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Genshin Imoact’s Mutual Exchange world quest guides players to talk to hilichurl, but it’s a bit difficult to understand for players. Because this creature speaks his own language, players need to decipher it to complete their quest. Now, everyone is curious about what "Mita Movo Lata" is, so that they can provide it to Hungry Hilichurl, and MMOWTS will introduce this in detail.

What does Mita Movo Lata Mean?

Mita Movo Lata means "meat in the water", and Hungry Hilichurl pursues fish.

In order to hand over the meat, you just need to interact with the monster, select "is it this one", and then select the fish from your inventory. Hilichurl will respond with a resounding "mosi Mita" after receiving the item. Then you will receive a reminder that you have completed the Mutual Exchange quest, where you can continue your adventure.

Where does the translation come from?

This is directly explained in the Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian. You can access this handbook by pressing the input next to "consult manual" on the Mimi Tomo event menu, you can find detailed information on "Mita movo lata" under the Useful Phrases header. This is not the only translation in the handbook, although you need to revisit it during this new event of Genshin Impact.

In addition, you also need to figure out what "unta nunu" means, you can also find it under the Time and Direction heading in the Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian.

This is the guide for Genshin Impact quests. As the game progresses, MMOWTS will provide more guidance based on players’ needs.

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May 28, 2021
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