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With the arrival of Genshin Impact 2.5, many events in the second phase have also caused heated discussions among players. Now the "Of A Dreaming" event has started, and it will continue until March 21, with a lot of days of drinking, grabbing rewards, and feasting. MMOWTS will give detailed guidance.

Diluc's Tavern, Angel's Share, is running Of Drink A-Dreaming event, a bartender event where you make beverages to suit your customers' tastes. This is an event about eligibility, drinks, challenges, and rewards.


To unlock this Of Drink A-Dreaming event, you'll need to complete Interlude Chapter: Act 1 and Eula's Story Quest. Completing Eula's Story Quest is much easier now, as the story keys have been eliminated and the AR requirement has been lowered to 28. So get your Adventure Rank to 28 and start with the drink.

Of Drink A-Dreaming event challenges

The Of Drink A-Dreaming event will consist of 2 challenges, Tavern Tales and Bartender Challenges.

* Tavern Tales are one-time challenges, you unlock a set every day and you need to serve drinks to the characters in the tavern. The Tavern Tales sets will be available on March 11th and 12th.

* Bartender Challenges will not be unlocked until March 13th, before tackling these challenges, you need to complete all 3 Tavern Tales sets.

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Mar 11 ,2022

With the release of the Genshin Impact 2.5 Update, many new features have appeared in the game. While new character banners, events, and new weekly bosses appear, these hidden achievements aren't listed publicly, only revealing when you earn them. Completing these is very important if you want to earn Primogems and level up your Adventurer Rank. MMOWTS will introduce new hidden achievements.

After completing all achievements in specific categories, you can also unlock special name cards to use in your profile. Hidden achievements are hard to get because you can't find them anywhere and only appear when you meet the requirements to get them. But we've collected the hidden achievements added in the 2.5 update:

* Impeccable Judgement - "Only shoot down your real opponent..."

* Basically Harmless - "Defeat a Specter that has not accumulated any Fury."

* Hard Landing - "Bring a climbing Bathysmal Vishap down."

* Beware of Angry Dog - "Defeat a roaring Rifthound."

* Inugami's End - "Destroy two Rifthound Skulls within a short time."


Once you get the achievement, you can get 5 Primogems as a reward. All of the new hidden achievements can be easily earned as long as you are aware of their existence. The list of available hidden achievements will continue to grow as achievements are continuously updated. At that time, MMOWTS will continue to be updated.

MMOWTS will not only offer some gameplay guides but also cheap Genshin Impact Accounts with any characters you like, which includes Yae Miko, Raiden Shogun, and more.

Mar 08 ,2022

Lately, the most talked-about character in Genshin Impact is Kamisato Ayato, who has been confirmed by Mihoyo to appear in the game.

There has been a lot of information circulating recently about this new Hydro Sword user, who will be a very offensive character with a strong focus on Normal attacks, especially his ascension stat is Crit Rate. MMOWTS also gathered the relevant information.

Every update of Genshin Impact has its beta phase, which runs a few weeks before the official update arrives. The focus of late has been on Ayato, where he gets multiple buffs, especially his Elemental Burst. Fans were already happy with his numbers before these buffs arrived, and these changes could make him one of the strongest Genshin Impact characters.

Ayato is confirmed to be a Hydro character, which means he may have a lot of synergy with his sister Ayaka, one of the unique Genshin Impact characters. In the official art, Ayato wields a sword, which would make him the second free-to-play Hydro Sword character after Xingqiu. He may appear on the first banner of the 2.6 Update, which according to Mihiyo's schedule will arrive around April 10.

Also, according to rumors, Venti and Kazuha for version 2.6 are predicted. Kazuha wasn't popular among players at first, but when they finished grinding for his build, Kazuha became one of the strongest supporting characters. He is considered a weaker version of Venti because they have a similar Elemental Burst, but Venti is better. If you want to build a stronger team, Venti is the first choice, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with him.

Ayato was originally rumored to be released with a four-star character - Shikanoin Heizou, but there is no more information on Heizou. MMOWTS will follow more news released by Mihoyo or leaks.

Mar 03 ,2022

The Three Realms Gateway Offering Event has arrived in Genshin Impact, now you need to collect the Aphotium Ore to unlock the sealed teleport waypoint through Enkanomiya. MMOWTS will give detailed steps to collect Aphotium Ore.

The waypoints are enveloped in a vile Corrosion, and you'll need to collect Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes to perform Rite of Diffusal, a cleansing ritual that clears the corruption from enemies, structures, and entire areas. And to start the Rite, you'll need a special Gadget - the Bokuso Box.

Bokuso Box

The Bokuso Box is a new event Gadget that can be used in different ways, including cleaning corrosion, granting corrosion resistance, damaging enemies, and displaying necessary event items on the minimap.

To unlock the full use of the Bokuso Box, you'll need to upgrade the Gadget with a new currency - Light Realm Sigils. Sigils can be offered on the Statue of the Vassals to increase the level of the Bokuso Box.

To farm Light Realm Sigils, you can open chests and complete event objectives, such as unlocking Sealed Teleport Waypoints. The way to get unlimited Sigils is to clear Sentou Trials.

You can earn Sigils rewards by completing a Trial, then rest at Statue of the Vassals to refresh all Sentou trials. Repeating this process can upgrade the Bokuso Box faster. Once the Bokuso Box is level 1, you can see the Aphotium Ore nodes on the minimap.

Where to find Aphotium Ore?

Approaching a node, press the "Gadget" button to activate the Bokuso Box, then you can collect Aphotium Ore. The box will release energy and you can collect the ore. As you collect ores, the Bokuso Box will gradually run out of energy, and you can replenish it by interacting with Light Conches and Coral Butterflies on the farming routes for Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes.

Note that the Three Realms Gateway Offering will end on March 30th, so you need to farm Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes as soon as possible during this time.

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Feb 19 ,2022

Mihoyo revealed that the Three Realms Gateway Offering event will start on February 17. MMOWTS has also collected some stipulations about the event, even including the time when the event will end.

How to unlock the Three Realms Gateway Offering event?

Until the end of Genshin Impact 2.5, you can earn rewards from the Three Realms Gateway Offering event. To participate in this event, your Adventure Rank needs to be 30 and you should have completed the Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow, and Erebus’ Mystery quests.

What to expect?

Mihoyo stated that the Three Realms Gateway Offering event will be time-sensitive and you will no longer have access to the bokuso box. This unique item is a necessary element to participate in the event quest.

The event was revealed in a special program, including a brief description of the area where you'll need to use the bokuso box to repel dark energy as you travel through it. You can earn various rewards such as Primogems, Mora, talent level-up materials, and weapon ascension materials.

With the development of version 2.5, MMOWTS will also pay attention to relevant content and provide corresponding game guides, and once a new hero appears, you can also come here to buy Genshin Impact Accounts as soon as possible, which is also a guarantee of a good game experience.

Feb 16 ,2022

The Genshin Impact version 2.5 special program has aired, and one of the highlights is the Divine Ingenuity event, which allows you to create and share your domain. MMOWTS will introduce details about this event.

Divine Ingenuity event centers around a Domain-building experience and domains are an essential part of Genshin Impact. Completing challenges from the realm guarantees you rewards such as Artifacts, Talent Level-Up Materials, Weapon Ascension Materials, Mora, Adventure EXP, and more. The Divine Ingenuity event is different from previous limited-time events as it focuses on challenging players' creativity. For added fun, you can publish your custom domain and share it with your friends.

Divine Ingenuity Event Gameplay

Divine Ingenuity is a highlight of the 2.5 update, and while features like the Serenitea Pot have introduced the notion before, Divine Ingenuity itself is pretty fun because it allows you to challenge your friends. Plus, you'll be rewarded for the effort you put into designing your custom domain.

In Divine Ingenuity, you'll engage in creative mode gameplay, providing a range of items necessary to build event Domain. In the beginning, you will receive a Preset Domain challenge, you need to reach the target area within a limited time, while collecting as many Adventure Coins as possible. The Preset domain will provide a concept of the mechanics and objects once you start creating your Domain. You can customize and create your custom domains after completing the Preset Domain challenge.

When designing a customizable Domain, you are free to add, edit or remove available objects within the specified area. An editor screen will appear with tools and options for adding elements and constructing the route of the obstacle course. To increase the difficulty of the Domain, you can add traps or buffs for help, as well as mechanics like trampolines, elemental platforms, and Wind Current.

You can choose your preferred completion criteria or Domain Limitation in the setting located at the upper left corner of the editor screen. Completion Criteria and Limitations will set the difficulty level of the Domain that players must reach to complete the Custom Domain.

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Feb 11 ,2022

Genshin Impact version 2.5 is titled "When the Sakura Bloom" and will be released on February 16th, and there will be a lot of content coming, including a new five-star character - Yae Miko, Story Quests to learn about Yae Miko's and Raiden Shogun. MMOWTS will introduce more details.

3 Realms Gateway Offering

In the recently opened Enkanomiya area, the darkness of unknown origin is approaching, bringing unprecedented challenges to players. The new seasonal event - Three Realms Gateway Offering, will challenge you with an area based on Enkanomiya, haunted by the unknown and getting darkness. This darkness character makes the characters accumulate corrosive darkness, but you'll have a special gadget - the Bokuso Box, that will help you fight off the corrosive darkness, gain new abilities, and defeat certain monsters.

The Bokuso Box also be corrupted over time, and you'll need to recuperate it at statues to cleanse its corrosive darkness and recharge the item. Additionally, you can level up the Bokuso Box opening chests, unlock waypoints, and complete exploration objectives in the event area to increase its corrosion resistance and gain new abilities to help you explore more areas.

Yae Miko and new stories

Yae Miko is the priestess of Grand Sanctuary Narukami, and you can always come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts once she is in the game. In the trailer, she uses a catalyst and electro powers to deal with high burst damage on the field, continuous damage off the field, and electro traps ability called Sesshou Sakura that periodically strikes nearby opponents with lightning.

Divine Ingenuity and Of Drink A-Dreaming

Divine Ingenuity events allow you to create and share your domain. You can customize your domains with a variety of terrain, mechanisms, traps, buffs, and completion criteria to create your mini-game and publish it to challenge other players.

During the Of Drink A-Dream event, you can be a bartender in Diluc's tavern, mixing and serving non-alcoholic drinks to customers under certain requirements.

Feb 07 ,2022

Genshin Impact usually starts a lot of hype before any character is released, Kamisato Ayato being a prime example, he is mentioned in multiple voice lines of Genshin Impact. Now players are very curious about what he will look like, and MMOWTS has also gathered some relevant information.

In Gneshin Impact, new characters always create excitement for the game, as this is also one of the main features of the game. While version 2.5 isn't live yet, new leaks have already begun. Genshin Impact's official social media has confirmed that Yae Miko will be the new playable character.

Recently, news about Ayato has been spread on the Internet. A rumor noted that Ayato will be very similar to Kevin in the game Honkai Impact 3, but the eyes are not as sharp, the hairstyle is slightly different, and the clothes are totally different. 

And more information about Ayato is as follows:

* Elemental Skill - Shuumatsu Art: This skill allows Ayato to dash sideways while casting forward an empty shell of himself that taunts enemies.

* Elemental Burst - Kamisato Art: Ayato thrusts forward firing a torrent of water that deals Hydro damage and lowers Hydro resistance. This skill resets the Elemental Skill cooldown.

* Normal Attack: N2 and N4 stack up "Posture" and Charged Attacks can consume these stacks turning them into "Ichimonji Slashes" which deal increased Hydro damage.

The only official information about Ayato is his identity, he is the head of the Kamisato clan. While many people believe that Ayaka is manipulating the Kamisato clan, recent story quests reveal that Ayato is working in the background and taking on the leadership of the clan to stay strong.

Previous leaks have hinted that Ayato is a Hydro character, meaning he could have a unique playstyle with his sister Ayaka. He will also use a sword, which will make him the second Hydro Sword character after Xingqiu.

MMOWTS will continue to pay attention to the news of Genshin Impact 2.5, and once new characters appeared, you can come here to buy Genshin Impact Accounts now, this is the fastest way to get your favorite characters.

Jan 30 ,2022

Finally, the much-anticipated Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact will be back, and players will get a ton of rewards and more.

The 2.4 Update is underway, and players are excited by the arrival of Shenhe and Yunjin. It's time to welcome the arrival of new banners and the return of Lantern Rite. MMOWTS will give the specific time and more details of the event.

Lantern Rite Start Date

The Lantern Rite event will coincide with the launch date of the Ganyu and Zhongli banner, which means you can start participating in the Lantern Rite event from January 25th, which is today. Here are the start times:

* 15:00 PT

* 17:00 GMT

* 18:00 ET

As for Ganyu and Zhongli, if you don't have them yet, you can go directly to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with them, they were available here when they first appeared in the game.

Lantern Rite Details

The Lantern Rite rerun is called "Fleeting Colors in Flight" and you need to complete the corresponding content.

* Flameplume Starflowers (Theme 1)

Smelt Fireworks to a certain Quality Rating to complete the Production Challenges.

Use a Launch Tube to launch fireworks.

* The Great Gathering (Theme 2)

Salvage materials when the Jade Chamber Fell.

Collect the materials directly via Waverider.

Defeat elite Treasure Hoarders.

Intercept the transport balloon with the materials.

* Wondrous Shadows (Theme 3)

Rotate Shadow Lanterns and merge the shadows to complete the image.

* Oceanic Defender (Theme 4)

Defeat the Giant Boss to get conquest talismans

* May Fortune Find You (Daily Login)

Log in during the event to get rewards like Primogems

* Prosperous Partnership (Invite)

Collect a certain amount of two kinds of event currencies, and complete “The Stars Inscribe the Year’s Wishes” Quest to invite one Liyue 4-star character.

* Flowing Lights and Color (Mail Login)

Log in during the event to get in-game mail rewards

Jan 25 ,2022

The Genshin Impact 2.5 Update is coming in February, and now a few things have been leaked about it, one of which is the Shadowy Husks changes. MMOWTS has learned from previous leaks that new creatures will appear in the Genshin Impact 2.5 Update.

With these new leaks confirming further nerfs to monsters, it's good news for players whose mains may be appropriate against them. Below are some of the new changes regarding the 2.5 Update.

Shadowy Husk Changes

* Husks now lose HP upon hitting a player with a shield (doesn't occur if the shield breaks)

* The Pyro Husks' Shield now rapidly drains over time and the shield itself also got nerfed.

* The amount of healing the hydro husk received was nerfed

Hydro Husk

When its attacks land on a character protected by a shield, it will sacrifice a portion of its HP to create healing ripples that continually restore HP to itself and nearby Husks. This healing effect can stack multiple times.

Cryo Husk

When its attacks land on a character protected by a shield, it will sacrifice a portion of its HP to change its weapon stance, to a shield that defends against damage and buffs attacks. Attack buffs can be stacked multiple times.

Pyro Husk

When its attacks land on a shielded character, it sacrifices a portion of its HP to create a shield for itself and nearby husks.

For more news about Genshin Impact, you can pay more attention to MMOWTS, and once the 2.5 Update arrives as scheduled and new heroes arrive, you can also come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts as soon as possible. In addition, we will also provide the latest game guides to help you complete in-game missions faster.

Jan 21 ,2022
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