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As one of the essential mechanisms of MMORPG, achievements can not only visually present the game progress to players but also motivate players to continue to improve in the game. So for Lost Ark players, unlocking achievements is also an important part of the game.

Players will also be given corresponding titles after completing achievements. To a certain extent, obtaining these titles means recognition of your patience and ability, and it can bring a series of rewards such as Lost Ark Gold and gear.

Here is our list of three achievements that players consider to be difficult to unlock, and which may require more attention when we are facing with their challenges:

1. Invincible Army - Clear Chaos Gate without anyone dying.

This achievement is undoubtedly the one that needs to be placed first, as it is the most difficult achievement in Lost Ark to complete. As a fierce multi-boss raid, Chaos Gate has very high randomness, and players cannot predict what kind of boss they will encounter, so it is very difficult to survive in this environment.

But it is not impossible to improve the possibility of completing it. Players need to choose the way of team fighting as much as possible. The friends and guild partners gathered to coordinate the battle will make the achievement of this achievement more likely.

2. Survival Expert - Clear 20 Abyss Raids Without Using Battle Items.

As a challenging and fun game mode, Abyss Raid has been popular with players since its release. Reaching the achievement of Survival Expert requires players to defeat the Raid boss many times without Battle Items, which is a test of players' patience and practical ability.

However, there are also a small number of players who are familiar with the mechanism of Abyss Raid and use the consumables dropped during the use of the strategy to strengthen it. After many attempts, they unlocked this achievement.

3. Boss Hunter: Expert - Defeat Field Bosses: Black Chicking, White Chicking, True Batuark, Gorka Grosse, Savnak, Erasmo.

One of the reasons why the Lost Ark is famous is that it is full of various monsters and bosses. Unlocking the Boss Hunter: Expert achievement seems like a good goal for players keen to beat bosses.

This achievement requires players to defeat six wild bosses located in different regions, and defeating them all requires players to work hard. And they all randomly generate speed when starting a match, so luck may be the key to making this match easier or not.

All in all, these achievements are relatively difficult to unlock because they require multiple attempts by the player to complete them, but it is this challenging task that makes us have fun in Lost Ark.

You can learn more by visiting Stay tuned.

Jul 09 ,2022

Amazon Game announced the April and May update plans for Lost Ark, including two new playable classes. The majority of players are looking forward to the upcoming update.

This update will introduce two new classes. One of them coming out in April, is Glaivier, a female character who fights with a polearm. Glaivier is set to switch freely between two poses, a flurry stance using a spear and a focus stance with the longer glaive. And Glaivier can create a balance between the two stances to maximize their potential, along with summoning whirlwinds and teleportation.

Another new class launched in April is the new continent, South Vern. Lost Ark set it up as a "once barren land" but now a "water-rich and green pasture" place. This will be the second level 3 continent in the game, with many new characters and unknown quests waiting for players to explore, players need to reach level 1340 to go to South Vern.

In May, Lost Ark will launch a weekly activity called Trial Guardian Raids, where players' item levels will be adjusted according to different combat targets. In addition, Lost Ark will also launch the first Legion Raid plan which is called Valtan.

This update develops a way to level up new characters to high levels, players need to provide the Feiton power pass for level 960 gear to level up your new Glaivier or any other character, in addition to that, you can also directly buy Lost Ark Gold and use them to upgrade, MMOWTS have sufficient Gold inventory, we can provide you cheap high-quality service at any time, Looking forward to your contact with us!

Apr 08 ,2022

The popular game that has sparked a lot of discussion among players recently - Lost Ark is undoubtedly the brightest star. You re going to play a young man looking for Ark, as you progress towards your goal, you will grow up and become a powerful hero to constantly fight against demonic legions. As a free-to-play game, you can experience its amazing fighting styles and cinematic story, which is why this game has managed to accumulate millions of active players and fans.

In a free-to-play game, currency is very important, because there are strict limits on various transactions in the game. Whether you want to buy items from the in-game store, other players, or NPC merchants, you need to use a specific currency to complete the transaction. The same goes for Lost Ark, of which there are four main currencies - Royal Crystals, Crystals, Gold and Silver. We are talking today is Lost Ark Gold, so I'll skip the other three currencies and just tell you some important things to know about it.

The most important use of Gold is to buy gear, as well you can use it to reforge gear and buy consumable items. Early in the game, if you get injured in battle, use gold to buy potions and use them to quickly recover health. When you reach the endgame phase, the real adventure begins as well. You need to pursue more powerful gear and higher attributes. It is the most convenient choice to use gold to buy the items you need from other players or the auction house. Not only that, but in order to keep the in-game economy stable, developers also levy taxes on in-game gold transactions. The above factors make Lost Ark Gold become the most important currency in the game, and mastering the method of obtaining gold quickly is the key to improving the quality of life.

Similar to most MMO games, in Lost Ark you can earn gold using these common methods: sell items other players need and are rare on the market at a high price for a profit, which may be limited items sold by merchants or useful items that you craft yourself; participate in as many raid and dungeon teams in the game as you can, you'll find some gold in secret rooms, and you can also sell rare loot for some gold; by completing daily and weekly Una quests, you will earn points, exchange them for tokens, and then use these tokens to buy items that net you gold.

Almost all players can learn these methods, but it will take a long time for them to play a sufficient role. Your most important mission at early stage is to level up and improve your stats, if you want to accumulate wealth quickly, my suggestion is to buy cheap and safe Lost Ark Gold from MMWOTS. - Best Lost Ark Gold Seller

There are plenty of 3rd party sites, but none are as reliable as MMOWTS is a professional in-game service provider with rich experience, dedicated to providing the safest products and best services. And our service scope has covered Lost Ark Gold trading - with the support of 24-hour online service, you are able to visit MMOWTS and place your order at any time. In order to further improve service quality and become the best partner and helper for customers, MMOWTS keeps making progress:

100% safe - both the product and the buying process

MMOWTS always puts the user's account and information security first. MMOWTS only cooperates with real players to provide Lost Ark Gold inventory. The gold you buy in MMOWTS is obtained manually, which will not adversely affect your gaming experience. The professional delivery team knows how to avoid the risk of gold trading, so you don't have to worry about any penalty from the game. In addition, MMOWTS promises that all your personal information is only used for the order verification process and is strictly protected.

Reasonable prices help every user save money

Since its foundation, MMOWTS has been known for its low prices and rick stock. We are able to do this primarily because of our Lost Ark Gold Farmers team. The team includes not only our staffs, but also real person players. The advantage is that users can get the cheapest gold on the market in all realms.

Fast delivery is the base of service quality

Many players will encounter such a situation: they find that a player is selling the item they want, but they don’t have enough gold. They choose to buy gold from a third-party website and expect the order to be delivered quickly, otherwise the item may be bought by other players. We understand that players want to receive gold as soon as possible, so MMOWTS has formed a professional delivery team. According to statistics, the average delivery time of orders is within 15 minutes, and you can receive your Lost Ark Gold within 3 minutes at the earliest.

Become a registered member of MMOWTS now, and you can also get higher additional discounts while increasing your VIP level. The fully upgraded MMOWTS is very easy to use, and you can easily Buy Lost Ark Gold with your mobile phone and PC. Now is the best time to visit MMOWTS if you need the service!

Mar 16 ,2022

If you finished the main story in Lost Ark and fully leveled up your first character, then you may want to level up another character in less time, this is where the Power Pass will help you. MMOWTS will introduce Power Pass in detail.

The Power Pass is a rare consumable that, once used, allows the character to reach level 50 through a short story retelling.

Where to get a Power Pass?

You can only earn Power Passes by putting in the effort. You'll earn your first Power Pass by completing Lost Ark's main quest, which concludes ‘Ealyn's Gift’ mission in North Vern. The game will automatically send you a Power Pass token, which you can find in the in-game mailbox. After that, you need to give the token to the character you want to power level and let them use it.

Once you've used the first pass, the game will send a second Power Pass to your mailbox, which will be the last one for now. Because Lost Ark limits each account to only 2 Power Pass.

How does a Power Pass work?

The Power Pass is a free boost item, but it doesn't work the same way as other similar items. The Power Pass will unlock the Adventurers Path, which is an optional, expedited quest chain that will help you to get the max level. As you make your way down the path, the game takes you through the abridged retelling of Lost Ark's main story without cutscenes and grind.

Quests will give you the ins and outs of your character's class, and when Adventurer's Path is complete, you'll be rewarded with gear that matches the endgame content.

The upgrade system used by Lost Ark requires more and more materials to get a chance to upgrade successfully. If the upgrade fails, you need to farm more materials to try again, but if you have enough Lost Ark Gold, it is also easy to be finished.

Anytime you encounter difficulties, you can come to MMOWTS for help, we not only provide cheap Lost Ark Gold but also provide fast delivery to ensure you have a good gaming experience.

Feb 15 ,2022
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