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In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Annihilus Charm is one of the most popular items, including its Resurrected remaster, because it is the best way to maximize the potential of any class in the game. It only occupies one position in your inventory. It can give +1 to all your skills and increase your attributes and resistances. Such a popular D2 Resurrected Items, MMOWTS will guide players to obtain it.

Now, there are 2 ways to get Annihilus Charm, depending on whether you play the game with an offline character or an online character.

Get offline character Annihilus Charm

For offline games, it is easier to get Annihilus Charm. Before you enter Hell, you have to keep playing and build a very powerful character. You will encounter Uber Diablo, aka Diablo Clone. He will drop charm, but it is much stronger than regular Hell Diablo, which is very challenging. So if you want to face him, you need to be fully prepared in advance.

Once you decide to start, get a Stone of Jordan and sell it to any vendor. You will receive a message from Diablo Walks the Earth, and Uber Diablo will spawn at the next Unique enemy you encounter, such as Corpsefire in the Den of Evil or others.

If you win, then you will get an Annihilus Charm, a one-off charm, which you can save in your inventory to get an EXP boost or a major boost to all your stats.

Get Online Annihilus Charm

This process is more difficult, so more players choose to form groups in online communities and try it afterward. Not only that, but you also need some tools other than Diablo 2. The whole process is complicated, you can go to YouTube to find detailed tutorials. This may be a way that players who are addicted to the game will choose.

If you want to get any item in the game more easily, it is the most convenient way to buy D2 Resurrected Items from MMOWTS. We not only provide some Runes, but also some Bases, Charms and Misc, and more. If you want to save time as much as possible and invest in the game itself, it is the most effective to come to MMOWTS for help.

Nov 13 ,2021

With Halloween approaching, D2 Resurrected is the perfect game for it, and it brings players a new Halloween mode to try.

Although D2 Resurrected makes players feel dissatisfied because of game bugs and long queue time, once you enter the game smoothly, you will fully enjoy it. One of the attractions of this game is the desolate, terrifying Sanctuary world, full of demons and corruption, so the Diablo world will be the best game for Halloween.

Therefore, to get into the spooky vibe, MMOWTS found a D2R player has created an immersion mode that other players can copy in their games.

A player discovered a devious horror mode for the upcoming Halloween, making your journey on the plains of Sanctuary even more terrifying. If you are also interested in it, you can try following the steps below:

* It is best to start this game at night

* Go to “Audio”

* Set voice to 65%

* Turn the music off

* Set all sounds to 65% except Monster and Ambient sounds. Keep these at 100%

* Launch into a solo (SSF) game on a primarily melee character, such as Assassin, Amazon, Barbarian, Paladin.

* Let the Lord of Terror take hold once more

If you have never played this before, then it's time to have a try to get a new gaming experience. If you think Sanctuary is not scary enough, then challenge ShrapnelShock's immersive mode.

MMOWTS will also launch some discount activities or coupons to welcome the arrival of Halloween. You can pay more attention to MMOWTS to get some cheap D2 Resurrected Items. This will be very cost-effective because they will give you a certain amount of help in future games.

Oct 28 ,2021

In Act 2 of Diablo 2: Resurrected, after you enter the Lost City, the world suddenly turns dark. This also means that a new quest - Tainted Sun has begun, and many NPCs in the town will let you speak with Drognan directly. He locates in the eastern of Lut Gholein. You will successfully find it and complete the quest under the guidance of MMOWTS.

Where to find Claw Viper Temple?

Drognan said he had learned that the lasting darkness is the magical solar eclipse caused by Claw Vipers. To end the darkness, you need to find Claw Viper Temple in the desert. It is located in Valley of Snakes, just outside of Lost City in Diablo 2. You can search the edges of the zone until you find the entrance to the Valley of Snakes. Once there, you will find the Temple. This is a very small area, so you should always pay attention.

The Tainted Sun Quest

In the Claw Viper Temple in Diablo 2, you will meet Claw Vipers, Salamanders, and a group of undead. Claw Viper Temple has two levels. You need to find the entrance to the second level. Because the map is random, you need to spend some time on this.

Level 2 Claw Viper Temple is a much smaller area, however, it does have some powerful enemies, and if things don’t go well, you won’t have much room to run.

You need to face Salamanders, including Super Unique mini-boss Fangskin. Salamanders have lightning enchanted and Extra Fast traits. In addition, you also need to take down several of his minions. Once you have defeated Fangskin and other monsters, you can climb the stairs to the Tainted Sun Altar in the middle of the room. Destroy it, and the light will be back to this world. The quest was completed.

The destruction of the Tainted Sun Altar will drop the Amulet of the Viper, which can be worn and has a +25% resistance to poison. Ultimately, this is part of the Horadric Staff quest.

MMOWTS not only provides Diablo 2 Resurrected-related game instructions but also provides any items you need in the game. You can come to MMOWTS to buy D2 Resurrected Items, including from Rune to Sets. You can find anything you need here, so when you encounter difficulties in the game, you can choose to come to MMOWTS for the first time.

Oct 21 ,2021

The cause of the Diablo 2 Resurrected server issues has been discovered by Blizzard devs, although it uses modern technology since it was released in September, it has faced the issue of server instability, and this issue has not been fixed so far.

Diablo 2 Resurrected was widely acclaimed once it was released, successfully recreating the gameplay and division of Blizzard’s classic 2000 game. However, the stability issues of the remaster caused many gameplays to be unable to enjoy the game. The instability of the server caused some issues, such as when you tried to load a saved game, the character was suddenly deleted. Server outages also make it impossible for you to play online games with other players. These server issues all affect Diablo 2 Resurrected.

In a post on the developer's official forums, Blizzard revealed the root of server issues with D2 Resurrected. Different issues have led to continuous results, and Blizzard plans to solve them one by one. The surge in server traffic on October 9th, coupled with the update released the day before, overwhelmed Blizzard's global servers and caused downtime. Legacy code reused from the original version of Diablo 2 is also one of the reasons for server instability.

Although D2 Resurrected was released not long ago, the game balance and item system are the same as in 2000. This creates a unique sense of nostalgia and novelty, allowing fans to experience the game in a whole new way. However, this commitment to retaining the original Diablo 2 parts caused problems with Resurrected and legacy code.

So far, the game has been at a standstill due to unstable server performance. Since the game release, the disappearing characters and the inability to play games online have disrupted the gaming experience of many players. Although these problems continue, Blizzard has discovered the root cause of the issue. So shortly, they should release some effective patches. If you want to get a better gaming experience in the game, it will be helpful to buy D2 Resurrected Items directly from MMOWTS, because you can find any items you need in the game here, and the most popular one should be D2 Resurrected Rune, if you need it, you can come to MMOWTS at any time to get the corresponding resource help.

Oct 18 ,2021

Monastery Barracks is one of the important locations in Diablo 2 Resurrected Act I. The Tools of the Trade quest requires you to find Horadric Malus in the Monastery Barracks, which is not easy. Based on this, MMOWTS will guide you to complete the quest and tell you what to imbue at the end.

What is the ‘Tools of the Trade’ Quest?

Tools of the Trade quest in Act I’s fifth one, you can get it from Charis after Forgotten Tower. You need to find Horadric Malus, it can only be picked up by characters who have at least level 8 and have not completed the quest before, so don't play with friends who have completed this quest! In addition, you also need to rescue Deckard Cain from Tristram first. If you meet all the conditions, then you can look for Malus in Monastery Barracks.

Where to find Monastery Barracks?

In Resurrected, Monastery Barracks is connected to the Outer Cloister of the Monastery. Keep going until you reach Black Marsh and follow the path until you reach Tamoe Highlands. From here, follow the path into the Rogue Monastery, explore this area, you will find Outer Cloister, from here to the view, and finally into the Monastery Barracks. Explore the Barracks and find Horadric Malus and h its guardian, Smith.

Which item to imbue?

Once you find Horadric Malus, take it back to Charsi. She will give a regular piece of equipment to you, but she can only use it once in each difficulty, and cannot use magic, rare, set, or unique items. So our advice is not to use this opportunity right away. Wait for a while until you get something that can use the imbuing. The best choice is Circlets, especially Diadems. So you can make really powerful items with the help of Chari.

After that, MMOWTS will provide more relevant game instructions about D2 Resurrected. You can follow us a lot, and the D2 Resurrected Items on MMOWTS are also very popular. One of them is D2 Resurrected Rune, which players are vying to buy recently. Yes, if you also consider buy D2 Resurrected Items, then you can give MMOWTS priority, and we will not let you down.

Oct 12 ,2021

Diablo 2 Resurrected brings players the experience of one of Blizzard’s best games, full of brilliant updates. There are 5 Acts in Resurrected, the game is divided into 5 parts, and each Act has several quests. Although Chapter 4 is the penultimate chapter of the game, it is the shortest chapter with the fewest areas and quests, but this does not mean it is easy. One of the quests requires you to find Hellforge, and MMOWTS will guide you there.

In the story of Act 4, it will build-up to the fight with Diablo, but before that, you need to make sure that Mephisto, the boss of the previous Act, will never rise again. To achieve this, you need to shatter his Soulstone on Hellforge.

Find the River of Flame

After defeating the fallen angel Izual, you need to start looking for the River of Flame, which is also the area where Hellforge is located. It is located below the City of the Damned, passing through the Plains of Despair where the previous quest took place. You should try to reach the city center, where you will find the waypoint back to the town and the stairway down to the river.

Navigate the River

River of Flame is difficult to navigate, because of the randomized map layout, it will be difficult for you to find places like Spider Cavern. You need to carefully explore all the branch paths leading to the river: one of them will lead to Hellforge.

Fight against enemies

Once you reach Hellforge, you need to fight with groups of enemies and bosses under the command of Hephasto. Hephasto is a melee force, but once he is defeated, you can pick up his hammer, place Soulstone on the Forge, and permanently smash Soulstone.

In addition, MMOWTS also provides D2 Resurrected Items, which are currently popular among players. You can come directly to MMOWTS to buy D2 Resurrected Items, which is more convenient than buying D2 Resurrected Gold. You can almost find any items you need in the game on MMOWTS, so when you encounter any difficulties in the game, just come to MMOWTS.

Oct 09 ,2021

Diablo 2 Resurrected has been released, and players are now diving in the game. In D2 Resurrected, War Traveler boots drop randomly like all unique items. They can not be crafted, and there is no fixed place to find them. However, in some specific places or conditions, its drop rate seems to be higher. You can find a way to get it faster on MMOWTS.

War Traveler will not drop on Normal difficulty. They may drop on the Great Marsh on Nightmare difficulty at the earliest, but if you can get it earlier, you will be more fortunate. On the Nightmare, the chance of finding them will increase, while the drop rate in Hell difficulty is slightly lower.

Finding unique items has nothing to do with the area you are in, but with the uniqueness of the monsters you kill. This also means that the more unique the monster, the higher the drop rate of unique items. If you want a new pair of War Travelers, then the best getting way is to kill act bosses again and again on Nightmare difficulty.

Baal and Diablo are the most likely to drop War Travelers, but many players still prefer to farm Mephisto because he is easier to defeat. On Nightmare difficulty, the only boss that will not drop War Travelers is Andariel.

Another thing to note is that even if you kill Baal for the first time in the Nightmare, you will still see him drop War Traveler Boots with a probability of 1/2200. So you need to stick to it. As for the other items in Diablo 2, you can buy D2 Resurrected Items directly from MMOWTS.

If you are lucky enough to get a pair of War Travelers, you can also get the following rewards:

* +150-190% Enhanced Defense

* 25% Faster Run/Walk

* +10 To Vitality

* +10 To Strength

* Adds 15-25 Damage

* 40% Slower Stamina Drain

* Attacker Takes Damage Of 5-10

* 30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

In addition to the base currency, D2 Resurrected Rune should be the most popular among players now. With this in mind, MMOWTS has also launched Rune in time. If you are struggling to find a legit D2 Resurrected Rune seller, then it’s best to come here to buy.

Oct 07 ,2021
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