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With the updates of Terror Zone in Diablo 2 Resurrected, it may come as no surprise that the Amazon is the best choice for this challenge. As the fastest boss-killing build without any other competitors, she is an absolute and typical glass cannon.

Thus let's talk about her skills build and here is the suggestions about her skill point using.

Lightning Fury and Charged Strike as Amazon's key damage skills, make sure you can max them all as much as possible. Charged Strike is the most important single target dps skills on boss killing, while Lightning Fury could be the greatest and most powerful AOE skills with the interaction of Pierce.

Most of her elemental devastation comes in the form of lightning damage, you can also deal the physical damage to some special monsters but this will rarely be required, as your mercenary's conviction aura which could break the immunity of most monsters.

One thing you have to pay much attention, Amazon is extremely relying on mana, thus you have to prepare enough mana potion especially when you get your end game gear, meanwhile your mana sustain will be unbelievable lower than before. Meditation could help your mana recovery, and you can also use Mana Leech to over come it.

About gear, over here is the recommended list of Amazon on Lightning Damage Build.

Regardless, this is the best boss killer in the game. so when any of the end of act areas get terrorized, this build will be well equipped to deal with the any Act Bosses for that reason.

Alone this build is a very solid choice when you try to reach level 99 with or without terror zones. While she may run into problems with unique monsters that are immune to both physical and lightning damage, it's in your best interest to quickly move on from those ones, and find large packs of enemies that can be taken down quickly with Lightning Fury, or you can find weaker unique monsters that can practically be one poked.

Since more inform about the D2R Ladder will updates in, this web could be your best assistant. Other than that, you can also find Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items here in cheap price. Do not let it slip, come here to see!

Sep 15 ,2022

Hey folks, today let's talk about the highest rune found in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder so far and where it dropped. Before we starting, there are a couple of important notions I need to say before during the first month from release, and this caused some interesting results. For example, Boss farming is a typical early game action, it was mainly online, however you will see some offline entries too, meanwhile online play usually limits certain runes farming options.

Let's begin with the runes themselves, and here is a distribution of the highest rune found.

Number one, the Jah is more common than Ber, however it was found less often this can be resulted early on people farm areas that cannot drop Jah and indeed there are a lot of Ber runes dropped from Mephisto. But in the cow level or areas level 85, both runes are either the same or Jah was more common.

Number two, Sur and Lo supposed to have higher number of drops which can be attributed to people not mentioning it that much since it is a lesser value.

Therefore let's talk about the best areas where you can farm runes, here is the bar chart.

First let's check the Cows, of course the most common and easy place for people to farm early on. It is also popular among groups to go there early ladder for runes and bases, highest amount of runes found here are owned and followed by Jah and Ber.

Other category included bunch of random drops, and a lot of runes from Mephisto and Andariel which is also easily explainable, the amount of people farming those two early ladder, more kills equals more rune drops

Third area with high number of runes is Lower Kruast, this is largely offline players and I guess I don't need to explain this too much, Super Chest, Two camps, and just repeat.

Travincal, this one is easily explained as not starter friendly place to farm runes, it is quite challenging to deal with console members without basic gear.

Chaos Sanctuary this place is special due to higher density, nice seal packs and finger mages that have elevated rune drops. But once again, I wo

uld argue that it has not been farmed too much early on, especially solo. In a group you can do it quiet from the start, so it could highlight that data sample was coming from solo players mostly.

Pit and Ancient Tunnels while these are popular areas for magic finding, rune finding there is not the best, additionally it is more favored by offline players which are usually a minority.

Pindle, Eldritch and Shenk, these three are quite popular early on to level up and farm some gear. However, getting runes there is rather a lucky drop than a consistent reward for grinding.

Countess, she is an early farming target as her rune drop table goes up with the updates.

Arcane Sanctuary, surprisingly this area has very low results, I can attribute it to the fact that not so many people actually farm it. I've held this argument for quite a while that if people were farming Arcane Sanctuary as much as they farmed Chaos Sanctuary, therefore they will get a ton of runes drop.

Additionally you can also get more runes in, as one of the best online shops of D2R Ladder items, you can easily find any runes or gears in a reasonable price. Thus for the latest ladder, it is time for you to come here and buy a lot!

Sep 13 ,2022

Druid is always one the most popular classes in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder, with the updates of the Terror Zones I would like to recommend you a well performed Druid in many areas, the Wind Druid.

Let's check out the Druid for this class, I would highly suggest building a Wind Druid on your quest to reach level 99. This character deals huge physical damage via Tornado and has some nice backup cold damage from Hurricane. Tornado plays a significant part of killing the Elemental immune monsters and Hurricane is for the Physical immune one. The combination of those two skills is able to handle lots of Terror Zones areas.

While hell mode difficulty doesn't contain many physical immune monsters but the possibility is not zero, in which case I would highly suggest using insight on your mercenary for most of the areas to keep the mana flowing. Make sure you are able to switch to The Reaper's Toll in your stash, if an area does have a lot of physical immune enemies.

Here are recommendations on skill points using for Wind Druid, there is an important thing you have to make sure is suing 20 points on Hurricane, Tornado, Twister and Cyclone Armor. Those skills are extremely critical for Wing Druid.

The significant part of The Reaper’s Toll is ignoring target’s defense and having 15% life stolen, meanwhile it can reduce the mobility and attack speed to the enemies around you. Though its damage perhaps is not powerful comparing others, but it is valuable to physical damage dealing characters especially when you face the physical enemy in Terror Zone.

In my experience it's best to just skip the regular monsters in these zones if you're trying to get through them quickly. The unique monsters are level 99 which is the equivalent of killing Hell Baal, and in this case skipping regular monster is even better. If you want to head hunt these, don't waste your time waiting for regular monsters that are physical immune, spend your time wisely.

By the way if you want to buy D2R Ladder Items, MMOWTS is your best choice. You can find any items in the cheap price and enjoy 24/7 online supports. For your new adventures in D2R Ladder, come to buy!

Sep 03 ,2022

The release of Terror Zones in D2R makes people more easier to get level 99, but for most of players it is important to choose a proper build for surviving in the Terror Zones areas. Today I would like to introduce an ideal build to you that can make your Terror Zones experiences more smooth and comfortable.

Thus let's talk about the FoH or Fist of Heavens Paladin. This is the one that we all know from the PTR, this build also prove that it has the ability to dominate most of these terror zones even in p8 games. While Hammerdin is also powerful in these new terror zones, they will fall a bit short against magic immunes, that's especially something you don't want to happen in one of the best areas that can be terrorized, Tal Rasha's Tomb.

The FoH paladin is one of the fastest slayers of all demons and undead monsters in the game, this will give you a fast track way to level 99 when these types of areas get terrorized. Even against regular animals of D2R, FoH itself still can be insane powerful. Holy Bolt is a necessary part for the build, it is a skill that can damage demons and undead enemies ignoring enemies’ resistances. Meanwhile, it has the healing effect to allies as well, which means it is able to work on your hirelings with hundreds Life points per second if you specialized it.

I would like to recommend you guys to use Mara's Kaleidoscope as your unique amulet because of the large number increasing of resistances and skill boosts, actually this unique could be widely used for most of classes. On the other hand, Lion Branded Grand Charm of Vita is absolutely the best choice for FoH. If you are a lucky guy you can even get a perfect charm with 50 Life, but anyway 45 Life is already good enough.

Generally speaking, Fist of Heavens Paladin is one of the most recommended builds for D2R, and actually you do not have to spend a ton of times on farming gears, in you can buy D2R Ladder Items in a cheap price. Moreover, we have the all days online supports to solve your purchase issues if anything happened during the trading. Do not wait anymore, come to buy!

Sep 01 ,2022

In Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder, the gray and white items in drops sometimes would be ignored by players, but actually the some part of them also have potential becoming valuable. Today I would like to introduce some valued base stuff, if you get some of them during the drops, it is high possible that you could become wealthy by trading them.

The first one we have a Superior Sacred Armor with 15% Enhanced Damage (ED) and it should have four sockets. This base could be used for building a Fortitude armor for the mercenary and the price is about 60 dollars. But the armor price is usually unstable, so when checking prices, also check out present trades.

The second one is Superior Grand Matron Bow which can roll 15% ED, plus three attack rating, plus three bow skills and four sockets. This base is for a Faith bow, and the price could reach unbelievable 300 dollars nearly. But there is still a great gap between perfect and near perfect, you are an absolutely luck guy if get the perfect one in your drops. 

The Superior Berserker Axe with 15% ED and 5 sockets can be used for building Death, the price is over 100 dollars via the some individual sellers.

The Superior Giant Thresher with 15 percent ED and four sockets also has some nice trading value, it's a perfect base for Infinity. Personally I suggest that you could check the price of Infinity first, because the needs of Giant Thresher always over control. On the other hand, a good base GT is also one of the most easy selling items, you can have a really quick money buy trading it.

A Vortex Shield is a very rare drop, especially when rolling 45 percent to all resistances. It is still valuable and does not matter if it has four sockets or none. There are always some people need the perfect one to build a perfect Exile Shield,so as long as you can drop the Vortex Shield, just trading it without hesitating if you do not need it.

All the price data above comes from the, one of the most famous D2R trade websites. Because of the updates and builds reputation changes, the price of those base items also on fluctuation. The main point is if you could trade them in a proper timing in the best price, so in MMOWTS, we have a professional trade system, whether you want to sell or buy D2R Ladder Items, it is guaranteed that our website has the most reasonable price. Moreover, the safety is also taking the first place in our serves, which means you do not have to worry about your private inform security through the purchase. So do not just watch anymore, buy now!

Aug 25 ,2022

As the dark horse profession of Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 1, after three months of testing, players finally saw the shining point of Amazon. In Ladder Season 1, which is gradually coming to an end, Lighting Amazon Build is in Endgame with excellent clearing speed and high area damage and it plays a great advantage.

While Lightning Amazon can handle just about anything, survivability and defense can get in the way when faced with enemies like Uber. So it is very important to choose the right D2R Ladder Items. In the choice of Runewords, we also need to take into account the bonuses of damage and survivability. We can turn our attention to the following options:

1. Spirit - Shield

Spirit Runeword is the only shield in the game with all skills +2, and it has the absolute advantage of a low budget. Whether it is in the early stage or late stage of Ladder, players can use it to obtain a very considerable improvement.

From the affix point of view, the +55% Faster Hit Recovery and +250 Defense vs. Missiles it brings can take advantage of the Lighting Amazon Build and make up for the lack of survivability.

2. Enigma - Chest Armor

Enigma's delivery boost is the main reason most builds want it, and Lightning Amazon is no exception. Players can limit the range of the aura through the Spirit Runeword. At the same time, it also brings a nice speed boost.

MMOWTS is committed to bringing you more information and services, so stay tuned. You are welcome to visit us anytime.

Aug 04 ,2022

As Diablo II: Resurrected's first Ladder season runs, players once again experience the classic competitive mechanics and gameplay. As we enter midsummer, the current Ladder has also entered the mid-to-late stage. Since Blizzard did not clearly state the end time of the first season in Patch 2.4, we are still full of unknowns about the length of the Ladder and the opening of the next round of seasons.

As more and more players who are watching or not participating in the whole Ladder have questions about the time of the next round of the season, we can infer the end date of the first season of Ladder and the next season based on the previous Diablo series games.

Ladder first appeared in patch 1.10 in the history of Diablo games, nineteen years ago. Players need to create a brand-new character in Ladder, start from level 1 and be able to view their level ranking in the whole system. It is worth noting that Ladder and non-Ladder characters and items cannot interact, and the special D2R Ladder Items that players get can only be saved and used after the Ladder season ends.

According to the past rules of Ladder mode, each season basically lasts six months, but the Ladder mechanism set by Blizzard in Diablo II: Resurrected restarts more frequently, and the designer once suggested adjusting the time of each season to four months.

So it's highly likely that we'll wrap up the currently running Ladder Season 1 around August 25th and see a ranking reset for the four modes. At the same time, we expect Ladder Season 2 in early September, when players can restart the challenging process.

MMOWTS will always keep an eye on you and provide you with the latest news of Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder, you can always visit us and get more high-quality services here.

Jul 27 ,2022

It's been three months since Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 1 started, and from the distribution of classes, Sorceress and Paladin are still come out on top. After looking at the metadata and the existing situation of players, Blessed Hammer Paladin is the most suitable Paladin build to achieve improvement in Ladder.

The Blessed Hammer Paladin is considered to be one of the best Ladder builds, not only because of its high damage output and fast movement speed but also because of its ability to select equipment according to players' budgets. But it's worth noting that Blessed Hammer Paladin's gear options can get expensive if you want to build better stats and effects.

Blessed Hammer Paladin is named after the fact that Blessed Hammer is the main attack skill, which is the core of this build. So players need to focus the gear on the attribute of increasing the casting speed because it can bring more damage to Hammer. So, we can turn our attention to Wizardspike which can bring a 50% Faster Cast Rate. If combined with Spirit Runeword, it will bring a considerable 75% casting speed bonus. Moreover, the budget of Spirit Runeword is very low. Players with plenty of time can cultivate a combination of Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn, while busy players can buy Spirit Runeword and other D2R Ladder Items on MMOWTS for a small price.

If you want better boss damage in the mid to late game, you can also choose Heart of the Oak Runeword and Herald of Zakarum Shield. Heart of the Oak Runeword gives a higher cast speed bonus than Spirit Runeword. But correspondingly, better results correspond to higher budgets.

Choosing your gear wisely may help you accelerate at any stage of Ladder Season 1, and if you're struggling to reach level 99, you can find more useful information and services on MMOWTS.

Jul 22 ,2022

With Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 1 running, we are also entering the mid to late game. Depending on the massive balance adjustments made in Patch 2.4, each class has different strengths and spawns a lot of builds. After three months of training, I have also summarized relevant experience for the competitive mode of Ladder.

As players move into high-level Ladder environments, the way the game progresses will tend to be consistent. The primary factors for class requirements are strong boss damage and high target removal speed and AOE damage. According to Diablo Three Person Party Strategy of Diablo's full-time author SKULM, if you want to continue to upgrade in Endgame, you need to pay attention to the matching degree of monster level and your ability.

For a level 97 Ladder leveling, it might be a better idea to start by defeating the Baal Throne monster, which brings faster experience and value than fighting Diablo or Nihlathak.

For Ladder players who reached level 98, beating Diablo, Nihlathak and Baal are more cost-effective. Because even after completing all 5 throne waves, the total gain can only reach 11k experience. But if three people cooperate to kill P8 Diablo, each person will get about 35k XP; if two people cooperate, each person will get 43k XP; if one player kills P7 or P8 Diablo, you can get an exclusive contract of 54k XP.

So this has extremely high requirements for boss damage, and builds like Lightning Fury/Charged Strike Javazon is the best choice, and its excellent boss kill ability can mask her poor FCR frame rate. Of course, players can also make up for this defect through different D2R Ladder Items such as Runewords, to quickly reach level 99 in the advanced Ladder.

MMOWTS is committed to bringing you more Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder news and services to help you speed up your Ladder progress in the last month and reach level 99 as soon as possible.

Jul 21 ,2022

Magic Find is a unique effect in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder, and it tends to show up in different types of gear. This effect increases your odds of finding loot with Magic, Rare, Set, or Unique quality to help you boost.

The most suitable Druid build for Magic Find is Wind Druid, and players should stack this attribute as much as possible, but also balance the bonuses from other effects. Only in this way can efficient Magic Find farming be carried out.

Since you want to stack attributes, the most important part is the choice of D2R Ladder Items. Here are some Runewords worth checking out for the Druid:

1. Enigma - Chest Armor

Needless to say, as the No. 2 Magic Find of all armors in Diablo II: Resurrected, it has to be included.

Enigma can bring a 1-99% Magic Find bonus, but another important factor is its excellent teleportation ability, players can teleport without consuming mana, which can greatly improve The farming speed of Magic Find.

But the only downside is that it is difficult to farm and has a high budget.

2. Wealth - Chest Armor

As far as Wealth's performance on Magic Find is concerned, it's even better than Enigma. Because its main effect is to bring a 100% Magic Find bonus, but there are no other attributes to choose from, the budget is not high.

3. Rhyme - Shield

The only ones with Magic Find effect in all Shields are Rhyme Runeword, Splendor Runeword and Milabrega's Orb. Among them, Rhyme has the best comprehensive data, which can bring a 25% Magic Find bonus. will continue to support your game progress and provide you with effective assistance. You can not only get useful information here, but also enjoy excellent service. stay tuned.

Jul 15 ,2022
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