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  • WOW Shadowlands: Where To Find The Great Vault?

    Dec 15, 2020

    In WOW, you can get a lot of loot and find many special treasures through the afterlife. The Great Vault is an extra loot, where you can find even greater treasures. In the Great Vault, you can choose an item as a reward per week, and even include the Legendary power. To unlock these options, you need to complete specific activities every week, including participating in raids, finishing Mythic Dungeons, and getting Honor Points in PvP.

    This is a new mechanic appearing in Shadowlands, which replaces Bonus Rolls. After finishing all the necessary activities, you will have the opportunity to enter the Great Vault and choose your reward. The rewards you can choose are related to the difficulty of raids, the number of Mythic dungeons completed, and the number of honor points earned in PvP.

    Where to find The Great Vault?

    The Great Vault is in Oribos, which is located in Hall of Holding (65.0, 29.3).

    You will find the Great Vault in the Ring of Fates section of Hall of Shapes. This is where you find professions trainers. After weekly maintenance or resetting, don't forget to go there to collect your rewards.

    To unlock the Great Vault, you need to complete a quest chain first. When you enter the vault for the first time, you will get the Legendary Powers of your class, and you can craft Legendary Armor or items with them.


    If you want to obtain extra reward items, you need to finish 3 quests respectively in Raids, Mythic dungeons and PVP competitions each week.


    You can defeat three Castle Nathria bosses to obtain an item in the vault. You can increase the items available by killing 7 or 10 Raid bosses. The level of the rewarded item is proportional to the difficulty of the Raid.

    Mythic Dungeons

    You need to finish one every week to unlock one item in Vault. To unlock two items, you need to complete 4. To unlock 3 items, you need to complete 10. Like Raids, the level of reward items is determined by the lowest level your finished dungeons in a week.


    You need to get 1,250 Honor Points every week to unlock an item in the vault. As for two items, 2,500 Honor Points are required, and 6,250 Honor Points can unlock three items. The highest bracket win in a week will determine the reward items in the vault.

    If you don't like a week's rewards, you can take Brimming Anima Orbs, deposit them in Covenant's Reserve and use them for other quests during the week. In short, no matter what reward you choose, this is a good way to continue to improve your gear.

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  • WoW Shadowlands: Where To Find Decayed Husk Treasure?

    Dec 09, 2020

    There are many areas worth exploring in WOW Shadowlands, and the Ardenweald zone is one of them, where you can find many treasures, and of course, some treasures require you to spend an amount of time exploring.

    The Decayed Husk treasure is elusive because it occasionally appears underground. So if you encounter difficulties in the process of finding the Decayed Husk, this article should help you get through the difficulties smoothly.

    Two easy places to find

    Shadowlands treasures will not only spawn in one place, so some places are easy to reach for you, and you can easily loot the treasures. In Crumble Ridge (72.81, 28.81) and Tirna Noch (66.57, 53.22) these two places, you will easily find the Decayed Husk treasure.

    Two difficult places to find

    Gormhive (53.23, 78.43): It is underground. To get into it, you need to navigate to 54.04, 76.30. There you will see a tunnel entrance that leads to the underground. Enter the tunnel and you just walk along with it, you'll arrive at the Decayed Husk, and after killing the mobs around the treasure you can get what you want.

    Creeping Hive (54.36, 49.72): First you go to 54.93, 49.78, where you will find an entrance, the Ardenweald treasure is not far away from it. When you approach Decayed Husk, you will be attacked by mobs, so you need to be prepared for battle.

    In addition to the Decayed Husk treasure, the Faerie Stahes in Ardenweald is also difficult to get. because you need to use Bounding Shrooms to reach a certain height. Although these mushrooms are quite close to these treasures, if you don't realize the usefulness of them, you may not get the treasure.

    In short, this is where the Decayed Husk treasure is located. You can find it according to the specific location mentioned above. For more news and game guides about WOW Shadowlands, you can browse the news page of MMOWTS!

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  • WOW Shadowlands: Tips And Tricks for Completing Torghast - The Endless Dungeon

    Dec 04, 2020

    Torghast has been introduced in WOW Shadowlands. It is located in The Maw. You need to gather Soul Ash so that you can craft new legendary armor items and finish quests.

    Torghast is a little special. It is not simply composed of items, monsters and corridors. It is more like a collection of collections. Every time you walk in, it will change. This does bring you a fresh experience, but at the same time the difficulty of the game has also increased, so this article will introduce all of the details about Torghast.

    How to unlock Torghast?

    To enter Torghast, first, you need to complete some introductory quests at level 60, which will bring you to The Maw area. There, you will see Ve'nari, she will assign tasks to you, when you complete her first series of quests, she will open the portal to Torghast for you, when you jump into Maw from Oribos you can go over there.

    You can also choose to continue to complete her quests. You can establish a friendship with her, and then you will get a permanent upgrade, which will help you to get through Torghast more smoothly.

    How to get in Torghast?

    To enter the lobby of Torghast, you only need to walk to the portal opposite the Ve'nari chamber. After you enter the dungeon's lobby, walk forward to the shard setting in the floor, and walk left to the first wing, or right to the second wing. If you want to go through the portal, you will see the option of queuing for the scene, which can be done individually or by multiple people (up to five people). When queuing, you can choose your starting level.

    What you'll meet in Torghast?

    The different wings of Torghast have different bosses, which are rotated every week. There are 6 in total, so it takes three weeks to cycle all the bosses. Note that some bosses will drop what is needed for the best-in-slot or one Memory of the Runecarver.

    Complete a level for the first time per week and you will receive Soul Ash. Each level has six floors, here are what you will encounter:

    * Quest objectives: On every floor, you will find a reward event or objective. Completing them can gain additional WOW Anima powers.

    * Mobs, Mawrats and rares: Rare elites sometimes drop an Anima Cell. Non-elites are easy to kill, but they can explode, so be careful.

    * Souls: Completing souls' binding (starting at level 3) will give you a higher buff, but it will only last for 3 minutes.

    * Geography: There are many twists and turns and blind spots in the corridors in each level, so in order not to appear in one place repeatedly, you can make some marks, such as dropping raid markers or toys.

    * Ashen Phylacteries

    * Traps

    * Chests: Manipulate levers or runes to open them and get Anima Powers.

    * Floor mini-bosses: Kill it and you will get an Anima Cell and passage to the next floor.

    * Anima Cells and Powers

    * Brokers (3rd and 6th floors)

    * Bosses(6th floor)

    Rewards and Soul Ash

    After you defeat the final boss, you will get Soul Ash and a Memory of the Runecarver for your character's class. But you can only get this prize once per level. The storyline quests you finished in Torghast will also provide Soul Ash, and sometimes an Anima Cell.

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  • WOW Shadowlands Guide: How To Craft Legendary Items

    Oct 19, 2020

    After WoW is constantly updated, the legendaries are also constantly changing. This time Blizzard has added a new method to deal with legendary items in WoW Shadowlands, which requires you to craft weapons' properties. Below we will introduce the method of crafting legendary items in Shadowlands.

    Unlock the Runecarver

    Runcarver is in the introductory quest of Torghast, it is related to crafting legendary items. Besides, you only have to unlock Runecarver, Memory of the Rinecarver Legendary recipes will drop.

    The Runecarver is a special NPC located in Torghast. He can help you forge your weapons. Reaching level 60 and ensuring that you open the introductory questline to Torghast as prerequisites for you to enter Torghast. After this quest is completed, you can enter Torghast through the back portion of Ve'nari Refuge in The Maw, and you will see Runecarver's chamber on the right side of the entrance.

    Craft Legendary Gear

    The production process is simple, but it takes a little time to obtain raw materials.

    1. Base item - blank templates for creating Legendary Items. And base items can be made by Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Tailors, and Jewelcrafters. You can also find base item recipes by finishing max level content.

    2. Stat Scrolls - Stat Scrolls can be created by inscriptionists. These components will determine the stats that your legendary piece. Each legend requires two Stats Scrolls:

    Missive of Haste

    Missive of Mastery

    Missive of Critical Strike

    Missive of Versatility

    3. Soul Ash - You can get it after completing Torghast Tower

    And for the Soul Ashes, you can upgrade your legendary items. The highest level of the legendary is Rank 4, iLevel 235. If you want to upgrade your legend, you need to meet three conditions:

    * Current legendary item

    * New items of the same type as your legendary

    * 100 Soul Ash for each Rank

    If you have these three things, you can take them to Runecarver, which will help you upgrade your legendary.

    4.The Memory of the Runecarver Legendary RecipeS - You can get them from dungeon bosses and raid drops.

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  • WoW Shadowlands: All Details About Timewalker Campaigns/Chromie Time

    Oct 13, 2020

    As the release date of WOW Shadowlands approaches, more and more information is revealed. Shadowlands newly introduced Timewalker Campaigns, also known as Chromie Time. The pre-expansion patch has already squished everyone's level to meet the new 60-level upper limit. Players can choose a level of 10-50 in expansion.

    But it should be noted that you must have at least one character reaching level 50 to use this feature. Before this, only expansion that can be synchronized with level 10-50 can be Battle for Azeroth. The older expansions will still be accessible, but their level ranges will not be synchronized.

    Shadowlands' Timewalker Campaigns will allow you to select any previous expansions you want and synchronize them at levels 10-50. You will get the initial quest in the expansion you want, and it is very easy to upgrade in it. Timewalker Campaigns can be exchanged at any time. If you want to complete the entire storyline of the expansion without being interrupted by level 50, you can choose to pause the experience gains so that you can enjoy the quest process.

    If you want to know about Timewalker Campaigns, you'll need to visit Chromie, she can be found at the embassy in your capital city (Orgrimmar for the Horde, and Stormwind for the Alliance). She will appear on the map and minimap in the form of an hourglass. Speak with her and choose your campaign, and then you can go.

    You can always jump back to the Battle for Azeroth expansion, and you can also disable Timewalker Campaigns at any time, it's all up to you.

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  • World Of Warcraft Sahdowlands - What Level Will My Character Be After The Squish?

    Sep 27, 2020

    The pre-patch level squish for World of Warcraft may still not have an official release date, but regarding the upcoming Shadowlands pre-expansion content changes. With some new information, players can now get a better understanding of exactly how the level squish will affect their characters in the coming weeks.

    The next World of Warcraft expansion has two pre-patches. The first one will bring a huge level squish, reducing the maximum level of the game to 50 (it will jump to 60 when Shadowlands launches next month).

    Shadowlands is bringing some massive changes to the iconic MMO, but the level squish is one new feature that has stolen the spotlight in a lot of ways. Every prior expansion has increased the maximum level by 5 or 10, so this squish is a new territory for the game that sets an interesting stage going forward. The change also massively impacts how new characters and alts will experience Azeroth thanks to the use of Chromie Time for leveling.

    When players begin to consider where their alts who have not yet reached level 120 will go in a few weeks, they can refer to this table to see the Battle for Azeroth to Shadowlands level conversion.

    Battle For Azeroth Level Converted To Shadowlands Level

    This explanation has been a long time in the works and should give players an idea of what sort of work they want to do on their unleveled alts in the coming week. There is still no release date for the pre-patch and the level squish, but many players are predicting it will arrive one week from tomorrow. If that's the case, players are running short on time to take advantage of the current 100% experience boost that is available in the game until the Shadowlands release date.

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  • World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Maldraxxus - The Grittiest Zone

    Sep 25, 2020

    In the next expansion of World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, we will see a selection of afterlives. Anyone who dies can go to any kind of heaven or hell, from a castle full of vampires devils who torture people to get them back in line, to a beautiful forest of restoration and peace. But the weirdest afterlife is Maldaxxus, which serves as the military task force in Shadowlands. The whole zone is grim, gritty, dedicated to the glorious combat.

    Maldraxxus has the Nercrolords Covenant, as well as some familiar characters - such as Thrall's mom, Draka. There are several central pillars that make Necrolords unique.

    One, unlike the Kyrian in Bastion, they don't expect you to erase your memories of being mortal - instead, they think you were such a great, kickass person that they want you to embrace that and improve upon yourself. Maldraxxus is a place for those who are always on that grind, except here, that effort is rewarded by getting to choose your own physical form (like a giant 12-foot-tall ripped skeleton, if you're lucky).

    The second thing that makes Maldraxxus unique is that it's essentially a job. The Necrolords serve as the military agents of the Shadowlands, and that doesn't usually mean they fight the other Covenants. In the "Afterlives: Maldraxxus" short, we see Draka infiltrate a Burning Legion world in order to steal a map.

    Maldraxxus is ruled by someone called the Primus, who was part of the "Pantheon of Death" that ruled over the Shadowlands. He may be the most tactical, the most long-thinking of the Eternal Ones. So, when it came time to muster a defense force for the Shadowlands, the Primus decided the answer was a system that would eternally separate wheat from chaff in a giant series of melees and battles.

    But the Primus is missing in action, and that friendly struggle between the Houses of Maldraxxus has turned into an outright slaughter. People are killing their rivals, undermining their allies, and panicking about the animal draught that's affecting all of the Shadowlands.

    The player will have to join forces with the Necrolords on a temporary basis, or as part of their Covenant. If players join the Necrolords, they'll also get a suite of powerful abilities and cosmetics.

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  • World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre-Patch Is Available To Pre-Download Now!

    Sep 19, 2020

    There is still more than a month away from World of Warcraft Shadowlands, but the expansion's pre-patch should be available at any time. The pre-expansion content will introduce level squish and new character customization options. And some new storylines, which will help you prepare for the upcoming conflicts in Shadowlands.

    Although the pre-expansion are usually released within four weeks after the release date of the expansion, Blizzard still has not confirmed the specific release time for either the first or second pre-patches. In other words, players who check Blizzard's game launcher this week may notice a big update running in the background, indicating that a pre-patch for World of Warcraft is coming.

    From earlier this week. Many players are beginning to notice that some new World of Warcraft content was downloading in the background in preparation for the upcoming update. For us, this upgrade is about 20GB, but it is much smaller for players who have already downloaded Shadowlands content from participating in the beta on the public test realms.

    This download is very exciting progress, which means that players will experience level squish and all other pre-patch updates within a week or two. Many players predict that the first pre-patch will be released on September 22 or September 29, so these predictions look more and more realistic, and now some data is being delivered in the background.

    However, just because the data is downloading in the background, that does not mean that the pre-patch content is already available. No matter which day Blizzard decides to officially release the first of the two upcoming pre-patches, this pre-download will make things go faster and smoother.

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  • World Of Warcraft's Missing Void Cat Jenafur Is Founded! So How To Get It?

    Sep 17, 2020

    World Of Warcraft is an immersive experience for every player, no matter if some people are playing for the story or challenging their limits in a mythic-level raid. Although the world in the game is full of secrets waiting for you to discover, occasionally there will be a challenge, and only very dedicated players can work together to solve it. Recently they found Jenafur!

    Jenafur is a Void Cat, and one of the several secrets added in 8.2.5. Since then, for almost a year, this community has gotten along with a way to get everything except the elusive cat. However, after a few months, a new breakthrough means that players can now get their own Jenafur in just a few steps.

    Amara Lunastar

    To begin this journey, players first need to speak with an NPC named Amara Lunastar. She can be found in House of Edune located in western Ashenvale. The fastest way to reach Ashenvale is through the Darkshore, if the player's faction currently controls it. Otherwise, Horde characters can fly there from Orgrimmar, and the fastest way for the Alliance is to take the Mount Hyjal before flying there. Upon arrival, interact with Amara to learn about her missing cat and click on the dialogue "I will keep an eye out for it".

    Empty Dish

    Next, check an empty plate in Donni Anthania's house. This crazy cat lady's home is in the Elwynn Forest near the Human starting area of Northshire. This time, players from the Alliance can easily portal Stormwind, which is next to the house. On the other hand, any Horde character must portal to Blackrock Mountain or Twilight Highlands before flying over. Once there, look in the corner and click on the empty dish to unlock the final part.


    Finally, players have to go back to Karazhan, Medivh's citadel in Deadwind Pass. Note that the puzzle is within the Legion dungeon accessed through the side instead of the tower's main entrance sown below. After entering, players need to pick up a few pieces of food scattered throughout the instance. Each dish can be found between the second and third Bosses, Moroes and Maiden of Virtue. Please note that each item only lasts 5 minutes, so quickly take them out and take them back to the Opera Hall.

    · 2 Juicy Drumsticks

    · 2 Fishy Bits

    · 2 Marbled Steaks

    · 1 Slathered Rib

    · 1 Meaty Morsel

    Then you need to place each piece of food on a specific tile in the Opera Hall. If done correctly, Jenafur will emerge and allow anyone to collect her. At this point, anyone else who has finished the Ashenvale and Elwynn Forest steps can also come in to grab Jenafur without needing to solve the puzzle themselves.

    I believe that fans who are looking forward to WoW Shadowlands have also heard about Jenafur. This will undoubtedly bring you a new sense of excitement. If you want to get Jenafur, you can try the above methods. If you think this is useful to you, please pay more attention to MMOWTS.

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  • World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion: What To Expect From It?

    Sep 11, 2020

    Shadowlands is the next expansion for World of Warcraft, and Blizzard has released a series of animated short films to prepare for the game's release. This makes many fans excited about the developer's product. Here are some of the main features that World of Warcraft players can expect to see.

    Leveling Squish

    The Shadowlands will include a leveling squish that can change the way World of Warcraft is played forever. Players do not need to be upgraded to level 120, but all max-level players will now be reduced to level 50, making 60 the level cap just like in vanilla WOW. Not only that, but the level of experience is greatly shortened. This not only simplifies the leveling system but also helps tie up some plot holes caused by late-expansion races and classes leveling through old areas.

    The Covenants

    Shadowlands will introduce four Covenants into the game, and players have to ultimately choose one of them. The Covenants are Kyrian, Venthry, Necrolord, and Night Fae, each of whom has its own powerful class abilities. For example, the Druid who aligns themselves with Venthyr will unlock "Ravenous Frenzy" to increase damage, healing, and haste, while a Hunter who joins the same Covenant will gain the "Flayed Shot" skill to cause Shadow damage.

    New Locations

    As will all WoW expansion, Shadowlands comes with some new locations for players to explore. These locations are Bastion, Maldraxxus, Revendreth and Ardenwald, which are the main focus of each of the Afterlives shorts. Also included is the Maw, where the Jailer keeps the souls of the damned, including Arthas Menethil, and Oribos the Eternal City at the heart of the Shadowlands that is home to the Arbiter who judges each mortal soul.

    New Customization

    The character customization of World of Warcraft has been greatly improved across all races in the Shadowlands. All the main optional races now have more skin colors, and all genders have a bald option. Features such as beard, mustaches and sideburns, as well as nose, eyebrows, and ears can now be independently selected according to most races.

    A New Beginning

    Exile's Reach is a new starting zone that players can start in instead of their original starting zones that serves as a new 1-10 leveling experience. It will not be available for allied races or hero classes. The new starting zone follows the player as part of a Horde or Alliance expeditionary force to an island where many past expeditions have gone missing. There they discover that the previous expedition has been captured by an ogre who plans to use them in a dark ritual to summon something far, far worse. The new zone is a more unique and story-driven starting zone than many of the racial starting zones, and could provide a fresh new experience for players returning to the game who want to feel thrown right into Azeroth's current world and story.

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