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  • MMOWTS List News

    Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get the Divine Bridle?

    Jan 06, 2022

    Gneshin Impact 2.4 introduces the Enkanomiya area, it provides a world quest, and Hyperion’s Dirge is one of the parts. It has multiple parts, although the mechanics mainly consist of a shade called Aberaku, followed by a short battle. MMOWTS will provide a detailed guide to speed up your progress.

    Aberaku’s Offerings - Dainichi Mikoshi

    Use the central fast travel point of Dainichi Mikoshi and make sure it is Evernight. Then jump down from the west, you will see 2 Ruin Guards and 2 Pyro torches. Light them up and enter the passageway. 

    Inside, you will encounter Aberaku’s Shade. Talk with him and start Hyperions’s Dirge quest.

    You need to collect 3 Aberaku’s Offerings scattered in Enkanomiya. The 3 locations are part of "Inquiries" and you can also encounter Aberaku. Upon beating the short encounters in these areas, you will receive Aberaku’s Offerings.

    Serpent Inquiry - Serpent’s Heart

    * Location: East of the southern fast travel point on the main landmass

    * Enemies: Abyss Mages

    Narrow Inquiry - The Narrows

    * Location: Slightly east of the northwestern fast travel point

    * Enemies: Bathysmal Vishaps

    Temple Inquiry - Evernight Temple

    * Location: West of the central fast travel point

    * Enemies: Rifthounds

    The Divine Bridle

    Once you have collected all 3 Aberaku’s Offerings, return to the small chamber under Dainichi Mikoshi and place them on the altars.

    After that, you will see an orb that causes you to be zapped and float to the top of the tower. There, you can get Divine Bridle by talking with Aberaku, and then complete Hyperion’s Dirge quest.

    Divine Bridle is used to end a quest - Phaethons’ Syrtos.

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