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WOW Shadowlands 9.2 will be the next big update of the new expansion, and maybe the last climax after the Chains of Domination patch. Below are some details about Shadowlands 9.2 collected by MMOWTS.

WOW Shadowlands 9.2 release date

With Shadowlands 9.1 landing 6 months after the launch of the expansion, you may get comfortable, because Chains of Domination will last for a long time before 9.2 arrives.

In addition to games, Blizzard also received more controversy, including sexual harassment, unfair wages, misleading investors, and other accusations, which means that Shadowlands 9.2 will not appear in a short time. We speculate that Shadowlands 9.2 will arrive in April.

WOW Players’ Wishlist

WOW Shadowlands 9.1 adds a lot of new features and content, so we have more expectations for 9.2.

Brilliant storyline

Although attracted by the beginning of Shadowlands and its unique story, things slowed down after launch with a 6-month wait for its first major update. You may only be satisfied with the aftermath of Castle Nathria, and Covenant storyline is also trying to keep players' interest lasting longer.

If developers can tie together the stories of WOW Shadowlands, it will be of great help to the historical evaluation of the entire expansion of WOW.

Continue to create raid bosses

So far, some of the most fascinating boss fights in Shadowlands are unique and bold. These battles stand out from the massive list of bosses because they can take you away from your elements and into a whole new environment. Regardless of whether the mechanics are challenging or engaging, more boss battles like Sire Denathrius, Council of Blood and Artificer Xy’mox are all moving in the right direction.

Fun atmosphere

WOW always has many tedious requirements and activities, and this problem has existed for a long time. So fans hope WOW can start to change from this aspect, let the Shadowlands content keep up with some systems.

In short, Shadowlands will attract some players. If you are also interested in the content of 9.2, it may be useful to subscribe to MMOWTS, so that once we update the relevant articles, you will know the first time. And you can also buy WOW Gold directly on MMOWTS. So paying attention to MMOWTS can make your game process smoother.

Aug 04 ,2021

The WOW mythic Race to World First event is about to begin. Players from all over the world are gearing up to clear the game’s latest raid - the Sanctum of Domination. If you are interested, it will be helpful to have WOW Gold in your pocket at all times

Last December, guilds from all over the world participated in the Race to World First. Many competitors in this event will fight for the title of "World First" again this time. But this game may be one of the most intense matches in the game, before the release of mythic difficulty, only 74 guilds have managed to clear Sanctum of Domination on heroic difficulty.

Although there will definitely be dozens of guilds in Race to World First, there will be a few that will be in title contention. The following is a quick preview of some teams.

Complexity Limit

Complexity Limit became the first North America guild to win the Race to World First event in more than a decade, and has been attracting attention ever since. Now this team may take another mythic race, this time it will receive challenges from all over the world.


As the runners-up of the Castle Nathria race, Echo has steadily climbed up in the game, and with each raid released, it is getting closer and closer to a victory. Now Echo seems to be in the best position to bring Europe back to the top.


Aster is a group of Chinese newcomers composed of many top players. The team killed the world's first Sylvanas on heroic difficulty. But in Race to World First, China's WOW servers will not update new content until 32 hours after the North American.


During Castle Nathria Race to World First, BDGG successfully fought side by side with some of the top guilds in the game. So, this time, this team is considered a favorable contender.


Method won 7th place in the mythic Nathria castle race. After a long climb back to the peak of the Pro WOW landscape, Method has the opportunity to return to the previous top three.


Another competitor from China, Skyline has finished in the top 10 in the past 6 mythic races.


FatSharkYes has earned the top 10 endings in the past 3 raid tiers. This team has always been one of the most steady progressors.


European veterans are always able to create surprises for everyone. This team has posted third place twice in a row and has the opportunity at breaking into the top two in the Sanctum of Domination mythic race.


This team has steady progress at each raid tier, so it will become a dark horse. Now, after killing the 8th Sylvanas Windrunner in the world with heroic difficulty, it can continue to climb through the rankings.

This event is currently attracting the attention of WOW fans. Everyone is guessing who will be the winner. MMOWTS will continue to follow up on relevant news and will update some event-related highlights in time.

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Jul 14 ,2021

The Last Sigil campaign chapter of WOW Shadowlands is the fourth set of story quests in the 9.1 update. This is the questline you need to complete if you want to fly in Shadowlands, but you may want to know the relevant details.

After the Covenant campaign chapters in WOW are locked behind Renown levels, as you progress, you will naturally unlock more main story content. The Renown level cap has increased to 44 with the reset this week’s reset. If you are not sure which part of the campaign you are currently in and when you can start the chapter of The Last Sigil campaign chapter, then after reading this article on MMOWTS you will have a clearer understanding of it.

How to unlock the Last Sigil?

When you reach Renown level 44, you can start the Last Sigil covenant campaign chapter. If you have been following up on weekly quests, such as WOW Shaping Fate, you should have reached Renown 42, which is the maximum level, before the last reset. This means that you will unlock the flying this week because you will now be able to get two additional Renown levels and have entered a new covenant campaign.

You also need to complete the first set of campaign chapters before the 9.1 patch. If you haven't finished it yet, you can't unlock the Last Sigil chapter. Even if you grind your Renown level to 44.

If you are not sure how many campaign chapters you have completed, you can check the quest log to see where you are and how to move forward. To know your Renown level, click the WOW Covenant button on the minimap or visit the Keeper of Renown in your Covenant Sanctum.

The Last Sigil campaign chapter begins with the Vault of Secrets quest and ends with The Primus Returns. The latter rewards Memories of Sunless Skies items, which you can use to unlock all flying characters on the account.

This is the relevant information about the Last Sigil. If you are a WOW player, it is helpful to subscribe to MMOWTS, because you can often see relevant game guides here.

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Jul 09 ,2021

The mage spec in WOW Shadowlands 9.1 is very clear. Mages are now in a wonderful position because of their three specs: Arcane, Frost, and Fire. They are all viable in their own right.

If you want to play fully optimized and pump out the most damage your class provides, then Arcane will be the way to go. Currently, Arcane is slightly better than Frost in raw numbers. Frost is behind Arcane and Fire is under their blue brothers, but it can still dish out good damage.

If you are not concerned about full optimization, then any of these three specs are a good choice. In terms of gameplay, it depends on your preference for these three specs.

This is a challenging but rewarding spec with Arcane. This is one of the few remaining specs in the game, where Mana management is even just a concept. Frost is very simple but streamlined and fun to play, so it can provide players with a good gaming experience. At the same time, Fire has burst Windows, even if cooldowns overlap and become a little awkward at times.

Mages are in an excellent position in the team, all three specs are viable options to bring in all forms of content, but Arcane is the best of the three.

So, if you are selecting the best Mage Spec, then you should know which one you should choose after reading this article. Because WOW Shadowlands 9.1 was released not long ago, this is when players are actively participating in the game, so now it is also when WOW Gold is needed. Grinding WOW Gold is feasible in the game, but it is also time-consuming, so in order to ensure a great game experience, most players will choose to buy WOW Gold from a reliable website. Speaking of trusted WOW Gold sellers, MMOWTS has to be mentioned.

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Jul 05 ,2021

WOW Shadowlands patch 9.1, also known as The Chains of Domination, is now released. It will introduce many changes, including allowing players to unlock the ability to fly, as well as various catch-up mechanics for players who are behind in content such as Soul Ash. Simply put, "alt" refers to a character that your adventures as in addition to a "main" or full-time class. Blizzard previously promised that Shadowlands will have an alt-friendly expansion, but it has not been fully implemented. Grinding Torghast and Anima and Renown Levels with the Covenant system has proven to be very time-consuming.

WOW is related to the long power curve of character progression, because the community has been asking for players to keep up with multiple classes without completely falling behind the pack. Patch 9.1 hopes to change some unforgiving aspects of grind, allowing greater exploration of many classes and specializations in the game. Before you enter 9.1, you need to know some changes in The Chains of Domination:

* The new Raid Sanctum of Domination

* A new Mythic+ rating system

* The ability to unlock Flying

* Arena Season 2

* Increased Renown drop chance

* Increased Soul Ash drop chance as well as the ability to select a token from the Great Vault that will grant more Soul Ash

How to unlock the ability to fly?

To start flying in The Chains of Domination, you need to increase your Covenant Renown level to 40, which is also Renown cap until 9.1. In 9.1, you will need to complete a new set of Covenant campaign chapters. At Renown level 44, Covenant campaign chapter 4 will be available. This chapter is called The Last Sigil. Also, this chapter will only unlock in the second week of the content update. At the end of this questline, the game will reward you with a consumable named "Memories of Sunless Skies".

This pathway is different from the previous expansion. In the previous expansion, you need to grind out the Pathfinder achievement to unlock the flying. Once the Last Sigil is completed and the consumable is used, you will get the Expert Riding Skill and this will allow flying Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth.

This patch also brings the additional cosmetic reward of Covenant flying mounts. These mounts are at Renown level 45 and Renown level 70. Necrolord players at Renown 45 can get Maldraxxian Corpsefly Harness.

At Renown 45 Night Fae can earn Ardenweald Wilderling Harness and at the same Renown level Kyrian gets Elysian Aquilon. At Renown 45 the Venthyr gets Sinfall Gravewing.

These mounts look very attractive. All ground mounts can now be used in Maw, which should be a huge relief because there is really no way for classes without shapeshifting ability to travel around in this area, unless grind is a time-consuming Maw-specific mount.

Elysian aquilons, majestic wolf serpents, colorful corpseflies, awakened stoneborn are all popular content.

Now WOW players will become busy again, and the new content will also make players excited. If you are a WOW player, you can now enjoy the new content. MMOWTS will also continue to update WOW-related info, and will pay attention to some hot topics, so that you can know the latest news.

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Jul 01 ,2021

Most of the content of WOW is concentrated in the social community. From questing in dozens of areas to dealing with catastrophic villains in raids, most players should be used to teaming up to solve obstacles encountered. For these reasons, players will create guilds to streamline the experience.

As early as the vanilla period, the guild has existed, and the guild is composed of a group of like-minded players. If you automatically join the guild, you will get some rare rewards and bonuses. However, joining a guild requires someone’s invitation, so if you have only one account and no one else is online, you cannot add other characters. However, there is a way to get an invitation to alts without a middleman.

Start recruiting

* First open your Guild & Communities tab, click the "Recruitment" button, and another dialog box will appear.

* Select the "List my guild in the guild finder" option, and add a uniformly recognized phrase in the Recruitment Message (like "Only invite my own character to join the guild").

* Click “Accept”, and then log out the character. (Only officer-level or higher can post the recruitment.)

Apply to the guild

* Log in to the character that needs to be invited, open the guild and community tab again, click the "search" bar in the upper right corner, enter the name of the guild to start searching, and then the guild and description will appear.

* Click "Request to join", drop any specializations before clicking "Apply", and log out of the character.

Invite the alt character

* Re-login to the first character and open the guild &community tab

* Click the "Roster" button (a small diamond mark) and switch the "Achievement Points" tab to "Applicants"

* The character name of other players' reserved should be listed, and pressing "Invite" will give them a pending option even though they are offline.

* Go back to the alt role and accept the invite notification in the upper left corner

This way you can join the guild without any help. Although it will take some time, you will find this shortcut is very useful when you try to invite other characters to solo later.

MMOWTS will often provide game-related news and some WOW guides.

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Mar 18 ,2021

As WOW Shadowlands Season 1 is in full swing, players might be improving their class builds. Among them, the most important is the DPS builds, which puts up the biggest numbers in the raid content, and their effects are much more obvious than some in tanking and healing. Now more and more players are beginning to come into contact with Castle Nathria, so some DPS builds are considered good by most players.

Best DPS Classes In Season 1

Marksmanship Hunter

In Shadowlands, DPS builds have improved to a certain extent, and Marksmanship Hunter can be said to be a class that has benefited the most from that. It ranks high among analysts and fans. Because Trick Shots has a surprisingly AOE burst damage potential. And its mobility still shines as before.

Fire Mage

As the expansion continues to develop, Fire Mage can be a viable, high-end DPS build that helps clear endgame content. Fire Mage can be the backbone of any raid group because of its flexibility in damage, which allows it to rotate between a single target and AoE damage, and to ensure that any mobs are not too out of control.

Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest is still not to be underestimated, because it is a class that can deal damage-over-time. Other powerful DPS Build options include Balance Druid and Outlaw Rogue. To be honest, classes that perform well in the raid have become the first choice for groups and will be explored in depth as a result.

Worst DPS Builds

Havoc Demon

Havoc Demon is now often listed as one of the worst choices.

Arms Warrior

Although the attempt to buff, it did not really help this build create carve out much of its own name.

Jobs with less flexibility are often the most difficult, such as only supporting single-target DPS, or capped AOE damage, but maybe they will become stronger later as the league continues. As the raid composition changes and Blizzard’s continuous adjustments to the classes mean that WOW DPS builds are still very subjective. There are still many strong DPS class competitors, so the future rank is unknown.

Because this is relatively subjective, you should choose the most suitable class according to your individual situation. Your skill plus good equipment is the key to success. If you just suffer from not having good equipment for your character, then you can choose to buy WOW Gold from MMOWTS, as the main currency in the game, it can help your character become more powerful.

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Jan 22 ,2021
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