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Mihoyo has prepared a lot of things for Genshin Impact players, including new playable characters. Fans seem to have been interested in Ayaka since December last year, but Mihoyo did not hint that she would join the popular gacha game. Interestingly, a lot of information about this character has been leaked, including her release date and other details.

Ayaka release date

Ayaka first appeared in the game during the closed beta. But at the current position, most of the characters in the game are released through updates. Many fans associate the arrival of Ayala with the launch of the Inazuma area. Based on this speculation, Ayaka may appear in the 1.6 update released sometime in June.

This rumor is based on the fact that Princess of the Kamisato House is an important figure in the Inazuma Electro Area. In the closed beta, fans learned that Ayaka is a 5-star Cryo user and her weapon is swords. Other characters appearing with her will be based on the Inazuma area.

This may include:

 Hydro Catalyst Mimi

 Anemo Claymore user Sayu 

Anemo sword user Kazuha

Of course, this is not official news about Ayaka, and until now Mihoyo is still tight-lipped about her arrival.

Ayaka skills

Her elemental skill is Hyouka, which allows her to release the ice around herself. In the process, she will cause cryo damage and knockdown nearby enemies.

Her elemental burst is Soumetsu, where she can unleash a bladestorm with her sword skills.

Dealing cryo damage to all enemies and cause damage over a while. When the damage over time is finally triggered, it will explode and cause extra AOE cryo damage.

Ayaka also uses Sprint Ability, which reveals the flowing sleet concealed with her. It allows her to move on the surface of the water at an amazing speed. As for her attacks, her normal attacks show her executing 5 quick attacks.

At the same time, her charged attack consumes stamina and releases a series of rapid steam attacks, while her Plunging attack causes AOE damage.

So it seems to have to wait a long time for Ayaka to join your team, but there are still some new content waiting for you in the game. The recently released Hu Tao also attracted many fans. If you haven't got her in the game, you can buy Genshin Impact Accounts with her on MMOWTS.

In addition, if there are any 5-star heroes you like, you can find them on MMOWTS. As for some Starter Accounts, they are also available on MMOWTS.

Mar 11, 2021
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