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  • Genshin Impact Guide: How To Defeat The Cryo Regisvine Boss

    Jan 09, 2021

    The Dragonspine region was introduced in the Genshin Impact 1.2 version, and many powerful bosses have appeared. One of them is Frostborn Miracle Resurgent Cryo Regisvine, which will be a big challenge for you. If you don't pay attention to your surroundings and relax your vigilance too much, then you are likely to be killed by it soon.

    So this article will explain how to beat it.

    Preparation before the fight

    To prepare for this battle first, you need to make sure to bring different types of characters, which will make things a little easier.

    At least two Pyro users are necessary. Because Frost Miracle Resurgent Cryo Regisvine is made of ice, Pyro damage will have a good effect on it. A melee Pyro character and a ranged Pyro character are a perfect match. Speaking of the ranged Pyro role, Amber is a good choice, because her ranged attack will cause great damage while avoiding Regisvine's counterattack.

    You also need an excellent healer. Because this boss will cause high damage to high-level characters.

    The most important thing is that you need to equip your character with the best weapons and artifacts, and let the character upgrade as much as possible.

    It is also a wise choice to prepare some dishes that can increase damage or defense ability before the battle. Once you are ready, you can start fighting with it.

    How to defeat it?

    When the battle begins, the Frostborn Miracle Resurgent Cryo Regisvine will spawn in front of you and start a 10-minute countdown, which means you have to end the battle within 10 minutes.

    After Regisvine spawns, it will summon a large number of Ice Slimes, all you need to do is RUN, because Redisvine will send out icicles to you, they can kill you immediately!

    After the icicles disappear, you will begin to clear the slimes around you. Once the clearance is completed, you will see a Scarlet Quartz, destroy it to gain the power to destroy the frost crystals. There will be three crystals in the room, which surround Regisvine. After destroying a crystal, more slimes will appear, and you need to take them out to spawn another Scarlet Quartz. Repeat this strategy in this way until all the frost crystals are destroyed. Once the shield drops, you can deal damage to the boss.

    When the shield drops, you will see that it has an ice core, just like the standard version of Cryo Regisvine. You need to cause damage to this core to reduce its health bar. In the process, Regisvine will use a slamming attack and lasers, and if it starts shaking, it will slam the ground. If it extends its arm, it will fire a laser at you. If you use a melee hero to attack, pay attention to avoid the attacks. If you bring Amber, you will be able to attack it easily.

    After stunning it for the first time, it will stand up again and spin in a circle to attack you, and will spawn ice crystals in the surrounding area. You have to attack them as soon as possible, an energy bubble will appear when the ice crystal is broken, and you should quickly stand inside. If your speed is not fast enough, then Regisvine will launch a powerful ice attack, covering the entire arena.

    After stunning it for the second time, it will summon Cryo Whopperflower enemies. It will attack you with icicles. To avoid this, you need to eliminate all Whopperflowers as soon as possible. From here on, its attack mode will repeat the part after the ice shield. All you need to do is to avoid its attacks.

    When you kill it, you will be teleported out of the Cryo Regisvine's arena and you'll see a chest. Inside is a reward for you.

    This is the process of fighting Frost Miracle Resurgent Cryo Regisvine. In fact, the most important thing is to choose the right heroes and equip them with the right weapons and artifacts. If you currently need them, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star weapons and heroes. As long as you need it, we will provide it!

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: Ways Of Crafting Warming Bottles

    Jan 07, 2021

    The 1.2 version of Genshin Impact is in full swing. Survival in the Dragonspine area is the most important, because the sub-zero temperature is a big challenge for players. The cold will play a key role called "sheer cold".

    You need to use Warming Bottles to keep you warm so you can survive longer.

    About Warming Bottles

    Although the thermos is not the only way you can keep warm in the Dragonspine area, it is the most effective way. You can also use other ways to keep you warm all the time, such as eating Goulash food, it can reduce the freezing rate of your character's body temperature, but it cannot completely alleviate the cold. You will eventually need to walk to campfires and braziers to keep warm. In addition, you can also warm up at Statues of the Seven and teleport waypoints. But using Warming Bottles is a quick way to solve the problem, it can keep you warm all the time during adventure.

    How to craft?

    To craft Warming Bottles, you need to get the blueprints. In order to get a blueprint, you have to go to Frostbearing Tree. The tree has a leveling system, the highest level is 8 and the Warming Bottle recipe is at level 4. The way to upgrade the tree is to roam the overworld, open the chests, and find Crimson Agate. When you find Crimson Agate, take them to the Frostbearing Tree to upgrade it to level 4 and get the blueprint.

    Once you obtained the blueprint, you can collect the ingredients for crafting the Warming Bottles: two Flaming Flower Stamen and two Starsilver pieces.

    Flaming Flower Stamen

    Cape Oath and Stormterror's Lair are both good places for farm Flaming Flower Stamen.


    You can head to the north from Wyrmrest Valley, where there are many Starsilver pieces.

    After obtaining these, you can go to the blacksmith for crafting. Because Warming Bottles are consumables, they will disappear after one use. If you want to start a long journey, you'd better bring a few more thermos.

    When to use?

    Another thing to note is that you'd better use them in blizzards, because it is difficult to keep warm there, and using Warming Bottles will give you continuous heat.

    This is the way to craft Warming Bottles, which can help you resist the cold and make you survive longer in the Dragonspine area. You will continue your journey in the future. MMOWTS will also frequently update relevant game guides. I hope these can help you complete the quests smoothly. If you have problems in the process, you can come to MMOWTS to check some game guides.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: You Can Unlock Photo Mode By Doing These

    Dec 31, 2020

    The open world of Genshin Impact makes players addicted to it. In addition to exploring the mysterious world, the various buildings and scenery in the game are even more beautiful. Such as Qingyun Peak and Wangshu Inn are gorgeous. So many players may want to use the game's built-in camera to take a photo of beautiful scenery. You can do this by opening up the menu and pressing the camera button on the left. However, this function is not available when you are gliding, climbing or fighting, but now something has changed.

    The limitations of the previous camera have been broken, and the Kamera widget in version 1.2 has allowed players to take landscape photos in any situation, whether you are on the edge of a cliff or in a battle. For getting the Kamera, you only need to complete a "Snapshots" quest. This article will introduce the detailed steps.

    About the Snapshots quest

    Snapshots quest is one of Liyue's city reputation missions. These missions and Kamera are both available to players whose Adventure Rank hits 25. So if you meet this requirement, you can go to the east side of Liyue Harbor near the dock to find Ms. Yu, and she will provide you with the quest.

    Xu's quest

    Once you accept this quest, you can go to the city center to find Xu, who is a member of Feiyun commerce. He stands between the city's northern waypoint and the Mingxing jewelry store, so you can find him easily and talk to him, then you can start his quest.

    You need to help him deliver photos to the two citizens of Liyue Harbor. It's a very simple task. You don't need to fight or climb mountain peaks.

    Liu Su

    One of them is Liu Su, a storyteller of the famous Heyu Tea House. Go up the stairs from the merchant on the right side of the jewelry store, and you will see him performing for the audience on the balcony. Just give him the photo.

    Granny Shan

    The second person is Granny Shan, a toymaker. You can find her on the north side of the city's alchemy and east waypoint. Give her the photo. After doing all that, you have completed Xu's quest and you can return to Xu. He will give you the Kamera device and many Mora.

    Now you can shoot any scene you like by equipping Kamera and pressing the "Z" button.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: How To Keep The Heat In The Cold Region

    Dec 29, 2020

    Genshin Impact has always been famous for its open world, and every update will make people impressed. This time version 1.2 introduces a new map region - Dragonspine.

    It is a huge frozen peak located between Mondstadt and Liyue. You can see it from most of the views in the game. Now that it has become a reachable place, you can experience it for yourself. But because it is frozen, the temperature there is extremely low. If you want to enter this area, you must be prepared for the cold weather. If you cannot find the heat source in time, once the sheer cold meter is filled, you will suffer continuous damage. In order to be able to safely explore in this harsh environment, you need some ways to keep the heat.

    You can find some resources on Dragonspine that can help you lower your chill meter. Most of them are some form of fire, and you can easily find them on some major roads in the mountains. So, you need to stay on these roads as much as possible, trying to search for a shortcut up the mountain or other trails is very dangerous.


    Speaking of fire, many players may think that Pyro users can make fires to keep warm, but this is impossible. These characters can only light torches and bonfires, or fire under cooking pots, so when exploring in cold places, campsites are usually safe places during exploring.

    Warming Seelie

    Seelie is a kind of blue spirit. It will float around. You can find the treasure by following it. Warming Seelies appear in Dragonspine. They shine with an orange hue, just like flames. So you can get warmth from them. Once they settle down in their statue, they will always provide warmth in that place, so you can remember their locations for future needs.


    A new recipe has appeared, and that is hearty goulash soup. You will get this recipe after you finish the mission "Ah, Fresh Meat!" at the Adventure camp set up at the foot of the mountain. To cure for the cold, you only need two chilled meat, two carrots and one tomato. After ingesting it, the amount of sheer cold will decrease. Although it cannot be completely eliminated, goulash is still a useful recipe!

    So when you explore this area, don't forget to keep yourself warm at all times. If you want to be smoother in this challenging area, then 5-star heroes will definitely be able to exploit the advantages to the full, so if you want to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star heroes, don't forget to come to MMOWTS.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: For Unlocking Peak Of Vindagnyr, You Can Do As The Following Steps!

    Dec 25, 2020

    The Genshin Impact 1.2 version has been released. It should be time for players to keep exploring, and there may be some difficult content in it. For example, how can we unlock Peak of Vindagnyr? In fact, it is not easy to unlock, so this article will tell you the relevant solutions! You can follow the steps.


    Before you start exploring it, make sure you have accepted this quest: at the Adventurer's Camp at the bottom of Dragonspine, there is an NPC called Iris waiting for you, and she will assign you the quest - into the Mountains.

    If you have roughly browsed the Dragonspine area, you should understand that there is a passage behind the Statue of the Seven, but you cannot enter because of the howling winds. So dispelling these winds is a prerequisite for you to unlock Peak of Vindagnyr. Therefore, you need to go to the three different locations of Dragonspine to find ice crystals. Open three passages to reach the summit of the mountain.

    1st magical crystal - contains the Frostbearing Tree

    The first crystal contains the Frostbearing Tree. We have introduced this tree in the previous article.

    * Go to the teleport waypoint covered by snow

    * Go south along the path and you will see floating magic crystals

    * To break the crystal, you need to be charged up with a Scarlet Quartz

    * They are glowing red crystals that appear nearby, break one, pick up the Scarlet Quartz, run back to the crystal and attack it, you will make it lose 25% of its health

    * Find another quartz and repeat the above step

    * After you break the crystal, interact with the orb inside to unlock the Frostbearing Tree

    2nd magical crystal - Nearby Wyrmrest Valley

    Find the Wyrmrest Valley on the map. There is a diamond-shaped place under it, that is where the second crystal is located. After arriving, you can follow the steps below:

    * Activate the cube-shaped device, Seelie will go to every Cryo pillar in a specific order, remember the order, and then begin to attack with a Cryo ability in the same order.

    * The two Ruin Guards will spawn and attack. Defeating them will activate a Ruin Grader. It can shoot powerful lasers, so you need to ensure staying behind it. When it is defeated, the ice in the center of the arena will break, leaking a cavern, and the second magic crystal is inside.

    * Entering the cave, you will see another Seelie and three Scarlet Quartz, but for breaking the crystal, you need four Scarlet Quartz. So the fourth one is behind a gate and you need to put two Seelies on their pedestals to open it. The first one is easy to find, the second one is under the ice that you need to find, you're gonna melt them with Pyro abilities.

    * After opening the gate, you will see the fourth Scarlet Quartz and two chests. Break the quartz and attack the ice wall behind it. The third Seelie will appear.

    * The fourth quartz will respawn in a few seconds, during this time you can find the other three and attack the magic crystal, after the fourth respawning, use it to break the crystal and interact with the sphere inside.

    3rd magical crystal - in Starglow Craven

    You can find the entrance to Starglow Cavern by tracking the path of Albedo's camp. After entering, you will see two paths: one goes up and one goes down. Choose the downward path to the bottom of the cave and you will find the third magic crystal. If you fail to find it, you can search for a challenge pillar surrounded by three Seelie pedestals.

    * Let Seelies go back to their pedestals, the first one is nearby, and the remaining two behind the giant ice spikes where the magic crystal is. And you will also see a Scarlet Quartz.

    * The second Seelie is behind a breakable wall, near the body of the Ruin Guard

    * Follow that path around behind the crystal and climb up the slope, you will find the third Seelie and the other Scarlet Quartz.

    * After all Seelies return to their pedestals, activate the challenge pillar. Many Hilichurls and frost mages will appear, and you have two minutes to solve them.

    * Now you can go to search Scarlet Quartz, the first two are in the opposite direction to the crystal, and the remaining two are where you found Seelie

    * After the crystal is broken, you can interact with the sphere inside, and then you can leave.

    Extra magical crystals

    Now you can enter the cave near the Statue of the Seven, but you still need to break the three extra crystals to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr. First, you need to teleport to the statue, walk along the tunnel, and you will see an arena inside. There are three magic crystals that need to be broken.

    * Defeat the floating mechanical enemies, break the quartz, use the floating pillar shards as a bridge to the lowest magic crystal and break it

    * Walk along a sloping path, a broken arch will appear, defeat the boss behind the arch, and the second Scarlet Quartz will appear, breaking it. Go back to the pillar, reach the second magic crystal, break it

    * Go back to the place where you fought the boss, a Seelie will appear. Follow it to reach the Anemo pillar. Activate it with the Anemo ability, an upward strong wind will be triggered, ride it quickly through the chasm where many hilichurls are waiting near the third Scarlet Quartz.

    * Break the Scarlet Quartz, go to the edge of the chasm, you will see the third magic crystal below. Destroy it and activate the sphere inside.

    * Finally, you will find the entrance to Peak of Vindagnyr

    These are the specific steps to unlock Peak of Vindagnyr, hope it will help you. If you haven't got Albedo yet, and you can't wait to have him, don't forget to come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impacts Accounts with him.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: More Details About Frostbearing Tree And Crimson Agate Rewards

    Dec 24, 2020

    The Genshin Impact 1.2 update has been released. I bet you guys already have a general looking at the new content. One of the new features is Frostbearing Tree. You can collect Crimson Agates in exchange for more great rewards from it. In addition, you can obtain more rewards by unlocking Crimson Wish missions. Besides, some new mechanisms will appear. This article will tell you some details.

    The new story mainly focuses on the Dragonspine region, which is a snow-covered area and where the Frostbearing Tree is located and comes with its own reward system.

    You will encounter the Frostbearing Tree during the journey of Dragonspine, it has crimson sprouts, you only need to bring Crimson Agates to the sprouts, the tree will be upgraded, and then you will also receive various rewards.

    Where to find Crimson Agates?

    You can find them on the snow-covered ground of Dragonspine. Once you collect them, you can bring them back to the Frostbearing Tree. The tree will continue to grow. Over time, you will get rare items and materials.


    Acquaint Fate

    Intertwined Fate

    A wind glider


    Weapon EXP Materials

    Character EXP Materials

    Talent Level-Up Materials

    Gadget diagrams

    These are useful for your subsequent journey, and they are usually difficult to obtain, so this highlights the value of the Frostbearing Tree event.

    Crimson Wish Missions

    Once the Frostbearing Tree hits level 8, you can unlock the Crimson Wish Missions. You will receive 5 missions every day, and each mission will reward you with a Crimson Agate, so you can use them to continue upgrading the Frostbearing Tree, and then get more rewards. From this point of view, Genshin Impact in this update is very generous. So you can pay more attention to the tree. It provides you with new ways to earn important items.

    If you are lucky enough to get The Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates, then you can use them to pull for new playable heroes, which is great. So in the 1.2 version, try to find more Crimson Agates!

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  • Genshin Impact: Zhongli Finally Gets Buffs

    Dec 23, 2020

    Among the many playable heroes of Genshin Impact, Zhongli can be said to be the most controversial, because before he appeared, many players had extremely high expectations of him, but with his performance in the game, many fans think that his move and skills are not outstanding, especially when compared with other 5-star characters, he is more mediocre. Because of the outcry from fans, Mihoyo finally announced that they would make adjustments to Zhongli.

    As a Geo character who uses a Claymore, Zhongli seems to be built into a perfect tank. But the reality is always not as perfect as imagined. Gradually, players find that he is much inferior to the five-star characters like Tartaglia and Diluc. This fact was unacceptable to fans, so Mihoyo also realized that it could not bring players an interesting gaming experience, so they finally decided to adjust.

    Zhongli's buffs

    Mihoyo gave a general description of Zhongli's buffs, including Talents like Dominance of Earth. Once these buffs are added, both Zhongli's Normal ATK and Charged ATK will be increased. In addition, the damage dealt when he uses certain skills will also be buffed, such as Dominus Lapis. These DPS increases directly correspond to Zhongli's maximum HP, which also means that he will eventually develop and grow in the tank role.


    Other heroes will also get changes

    Characters like Zhongli and Noelle that can summon Geo shields will get improved on Physical and Elemental damage absorption. Zhongli's buffs will not be fully implemented in Genshin Impact for the time being, because the focus of the 1.2 update is not on him, but in the future, Zhongli will definitely become stronger.

    With the launch of the 1.2 update, players will also focus on new regions on the map and the upcoming new hero - Albedo.

    So, even if Zhongli is still not so powerful, you can still continue to enjoy the new content brought by the game!

    The new content will also bring new challenges. Now is the time to be fully prepared to meet them. If necessary, you can choose to come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with the weapons or heroes you need. As the game develops, MMOWTS will also list more Genshin Impact Accounts with items in-game. You can continue to pay attention to MMOWTS, maybe there are things you need.

  • Genshin Impact Guide: More Details About 4-Star Weapons In 1.2 Update

    Dec 16, 2020

    Because Mihoyo has released a trailer for 1.2 update, we have also roughly introduced what will appear in the 1.2 update. If you are interested, you can click here.

    Today we will focus on the 4-star weapons that will appear in 1.2.

    There will be at least 4 weapons that will appear, and they are all 4-star weapons. This is enough to prove that they are very powerful, and you can also forge three of them, only Festering Desire cannot be forged, because it can be obtained as a gift, which can be refined through its respective Event Shop.

    Deagonspine Spear

    It is a weapon bound to the Dragonspine region, also known as The Festering Fang. In the beginning, many players thought it was related to the Albedo event, but in fact, it only represented an area of Dragonspine. In this area, you can collect Dragonteeth or something similar to it, and you can exchange them for Dragonspine Spear.


    It is a 4-star catalyst that is connected to the Frostbearing Tree in the Dragonspine region. This tree is one of the main features of Dragonspine, and it exists on the resources of Crimson Agate.

    You will find Crimson Agate in Dragonspine. If you want to level it up, you can take it to Frostbearing Tree. This means that you will be able to build Dragonspine's Reputation by collecting Crimson Agate. When you level up this tree, you will get various rewards from it.

    At level 4: blueprints to a new item - The Warming Bottle (You can get heat in a sub-zero climate)

    At Level 10: blueprints to the 4-star catalyst - Frosbearer (mages will get a special Cryo-themed boost)

    Snow-Tombed Starsilver

    It is the last forgeable weapon. When you are exploring the new Dragonspine area, you can find it in an ancient forgotten city.

    Entombed City is one of the main questlines in Dragonspine. After completing it, you will receive the blueprint of the Snow-Tombed Starsilver, and then you can use a Northlander Sword Prototype and the resource called Starsilver to craft it.

    Festering Desire

    This weapon will be provided to everyone at the beginning of the event. Its Stats are as follows:

    Base Stat: ATK

    Secondary Stat: Energy Recharge%

    Passive Ability: Undying Admiration increases Elemental Skill DMG by 16%, and Elemental Skill CRIT Rate by 6%

    Once it is refined to level 5, its effectiveness will be doubled, Elemental Skill DMG will increase by 32%, and CRIT Rate will increase by 12%.

    These are details we know so far about these 4-star weapons, and the more specific content will only be known until December 23, when version 1.2 is officially released. MMOWTS will also update relevant news in time.

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  • Travelers! It's Time To Prepare For The Upcoming 1.2 Update Of Genshin Impact

    Dec 14, 2020

    The latest trailer of Genshin Impact 1.2 has been released, and you can also know that the new Dragonspine area, and new characters will appear. In fact, as early as the players' party of the game's beta, the appearance of the new characters has been leaked, we just don't know in which update version they will appear.

    In the 1.1 update, 4 new heroes appeared. Mihoyo introduced new characters in pairs, Tartaglia and Diona were on a banner, and Zhongli and Xinyan only appeared after them.

    The Chalk Prince and the Dragon

    The new trailer has confirmed the name of version 1.2 - The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. It will be released on December 23. The new trailer also shows two new members: Albedo and Ganyu.


    Ganyu is a Cyro user. She uses the bow for ranged DPS attacks. She is similar to the role of Diona. In the trailer, we can see she fights against various enemies, she is more like a secondary role.


    Albedo is more like a major hero. He is the alchemist of Knights of Favonius and the boss of Sucrose. Through these, we can also know that he will play an important role in the game. His role quest is the main content of the Dragonspine region. Albedo's story is about the cursed sword, Festering Desire and venomous Durin. All of these constitute the main part of the 1.2 update story.

    The Dragonspine region

    This is also a new area that is about to appear in the game, and it is also the setting for the story of this update. You can see that the snow has completely covered this area through the trailer. The Dragonspine region is where the remains of venomous Durin. This dragon appeared in the first chapter of the game and was held after Dvalin defeated it.

    In addition, you will also see some new weapons, such as Festering Desire, as well as new spears, catalysts and greatsword.

    Those are all we know about the 1.2 update. More information needs to be announced by Mihoyo. Once there is the latest news, MMOWTS will also update related articles in time to let you know more details.

    Since new heroes are about to appear, MMOWTS will also launch more Genshin Impact Accounts with upcoming heroes. We wonder if Albedo will become the next character sought after by players. What do you guys think?

  • Genshin Impact Guide: How To Use The Interactive Map?

    Dec 11, 2020

    The Teyvat world in Genshin Impact is huge, which is one of the reasons why it attracts so many players. It can provide you with a lot of unknown content, but the only drawback is that finding some collections or farmable items is overwhelming. Fortunately, interactive maps can help you solve these troubles, and you can use them to track everything.

    At present, Genshin Impact has only introduced two areas: Mondstadt is a medieval country with castles, and Liyue is a prosperous coastal city influenced by Asian architectural styles. The upcoming 1.2 update may also introduce a new region - Dragonspine. This undoubtedly makes many players feel excited because it means that they will welcome new locations, tasks, Shrines and collections.

    About Interactive maps

    You need to collect a lot of things and complete many tasks in Genshin Impact, so the interactive map can help you track everything on the map, and show you the location of minerals, plants and insects, making it easier for you to find them.

    With the continuous update of the game, many new contents are introduced, and more and more heroes will appear, so it is more important for you to find more useful items to upgrade the equipment and ascend the characters. The interactive map is a useful resource to help you find them.

    You can use interactive maps to track minerals and plants and other collectibles in the world, and you can also get the location of specific enemies. Because the map is interactive, you can choose a collectible item (such as Geoculus) as the one you've discovered, then its icon will be removed from the interactive map. So you don't have to repeatedly search for items you have already found, which can help you save time.

    How to use?

    To use this interactive map, firstly, you need to create an account or sync it to your Google account. The map will track your progress. You can easily know which collections are still available and which Shrines still need to be cleaned. With the continuous development of Genshin Impact, interactive maps are very helpful for tracking everything.

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