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The free-to-play game Genshin Impact with gacha mechanism will release a new update on March 17. With the arrival of the 1.4 update, you will be able to explore new content, and new characters, banners, and events will be waiting for you. When you go deep into the more dangerous areas of the game, you may not only need better weapons, more powerful characters and a whole set of artifacts. Sometimes, before a particularly fierce battle, you may also need a refreshing drink.

Wolfhook Juice is one of them. It has a special effect and can increase the ATK of all team members. It can only be sold in specific areas and in limited quantities. Using it at the right time will help you gain more advantages.

About Wolfhook Juice

It is a freshly squeezed, fashionable and fruity non-alcoholic beverage. Iced Wolfhook Juice is mixed with small amounts of other ingredients to create a dreamy purple shade of violet.

Wolfhook Juice is a 2-star food item. After drinking it, the ATK of all players will increase by 114 and the effect lasts for 300 seconds. This does not apply to the roles of other players in the cooperative mode, only valid for the team of Wolfhook Juice.

It is useful to drink Wolfhook Juice before fighting an enemy with a higher health bar. This way, you can release additional damage before your team suffers more damage, thus quickly defeating the enemies.

Where to get Wolfhook Juice?

You can buy it in a bar. Specifically, it was sold by Charles in Angel’s Share bar, and you can find it in Mondstadt. You can also visit this bar through the main quest. It is owned by the popular five-star character - Diluc.

Wolfhook Juice is worth 1500 Mora, and you can only buy two of these drinks per day. Therefore, it is a good choice to hoard as many items as possible, so that you can be calmer when faced with challenges.

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Mar 15, 2021

The world of Genshin Impact is full of history and lore, as well as new playable heroes that are constantly being added. Each character has a special connection with Teyvat and the central plot of the game.

As far as the lore is concerned, many characters can be used in battles, but if you want your journey to be smoother, you need to make your team settings more reasonable, so next, we will introduce the best team build.

In fact, it depends on the character you really want to get. Except for the starter characters and the occasional freebie, most of the characters need to be obtained through the Wish system. If you want to get a 5-star character, it not only requires you to have enough luck but also a lot of Primogems. Of course, the upcoming 1.3 version may have a different team build, because Xiao will appear, and he is very important to the entire story of Genshin Impact.

Because new characters are constantly being added to the game, the team builds are constantly changing. From a storytelling point of view, characters like Jean, Amber and Karya are meaningful because they are always helping travelers, but despite this, they are not as good as 5-star characters.

What needs to be paid attention to team building?

In Genshin Impact, if you want to build a good team, you need to consider ones causing Elemental Reactions, so you need to choose different element users. Ideally, you need a Pyro user and a Cryo/Hydro user in your team, you can use them to melt or vaporize.

If you pay attention to realism and lore, it is also necessary to keep the Traveler in the line, and ensuring consistency with the Geo elements is the best choice.

Best Team Builds


In this way, you can use Venti, he is an Anemo user, just like a traveler at the beginning of the game.

Venti is the incarnation of the god Barbatos, so it is good for you to let him join your team, and he is also a great character that can help you defeat your enemies.


Ganyu is a half-human and half-Adeptus character, so her role in Genshin Impact’s lore should not be underestimated. Ganyu is a Cryo user, so it would be more perfect to let a Pyro user join your team.


When it comes to Pyro users, Diluc can not be ignored. He is a very powerful fighter from Mondstadt, so he must be a good supplement to your team.

So, from the current point of view, the best team build in Genshin Impact is Venti, Diluc, Ganyu and the Traveler. Although there are other good roles, such as Amber, Lisa and Kaeya, they are not the best team build!

If you already have the above heroes, then you can equip them with the best weapons and artifacts, but if you still lack one of them, at this time, you don’t need to purchase the Genshin Impact Accounts, because the 1.3 version is coming soon on February 3rd. You can wait for Xiao to appear, and then directly buy Genshin Impact Accounts with him.

At that time, you can pay close attention to MMOWTS. Once Xiao appears in the game, MMOWTS will also launch Genshin Impact Accounts with him as soon as possible.

Jan 27, 2021

Although there are many popular characters in Genshin Impact, Diluc is still the character that players most want to have, because he is a five-star character with giant claymores and pyro abilities, so he is one of the powerful and rare characters. But once you have him and equip with the best builds, your team will be invincible in future adventures.

How to get Diluc?

The only way to get him is through the gacha pull Wish system, you cannot get him through the main story.

About Diluc

In the previous article, we said that he is the main output of a fire team, his giant claymores are enough to make him a strong member of the team, and his Pyro skills are not to be underestimated, his Tempered Sword ability can attack 4 times in a row. At the same time, Dawn Elemental Burst can summon a phoenix to cause AoE damage to surrounding enemies.

All of this shows that he is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact, so the best build is also very important to him.

Best Artifacts

Because Diluc uses Pyro skills, you should consider how to make him deal more damage, so the Crimson Witch of Flames artifact is the best for him. It can increase Diluc's Pyro damage, as well as the effects of Burning and Overloaded status effects.

Best Weapons

Diluc uses claymores to cause damage to the enemies, so you need to pay attention to increasing his DMG or ATK stats. For Diluc, the best weapon is Wolf's Gravestone. It is also a 5-star weapon, which can increase Diluc's attack by 40%. In addition, when the health is low, this can increase it up to 80% with a buff.

Skyward Pride is another great weapon, it can also increase attack %.

Of course, the above two weapons are relatively rare, so most players will equip Diluc with Debate Club, because it is a 3-star weapon, which is easier to obtain than the above two.

But if you still want to equip Diluc with the best weapons, you can choose to go to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with Wolf's Gravestone, which is very cheap and MMOWTS provides other heroes. If you like, you can also purchase Genshin Impact Accounts directly.

These are hot sales on MMOWTS, because the 0.6% pull rates of Genshin Impact is indeed too low, which has always annoyed many players.

Nov 09, 2020
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