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As the festival approaches, the festival atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. Because of the epidemic, the situation in real life is different, but in ACNH, you can still feel the atmosphere of the coming festival. Now you can start collecting ornaments and decorate the cedar trees around your island with them.

The snow-covered ground in ACNH shows that winter has arrived. It also means that you can participate in various activities again. Now is a good time to prepare for the celebrations. You can collect as many snowflakes as you can and use them to craft many winter-themed items (Such as Ice Table). You can also roll snowballs to form two snowballs of the correct size, then you can build a perfect snowman, This is also one of the must-have items in winter.

Toy Day Event

On December 24, the Toy Day Event will begin. To make your island more match with the atmosphere of the Toy Day Event, you can decorate the cedar trees on your island from December 15 to January 6. After obtaining all the red, blue and gold ornaments, you will be able to craft 14 festive DIY recipes.

How to get all ornaments?

First of all, you need to search for festive trees around your island. They all have bright Christmas lights hanging on them, so they are very eye-catching. And they are most likely to be cedar trees, you need to have a certain amount of cedar on your island.

When you find the festive tree, you need to shake it so that red, blue or gold ornaments will fall from it.

Tips: When you shake a tree with ornaments, you will hear a unique sound. At this time, you can shake it several times, and then the ornaments will fall.

Besides, there may be multiple ornaments falling from one tree, so in order to collect as many ornaments as possible from it, you need to make sure that there is enough space around the tree for them to fall.

Festive DIY recipes

If you want to make all 14 festive DIY recipes, you need to get enough ornaments:

Red Ornaments: 35

Blue Ornaments: 43

Gold Ornaments: 42

You can also sell them to Tom Nook for 50 bells each.

This is how to get ornaments, and you can also prepare for the coming of the festival. If necessary, you can also choose to come to MMOWTS to directly buy the ACNH Items you need. Whether Recipe Winter Update, Santa Coat, or even the popular villager - Marshal, you can buy them all on MMOWTS.

Of course, ACNH Bells is no exception, and if you buy it now, you can immediately enjoy a discount. The discounted price of ACNH Bells on MMOWTS can be said to be the lowest in the market. So buying as soon as possible is definitely a wise choice.

Dec 18 ,2020
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