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  • WOW Shadowland 9.1: Which Are The Best Mage Spec?

    Jul 05, 2021

    The mage spec in WOW Shadowlands 9.1 is very clear. Mages are now in a wonderful position because of their three specs: Arcane, Frost, and Fire. They are all viable in their own right.

    If you want to play fully optimized and pump out the most damage your class provides, then Arcane will be the way to go. Currently, Arcane is slightly better than Frost in raw numbers. Frost is behind Arcane and Fire is under their blue brothers, but it can still dish out good damage.

    If you are not concerned about full optimization, then any of these three specs are a good choice. In terms of gameplay, it depends on your preference for these three specs.

    This is a challenging but rewarding spec with Arcane. This is one of the few remaining specs in the game, where Mana management is even just a concept. Frost is very simple but streamlined and fun to play, so it can provide players with a good gaming experience. At the same time, Fire has burst Windows, even if cooldowns overlap and become a little awkward at times.

    Mages are in an excellent position in the team, all three specs are viable options to bring in all forms of content, but Arcane is the best of the three.

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  • WOW Shadowlands Patch 9.1: How To Unlock Flying?

    Jul 01, 2021

    WOW Shadowlands patch 9.1, also known as The Chains of Domination, is now released. It will introduce many changes, including allowing players to unlock the ability to fly, as well as various catch-up mechanics for players who are behind in content such as Soul Ash. Simply put, "alt" refers to a character that your adventures as in addition to a "main" or full-time class. Blizzard previously promised that Shadowlands will have an alt-friendly expansion, but it has not been fully implemented. Grinding Torghast and Anima and Renown Levels with the Covenant system has proven to be very time-consuming.

    WOW is related to the long power curve of character progression, because the community has been asking for players to keep up with multiple classes without completely falling behind the pack. Patch 9.1 hopes to change some unforgiving aspects of grind, allowing greater exploration of many classes and specializations in the game. Before you enter 9.1, you need to know some changes in The Chains of Domination:

    * The new Raid Sanctum of Domination

    * A new Mythic+ rating system

    * The ability to unlock Flying

    * Arena Season 2

    * Increased Renown drop chance

    * Increased Soul Ash drop chance as well as the ability to select a token from the Great Vault that will grant more Soul Ash

    How to unlock the ability to fly?

    To start flying in The Chains of Domination, you need to increase your Covenant Renown level to 40, which is also Renown cap until 9.1. In 9.1, you will need to complete a new set of Covenant campaign chapters. At Renown level 44, Covenant campaign chapter 4 will be available. This chapter is called The Last Sigil. Also, this chapter will only unlock in the second week of the content update. At the end of this questline, the game will reward you with a consumable named "Memories of Sunless Skies".

    This pathway is different from the previous expansion. In the previous expansion, you need to grind out the Pathfinder achievement to unlock the flying. Once the Last Sigil is completed and the consumable is used, you will get the Expert Riding Skill and this will allow flying Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth.

    This patch also brings the additional cosmetic reward of Covenant flying mounts. These mounts are at Renown level 45 and Renown level 70. Necrolord players at Renown 45 can get Maldraxxian Corpsefly Harness.

    At Renown 45 Night Fae can earn Ardenweald Wilderling Harness and at the same Renown level Kyrian gets Elysian Aquilon. At Renown 45 the Venthyr gets Sinfall Gravewing.

    These mounts look very attractive. All ground mounts can now be used in Maw, which should be a huge relief because there is really no way for classes without shapeshifting ability to travel around in this area, unless grind is a time-consuming Maw-specific mount.

    Elysian aquilons, majestic wolf serpents, colorful corpseflies, awakened stoneborn are all popular content.

    Now WOW players will become busy again, and the new content will also make players excited. If you are a WOW player, you can now enjoy the new content. MMOWTS will also continue to update WOW-related info, and will pay attention to some hot topics, so that you can know the latest news.

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  • WOW TBC Classic: How To Get Hunter Tier 0 Set?

    Jun 25, 2021

    If you want to get the Hunter tier 0 set, you need to meet some conditions, which are mainly obtained through specific drops. So MMOWTS will provide more specific information, including the pieces you need to get and the bonuses you will get. These are the items you need to have in order to obtain the Hunter T0 set.

    The Tier 0 pieces

    All of the classes in the main part of each set are the same.

    For the leggings, you need a drop from the Baron Rivendare of Stratholme, the helmet from the Darkmaster Gandling in Schlomance, and then the chest from the General Drakkisath of the Blackrock Peak.

    For Hunter pieces, you need 8 in total. Each piece is obtained from the WOW boss, first is Darkmaster Gandling, you will be able to get Beastalker's Cap from it. Next is Beastalker's Mantle, which you can loot from Overlord Wyrmthalak in LBRS, and then by the Tunic from General Drakkisath in UBRS.

    You can get Beastalker’s Bindings from Ravenous Ghoul in Stratholme and Beastalker’s Boots from Nerub’enkan.

    You can also get Beastalker’s Belt from Smolderthorn Headhunter.

    Bonus set

    With Hunter, the attack power can increase your Agility and Strength. Each time you gain an Agility point, your attack power will increase by 2. More importantly, you will also see an increase in your chance of hitting critical strikes. 53 Agility points are required to get a 1% critical.

    T0 set will generate some very interesting statistics. For bonuses, you can expect 20+ strength and 138+ Agility. At the same time, your Stamina increases by +90, intellect and spirit increase by +48 and +78, and finally, you Armor will reach 2047, so this set will make you a very powerful force.

    As for the set bonus, it will depend on how many pieces you actually own. These bonuses are divided into four parts: 2, 4, 6, 8.

    With 2 pieces of the set, you will get +200 armor. With 4 pieces, you will get +40 attack power. With 6, your normal ranged attacks have a higher chance of getting 200 mana restoration. If you get 8, you will see a +8 increase for all Resistances.

    So there are many benefits to get the entire Hunter T0 set, so it is not easy to get. But once you have all the sets, you will understand the benefits they bring to you, and you will be raiding with your team as a key player at any time.

    In the process of obtaining this set, sufficient TBC Classic Gold is an important guarantee for a good gaming experience. Before you take the time to collect WOW TBC Classic Gold, you should consider enjoying the raid. It is best to enter the game before level 60. Now players should be fully immersed in the game, so few players are willing to spend time farming TBC Gold in the game, so buy TBC Classic Gold is more popular.

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  • MH Rise Guide: Where To Hunt Down And Farm Novacrystal?

    Apr 12, 2021

    If you are a player of Monster Hunter Rise and are looking for relevant game news or guides, then MMOWTS will provide all the details about MH Rise. This article will show you how to farm Novacrystal effectively.

    About Novacrystal

    Novacrystal is a High-Rank resource used for various weapons and armors, so it is a wise choice to always store it in advance. Once you reach a higher rank, you should consider farming these resources.

    We will introduce the specific locations of Novacrystal in detail and tell you how to collect as many things as possible.

    Where to find Novacrystal?

    Novacrystal is a hard-to-obtain resource. Part of the reason is that you can only find it in high-rank quests. If you do not start a high-rank quest, then no matter what you do, Novacrystal will not appear. If you haven't been able to unlock high-rank quests, you can only focus on unlocking them for now.

    Novacrystal location

    If you are already in the High Rank, you can start to get some Novacrystals. Novacrystal will be spawned from mining nodes in Flooded Forest, but as a rare item, Novacrystals are very rare when coming from blue nodes. When coming from white nodes, there will be a little more common. White nodes will be more difficult to find but will provide better rewards.

    How to farm?

    Carry out high-rank quests or adventures in Flooded Forest. The first is the white mining node. It is much easier to get there from the Flooded Forest sub camp, so you can go there quickly.

    Next are the blue nodes, but they are unlikely to provide Novacrystal, but they are easy to find and mine.

    Two white nodes and one blue node are hidden in the upper levels of the large temple. You can climb to the entrance room by using your wirebugs and sprinting on the walls. To open the top door of the temple, you need to use a Large Barrel Bomb!

    If you want to mine Novacrystal more efficiently, you need to use the Geologist skill, which allows you to mine from the ore nodes several times.

    Novacrystal mining locations

    * Flooded Forest - White Mining Nodes

    * Flooded Forest - Blue Mining Nodes

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  • MMOWTS is always your best friend!

    Mar 12, 2021

    As a professional third-party game service provider website, our goal is to provide all users with the best shopping experience. However, due to various unexpected circumstances, our team is occasionally unable to complete your order in the most ideal way. If this troubles you, we hereby extend our sincerest apologies to you.

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    Mar 12, 2021

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  • A whole new version MMOWTS page is now published!

    Jan 18, 2021

    The new version of MMOWTS has been officially launched, and you are welcome to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience on our new themed website!

    We focused on optimizing the speed of the website and the features of the shopping cart. As well as the classification and arrangement of products, it is easier for customers to preview the product list and reduce the order process to a certain extent. The new page has been officially launched.

    When you open, if you find that the layout and theme of the website have changed, don't be surprised and don't worry, you are visiting the right page at the moment, which just means that the new MMOWTS page is online.

    At the same time, we also welcome you to give more suggestions to MMOWTS, we will continue to optimize other modules of the website, our team will try our best to do our best, thank you for your support.

    MMOWTS Team

  • How to run an ESO account for beginners?

    Oct 18, 2019

    Even if you are a beginner, you have to figure out that you can't play the game without an ESO account, you need one when playing and purchasing. Of course, creating an account is so simple that you just need to provide some basic personal information such as nationality, email and password, which will become the only evidence of the game progress. But as for beginners, they don't know how to run the account better, it represents your specific performance in the Elder Scrolls Online, so you must try to do it.

    Your ESO account is related to your characters, classes, equipment, and even gold, you need to manage all of them, especially gold, which is one of the main elements in determining your outcome. Put it simply, running your account is the process of earning and spending ESO Gold.

    After all, the ESO account for sale is not allowed by now, you can't buy time once and for all, so you have to rely on your hard work or farming to achieve your goals.

    An ESO account with enough ESO Gold will make the game easier, and there are many obvious methods to get gold quickly, such as farming or trading.

    Throughout ESO, you have to complete a lot of challenges and quests, during the process, you can collect a lot of materials for crafting, or you can sell them to others in exchange for Gold. Everywhere you go to has a lot of materials, dungeon, forest and so on, this is really a good opportunity to make money, but it is best to figure out the value of the in-game items in advance, and then sell them out with only a bit higher price than its value to get a small profit, otherwise no one will come to trade with any more.

    You don't always need what you get, but for beginners, you don't always get what you need. In ESO, there isn't a centralized market for you to trade, and you can buy goods from others. Of course, you can also sell your extra items until you have successfully become a member of a trading guild. Until then, your trading channel will be much simpler.

    Besides, go fishing! It is also a good way to make money, there are 12 rare trophy fish in different zones of ESO. Whenever you successfully catch a fish, you will get the corresponding achievements. For example, when you caught a bluefish, it will appear on your list of items, selling these rare loots to anyone, it can be exchanged for hundreds of gold. For example, a rare bluefish is priced with 110 gold.

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