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  • ACNH Guide: It's Time To Collect Ornaments! You Can Do As Follows

    Dec 18, 2020

    As the festival approaches, the festival atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. Because of the epidemic, the situation in real life is different, but in ACNH, you can still feel the atmosphere of the coming festival. Now you can start collecting ornaments and decorate the cedar trees around your island with them.

    The snow-covered ground in ACNH shows that winter has arrived. It also means that you can participate in various activities again. Now is a good time to prepare for the celebrations. You can collect as many snowflakes as you can and use them to craft many winter-themed items (Such as Ice Table). You can also roll snowballs to form two snowballs of the correct size, then you can build a perfect snowman, This is also one of the must-have items in winter.

    Toy Day Event

    On December 24, the Toy Day Event will begin. To make your island more match with the atmosphere of the Toy Day Event, you can decorate the cedar trees on your island from December 15 to January 6. After obtaining all the red, blue and gold ornaments, you will be able to craft 14 festive DIY recipes.

    How to get all ornaments?

    First of all, you need to search for festive trees around your island. They all have bright Christmas lights hanging on them, so they are very eye-catching. And they are most likely to be cedar trees, you need to have a certain amount of cedar on your island.

    When you find the festive tree, you need to shake it so that red, blue or gold ornaments will fall from it.

    Tips: When you shake a tree with ornaments, you will hear a unique sound. At this time, you can shake it several times, and then the ornaments will fall.

    Besides, there may be multiple ornaments falling from one tree, so in order to collect as many ornaments as possible from it, you need to make sure that there is enough space around the tree for them to fall.

    Festive DIY recipes

    If you want to make all 14 festive DIY recipes, you need to get enough ornaments:

    Red Ornaments: 35

    Blue Ornaments: 43

    Gold Ornaments: 42

    You can also sell them to Tom Nook for 50 bells each.

    This is how to get ornaments, and you can also prepare for the coming of the festival. If necessary, you can also choose to come to MMOWTS to directly buy the ACNH Items you need. Whether Recipe Winter Update, Santa Coat, or even the popular villager - Marshal, you can buy them all on MMOWTS.

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  • ACNH: More Details About Haunted Art You May Want To Know

    Dec 10, 2020

    With the continuous development of ACNH, many players will find more interesting content about it. One of them is to fill the Blather's Museum with collected critters. At the same time, you should also find that the institution's art exhibition is available. At this time, you will encounter an interesting scene, you will encounter authentic artworks and fakes.

    In New Horizons, the only source of art is Jolly Redd. You will usually encounter this cunning fox randomly in the game, and he will give you some rare furniture or artwork (some fakes) that he collected during his travels.

    However, in New Horizons, there is a difference between legitimate artwork and forgeries, so you can easily distinguish them. For example, the fake "Lady with an Ermine" features a dark ermine, but in the original painting, it is an all-white pet. As long as you are careful, you can easily distinguish the real one, and you don't need to rely on Redd's dialogue.

    In addition, New Horizons has introduced Haunted Art. As the name suggests, some spooky spiritual force occupies artwork, and it has its own thoughts. About this, you need to know the following:

    1. All Haunted Art is Fake Art

    2. Not all Fake Art is Haunted Art

    3. Authentic Art can't be Haunted

    4. Haunted Art will exhibit its otherworldly properties at night ( from 7 PM to 7 AM)

    If you are interested in this and want to know more about Haunted Art, you can pay close attention to the current haunted forgeries list, because any forgeries that may be haunted will appear in the form of Haunted Art. If you see a Fake Informative Statue in Redd's Treasure Trawler, it is likely to be a Haunted Information Statue.

    In December, there are currently five confirmed Haunted Artworks to choose from:

    * Fake Ancient Statue: eyes glow, floats

    * Fake Graceful Painting: painted body changes directions

    * Fake Informative Statue: glows

    * Fake Scary Painting: turns that frown upside down

    * Fake Wishful Painting: closes eyes

    You cannot donate Haunted Art to the museum or give it to others, you can only keep it for yourself. But it does add a different atmosphere to your island.

    As for more interesting content about ACNH, MMOWTS will frequently update related articles. If you haven't found it in the game before, you can look for it in the game after reading the article!

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  • ACNH: New Fish And Bugs Will Appear In December, Are You Ready For Catching Them?

    Nov 28, 2020

    November is about to end, which means that a new month is going to start. New fish, bugs, and sea creatures will also appear. Whether you are in the southern or northern hemisphere, you will meet new critters. But of course, in the northern hemisphere, there will be relatively few new critters than in the southern, because in the cold weather, it's destined to not have many critters for you to meet.

    Northern Hemisphere

    Fish & Sea Creatures

    During December, 5 new fish will appear in the northern hemisphere. To obtain Stringfish, you'll have to catch it within a limited time, but it is worthwhile because it can sell for 15,000 bells. The price of Oarfish is similar, but it is not so rare, because it will be available all day. As for sea creatures, there is only the lobster.


    The Dung Beetle is the only new bug that will appear in December in the Northern Hemisphere. What is unique is that it is the only bug that can't fly. If it snows, you will find it snowballing on the ground.

    Southern Hemisphere

    Fish & Sea Creatures

    If you are a player in the southern hemisphere, you are very lucky, because you will welcome a large number of new fish, the most valuable Dorado and the Great White Shark. They are worth 15,000 Bells.


    This is the new critters that will appear in December. If you want to earn more Animal Crossing Bells, you can catch the most valuable critters and pay attention to when they appear! This way the chance of success will be improved.

    If you think this article is helpful to you, you can subscribe to MMOWTS, we will often update related news and game guides!

  • ACNH Guide: Recipes And Ingredients In Turkey Day

    Nov 25, 2020

    Thanksgiving is coming soon. To celebrate this festival, ACNH has also prepared a lot for players. With the return of Turkey Day to New Horizons, you will be busy, because there are many things you have to complete in this event. This guide will tell you the more specific details.

    When does the Turkey Day event start?

    Franklin, a famous chef, will arrive on your island at 6 am on November 26, and he will stay there until 10 pm, so you can meet him during this time.

    What should you do?

    He will let you search for the ingredients he needs. Some basic ingredients are easy to find, but there are other special secret ingredients that he won't tell you! However, we will tell you so that you do not encounter difficulties in the process. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients for this dish, and we will tell you all the details about it.

    Ingredients list

    These are all the ingredients that may be used in ACNH. Of course, the more you can have, the more beneficial it will be for you.

    * Manila Clams

    * Orange, Green, White, and Yellow Pumpkins

    * Mussel

    * Round, flat, skinny mushrooms

    * Oyster

    * Dungeness Crab

    * Sea Bass

    * Olive Flounder

    * Dab

    * Red Snapper

    * Barred Knifejaw

    * Squid and sea urchin if in the southern hemisphere

    You can find the above things in and around your island, or get them through fishing or diving. If you are missing some of them, you can talk to the villagers. If they cook at home, you can try to ask if they are willing to exchange with you!

    The way to get secret ingredients

    After talking to Franklin, he will tell you the clues of secret ingredients. However, your villager probably helped him make that dish before, so you can ask your villager s for help. If you can, you try to talk to all your villagers, they will help if you encounter difficulties. But this should take you a lot of time, so we listed the ingredients for you!

    Secret ingredients

    Once you have all the ingredients, you can go to Franklin and you can start researching his recipes. If this Turkey Day is not much different from the past, the secret ingredients should be like the following:

    Clam Chowder - 3 Manila Clams (Scallop secret ingredient)

    Pumpkin Pie - 1 Orange Pumpkin and random second color pumpkin (add other two pumpkin colors as secret ingredients)

    Seafood Gratin - Mussel and either round, flat, or skinny mushrooms or an oyster (Dungeness crab secret ingredient)

    Southern hemisphere swaps squid and sea urchin for the mushrooms/oyster

    Fish Meuniere - Sea bass and either olive flounder, dab, or red snapper (Barred Knifejaw secret ingredient)

    Turkey Day Items

    Every time you deliver an ingredient or finish a dish, you will get a set of Turkey Day-themed furniture. So here are the items you may need.

    * Turkey Day Flooring

    * Turkey Day Rug

    * Turkey Day Wall

    * Turkey Day Casserole - 5 iron nuggets, and 1 clay

    * Turkey Day Chair - 5 wood, 2 hardwood, and 2 softwood

    * Turkey Day Decorations - 2 softwood, 5 weeds, and 2 clay

    * Turkey Day Garden Stand - 8 stone and 3 clay

    * Turkey Day Hearth - 1 campfire, 30 stone, and 10 clay

    * Turkey Day Table Setting - 4 clay and 2 iron nuggets

    * Turkey Day Wheat Decor - 10 weeds

    * Cornucopia

    This is what you need to know about the upcoming Turkey Day event. I hope this will help you to complete the task more smoothly in ACNH. If there are any changes in this year's event, MMOWTS will also update relevant articles in time, so you can stay tuned to MMOWTS.

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  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: Awesome Changes Will Happen In Halloween!

    Oct 12, 2020

    Animal Crossing New Horizons' autumn update welcomes fans with Halloween-themed content and prepares them for the grand event on October 31.

    Players have already prepared to collect spooky items, DIY recipes and costumes. At the same time, as the Halloween celebrations approach, more changes will take place in the coming weeks.

    Around October 28th, Isabelle will start wearing the brown jacket she wears during the colder months. Perhaps the only change for Halloween is that she will wear a witch hat for every statement until November 1. Isabelle will be sporting the outfit inside Resident Services too.

    In addition to Isabelle, many other characters will also dress up in the spirit of Halloween. Nook will wear red horns, Timmy and Tommy will wear animal hats that match the color of their fur.

    As Halloween approaches, some pumpkin towers and bunting will appear in the nearby Resident Services. Combined with the pumpkin-themed items that players can craft, these decorations will bring a spooky atmosphere to the plaza and the entire island.

    On the day of the Halloween event, players can unlock two new reactions, one from Jack and the other from their villagers. These two reactions are Haunt and Scare. These reactions will create a completely independent page, hinting at more reactions coming in the future to fill up the empty slots.

    And the scenery on your island is gradually changing. In November, the color of grass and trees will change more drastically, indicating that autumn is fully unfolding. Also, throughout November, players will be able to collect mushrooms. Islanders will also notice that Tea Olive bushes blooming flowers around the same time of the year. If you want to witness it with your own eyes, you can buy Tea Olives on MMOWTS and plant them on your island.

    If you still want to buy some Halloween themed items to decorate your island, but you don't have enough ACNH Bells, you can buy some cheap ACNH Bells on MMOWTS, this is the fastest way. Since Halloween is only a few weeks away, it is unrealistic for you to buy those items from the Animal Crossing Bells obtained through farming in the game. So to better welcome the arrival of Halloween, it is definitely a wise choice to prepare enough ACNH Bells.

  • Animal Crossing: How To Get All Of The Spooky DIYs?

    Oct 09, 2020

    October has arrived, can Halloween be far behind? Now that pumpkins, costumes and all spooky things have arrived during the Animal Crossing New Horizons update, many of us are rushing to get all the recipes and DIYs. Like many aspects of the game, the journey to Halloween is structured, so you have something to do or gain every day. For example, you can only buy one piece of candy from Nook's Cranny every day. You can also buy as many pumpkin stars as you want, but they will take a few days to grow.

    There are many ways to get Halloween DIYs, depending on how you like to play the game. To start collecting recipes, visit villagers' homes all day long. If you happen to walk in while they are crafting, it is a good opportunity they'll share the spooky recipe. Slowly, you can get recipes from your villagers and use your pumpkins to craft them. All recipes involve pumpkins and some combination of wood, clay, iron nuggets and other materials.

    When you collect DIY recipes, you also have to make sure that there are some Halloween must-dos on your list. Be sure to stop by your Nook's Cranny daily to buy candy and whatever decoration they have for sale that day. Next, go to Nook Kiosk in your town hall and redeem Nook Miles for DIY eye color and body paint recipes. Once you learn them, you can change the eye color or apply body paint-perfect for your costume! Speaking of costumes, be sure to go to the Able Sisters' shop often to check out what costumes or Halloween costumes they have.

    Once you get to Halloween, you can collect a lot of DIY recipes. Using the candy you have accumulated, your villagers will come to you and trick-or-treat, when you give them candy, they will give you a recipe, Halloween items, new reactions or lollipops.

    The character Jack in the game will also appear on Halloween night. By bringing him candy, and he will reward you with special attire and recipes!

    In these days before Halloween, you can also pay attention to balloons or DIY recipes that wash up in bottles by the ocean. These are not always spooky recipes, but occasionally, you may get a useful Halloween DIY from a balloon or bottle. Otherwise, visit your villagers as much as possible, get candy and Halloween items from Nook's Cranny every day, and enjoy gearing up for Halloween on your island.

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  • Animal Crossing: The Best Way To Kill All Those Cockroaches

    Sep 29, 2020

    Cockroaches are a nuisance in anyone's home, and they can easily invade the houses of Animal Crossing New Horizons players who are not active. After a few weeks (or a lot of time travel), the cockroaches will spawn in the player's home, and the only thing to do is kill them. Although players may not want to deal with cockroaches in any way, or prefer to let them run around-perhaps for thematic reasons, like if their house is haunted or abandoned. But there is some good news. The cockroaches in the game are not as destructive as the cockroaches in real life. The furniture and house structure will not be damaged, characters will not get sick or bitten, and will not leave eggs or dropping.

    However, for the following reasons, it is recommended to eliminate cockroaches as soon as possible. Not only will they make your characters squeamish and make your house look disgusting, but they will also greatly reduce the player's 'Happy Home Academy' scores.

    Unlike other insects in the game, such as scorpions, tarantulas, and wasps, cockroaches are hard be caught cause players cannot take out their tools when they are in house. Unfortunately, this also means that players cannot donated them to Blathers at the museum.

    In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the most common strategy to eliminate cockroaches is to run around and squash them. Just walking over or running over cockroaches will kill them.

    This method is effective, but depending on the number of cockroaches, where the cockroaches are hiding, and how well the player is at timing their run with the roaches' scurrying, it may be tricky. These bugs are fast and are good at hiding under furniture, forcing players to move furniture or waiting for the bugs to come out of hiding. Keeping any number of cockroaches alive will cause more cockroaches to return.

    Players must check the underside of every piece of furniture in the homes by moving or storing them to ensure that all cockroaches have been killed. However, there is a more effective strategy for eliminating cockroaches, which not only saves time, but is also very effective.

    Instead of moving that heavy bed or table, then running to squash a roach, it is much simpler to just drop that heavy piece of furniture on top of the bugs while in design mode. After pressing the down arrow to enter design mode, players can pick up any piece of furniture and hold it in the air using A, then drop it on any roaches that scurry across the floor. Furniture covers more space and players do less running. This also helps eliminate a potential hiding spot for the roaches. With this method, players will effectively take out multiple roaches with minimal effort.

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  • ACNH: How To Catch A Soft-Shelled Turtle And Snapping Turtle

    Sep 24, 2020

    In the Animal Crossing New Horizons Critterpedia, there are two entries for turtles - the Soft-shelled Turtle and the Snapping Turtle. To complete the fish exhibit in the Museum, you must catch one of each turtle breed and donate it to Blathers.

    In Critterpedia, catching a Snapping or Soft-shelled turtle will also fill in its entry, making you two steps closer to unlocking the Golden Fishing Rod DIY recipe.

    Where and when to catch a Soft-shelled Turtle?

    Soft-shelled Turtle months - August to September

    Soft-shelled Turtle times - 4pm to 9am

    Soft-shelled Turtle location - River

    Soft-shelled Turtle selling price - 3,750 Bells

    Where and when to catch a Snapping Turtle?

    Snapping Turtle months - April to October

    Snapping Turtle times - 9pm to 4am

    Snapping Turtle location - River

    Snapping Turtle selling price - 5,000 Bells

    How to catch a Soft-shelled Turtle and Snapping Turtle?

    In ACNH, you can find two types of turtles swimming in the rivers of your island - the Soft-shelled Turtle and the Snapping Turtle. Although only being available in August to September, the Soft-shelled Turtle is usually easier to catch as it appears from 4pm to 9am, while Snapping Turtle can only be found at night, starting at 9pm to 4am. Since these times overlap, you can easily search any river for both turtles at the same time in either August or September.

    Both turtles have medium-sized shadows in the water, so it is best to ignore or scare away the small fish you encounter. River fish are easier to scare away than sea fish, so you can easily patrol any river on the island.

    If you have a favorite river fishing spot, then you can make a batch of fish bait and try to bring the turtle to you. If you don't have a good river fishing spot, you can transform the island. We recommend creating a curved river section, which will allow you to access at least two different angles. This way you can easily throw the bait into the water and also keep an eye out for naturally occurring fish. Just remember to connect your new river section to the mouth of the river, otherwise, you risk it becoming a pond, which will change the fish available to you, removing both turtles.

    From April to October, from 9 pm to 4 am, Snapping turtles will appear in rivers, while Soft-shelled turtles, which will also appear in rivers. They will appear from 4 pm to 9 am.

    If you always want to catch both turtles, you can try the above methods. If you find this guide useful, don't forget to bookmark the news page on MMOWTS.

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