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  • Genshin Impact Guide: More Details About 4-Star Weapons In 1.2 Update

    Dec 16, 2020

    Because Mihoyo has released a trailer for 1.2 update, we have also roughly introduced what will appear in the 1.2 update. If you are interested, you can click here.

    Today we will focus on the 4-star weapons that will appear in 1.2.

    There will be at least 4 weapons that will appear, and they are all 4-star weapons. This is enough to prove that they are very powerful, and you can also forge three of them, only Festering Desire cannot be forged, because it can be obtained as a gift, which can be refined through its respective Event Shop.

    Deagonspine Spear

    It is a weapon bound to the Dragonspine region, also known as The Festering Fang. In the beginning, many players thought it was related to the Albedo event, but in fact, it only represented an area of Dragonspine. In this area, you can collect Dragonteeth or something similar to it, and you can exchange them for Dragonspine Spear.


    It is a 4-star catalyst that is connected to the Frostbearing Tree in the Dragonspine region. This tree is one of the main features of Dragonspine, and it exists on the resources of Crimson Agate.

    You will find Crimson Agate in Dragonspine. If you want to level it up, you can take it to Frostbearing Tree. This means that you will be able to build Dragonspine's Reputation by collecting Crimson Agate. When you level up this tree, you will get various rewards from it.

    At level 4: blueprints to a new item - The Warming Bottle (You can get heat in a sub-zero climate)

    At Level 10: blueprints to the 4-star catalyst - Frosbearer (mages will get a special Cryo-themed boost)

    Snow-Tombed Starsilver

    It is the last forgeable weapon. When you are exploring the new Dragonspine area, you can find it in an ancient forgotten city.

    Entombed City is one of the main questlines in Dragonspine. After completing it, you will receive the blueprint of the Snow-Tombed Starsilver, and then you can use a Northlander Sword Prototype and the resource called Starsilver to craft it.

    Festering Desire

    This weapon will be provided to everyone at the beginning of the event. Its Stats are as follows:

    Base Stat: ATK

    Secondary Stat: Energy Recharge%

    Passive Ability: Undying Admiration increases Elemental Skill DMG by 16%, and Elemental Skill CRIT Rate by 6%

    Once it is refined to level 5, its effectiveness will be doubled, Elemental Skill DMG will increase by 32%, and CRIT Rate will increase by 12%.

    These are details we know so far about these 4-star weapons, and the more specific content will only be known until December 23, when version 1.2 is officially released. MMOWTS will also update relevant news in time.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: All About Getting Northlander Weapon Prototypes

    Dec 07, 2020

    In Genshin Impact, you have a large number of characters to choose from, and you need to equip different characters with different weapons and artifacts. Of course, in the beginning, the game will offer you with some cheap and easy-to-obtain weapons. With the development of the game, many players have begun to notice the greatest weapons, but they all require Northlander Weapon Prototypes.

    Since you need to complete a series of tasks in the game, you can get many 3-star or lower-level weapons. As for 4-star and 5-star weapons, you can only obtain them through special Wishes, but Genshin Impact also provides another special way that allows you to forge 4-star weapons.

    Forgeable 4-star weapons

    You can craft different 4-star weapons (Swords, Claymores, Catalysts, Polearms and Bows) with the help of two master blacksmiths in the game. These weapons cannot be obtained by Wishes, and the materials needed for forging them are very rare.

    How to craft 4-star weapons

    For crafting 4-star weapons, you need 50 Crystal Chunks and 50 White Iron Ore, and you also need to provide a specific type of Northlander Weapon Prototype, which concludes five types, that is, each weapon has one type, and they can all be received as rewards from the game's current Weekly Boss battles: Andrius, Dvalin and Childe.

    About Northlander Prototypes

    You can craft powerful support equipment with these Northlander Prototypes, such as Mappa Mare and Prototype Malice. The former is a necessity for the DPS mages, and the latter is necessary for the healers. In addition, you can also use them to craft powerhouse weapons, such as Prototype Animus.

    How to get Northlander Prototypes?

    Currently, you can only obtain Northlander Prototypes through Weekly Bosses, and each weapon needs an extra copy for each Enhancement level, which means your 4-star weapon is enhanced during the hunting process.

    You can also buy one of each Northlander Weapons Prototype at the Souvenir Shops in Teyvat. The Mondstadt Souvenir Shop only offers Northlander Sword Prototype, so if you want to get the remaining four, you need to go to the Liyue sister site to buy.

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  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: How The Happy Home Academy (HHA) Works?

    Sep 07, 2020

    Happy Home Academy (HHA) has been a feature of Animal Crossing for many years, and New Horizons is no exception. In previous installments of Animal Crossing, HHA was called Happy Room Academy (HRA), it was managed by Lyle, a ruthless insurance agent, and he has not appeared in New Horizons. However, players can still get a rating for their home, and if it is high enough, they can get various exclusive prizes.

    When Animal Crossing: New Horizons players upgrade from their original tent to an actual home, HHA is unlocked. Its main goal is to help players design and decorate their homes. Players will receive a letter of introduction informing them that HHA has their sights set on their home, and will give them a daily rating based on the furniture and their subsequent position in the player's home.

    Similarly, Animal Crossing New Horizons players will also receive some suggestions on how to improve their space when the score is low, such as cleaning up debris and eliminating cockroaches. If the player makes changes as instructed, their HHA score may increase the next day. This will increase their chances of receiving rewards, such as an HHA plaque or clothing item.

    How Animal Crossing Players Improve Their HHA Score?

    In addition to listening to feedback, players can do many things to improve their HHA score.

    1. Earn a bigger house

    The bigger the house, the higher the score. Usually, players need a home with at least three rooms before HHA will start to look favorably upon them.

    2. Make sure you have the basics

    There is some basic furniture that players should have. Including a chair, a table, a dresser and a bed. Without these key items, HHA would think that something is missing,

    3. Follow a furniture series

    Players who use a series of furniture will get more points. These furnitures are usually time-limited or exclusives, such as the Bunny Day DIY items.

    4. Use items from the same set

    A set of furniture is different from a series. They refer to furniture that obviously belongs to the same theme, using pieces from the same set increase points.

    5. Know what furniture to use

    Certain items (such as photos of villagers) can get extra points, so knowing which lucky Animal Crossing items to use is key.

    6. Decorate the walls

    Adding items to the walls, such as neon lights or clocks, is a simple way to decorate the house and raise the player's score.

    7. Follow the color scheme

    HHA sees whether a player's furniture can maintain the same color. Using DIY customization to make all items used are one color.

    8. Stick to Feng Shui

    HHA likes feng shui layout (and hates clutter), so players should keep this in mind when organizing the room.

    HHA score is a fun way for players to challenge themselves and get rewards in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and there are various ways to easily increase their scores. If you also want to improve your HHA score, you can refer to the above methods to make some changes.

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