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Over time, players have become more and more familiar with Genshin Impact. Perhaps most bosses are becoming easier for players to defeat, but there are still some tricky things in the game. One of them is Oceanid. It does bring players some challenges.

If you have tried to explore the deeper content of Genshin Impact, then you should have also stumbled upon hidden bosses and some mysterious areas. You should also notice when looking for rare equipment and loot, there is a creature that avoids you, it is Hydro-wielding Oceanid.

It is different from the other creatures in Genshin Impact, you cannot win by simply attacking it roughly. It is a mixture of sea angel and fish, composed of pure Hydro elements. It is because of this that it can not only successfully avoid your attacks, but also create some monsters made out of water for you. Therefore, you need to continue to defeat the sea monsters that follow until you subdue the Elite Boss.


It is located in the center of a large lake to the east of Qingce Village. First, you need to go to Qingce Village located in Teyvat's southwestern Liyue Province. When you're getting close to Dawn Winery, then enter Liyue and continue to Wuwang Hill and Qingce Village. You will find Oceanid on the right.

Rewards for defeating Oceanid

If you defeat an Oceanid, you can get Varunada Lazurite shards and Cleansing Hearts. Also, there are rare Artifacts. Note that in order to obtain these rewards, you will have to sacrifice 40 Original Resin. When you reach a higher level, the rewards will also become better.

The way to defeat it

The basic premise of boss fight is that you need to defeat every wave of enemies as quickly as possible, otherwise Oceanid will release a more powerful blast. As time goes by, individual Hydro monsters will heal, so solving the individual monster at a time is the best way.

When you defeat the monster, Oceanid will sink under the surrounding platform and your actions will be more difficult. But you have to do your best to upgrade your Hydro healer, Barbara. Because once you finish this Oceanid fight, the prediction will be much easier for you.

The Oceanid is indeed a very tricky boss. If you want to get rid of its entanglement faster, it is a wise way to improve yourself quickly. Good equipment and good weapons are necessary. If you don't have much time to grind those, the most convenient way is to go to MMOWTS to buy cheap Genshin Impact Starter Accounts, which contain crystals or other items you need. MMOWTS also provides Accounts with 5 stars, which will undoubtedly save you a lot of time. You can directly use it to experience the most fun part of the game.

Oct 20, 2020
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