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In ACNH, Celeste will teach you how to wish on a shooting star and create an outfit wand. Celeste is a stargazing aficionado who will occasionally visit your island and give you special recipes. But knowing exactly when she visits will help you run your game more smoothly.

MMOWTS will tell you exactly when Celeste is visiting and how to tell if she'll be on your island that night.

When does Celeste show up?

Celeste will only appear on your island on clear nights after 7 pm. Her visits are completely random and there is no way of knowing if she will be there without checking.

It's a little different from the nights of the meteor shower, which always guarantees a visit from Celeste. Still, we had no way of tracking her down, because when she came, she was always wandering the island.

This means that if you want to talk to her, you need to run around looking for her. Talk to her and she'll teach you how to wish on shooting stars, get a DIY Star Wand recipe, and more.

Once you have all the recipes available to you, she will start giving you star fragments. These fragments include 5 regular star fragments, a large star fragment, or a zodiac star fragment.

MMOWTS will continue to provide you with ACNH related game guidance and news to help you grasp the latest trends. And you can buy ACNH 2.0 Items here, which are some of the items introduced in the 2.0 Update, giving you more options to make your island richer.

Mar 10 ,2022

Recently, an ACNH player sent Jolly Redd where he should be - prison. This also caused discussion among players, so MMOWTS will introduce this new event.

Jolly Redd is a sly fox who appeared in Animal Crossing and most recently in the ACNH 1.2 update. In New Horizons, Redd and his "Treasure Trawler" boat will dock on your island if you can sell enough items to the Blathers' museum.

Once Jolly Redd is on your island, you can buy works of art from this fox and donate them to Blathers' museum. Note that Blathers is hard to please as he only accepts genuine artworks, and Redd is not a reliable seller as he sells several fake artworks in ACNH. Thankfully, the fakes that Redd sells always have some kind of fairly obvious tell, and if you have discerning eyes, you can spot the real from the fake before buying.

Because of Redd's bad behavior, a player finally put him in jail. An ACNH named Accomplished-Play-98 shared this image on Reddit:

Redd is in jail, looking sad. And Tom Nook and Isabelle laugh at him.

For many players, it's frustrating to spend their hard-earned ACNH Bells on a fake, and because of this, he seems to be unpopular with most players. But there are also players who think that his unscrupulous behavior in order to make a living is also appreciated.

In any case, this scene is also very interesting. If there are new players sharing new gameplay, MMOTWS will also share it here in time to let you know. As for in-game items, you can also get them here, and cheap ACNH 2.0 Items are also available here, allowing you to get what you need faster.

Feb 23 ,2022

A post about how ACNH players describe villagers they want gone from their island has instantly become a community discussion, and one of the biggest memes is Bill Wibbly.

Bill Wibbly personifies the villagers that ACNH players want to get rid of for whatever reason. This meme emphasizes the strong distaste some ACNH players have for certain villagers, including those considered the worst villagers in ACNH, and how they denigrate the most innocent-looking characters. This also means that the popularity of villagers depends on personal preference.

Now that ACNH players have accepted Bill Wibbly's meme, they now use "Bill Wibbly" to describe a villager they don't want to stay on the island. Others have also blamed the fictional Bill Wibbly for other misfortunes in the game, such as when a beloved villager accidentally leaves their island. So who exactly is Bill Wibbly, MMOWTS will unravel the mystery.

Who is Bill Wibbly?

ACNH fans created Bill Wibbly's art style according to ACNH villagers, designed Bill Wibbly's costume in the game, and even played as the character.

Bill's popularity shows how active the ACNH community is, and the players themselves are good at innovating new game content and sharing it with other players, which is a great interaction.

Once there are more interesting ACNH posts, MMOWTS will also share them here as soon as possible, and you can also buy ACNH Items here, because of the arrival of the 2.0 Update, more items are also eye-catching, which greatly enriched the game content.

Jan 26 ,2022

ACNH provides a lot of content for players to enjoy. Now that the 2.0 Update has arrived, the new ACNH 2.0 Items have brought players a higher level of gaming experience.

You can only have one island in ACNH, and local couch co-op is very limiting and the process of visiting other players' islands is very long. As a result, some of the systems surrounding multiplayer can be confusing to navigate. MMOWTS will detail the Friends system, including how to add them.

Difference Between NS Friends and ACNH Best Friends

* Nintendo Switch Friends: Users added to be friends on your Nintendo Account, outside the game. When you open the gates at your airport with a Dodo Code and say that your “Friends” can visit, you are allowed any of your Nintendo Switch Friends to visit.

* ACNH Best Friends: Users who are already your Nintendo Switch Friends and whom you have added to your Best Friends list in the game. When you open the gates with a Dodo Code and say that your “Best Friends” can visit, only people you have added to the Best Friends list in-game can have a visit.

How to add a player to your best friends list?

The easiest way to add a player to your Best Friends List is to exchange Friend Codes. After that is let you visit their island and let them visit your island. Note that this requires Online Play, which means you'll need a Nintendo Online subscription.

When they visit your island, you will get a notification in your Best Friends list app. Just click on the name of the person you want to add to your Best Friends list and send the request. Once the other player accepts your request, everything is ready now. After that, you can send instant messages to your Best Friends who are online.

Once ACNH has more updates, MMOWTS will also be updated with the latest news.

Jan 22 ,2022

ACNH's first event of the new year is coming soon, which is the Fishing Tourney, which will start on January 8. You can get trophies and other exclusive prizes from it. MMOWTS will provide some tips to give you a greater chance of becoming a champion.

Fishing Tourney start time

Fishing Tourney will be available on January 8th from 9 am to 6 pm.

How to participant in the Fishing Tourney?

To participate in the event, you need to talk to C.J. your town’s plaza. You only need to pay a 500 ACNH Bells entry fee and you can catch as many fish as possible in 3 minutes.

At the end of the time, go back to C.J., he will calculate your points based on the number of fish you can catch. For every fish you catch, you will get one point. If you can catch 3 or more fish before the end of the time, you will get extra points.

The points you earn can be redeemed for exclusive fish-themed items from C.J. If you reach a certain milestone, you will also get a special trophy. 

Fishing Tourney Tips

Teaming up with friends to start the tourney will increase your efficiency. The number of fish caught by each player will be added together at the end of the round, making it easier to accumulate points and get rewards.

Now you can make some preparations for the Fishing Tourney, you can make a lot of bait in advance. You can camp out and fish in one place with the bait. C.J. usually pays the same price when visiting your island, so you can get additional Animal Crossing Bells via this.

The ACNH 2.0 Update has arrived for a while. If you need any ACNH 2.0 Items, you can come to MMOWTS to buy them at any time.

Jan 07 ,2022

In ACNH, once you unlock the terraforming and start improving your island, then you can focus on getting a 5-star island ranking.

Isabelle in Resident Services will rate your island and provide some suggestions for improving the island. She may tell you that your town needs more decoration, or your town needs fewer trees. MMOWTS has a rough estimate number of reaching a perfect island. Below is a list of islands that have received a 5-star rating.

* Around 20 Nook Miles furnishings (purchased with Nook Miles from the Nook Stop)

* Around 50 DIY furnishings (crafted yourself or by friends)

* Around 40 store-bought furnishings (from Nook’s Cranny or Nook Shopping)

* Around 50 fence segments

* Around 110 trees and 10 bamboo thickets

* Around 250 flowers must be bloomed, not sprouting or budding

* 7 bridges

* 6 ramps

In addition, it is also important to maintain communication with Isabelle, to ensure that you are going in the right direction. If she stops telling you that you need more furnishings, you can move on to the next goal she mentioned. Your rating will be updated immediately to meet the next requirement, so you don't have to wait until the next day.

To avoid waiting for the flowers to bloom or the trees to grow, you can use Nook Miles Tickets to travel to the Mystery Island and bring some fully-grown plants back. A few dozen flowers in a trip may fill your inventory.

This can make your island more popular, and 2.0 Update brings a lot of new content, you can also use ACNH 2.0 Items to decorate your island, this will be a new level.

Because Nintendo has stated that the 2.0 Update is the last major update of ACNH, many players will not want to miss this rich new content, and MMOWTS will provide all the help you need.

Dec 30 ,2021

If you are a Northern Hemisphere player in ACNH, then happy times are coming. The island once again became a winter wonderland, with snow falling and the villagers wearing cute clothes. This also means that at this time of year, players will make a perfect snowman.

The perfect snowman will give you a seasonal DIY recipe and a Large snowflake every day until it melts. But on freshly made snow, it is easy to biff its proportions. The snowball will become bigger and bigger as you roll. Although the snowman produced is very cute, it is not perfect. So you can't get any rewards from it.

But don't worry, MMOWTS will show you how to make a perfect snowman effortlessly.

How to make a perfect snowman?

* First, you need to find the snowballs. If your airport gate is closed, you can find Snowballs in the village.

* Roll a snowball and roll it to the height of your character's eyes

* The second snowball should be as high as your character’s ears

* Roll the small snowball into the big one to make a snowman

Once successful, it will congratulate you, because you have made a perfect snowman, if it is still imperfect, you can repeat the above steps.

You can decorate your island with snowmen, and Christmas is coming, you can also consider decorating your island, any ACNH Items you need can be found here. And 2.0 Update also introduces a lot of new items, which undoubtedly improves Christmas this year to another level.

Dec 15 ,2021

In ACNH, it takes a lot of work to get hybrid flowers. Especially if you are looking for flowers that require multiple different breeding sessions.

Green Mum is a kind of flower that is difficult to create. You need to do three steps to create them. But don't worry, MMOWTS will introduce the specific steps to let you get them easier.

How to get Green Mums?

In ACNH, the flower has its own DNA code in the game, which means there is a lot of chances to get the incorrect flower when breeding.

The Mums on your island will have random cross-pollination DNA. If you want to start over, the flowers must be purchased from Leif or Nook’s Cranny.

Step 1: Get 2 White Mums

Some islands will automatically start with White Mums, but if you haven't encountered them, you can use Nook Miles Tickets to go to random islands and collect the flowers you need.

Step 2: Cross-pollinate the 2 White Mums to create 2 Purple Mums

Once you have the White Mums, you need to place them in the diagonal position and water them every day. Fortunately, if you use Nintendo Switch Online, you can invite your friends to visit and water the flowers.

Step 3: Cross-pollinate the 2 Purple Mums to create Green Mums

Once you get the Purple Mums, you need to place them diagonally from each other, and water them every day, you will get green Mums then.

MMOWTS will provide ACNH-related tips and tricks from time to time, you can always check them out here. And you can buy ACNH 2.0 Items you need here, because the 2.0 update brings a lot of new items and content, so this brings freshness to the players. Coming to MMOWTS to buy ACNH Items can make you jump into the game faster.

Dec 10 ,2021

Since the release of ACNH, players have been familiar with the boar Daisy Mae, because players are willing to earn ACNH Bells through her. But her life off the island is still a mystery. Daisy runs a Turnip Trading business, which sells goods only on Sunday mornings. However, once she sold the vegetables, she disappeared on Monday, and the players didn't know where she went.

Now Happy Home Paradise DLC and 2.0 Update may explain what Daisy Mae will do after leaving your island. Considering that she took Joan to her vacation home and Roost Cafe, Daisy Mae must be enjoying her grandmother's retirement with her. 

Daisy Mae’s Turnip Farm

After leaving your island, Daisy needs to take time to take care of the turnip farm. In the Stalk market, the quantity needed and the value of the merchant’s investment in turnips are too high for her job. Although Daisy has always been popular, ACNH has never revealed the location of her turnip farm.

But on Monday after you buy the turnips, Daisy will send you a thank-you letter with a bamboo stalk as a gift. So MMOWTS guessed that Daisy’s farm might be located on an island, similar to bamboo mystery islands.

Daisy visits places with Joan

When Daisy is not working, she spends time with her grandmother Joan. And the new DLC shows that Joan invites Daisy to take adventures with her. If you use Daisy's amiibo card in Happy Home Paradise, you will find that she and Joan share her vacation home.

Daisy hosts Vegetable-related events

When Daisy is not with Joan, she will hold events to express her passion for farming. She is very happy to share her farming knowledge.

If there is more news about Daisy in the future, MMOWTS will also share relevant articles in time. As for now, this still seems to be a mystery. But players still have more content to explore. If you need any ACNH 2.0 Items, you can always come to MMOWTS to find what you need.

Dec 07 ,2021

Thanks to the ACNH 2.0 Update, the Roost is finally available on most islands. Although the Pigeon Barista is familiar to many loyal fans, if you are a new ACNH player, then you may not know it yet.

Some new players may be confused about pigeon milk now, so MMOWTS will give a detailed explanation.

What’s pigeon milk?

It is easy for some players to think that it is a joke that Brewster gives you a cup of pigeon milk for your coffee because pigeons do not make milk, they are not mammals.

But in fact, pigeon milk is not the kind of milk we usually think of, but more often called crop milk, which is a regurgitation secreted from the bird's crop lining (a special pouch used for half-processed food birds have). It is not even like milk at all. It is a pale yellow, like cheese with a particularly high protein and fat.

It is usually used to feed newly hatched young birds, which can help them grow quickly.

How to get pigeon mild in ACNH?

If you want to try pigeon milk in ACNH, the unlocking process is also very simple.

Since Brewster is an indifferent character when you go to The Roost every day, he doesn't talk too much, he only takes your order. As long as you often go there, which means you need to spend 200 ACNH Bells every day, you can build a good relationship with him. Eventually, he will make a special drink for you, which may include pigeon milk.

So, if you get pigeon milk from Brewster, it means he treats you as a friend, which is great.

If there is a new topic about ACNH and the discussion is intense, MMOWTS will also share it in time. And, ACNH 2.0 Items are also available on IGGM, you can find almost any items you need here.

Dec 03 ,2021
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