personality:  lazy villagers - snacks and comfy seats

                          Jock villagers - weights and sports equipment

                          Normal villagers - books and reading nooks

    Color: Every villager has his own unique house, so it is a good idea to design a courtyard with matching colors for them.

    Hobby: Every villager has his own hobby, you can decorate the courtyard for them according to these. There are 6 hobbies: Education, Fashion, Fitness, Music, Nature, Play.

    You don't have to be afraid to mess up the island, because building a great island needs to take time. The premise is that you have enough ACNH Bells or Nook Miles Tickets. With them, you can decorate your island, and you can buy some themed furniture to make the vibe of your entire island more consistent.

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  • ACNH: For Celebrating New Year, New Items Will Appear ASAP!

    Dec 28, 2020

    This year, ACNH has brought enough new content to fans, not only regular updates, but also various festival events, which brings a bit of comfort to fans, especially in this hard year. Now, Christmas has just passed, which means that the New Year is approaching, so you will have the last surprise of 2020!

    At present, many players should be enjoying the winter update released not long ago, because it brings a lot of holiday-themed items and customization options. As the New Year approaches, you will be able to celebrate the New Year in a unique way.

    Some new items have been announced through the official Twitter account. In order to celebrate the upcoming New Year, New Year's items will appear in the game, not only food but also party hats. There are also seasonal food items and even traditional board games:

                     * Sparkling Cider: 1000 Bells

                     * Twelve-grape Dish: 1200 Bells

                     * Berliner: 1200 Bells

                     * New Year's Noodles: 1300 Bells

    These can add a pleasant atmosphere to the New Year. Although this is not the biggest content in ACNH, it is said that it is the most anticipated. Of course, in 2021, what surprises will ACNH bring to fans?

    Entering the New Year, one of the most important festivals is Valentine's Day. Although the official has not yet confirmed the exact information, considering that the game has provided updates for various seasonal festivals, this seems to be a real possibility. So before Valentine's Day, you only need to enjoy the New Year-themed items.

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  • ACNH Guide: How Can We Catch The Annoying Dung Beetle?

    Dec 03, 2020

    For ACNH players in the northern hemisphere, winter is finally ushering in, which not only means the change of seasons, but also new critters will appear on your island for you to catch. In the cold season, there are not too many new bugs, but there are still, Dung Beetle is one of them, and it can be very annoying, especially when you want to make a snowman, it will destroy the snowball. So this guide will tell you how to catch Dung Beetle.

    When will it appear?

    They will not appear on these days, you can only see them during the period from December 11th to February 24th, which means it will appear during the snowy period. Once it starts to snow on your island and snowballs can be seen everywhere, you should know Dung Beetle is also coming.

    How to catch it?

    When it is snowing, you will always see Dung Beetle next to the snowball, and you will find Dung Beetle pushing the snowball. At this time, you’ll roll away the snowball first, and bust out your bug net and catch it quickly. If unfortunately, it ran away, you can look for other snowballs and you will definitely find another. If there are no more snowballs, you may have to wait until the next day. But Dung Beetle will appear at any time of the day, so it is not difficult to find it.

    If you have a duplicate, you can also sell it to Nook's Cranny for 3000 bells. If you want to earn more Animal Crossing Bells, you can take it to Flick.

    It is worth noting that in multiplayer online games, there is no Dung Beetle, which means that when your friends visit your island, Dung Beetle and snowballs will not be generated.

    This is what you need to know about capturing Dung Beetle. Now that December has arrived, Christmas is not long away, and the Toy Day Event is coming soon. Many fans have begun to decorate their islands and prepare holiday gifts for villagers.

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  • Greaaaaat! ACNH: You Can Experience Friendsgiving With Jason Derulo, Addison Rae, Or T-Pain

    Nov 20, 2020

    Thanksgiving Day is coming, all Animal Crossing New Horizons players must be very excited and looking forward to it.

    In addition to the activities on that day, there are additional surprises waiting for you. Online food delivery service Grubhub and Nintendo have jointly launched a celebration named "Friendsgiving", and there will be stars. Such as T-Pain, Jason Derulo, and Addison Rae.

    You may get surprise visits from these three people in the game, they all have their own personalized avatars, they can visit your island. Here is when they will appear:

             T-Pain - Friday, November 20 | 10: 00 pm ET

             Addison Rae - Saturday, November 21 | 5:30 pm ET

             Jason Derulo - Sunday, November 22 | 6: 00 pm ET

    You need to share the name of your island on Twitter and add #GrubhubIsland, then you'll have a chance to meet them on your island.

    Each of them will also conduct a live Q&A with fans during the live streams. In addition, well-known creators like CrankGameplays and IGUMDROP will also stop on any random island with Thanksgiving gifts during November 22-25. Hope you have enough luck to meet them.

    Finally, don't forget to visit Grubhub Island through the Dream Suite. You can explore the outdoor Friendsgiving area there and get other gear and other rewards.

    The winter update is very close, and a lot of specific related information has been leaked recently. Judging from the published content, it is very popular with fans. The reaction of sitting on the ground can be said to capture a large number of players' hearts quickly. So who can not love games that are responsive to fans' wishes?

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  • You Can Now Sit Anywhere With Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Nov 18, 2020

    Since the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, it has become one of the most popular games, but it is not perfect. Fans hope that more new features will be added to the game in the future.

    Fortunately, Nintendo has been very active in adopting the opinions of fans, so the latest free upgrade brings fans the new features they have been waiting for, including the ability to sit down anywhere on the island.

    This guide will show you how to sit wherever you like.

    Although we have already had the ability to sit on a chair or stool, we still want the ability to sit on the ground. Finally, the latest free update made our wish come true. We can sit by the river or under the shade of oak trees with the villagers.

    How to sit down anywhere?

    First, you need to go to the Nook Miles machine in the Resident Services Building on the island.

    When you get there, scroll down the list and find Hip Reaction Collection, you need to spend 2700 Nook Miles Tickets to buy it.

    After you get the Hip Reaction Collection, open up your reactions menu, find Sit reaction, assign it to your Reaction Wheel, and then find a villager you want to sit next to and activate it. At this time, you can sit down beside the villagers! Imagine at the setting sun, sitting side by side with your favorite villagers by the river and watching the sunset. Isn't this the most pleasant time?

    Thanks for Nintendo, adding fun features for us again! If you don't have enough ACNH Nook MileS Tickets, you can come to MMOWTS to buy it immediately. I bet fans can't wait to get that reaction! 

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