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It is a common situation that most of players was killed by different enemies and have no idea how to fight back in Elden Ring, so if you want to finish your adventure just by yourself, it is extremely hard in this game. Thanks for Miyazaki Hidetaka, in we could have a strong partner, spirit summon. Today I would like to introduce some powerful summons easy to get, let’s check it out.

The radon soldier ashes

The more the merrier when it comes to spirit summons, and here we have two of radon's best military men at your service, they don't waste any time and immediately start whacking dudes with their Light-sabers. i know they aren't that strong compared to the other summons on this list, but when it comes to fighting a boss who is weak to fire damage, they really shine that is their specialty.

The mausoleum soldier ashes

Individually they're not all that special but you can summon up six of them, six beautiful soldiers with shields and swords and axes that swarm your enemy, and deal tons of damage. even by themselves they can almost kill a boss, so if you have them as support in a real battle, it'll be your crew smash your enemies, these dudes obviously not the best at ranged but they excel at close combat against a small to medium-sized boss.

Redmane knight

A well-rounded warrior extremely strong, he deals heavy damage with his huge gravity bow, and heavy great-sword, plus he's got a shield and actually uses it to block attacks, so he has a solid defense, strong melee attack, and can whip out a bow for long range.


Personally I freaking love this dude, i don't know why but this thing is almost invincible in most situations. If you ever fought one before you must know they really don't take damage from anything other than blunt type weapon attacks, and for me i just want my summon to take some aggro, watch my back and distract the enemy, it's the perfect bodyguard just like he is Robin and i am Batman. But it doesn't deal a ton of damage, the most of time it works for defense support and taking aggro.

Besides the introductions of spirit summons above, there are also some powerful summons you can use in your adventure. Actually the rune also plays an important role in the game, so get a large number of Elden Ring Runes is also a good method to against the powerful enemies. For most of players them do not have too many times on Rune farming, thus the is your best choice for gaining rune. The professional rune farming team could provide any number of rune you need after payments. On the other hand, our website also have more reasonable price than other sellers. The 24/7 online serves could solve your problems anytime, meanwhile you do have to worry about the security problems, we promise would never ask you any extra unnecessary private inform, and the trade process would never cause any issues on your game account. So do not wait in front of the screen, buy more runes now!

Aug 25 ,2022

As one of the hottest games in recent times, Elden Ring has a very high degree of discussion around the world. Whether it is from its grand story background or exquisite character creation, it is a topic that players are keen to discuss. And the most important scene throughout the Elden Ring story is the Great Will that starts the whole story. We have reason to believe that if it's something Elden Ring will expand on in detail in the future, it may play a bigger role.

As we all know, Greater Will, as the Outer God, sent the Elden Beast and the Golden Seeds to the Lands Between, opening the story of the entire Gods and Demigods family. Now, the only plot we know of is the one after Greater Will chose Queen Marika as the Elden Ring's vessel of power, but neither the creation of Greater Will nor other stories are mentioned in the game. And after looking back carefully, it is not difficult to find that in the known six endings of Elden Ring, there is no thorough explanation for Greater Will.

In the story, Greater Will is very powerful. Although it is the beginning of the entire game background, it often exists indirectly in the real game process, so for now, it is used as the upcoming DLC content to be released is very suitable. If Greater Will comes out as the DLC someday, it's likely to be a tough boss fight that players will have to fight, even harder to beat than Malenia.

I believe you are also looking forward to the follow-up update and DLC release of Elden Ring, but for now, all we can do is enjoy the game and make some simple predictions, I believe FromSoftware can bring us more surprises in the future. You can stay tuned to as we continue to update the news. In addition, to enhance your gaming experience, we also provide cheap Elden Ring Runes for sale, if you need them, you can contact us at any time.

Apr 22 ,2022

Elden Ring is known for its grand worldview and complex gameplay. It has achieved impressive results in just two months after its release, and its loyal players are all over the world. Recently, fans have finally ushered in its biggest update to date. The developers have focused on the balance of the game, buffing some weapon skills and the damage of the Sorcery, but one of the most controversial is that this update seems to make the already difficult Malenia more difficult to defeat through these changes.

Elden Ring is known as the best work of FromSoftware's Soulborne series and one of the game's Boss Malenia, and Blade of Miquella is called the most difficult Boss in FromSoftware game history. The reason is that every time the player is hit by Malenia, she regenerates a portion of her health, which means that players need to spend more time fighting to avoid getting hit while attacking her. Some players even spent 50 hours trying to beat her.

And after the 1.04 update, players discovered that Malenia doesn't even need to hit them to recover, and while this was explained as an occasional system bug, it became more frequent after the update. Also, Incantation: Swarm of Flies, which can effectively help defeat her, has also been nerfed. This makes some players who have been frustrated repeatedly in the battle with her even more heartbroken.

However, the good news is that FromSoftware has received relevant feedback, and the repair work will be carried out. The specific situation may still have to wait until the next update.

If you are also struggling to beat Malenia, MMOWTS will provide you with cheap Elden Ring Runes to help you go more smoothly on the winning road, Welcome to contact MMOWTS at any time and we will also offer you a discount.

Apr 21 ,2022

If you want to level up your character in Elden Ring or buy consumables from merchants, a large collection of Elden Ring Runes will come in handy. Getting runes is not as difficult as you might think. Sometimes you can avoid those powerful enemies altogether. The premise is that you have unlocked the mount called Torrent, otherwise it will take a long time for you to move on the open world. Also, to explore the Liurnia of the Lakes region, you need to first pass through Stormveil Castle and defeat Godrick the Grafted. Read on for the Elden Ring guide from MMOWTS and you'll master more tricks.

First, you need to talk to NPC White-Faced Varre, his location is the Rose Church in western Liurnia of the Lakes, directly south of the Raya Lucaria Academy. After the conversation, you will find that he has given you several Bloody Festering Fingers, which are items used to invade other players' worlds. You need to use three of them to complete the quest. After the quest is completed, you need to go back to Varre and speak to him there. Now you can join the cult of Mohg, the Lord of Blood.

The next trial is getting the blood of a maiden and dipping a piece of cloth into it, which you can do in different ways. The quickest way is to go to the Church of Inhibition and take the blood of the corpse of the maiden, which is in the northeast of Liurnia. When the cloth that Varre gives you is soaked in blood, he will give you a Pureblood Knight's Medal. This is an item for teleportation, you can find and use it directly in your inventory.

The medal will teleport you to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum area, which is a great place to get the Elden Ring Runes. Begin by ascending the Site of Grace via the nearby stairs, where you can take a break to track your progress. Then you can ride the ride and go all the way to the southeast. To save time, I recommend that you don't draw any enemies' attention. In the end, you'll come across the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace on the edge of a cliff overlooking a large pool with a massive bird enemy in it. Take a rest then equip a bow or crossbow and some arrows or bolts.

There will be some sleeping enemies on the way to the north, don't wake them up. All you need to do is aim and shoot at those bird enemies, they'll fall from the edge of the land into the abyss while enraging you, and you'll be rewarded with a whopping 11038 runes. You can repeat this process by using the Site of Grace's respawn feature over and over again.

The only problem is that the process is boring and time-consuming, you need to keep doing the same action for hours on end to see the effect. The advantage is that this method doesn't require you to buy any extra powerful equipment, you just need to pay attention to replenish when the arrows or bolts are almost consumed.

Well, I know the easier way to get tons of Elden Ring Runes is more appealing to you guys. The method is very simple, you can buy Elden Ring Runes directly at MMOWTS. All the products we sell are hand-made by real players, so you can buy with confidence.

Mar 24 ,2022

As you explore the open world of Elden Ring, you'll inevitably encounter many skirmishes and boss fights, and you'll have the ability to summon Spirit Ash Summons. These spirits will fight by your side and are very useful in most situations, as they can distract enemies, making it easier for you to hit them, tank some hits, and even deal solid damage - especially if you use Graves or you'll often find ghost glove material while you're exploring.

However, due to the sheer number of Soul Ash summons in the game, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best and which ones you should avoid. MMOWTS has a few things to remind everyone, first of all please note that the lower level of elves summoned does not mean they are useless. In our opinion, Summoning Tear is the best in Elden Ring. This unique Soul Summoning creates an exact copy of your character as you use it, including consumables for your stats, armor, weapons, spells, and gear. It will then fight alongside you, effectively acting as an NPC ally. When upgraded, Mimic Tears has an incredible tank that can deal a lot of damage, making it an invaluable summoner that we highly recommend for challenging boss fights in the Elden Ring. Note that using Mimic Tears costs 50% of your health instead of mana, so make sure to drink the healing potion after you summon it.

You can find Mimic Tears Ashes in the southwest part of the Night Shrine area in Nokron, the Eternal City, in a chest behind the fog wall, you will need the Stone Sword Key to enter. Latenna the Albinauric Spirit Summon is usually your best bet in situations where you're fighting bosses with large arenas. She stays exactly where you call her and hurls magic arrows at enemies with a constant thud, and while she doesn't have much health, she does have an insane long range. This means you can summon her away from the boss, then melee it yourself, drawing its aggro, while Latenna wears it down from a distance.

Getting Latenna to get Albinauric's ashes is a bit complicated. First, you must find and talk to Latenna at Slumbering Wolf's Shack in Liurnia of the Lakes after the Crystal Cave exit. Then you have to go to the Albino Village, which is west of her location and get the left half of the secret Hallegterry Medal there. Once you show her the medal, she will give you her Soul Ash summons. Of course, Elden Ring Runes will also play a very important role in the process of the game. We will also provide more preferential policies for the majority of players to help you buy cheaper Elden Ring Runes.

Mar 07 ,2022
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