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  • World Of Warcraft Classic: How To Reach Max Level Only Through Killing Boars?

    May 21, 2020

    As a nostalgic game, Blizzard did not add a 120-level cap to World of Warcraft Classic, but the maximum of 60, which means that players only need less time to reach the maximum, but each level they upgrade creates more difficult challenges than the old game.

    In each game of World of Warcraft series, the upgrade is related to many aspects, such as completing daily tasks, defeating monsters, gaining XP, leveling up equipment, etc. Surely, if you only want to upgrade in a single way, it would be a very long process, especially in World of Warcraft Classic.

    However, there was a video with high traffic on YouTube recently, showing that Dr Five who has reached max level of World of Warcraft Classic with a character, and in the entire process, he did only one thing, killing boars.

    This has been tried by other players when they spent a lot of time killing countless low-level boars in Elwynn Forest and making their own characters stronger, but their bodies have also deteriorated a lot.

    In order to prove that this is feasible, Dr Five did the same work, leveling up from 1-60 through only killing the boars, fortunately, he has gotten it, and this did not cause much harm to his body.

    According to statistics, in 9 days and 18 hours, Dr Five killed more than 10,000 boars and accumulated a large amount of XP to reach the maximum level. Even so, ordinary WOW Classic players will never advocate upgrading in this way, because in this game, it will be extremely difficult to get XP again after you always work repeatedly for a certain number of times.

    In order to upgrade quickly, WOW Classic Gold is also essential to purchase advanced equipment. While Blizzard does not allow too many players to trade gold in WOW Classic, players can still get from many marketplaces outside the game to give the characters a boost, such as, which is an honest store to sell all kinds of MMORPG virtual currency and equipment.

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  • WoW Shadowlands expansion: Level cap will return to 60

    Nov 04, 2019

    Players who have reached max level at modern WoW will be reduced to level 50 and will be upgraded to level 60 as they gradually experience new extensions.

    Blizzard revealed a lot of new information about well-known IP on BlizzCon 2019, such as the latest expansion of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. For the players, the good news is that in the new expansion, the level cap will be compressed, they can more easily rise to max level and experience the end-game content of the game. For players who have reached the max level, Blizzard's measure is to compress its level to 50, and provide enough experience in the new content to level up to 60.

    In the Shadowlands, when players enter the game with a new level 1 character, they will be born in a brand new area. There will be a variety of NPCs in the area that will guide you, and will also provide you with a wealth of tasks to help you understand the basics and core systems of World of Warcraft. When you reach level 10, you can travel to the new area and officially begin your adventure. In the process, you need to work hard to raise your character to level 50. Once the mission is complete, you can head to the development of the core area - Shadowlands and experience the most interesting content in the game.

    World of Warcraft was first released in 2004. The game has undergone several updates and expansions in more than a decade, and each time a new development is released, the level cap of the character is upgraded. In the expansion of Azeroth, the player's level cap was raised to 120, and many players expressed dissatisfaction with this. A higher level cap means you have to spend more time upgrading your character level to experience the most interesting end-game content such as team raid. To make matters worse, Blizzard did not provide enough high-level skills and leveling rewards for players, which made the upgrade fun a lot less.

    If you're not familiar with WoW, a level squish simply means changing the way a player's power scales as they earn experience and gain new levels. With the reduced level cap, it will now be easier to reach endgame content like raiding and players won't have to spend as much time questing in older zones. It'll also help Blizzard balance and adjust character stats a little better.