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  • Genshin Impact´╝ÜWhen Will New Gliding Challenge Event Launch?

    Dec 02, 2020

    The long-awaited Zhongli finally has appeared. We have also updated Zhongli's best character builds before. If you are interested, you can take a look. So far, two five-star heroes have appeared in the 1.1 update, and in the recent Unreconciled Stars event, the appearance of Scaramouche also brought new challenges to players.

    Many players speculated that Scaramouche will also become a playable hero like Zhongli in the future. And traces of potential intermediary events in the game are beginning to surface, so once Mihoyo releases the upcoming Gliding Challenge, fans may not feel surprised.

    In the upcoming event, you will meet a brand new NPC - Hughes. He is a gliding enthusiast and knows a lot about gliding spots. During December 4th-14th, he will provide you with the opportunities of finishing challenges in exchange for rewards, such as Talent Ascension Materials, Mora, Primogems, and Hero's Wit EXP materials.

    The Unreconciled Stars event is over. It is like a narrative-driven multi-pronged event, but the upcoming Gliding Challenge is not similar to it. It is more like the Marvelous Merchandise event, which means it contains simple quests and you can get rewards easier.

    If the recent Genshin Impact event statements are accurate, then the Gliding Challenge will consist of 7 different tracks, and the rewards are not fixed, it will vary according to your finishing time and how many tokens you collected during the gliding process.

    In addition, you can also look forward to the food delivery event, because Mihoyo Twitter hints at the end: while it's warm event is also coming soon. Based on this, many fans guess that it is food delivery, because food must be delivered often when it is warm.

    Genshin Impact has more content than can be expected. Creative ideas and designs will always attract fans. The 1.1 update did not disappoint fans, so fans also have higher expectations for the 1.2 and 1.3 update. The excitement is that the 1.2 update will be released on December 23.

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  • WoW Shadowlands: All Details About Timewalker Campaigns/Chromie Time

    Oct 13, 2020

    As the release date of WOW Shadowlands approaches, more and more information is revealed. Shadowlands newly introduced Timewalker Campaigns, also known as Chromie Time. The pre-expansion patch has already squished everyone's level to meet the new 60-level upper limit. Players can choose a level of 10-50 in expansion.

    But it should be noted that you must have at least one character reaching level 50 to use this feature. Before this, only expansion that can be synchronized with level 10-50 can be Battle for Azeroth. The older expansions will still be accessible, but their level ranges will not be synchronized.

    Shadowlands' Timewalker Campaigns will allow you to select any previous expansions you want and synchronize them at levels 10-50. You will get the initial quest in the expansion you want, and it is very easy to upgrade in it. Timewalker Campaigns can be exchanged at any time. If you want to complete the entire storyline of the expansion without being interrupted by level 50, you can choose to pause the experience gains so that you can enjoy the quest process.

    If you want to know about Timewalker Campaigns, you'll need to visit Chromie, she can be found at the embassy in your capital city (Orgrimmar for the Horde, and Stormwind for the Alliance). She will appear on the map and minimap in the form of an hourglass. Speak with her and choose your campaign, and then you can go.

    You can always jump back to the Battle for Azeroth expansion, and you can also disable Timewalker Campaigns at any time, it's all up to you.

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  • World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre-Patch Is Available To Pre-Download Now!

    Sep 19, 2020

    There is still more than a month away from World of Warcraft Shadowlands, but the expansion's pre-patch should be available at any time. The pre-expansion content will introduce level squish and new character customization options. And some new storylines, which will help you prepare for the upcoming conflicts in Shadowlands.

    Although the pre-expansion are usually released within four weeks after the release date of the expansion, Blizzard still has not confirmed the specific release time for either the first or second pre-patches. In other words, players who check Blizzard's game launcher this week may notice a big update running in the background, indicating that a pre-patch for World of Warcraft is coming.

    From earlier this week. Many players are beginning to notice that some new World of Warcraft content was downloading in the background in preparation for the upcoming update. For us, this upgrade is about 20GB, but it is much smaller for players who have already downloaded Shadowlands content from participating in the beta on the public test realms.

    This download is very exciting progress, which means that players will experience level squish and all other pre-patch updates within a week or two. Many players predict that the first pre-patch will be released on September 22 or September 29, so these predictions look more and more realistic, and now some data is being delivered in the background.

    However, just because the data is downloading in the background, that does not mean that the pre-patch content is already available. No matter which day Blizzard decides to officially release the first of the two upcoming pre-patches, this pre-download will make things go faster and smoother.

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  • WOW Shadowlands: Blizzard Lets Players Vote For Free Shadowlands Mounts

    Sep 05, 2020

    As the Battle of Azeroth enters the final months, World of Warcraft players are preparing for the upcoming scourge invasion which arrives with the Shadowlands pre-patch. But before the release date of Shadowlands, Blizzard is doing its best to make the next expansion a success, including adding a free mount chosen by the player.

    Although in the game hundreds of mounts can be obtained through different methods, as other mounts remain exclusively rare, players occasionally receive free ones as part of promotions or limited time events. Soon after entering the realm of death, according to the latest official announcement, another mount will be given out. However, its design has not yet been finalized and must be decided by the community poll.

    On the official forum, players can vote among the 5 ideas of the World of Warcraft art team. The choices include the Wandering Ancient, Soaring Spelltome, Nerubian Swarmer, Curious Caterpillar, and the Gooey Slimesaber. Voting will last for two weeks until September 18th at 3:00 PM PDT, when the choice to get the most votes in all regions will become a reality.

    Although players won't get their new mounts until early 2021, the current poll shows that most heroes are very excited about riding on giant trees or giant spiders. But everyone who wants to get this free gift needs to buy the Shadowlands before the mount is distributed next year.

    If you are interested in free mounts, go and vote for the mounts you like! Maybe your dream will come true.

    MMOWTS will always follow the latest news of WOW Shadowlands. If you want to learn more about WOW Shadowlands, you can bookmark the news page!

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  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: Grape-Harvest Basket Now Available

    Sep 04, 2020

    Only a few days before the end of summer, new items have appeared in Animal Crossing New Horizons! The new grape-harvest basket accessory is now available for a limited time in Nook's Shopping Catalog.

    Autumn is not only the season of Halloween and feasts, but also the last chance for farmers to harvest crops-at least in the northern hemisphere. This is the spirit that brings the grape harvest basket to the world of Animal Crossing. According to Nintendo reports, this accessory sells for only 800 bells and will be available until September 30. It is not a functional item, it is just for looks. You can find this basket under the "seasonal" tab in Nook's catalog, or you can shake trees to get acorns and pine cones from the trees, and you can use them to decorate mini trees.

    Only half of the Animal Crossing world is head into autumn. The other half has just begun to see the first hints of spring and the first planting of the next year's crops. This is why this basket is perfect in any season. Whether you are in the new season or celebrating the warm weather of the last few weeks, this basket is going to look perfect on you.

    Animal Crossing is very good at keeping up with the changes of the seasons and ensuring that the millions of digital islands in its universe are as immersive and charming as possible. Many players can't wait to see what more updates Animal Crossing will have in the coming months. MMOWTS will continue to follow the latest news of Animal Crossing.

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