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  • Genshin Impact Guide: How To Defeat The Cryo Regisvine Boss

    Jan 09, 2021

    The Dragonspine region was introduced in the Genshin Impact 1.2 version, and many powerful bosses have appeared. One of them is Frostborn Miracle Resurgent Cryo Regisvine, which will be a big challenge for you. If you don't pay attention to your surroundings and relax your vigilance too much, then you are likely to be killed by it soon.

    So this article will explain how to beat it.

    Preparation before the fight

    To prepare for this battle first, you need to make sure to bring different types of characters, which will make things a little easier.

    At least two Pyro users are necessary. Because Frost Miracle Resurgent Cryo Regisvine is made of ice, Pyro damage will have a good effect on it. A melee Pyro character and a ranged Pyro character are a perfect match. Speaking of the ranged Pyro role, Amber is a good choice, because her ranged attack will cause great damage while avoiding Regisvine's counterattack.

    You also need an excellent healer. Because this boss will cause high damage to high-level characters.

    The most important thing is that you need to equip your character with the best weapons and artifacts, and let the character upgrade as much as possible.

    It is also a wise choice to prepare some dishes that can increase damage or defense ability before the battle. Once you are ready, you can start fighting with it.

    How to defeat it?

    When the battle begins, the Frostborn Miracle Resurgent Cryo Regisvine will spawn in front of you and start a 10-minute countdown, which means you have to end the battle within 10 minutes.

    After Regisvine spawns, it will summon a large number of Ice Slimes, all you need to do is RUN, because Redisvine will send out icicles to you, they can kill you immediately!

    After the icicles disappear, you will begin to clear the slimes around you. Once the clearance is completed, you will see a Scarlet Quartz, destroy it to gain the power to destroy the frost crystals. There will be three crystals in the room, which surround Regisvine. After destroying a crystal, more slimes will appear, and you need to take them out to spawn another Scarlet Quartz. Repeat this strategy in this way until all the frost crystals are destroyed. Once the shield drops, you can deal damage to the boss.

    When the shield drops, you will see that it has an ice core, just like the standard version of Cryo Regisvine. You need to cause damage to this core to reduce its health bar. In the process, Regisvine will use a slamming attack and lasers, and if it starts shaking, it will slam the ground. If it extends its arm, it will fire a laser at you. If you use a melee hero to attack, pay attention to avoid the attacks. If you bring Amber, you will be able to attack it easily.

    After stunning it for the first time, it will stand up again and spin in a circle to attack you, and will spawn ice crystals in the surrounding area. You have to attack them as soon as possible, an energy bubble will appear when the ice crystal is broken, and you should quickly stand inside. If your speed is not fast enough, then Regisvine will launch a powerful ice attack, covering the entire arena.

    After stunning it for the second time, it will summon Cryo Whopperflower enemies. It will attack you with icicles. To avoid this, you need to eliminate all Whopperflowers as soon as possible. From here on, its attack mode will repeat the part after the ice shield. All you need to do is to avoid its attacks.

    When you kill it, you will be teleported out of the Cryo Regisvine's arena and you'll see a chest. Inside is a reward for you.

    This is the process of fighting Frost Miracle Resurgent Cryo Regisvine. In fact, the most important thing is to choose the right heroes and equip them with the right weapons and artifacts. If you currently need them, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star weapons and heroes. As long as you need it, we will provide it!

    MMOWTS will also frequently update free related game guides, so if you are a Genshin Impact player, you can subscribe to MMOWTS, which will definitely help you in the game more smoothly.

  • Genshin Impact Guide: For Unlocking Peak Of Vindagnyr, You Can Do As The Following Steps!

    Dec 25, 2020

    The Genshin Impact 1.2 version has been released. It should be time for players to keep exploring, and there may be some difficult content in it. For example, how can we unlock Peak of Vindagnyr? In fact, it is not easy to unlock, so this article will tell you the relevant solutions! You can follow the steps.


    Before you start exploring it, make sure you have accepted this quest: at the Adventurer's Camp at the bottom of Dragonspine, there is an NPC called Iris waiting for you, and she will assign you the quest - into the Mountains.

    If you have roughly browsed the Dragonspine area, you should understand that there is a passage behind the Statue of the Seven, but you cannot enter because of the howling winds. So dispelling these winds is a prerequisite for you to unlock Peak of Vindagnyr. Therefore, you need to go to the three different locations of Dragonspine to find ice crystals. Open three passages to reach the summit of the mountain.

    1st magical crystal - contains the Frostbearing Tree

    The first crystal contains the Frostbearing Tree. We have introduced this tree in the previous article.

    * Go to the teleport waypoint covered by snow

    * Go south along the path and you will see floating magic crystals

    * To break the crystal, you need to be charged up with a Scarlet Quartz

    * They are glowing red crystals that appear nearby, break one, pick up the Scarlet Quartz, run back to the crystal and attack it, you will make it lose 25% of its health

    * Find another quartz and repeat the above step

    * After you break the crystal, interact with the orb inside to unlock the Frostbearing Tree

    2nd magical crystal - Nearby Wyrmrest Valley

    Find the Wyrmrest Valley on the map. There is a diamond-shaped place under it, that is where the second crystal is located. After arriving, you can follow the steps below:

    * Activate the cube-shaped device, Seelie will go to every Cryo pillar in a specific order, remember the order, and then begin to attack with a Cryo ability in the same order.

    * The two Ruin Guards will spawn and attack. Defeating them will activate a Ruin Grader. It can shoot powerful lasers, so you need to ensure staying behind it. When it is defeated, the ice in the center of the arena will break, leaking a cavern, and the second magic crystal is inside.

    * Entering the cave, you will see another Seelie and three Scarlet Quartz, but for breaking the crystal, you need four Scarlet Quartz. So the fourth one is behind a gate and you need to put two Seelies on their pedestals to open it. The first one is easy to find, the second one is under the ice that you need to find, you're gonna melt them with Pyro abilities.

    * After opening the gate, you will see the fourth Scarlet Quartz and two chests. Break the quartz and attack the ice wall behind it. The third Seelie will appear.

    * The fourth quartz will respawn in a few seconds, during this time you can find the other three and attack the magic crystal, after the fourth respawning, use it to break the crystal and interact with the sphere inside.

    3rd magical crystal - in Starglow Craven

    You can find the entrance to Starglow Cavern by tracking the path of Albedo's camp. After entering, you will see two paths: one goes up and one goes down. Choose the downward path to the bottom of the cave and you will find the third magic crystal. If you fail to find it, you can search for a challenge pillar surrounded by three Seelie pedestals.

    * Let Seelies go back to their pedestals, the first one is nearby, and the remaining two behind the giant ice spikes where the magic crystal is. And you will also see a Scarlet Quartz.

    * The second Seelie is behind a breakable wall, near the body of the Ruin Guard

    * Follow that path around behind the crystal and climb up the slope, you will find the third Seelie and the other Scarlet Quartz.

    * After all Seelies return to their pedestals, activate the challenge pillar. Many Hilichurls and frost mages will appear, and you have two minutes to solve them.

    * Now you can go to search Scarlet Quartz, the first two are in the opposite direction to the crystal, and the remaining two are where you found Seelie

    * After the crystal is broken, you can interact with the sphere inside, and then you can leave.

    Extra magical crystals

    Now you can enter the cave near the Statue of the Seven, but you still need to break the three extra crystals to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr. First, you need to teleport to the statue, walk along the tunnel, and you will see an arena inside. There are three magic crystals that need to be broken.

    * Defeat the floating mechanical enemies, break the quartz, use the floating pillar shards as a bridge to the lowest magic crystal and break it

    * Walk along a sloping path, a broken arch will appear, defeat the boss behind the arch, and the second Scarlet Quartz will appear, breaking it. Go back to the pillar, reach the second magic crystal, break it

    * Go back to the place where you fought the boss, a Seelie will appear. Follow it to reach the Anemo pillar. Activate it with the Anemo ability, an upward strong wind will be triggered, ride it quickly through the chasm where many hilichurls are waiting near the third Scarlet Quartz.

    * Break the Scarlet Quartz, go to the edge of the chasm, you will see the third magic crystal below. Destroy it and activate the sphere inside.

    * Finally, you will find the entrance to Peak of Vindagnyr

    These are the specific steps to unlock Peak of Vindagnyr, hope it will help you. If you haven't got Albedo yet, and you can't wait to have him, don't forget to come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impacts Accounts with him.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: How To Use The Interactive Map?

    Dec 11, 2020

    The Teyvat world in Genshin Impact is huge, which is one of the reasons why it attracts so many players. It can provide you with a lot of unknown content, but the only drawback is that finding some collections or farmable items is overwhelming. Fortunately, interactive maps can help you solve these troubles, and you can use them to track everything.

    At present, Genshin Impact has only introduced two areas: Mondstadt is a medieval country with castles, and Liyue is a prosperous coastal city influenced by Asian architectural styles. The upcoming 1.2 update may also introduce a new region - Dragonspine. This undoubtedly makes many players feel excited because it means that they will welcome new locations, tasks, Shrines and collections.

    About Interactive maps

    You need to collect a lot of things and complete many tasks in Genshin Impact, so the interactive map can help you track everything on the map, and show you the location of minerals, plants and insects, making it easier for you to find them.

    With the continuous update of the game, many new contents are introduced, and more and more heroes will appear, so it is more important for you to find more useful items to upgrade the equipment and ascend the characters. The interactive map is a useful resource to help you find them.

    You can use interactive maps to track minerals and plants and other collectibles in the world, and you can also get the location of specific enemies. Because the map is interactive, you can choose a collectible item (such as Geoculus) as the one you've discovered, then its icon will be removed from the interactive map. So you don't have to repeatedly search for items you have already found, which can help you save time.

    How to use?

    To use this interactive map, firstly, you need to create an account or sync it to your Google account. The map will track your progress. You can easily know which collections are still available and which Shrines still need to be cleaned. With the continuous development of Genshin Impact, interactive maps are very helpful for tracking everything.

    And with the continuous updates of the game, more and more attractive weapons and heroes will appear. When you are unable to obtain the items or heroes you like in the game, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with heroes or weapons you like. MMOWTS will continue to launch Genshin Impact Accounts with the newest heroes and weapons. And MMOWTS also provides Genshin Impacts Accounts pack,s which include two 5-star heroes and multiple 5-star heroes, you can also match the heroes you want as you like! After all, in MMOWTS, customer needs always come first.

  • Genshin Impact Guide: What is the best 4-star characters team?

    Nov 16, 2020

    Technically, there is no so called the strongest team. There are many different characters in this game, they all have special abilities and elemental attributes, and our enemies in the adventure process often also have different elemental abilities. Although Diluc is one of the strongest Pyro DPS, it will be futile if you want to use him to break the fire shield. You must prepare characters with other attributes in the team to deal with unexpected situations.

    The 5-star characters in the game are basically powerful, but they are not irreplaceable (except for Venti, if you have him, you are definitely a lucky guy). For most players, 4-star characters are enough to defeat any enemy in the world. Most importantly, it is easier to get 4-star characters, which means you have the hope of upgrading their constellation in a short time. The upgrade of the constellation is very important for each character, and a four-star character with a constellation will also perform very well.

    Under this premise, I recommend a team that is very suitable for F2P players - the Razor team.

    How to build a Razor team

    Razor is a very good Electro DPS uses Claymore. Beidou and Razor have very similar characteristics, but I think Razor's actual performance is better than Beidou, especially in terms of damage. His elemental skill can cause electro damage to the enemy and increase the efficiency of charging. It has a very short CD, which means that he can use E skill to obtain a large number of elemental particles, so that he can activate elemental burst more frequently.

    His elemental burst is to summon Thunder Wolf to guard. In this case, his E will be enhanced, which can cause higher damage. Not only that, the Thunder Wolf form can also increase Razor's attack speed and each hit will be accompanied by a percent of electro damage. For characters using Claymores, faster normal attack speed means more DPS.

    My suggestions for team composition are: Razor, Kaeya, Bannet and Barbara.

    Bannet and Barbara, as the best four-star support characters, can play an important role in almost all teams. Bannet's Q can heal HP while increasing Razor's ATK, and Barbara can further increase Razor's ATK through switching characters after equiped the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, and provide a healing circle for the character by useing E skill, while causing a damp effect on nearby enemies. This effect can react with Razor's electro attack, dealing continuous damage to the enemy.

    The role of Kaeya is mainly to cause Cryo effects on the enemy, thereby freezing the enemy, and generating a superconducting reaction with Razor's electro attack to reduce the enemy's physical damage resistance. By the way, if you get Qiqi in the future, she will be the best choice to replace Kaeya and Barbara, and the extra position can allow Xiangling to play. Xiangling and Bannet's Pyro elemental resonance can increase team members' ATK by 25%, and her Guoba will leavea chili pepper which increases 10% ATK after the fire is over, who is the best offensive support. Otherwise, if you want to improve Razor's survivability, Noelle is a great choice.

    Classic Combo

    Start with Bannet's Q, hold his E to deal some pyro damage and leave - switch to Barbara, use her E - switch to Kaeya, use his E or Q(if energy full charged) to cause Cryo debuff - switch to Razor, first use his E, then active the elemental burst and use E again. Now you are facing the weakest enemy after the superconducting reaction, killing the enemy with a quick normal attack.

  • Genshin Impact Guide: The Location Of Anemo Hypostasis And The Way Of Defeating It

    Oct 27, 2020

    The attraction of Genshin Impact is its mysterious world, so when you encounter some powerful enemies, it makes sense. There are a series of deadly enemies in the game, which you need to face. Many enemies appear in the main story, and other enemies are wandering around the world, looking for something to fight. If you want to have some challenges, you can participate in some difficult battles, and you have to fight against different bosses.

    So far, some of the toughest and most unique boss battles are against the Hypostasis. These condensed-energy balls use special armor to block your' attacks. At the same time, they use different elements to dish out damage. One of them is Anemo Hypostasis, which will use Anemo to attack you. So how should you respond? This guide will tell you the specific way.

    The location of Anemo Hypostasis

    Anemo Hypostasis is located in Mondstadt. In the northern part of Mondstadt, Anemo Hypostasis awaits you in the Stormbearer Mountains. So you need to go there, and then you will see an arena where Anemo Hypostasis exists, as long as you get close to it, you can start a fight.

    Anemo Hypostasis will be a long and arduous fight, but once you defeat it, you will get rich rewards. Not only can you gain Adventure experience and some items, but also materials for upgrading Anemo-based characters.

    The best characters to deal with it

    For Anemo Hypostasis, you'd better not use the Traveler or other Anemo characters. Because their special attacks do not dish out much damage. So the following heroes are good choices.

    Fischl: As one of the best characters in the game, her ranged attacks can perfectly hit the core. Her Electro abilities can be well combined with other attacks.

    Amber: Her long-range fire attacks and Fischl's Electro attacks are a perfect match, which will deal a lot of damage to Hypostasis.

    Diluc: As a 5-star hero loved by players, his ability is beyond doubt. He can well combine the damage of Fischl Overload. In addition, having him and other fire users will increase the damage by 25%.

    Mona: She is one of the most powerful mages in Genshin Impact, and her AOE Hydro special is impressive. Combine her with the other three characters, and you can also dish out Electro-Charged or Vaporized states effects.

    How to defeat it

    Anemo Hypostasis has many different abilities, and can regain hit points when it is close to death. So, if you want to defeat it, you still need to spend some time and energy. The following is its attack modes:

    Crystalfly: Its first attack is to transform into a vast Crystalfly. And launch Anemo guts below. If you are standing right down at this moment, there is no doubt that you will be knocked down immediately. So, you need to dodge or, when it transforms, its core will fall to the ground, seize the opportunity and attack the core.

    Clap: Anemo transformation will pull its armor back before smashing it back together. At this time, you should dodge back and then rush in to attack the core or you use ranged attacks.

    Vacuum: Anemo Hypotasis will rush to you and launch its armor around you. This is to suck you to the core. So, during this time, you can stand in a circle and attack it as much as possible. However, eventually a violent Anemo attack will appear. Therefore, you need to be cautious at all times. The best way is to attack it a few times and then dodge, or you stand on the edge of the circle and shoot at it.

    Tornado: Hypostasis is completely immune before the end of the attack, so you should pay attention to avoiding attacks from it. It will launch tornadoes to you, although it can cause a lot of damage, the move is very slow, you can focus on this weakness and keep moving! Waiting for the moment the core falls from the sky, you can directly attack the core. Or wait for a gust of wind around the arena, through which you can collect nearby Anemo orbs!

    Shockwave: If you fail to collect all the orbs in time, you will face the shockwaves emitted from the remaining floating orbs. You can jump them over when they come, or ride the gusts of wind to avoid them.

    If you can collect everything, Anemo Hypostasis will go down forever. This is all the information about Anemo Hypostasis, hope to help you defeat it successfully.

    Now that you have mastered the method to defeat it, if you can have a 5-star hero to participate in this battle, it will greatly shorten your battle time and increase the chance of success. If you do not have enough luck to meet a 5-star hero, then go to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts. This must be the fastest way, and as the game develops, some 5-star heroes may become increasingly rare. So it is lucky to have Genshin Impact Accounts as early as possible.

  • Tricks and Tips About Genshin Impact: The Oceanid's Location and The Way To Defeat It

    Oct 20, 2020

    Over time, players have become more and more familiar with Genshin Impact. Perhaps most bosses are becoming easier for players to defeat, but there are still some tricky things in the game. One of them is Oceanid. It does bring players some challenges.

    If you have tried to explore the deeper content of Genshin Impact, then you should have also stumbled upon hidden bosses and some mysterious areas. You should also notice when looking for rare equipment and loot, there is a creature that avoids you, it is Hydro-wielding Oceanid.

    It is different from the other creatures in Genshin Impact, you cannot win by simply attacking it roughly. It is a mixture of sea angel and fish, composed of pure Hydro elements. It is because of this that it can not only successfully avoid your attacks, but also create some monsters made out of water for you. Therefore, you need to continue to defeat the sea monsters that follow until you subdue the Elite Boss.


    It is located in the center of a large lake to the east of Qingce Village. First, you need to go to Qingce Village located in Teyvat's southwestern Liyue Province. When you're getting close to Dawn Winery, then enter Liyue and continue to Wuwang Hill and Qingce Village. You will find Oceanid on the right.

    Rewards for defeating Oceanid

    If you defeat an Oceanid, you can get Varunada Lazurite shards and Cleansing Hearts. Also, there are rare Artifacts. Note that in order to obtain these rewards, you will have to sacrifice 40 Original Resin. When you reach a higher level, the rewards will also become better.

    The way to defeat it

    The basic premise of boss fight is that you need to defeat every wave of enemies as quickly as possible, otherwise Oceanid will release a more powerful blast. As time goes by, individual Hydro monsters will heal, so solving the individual monster at a time is the best way.

    When you defeat the monster, Oceanid will sink under the surrounding platform and your actions will be more difficult. But you have to do your best to upgrade your Hydro healer, Barbara. Because once you finish this Oceanid fight, the prediction will be much easier for you.

    The Oceanid is indeed a very tricky boss. If you want to get rid of its entanglement faster, it is a wise way to improve yourself quickly. Good equipment and good weapons are necessary. If you don't have much time to grind those, the most convenient way is to go to MMOWTS to buy cheap Genshin Impact Starter Accounts, which contain crystals or other items you need. MMOWTS also provides Accounts with 5 stars, which will undoubtedly save you a lot of time. You can directly use it to experience the most fun part of the game.

  • Genshin Impact: Tips For Finding Anemoculus

    Oct 16, 2020

    In Genshin Impact, players need to constantly explore and discover new things, which is also the core of this free game. Therefore, players need to constantly discover new weapons, resources, materials and other items during their journey. These items can help players improve their characters' skills. Moreover, this is also an indispensable item to complete some quests.

    Amenoculus is one of these important resources. Once these materials are obtained by the player, the player can give them to Ameno Statues, and then the player's Adventure Rank and stamina will be improved, and the player can even earn special currency like Ameno Sigils and Primogen. Considering the importance of Amenoculous, we will tell players how to collect different Amenoculous in Genshin Impact.

    Where to find

    In the first zone of Genshin Impact, there are 65 different Amenoculous. Although there are many of them, it is also difficult for players to find each one. Some of them may be hidden in different places on the map, and some will be within reach of the player. But Genshin Impact did not explain in detail how to obtain these Amenoculous.

    How to get

    First of all, when you get close to Amenoculous, you will find that a white cross shape appears on the minimap. This is the exact location of Amenoculous. You can go directly to that area and pay attention to the surroundings, even if you can't see it at a glance. But it must be not far away.

    This resource is generally located in hard-to-reach places. Most of the time, you need to climb high or jump from a building to glide to the Amenoculous. There are also some Amenoculous located above the water, which requires the player to freeze a walkway with a Cryo element to collect it.

    Amenoculous is indeed not easy to find, but as long as you are careful enough and good at observation, finding them is actually a piece of cake for you.

    In short, I hope this is helpful to you, and I hope you can get through all the difficulties in the game smoothly. If you are a new player of Genshin Impact, you are standing in the early stage of the game, you don't have any equipment while you want to quickly upgrade to experience the depth of the game. Then I suggest you buy Genshin Impact Accounts with five stars on MMOWTS, and there are many items in the account that you will need to use in the game later, which is simply a good deal. As a professional service provider, you can trust MMOWTS 100%. If you come to MMOWTS for the first time, you are still suspicious. You can try it with a small amount of money! Then you gonna love the services of MMOWTS.

  • Genshin Impact Guide For Starter: All Details About Platforms, Characters & Gameplay Basics

    Oct 15, 2020

    Genshin Impact is an open-world adventure game produced and released by MiHoYo. The game takes place in a fantasy world called "Teyvat" where the seven elements flow and converge. You are gonna save the relatives who have been captured with your teammates. Here is something you need to know before starting the game.


    For now, Genshin Impact can be played on PC, PS4, IOS and Android devices. And it supports three-platform collaborative cross-play, but only PC and IOS share the cross-save function.


    One of the main features of this game is a team of four characters, and quickly swap between them to perform element combination attacks or use their unique strengths in combats.

    Each character will have a basic attack, a charge up attack, an elemental skill and an elemental burst. They can also use swords, 2-handed claymore, bows or magic catalysts. There are already more than 20 characters in the game, and you will find many different combinations of weapons and elements. If you want to make your team more perfect, you need to carefully choose the character you want to use.

    Summoning more rare characters requires the power of Wishes. This will cost you a special currency that is difficult to find. If you dont have much time to find currency, you can choose to go to MMOWTS to purchase Genshin Impact Accounts, which contains a lot of currency you need, which will save you a lot of time.

    Gameplay Basics

    Once you reach the town of Monstandt, you will get a glider! It allows you to safely land from a high place, or perform falling elemental attacks on enemies.

    The early combats are relatively simple, but you have to prepare for future combats with stronger bosses - this is the place where the characters swapping and the elemental combos, which is crucial. Some of your enemies may be resistant to some types of elements. At this time, you need to switch to a different character to attack the enemies. What is impressive is that using multiple elements to continuously attack the enemies will produce some unexpected results. For example, using the freezing Cryo and windy Anemo skills will summon a blizzard effect and completely break the enemy's defense. Awesome!

    The early stage of the game will be somewhat boring, because your character does not have the ability to meet greater challenges, so if you want to quickly equip your character to start a more wonderful adventure, I suggest you go to MMOWTS to buy cheap Genshin Impact Accounts. It contains a lot of currency you need. Because it is an account transaction, some players may be worried that there is a certain risk, but MMOWTS can guarantee the safety of each account, and all the items in the account are handmade by real people and are 100% legal.

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