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  • Genshin Impact 2.4 Redeem Codes

    Dec 27, 2021

    On the 26th, Genshin Impact released special news about the 2.4 version of Genshin Impact and announced the official version of the 2.4 version, as well as new codes for free Primigems, which will expire soon in a few hours. So don't hesitate, redeem them as soon as possible. MMOWTS has collected all codes you need.

    New Genshin Impact 2.4 stream Primogems codes

    * SA7V2DRZGAU5 – 100 Primogems, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore

    * PSNVJURZZSD9 – 100 Primogems, 5 Hero’s Wit

    * 5SPDKV8ZHBFV – 100 Primogems, 50,000 Mora

    Each code will provide you with 100 Primogems and more items, please make sure to redeem them before they expire. You can check the countdown by clicking here.

    Mihoyo Japan confirmed that the redemption page is unstable due to high traffic, which affects players who log in via Twitter. If you still cannot redeem the codes, don't panic, you can try again in a few minutes. If the situation continues to get worse, the deadlines for these codes may be extended.

    How to redeem codes?

    For PC and Mobile

    You can redeem the codes on the gift redeem page of Genshin Impact's official website. Make sure to choose the correct server! If you choose the wrong server, you will not be able to transfer Primogems rewards from one server to another.

    You can also use the redeem function in the game by entering the Settings menu, then entering the Account menu, and selecting Redeem Code.

    For PS4/5

    PS4/5 players can use the redeem function directly in the game. It's also in the Settings menu, in the Account section.

    Go and collect your reward now. With the arrival of new content, you can also check MMOWTS more to find some helpful game guides and directly come here to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with characters you like.

  • Genshin Impact: Mihoyo Debuted A New Trailer Featuring New Character

    Dec 11, 2021

    At the 2021 Game Awards, Mihoyo released a new game trailer, which means that Genshin Impact will introduce more new characters, including Gorou, Arataki Itto, Naganohara Yoimiya, and Sanganomiya Kokomi. The trailer mainly shows Gorou and Itto, who will appear in the 2.3 Update, which is December 15th. MMOWTS selected some of the most fascinating parts of the trailer.

    2 major things in the trailer

    A New Boss

    In the trailer, four characters, especially Gorou and Itto, are fighting an unfamiliar boss type enemy. It is a flying serpent with a wolf-like head. Its black and gold colors strongly imply that it will be a Geo-type boss. So it is understandable that two characters were dealing with him. If it is a new Geo enemy, then it will be the third Geo boss in the game, and the other two are Geo Hypostasis and Primo Geovishap.

    Yun Jin

    Another special content is in the second half of the trailer, which shows a girl with dark hard, and red makeup slowly looking towards the camera. Obviously, she is Yun JIn, but we don't know more information about her.

    Her official profile picture was initially shared on Genshin Impact's INS account on November 22. That article revealed some background stories and personality, as well as Yun Jin's vision type and appearance.

    Yun Jin, aka Stage Lucida, is a Geo character with a polearm. She comes from Liyue Harbor and is also the director of Yun-Han Opera Troupe. In addition, she seems to have musical and vocal talents, so some fans wonder if she is similar to Barbara.

    Both Gorou and Itto are Geo, so Yun Jin will be the 7th Geo Vision holder to join the game, which makes Geo more common than Anemo and Hydro. As always, once new characters are added to the game, they will also be available on MMOWTS, so if you want to get heroes to join your team faster, it is the best choice to buy Genshin Impact Accounts from MMOWTS. There are many Genshin Impact Accounts providers, but accounts with such a low price on MMOWTS are rare, so buying the characters you need here will definitely save you a lot of money.

  • Genshin Impact: When Will Shenli Appear In The Game?

    Sep 23, 2021

    Genshin Impact will always release updates regularly, so new playable characters have become players' expectations. In many ways, these new characters are more exciting than stories and events. Now, fans have begun to look forward to the arrival of the Genshin Impact 2.1 version. As always, before the new version is released, there will always be some leaks, hinting that some new characters are coming, and Shenli has become a hot topic of recent discussions.

    Under normal circumstances, characters will be leaked to Genshin Impact before appearing in the game, these leaks surfaced on the Internet through the datamines or closed betas Mihoyo developers usually hosts before the new version update. Recently, Mihoyo has also promoted the role in advance of the special program livestreams, such as sharing images and information of Baal, Sara and Kokomi.

    Before livestream in version 2.2, images and information about Thoma were also shared. So far, no news about Shenli has been leaked.

    Shenli was one of the 8 leaked characters in the datamining efforts of Genshin Impact fans last year. She is believed to be a Cryo user. In addition, she may be a 5-star character, and her weapon is the claymore.

    Recently, some well-known Genshin Impact leakers stated that they believe Shenli will appear in the game. So recently, people's interest in Shenli has heated up here, but so far, this role has not been confirmed for a long time, at least it will not appear in Genshin Impact in the short term.

    She is also a Liyue character. As the game center gradually shifts to the Inazuma area, the possibility of her appearing in Banner now increases. So now fans are looking forward to seeing Shenli in version 2.3 Update.

    Many characters from the same datamine as Shenli (Hu Tao and Rosaria) have been added to the game, so once the current roster or Inazuma's character is cleared out, Shenli will be the next one.

    Genshin Impact players do not seem to be bored, because new content is always appearing one after another. Once new content appears in the game, you will be able to come to MMOWTS to find some relevant game guidance in time.

    And MMOWTS will always provide Genshin Impact Accounts with new heroes as soon as possible. As long as you want to get your favorite heroes in a short time, then come MMOWTS to buy is the fastest way. After all, getting heroes through the Wish system in the game is big gambling.

  • Genshin Impact: Baal Is Perfect For Energy Dependent Teams

    Aug 23, 2021

    The latest trailer for Genshin Impact 2.1 version showcases upcoming content and new character banners. The first banner looks like featuring Inazuma’s Electro Archon - Baal. Join Venti and Zhongli as one of the playable Archons in Genshin Impact. Baal will be another powerful character with enough flexibility in team composition.

    Who is Baal?

    If you have experienced the main story of Inazuma, you may have encountered Baal. Baal oversees the region and is a terrifying, almost tyrannical ruler with her Vision Hunt Decree. Raiden Shogun is so far one of the most hyped character banners in Inazuma.

    She suppressed people by seizing their visions, which is enough to prove that she is terrifying. And she is connected with many characters such as Kazuha, Ayaka and Kokomi because these characters have motivations to stop her. With the 2.1 update, the story may revolve around Baal, by then you will discover her motivation for action.

    Baal’s attack patterns

    She has 5 consecutive slashes, and she is the only 5-star polearm user with 5 attack patterns instead of 6. Her mediocre multipliers emphasize that her role is to support or quick-swap DPS.

    Baal’s elemental skill and burst

    Elemental Skill - Transcendence: Baledull Omen: It deals AOE Electro damage to nearby opponents and at the same time gives teammates a buff.

    Elemental burst - Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu: It deals AOE Electro damage, allowing her to wield her tachi in battle. When Baal swings her tachi, she will infuse her standard, charged and plunging attacks with Electro damage that cannot be overridden.

    Baal’s playstyle

    Baal's kit is designed around the energy recharge and firing off the elemental bursts of team members. Although Baal's average multiplier limits her in the main DPS role, she has more flexibility. Perhaps this will be one of the reasons for her popularity.

    Baal as a 5-star character will be difficult to obtain, so if you don’t get her the first time, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with her.

    The price of products on MMOWTS is lower than the market price, which is one of the reasons why many players choose to come to MMOWTS to buy the items they need. And if you are lucky enough to catch up with the discounts, then you will get the items you want at a lower price.

  • Genshin Impact 2.1 Beta: What Can We Expect?

    Aug 10, 2021

    Genshin Impact’s new content updates are always very attractive to players. Before the release of the 2.0 Inazuma update, Mihoyo announced the 2.1 beta test. At present, some content of the 2.1 Update has been leaked. MMOWTS also collected some related leaks.

    The new playable character is undoubtedly an important content in Genshin Impact. Since testing, the skills and talents of upcoming playable characters such as Sara, Kokomi, and Raiden Shogun (Baal) have surfaced. Further leaks indicated that Baal and Sara were Banners at the beginning of the 2.1 version, and Kokomi was added to Genshin Impact halfway through the update.


    In addition to the new playable characters, some of the latest leaks for 2.1 fishing will be added to Genshin Impact. This is the logical next step after adding houses in Serenitea Pot and then adding gardening/farming mechanisms in July. In Genshin Impact, the non-combat aspect is more like a life simulator-like game. Inazuma is an island nation, so the fishing mechanics is an interesting addition.

    Fatui Harbingers

    Fatui Harbingers is another factor that attracts attention. At present, they are quiet in Inazuma, but they are expected to make a major return in the next update. According to the leaked news, La Signora is the new weekly boss of Genshin Impact 2.1, which may be best illustrated. Her attacks and moves are based on Cryo and Pyro elements, similar to the Childe combat seen in the game before.

    It is rumored that Inazuma's new areas will also be opened in version 2.1, but it has not been confirmed yet. Mihoyo may host a Genshin Impact 2.1 Livestream soon to provide fans with official confirmation of the next update.

    No matter what new playable characters will appear, you will buy the corresponding Genshin Impact Accounts on MMOWTS. This is very convenient for players, because five-star characters are very difficult to obtain in the game, and for those who are impatient players, buy Genshin Impact Accounts is the fastest way.

  • Genshin Impact: Where To Get The Parametric Transformer?

    Jul 07, 2021

    Recently, Mihoyo continues to innovate very interesting content for Genshin Impact. With the continuous development of the game, more and more items appeared, and they all ensured the gameplay.

    One of them is the Parametric Transformer, which was introduced in the release of Patch 1.3 in February. The advantages of this artifact have proven to be very useful, and the big value is waiting for players who use this new artifact correctly. So MMOWTS will introduce the details of this artifact and show you how to deploy this Parametric Transformer.

    Where to get Parametric Transformer?

    You can get the artifact via the "Tianqiu Treasure Trail" quest. This quest was provided by Lan, the Branch Master of Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue, and you can find it next to Katheryne’s reception area. In addition, your Adventure Rank needs to reach 31.

    How to use it?

    This artifact is used to combine upgrade materials to obtain new materials. Once the mission is completed, you can find this transformer in your inventory. After selection, it can be displayed on any part of the map so you can interact with it.

    Once activated, you can select the materials you want to exchange. The rarer the material you choose, the higher the rewards you will get. The Parametric Transformer takes common or rare items up to the value of 150 points. It then transforms these items into 5 to 10 bundles of items.

    You need an elemental attack to charge the Parametric Transmitter, so you need to use a hero with a catalyst. Note that the Genshin Impact artifact can only be used once a week.


    * Mora

    * Character EXP Material

    * Weapon Enhancement Materials

    * Character Ascension Materials

    * Talent Level-Up Materials

    * Weapon Ascension Materials

    In subsequent games, this Parametric Transformer will have incredible relevance. Since Parametric Transformer is widely searched by Genshin Impact fans lately, if you are also looking for relevant information, this article is exactly what you need to read. Subscribe to MMOWTS, you will see more hot topics of Genshin Impact here.

    In addition, MMOWTS also provides cheap Genshin Impact Accounts, no matter what heroes you need, you can find them on MMOWTS.

  • Genshin Impact: Some Inazuma Characters Have Been Revealed

    Jun 23, 2021

    In Genshin Impact, new playable characters always make fans excited. With the Inazuma update expected to come next month, the latest characters come from a brand new nation. This means that it will attract more players, because the Inazuma area should continue to introduce more heroes in the future, including some great members.

    Recently, it has been reported that more characters have appeared in Inazuma content. This includes Kokomi, Gorou, and Sara. However, they have not been confirmed by Mihoyo. Despite this, many other characters have been officially confirmed as belonging to the Inazuma region. Although most of them have not yet confirmed the release date, Mihoyo has mentioned them in the promotional materials.

    Some Inazuma characters that have been confirmed


    Kazuha will be Inazuma's first character in the game. Kazuha's Banner will be released as part of Genshin Impact 1.6 version content, which means he will appear at the end of June. He is the user of Anemo, and his weapon in battle is swords. He is an important introduction to the Inazuma’s politics and culture.


    Yoimiya is a bow wielder and Pyro user, hoping to provide players with a better Pyro/bow character to replace Amber. Although Yoimiya's specific release date has not yet been determined, she is likely to appear in the next update.


    Sayu is an Anemo user who likes to hang out in the trees. Apart from that, we don't know more about her at the moment. Since Mihoyo has confirmed that she will appear in Genshin Impact, fans just have to wait patiently for her arrival.


    Before the game was released last year, Ayaka participated in the early beat of the game, but has disappeared since then. Regarding her, fans have made a lot of speculations, but many of them are not true. Now, Mihoyo has been promoting Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu as Inazuma characters, so fans can look forward to the arrival of Inazuma characters.

    If you are a fan of Genshin Impact, then the emergence of the Inzazuma area will bring more new content and new playable characters. At that time, you can pay more attention to MMOWTS.

    MMOWTS provides almost all the items and resources you need in the game. Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts and Starter Accounts are available here. If you want a specific role, then Genshin Impact Accounts is definitely what you need, but if you think you are lucky enough, you can also buy Starter Accounts, maybe you can get the heroes or weapons you need through them.

  • Genshin Impact: Born Of Ocean Swell Will Start And Eula Banner Will Appear

    May 18, 2021

    With Yanfei’s banner comes to an end, Eula’s banner is coming soon. Mihoyo has confirmed the time you can start wishing for Eula.

    Eula’s banner release date

    The release date of the Eula banner is May 18th, and Mihoyo has released that the time is 6 PM server time.

    North American servers: 3 PM PST/ 6 PM EST

    European servers: 6 PM BST

    About Eula

    Eula is a 5-star hero and a Cryo-based claymore user. She is good at dealing burst damage, which makes it convenient for her to fight against big bosses with big health points. She is a solo character, because her attacks are physically based and won't linger after you swap her out.

    It is said that she is the captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance, which means that she is an important member of the organization protecting the people of Mondstadt. Once Eula's event starts, you will get a story quest about her, which will show you more about her. It is Aphros Delos Chapter, but you need to complete Prologue Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom to try it.

    Eula should be the last character to appear in Genshin Impact 1.5 version, so after that, version 1.6 will also come. According to the leaked news, Kazuha will appear in the 1.6 Update. He is a wandering ronin and is also very attractive.

    Once the Eula banner is released, MMOWTS will also launch Genshin Impact Accounts with her in a short time. If you don’t want to get her through the game’s wish system, then buy Genshin Impact Accounts from MMOWTS is the fastest way to get Eula. MMOWTS provides the most considerate services, our staff is online 24/7, so you can come here to buy any Accounts you need at any time.

  • Genshin Impact: When Will Yanfei Be Playable?

    Apr 07, 2021

    Currently, Genshin Impact 1.4 version is in progress, but many fans are already looking forward to 1.5 content. As always, many characters have been leaked on the internet for a long time before the arrival of new content. Yanfei is one of them, she is Liyue's legal expert. So will she become a playable character in version 1.5?

    Yanfei is part of an alleged datamine. Generally speaking, the rumors of Genshin Impact are very reliable, so Yanfei is likely to become a playable character in version 1.5, and the other leaked character is Eula.

    From the current point of view, Yanfei comes from Liyue and is a Pyro character. But there are already a large number of Pyro users in the game, so Yanfei may be saved for a later update. Besides, Yanfei is suspected to be a catalyst user, so many of her attacks will be based on magic and ranged. There are also rumors that she is a 4-star character like Rosaria or Xinyan, which means that she is more likely to be obtained through the Wish system than a 5-star character like Venti or Diluc.

    Even if Yanfei is part of the 1.5 version, it is unlikely to be the first character to appear. MIHOYO usually updates Genshin Impact every 6 weeks, but new characters do not appear at the same time. For example, Rosaria was part of the 1.4 update, but she was only added as a banner character on April 6.

    There are already many choices in Genshin Impact that have made more obvious choices so that they can be played in version 1.5. Scaramouche and Baizhu have been leaking since their first appearance in the game. With such a unique design, these NPCs will become playable in the end, because they are already in Genshin Impact, so once they become playable characters, they will surprise fans.

    Once the latest news of Genshin Impact is leaked, MMOWTS will also keep up with current events and update relevant articles promptly.

    And new playable characters appear in the game, MMOWTS will also launch related Genshin Impact Accounts, which can save you a lot of time, because if you don’t have enough luck, you will spend a lot of time and money, so come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts is the best choice.

  • Genshin Impact: When Will Baizhu Be Playable?

    Mar 26, 2021

    For Genshin Impact players, the new playable characters are a very attractive part. Although the latest version of the game has been released, many fans are starting to look forward to the 1.5 version. Due to recent leaks, news that Baizhu will appear has been circulating, but will Baizhu really become a playable character in 1.5?

    We still tend to believe this news, because before that, many characters were leaked in advance, and almost all characters were finally confirmed.

    But the rumors surrounding Baizhu becoming a playable character should be suspected. After all, Mihoyo has not confirmed that Baizhu will appear in 1.5 or other updates. Baizhu is already an NPC in the game, and NPCs with unique designs will usually become playable heroes. This is similar to the way Rosaria was confirmed as an NPC in version 1.4. Genshin Impact often introduced characters before they became playable, so Mihoyo may have used the same strategy in Baizhu.

    In addition, the news about Baizhu is not just one source, but multiple sources, so this increases credibility. So Baizhu will definitely appear in Genshin Impact at some time. For any fans who want to see the update as early as possible, version 1.5 is being tested, but there is no guarantee that registered users will be selected.

    In short, Baizhu's leak seems to be credible, because he is already an NPC in the game, and his design is very unique. If he really becomes a playable character in version 1.5, MMOWTS will also start selling his Genshin Impact Accounts. If you don’t get Baizhu in the game at that time, you can come to MMOWTS to check it out immediately, and then you can buy Genshin Impact Accounts with him.

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