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  • ACNH: How To Exchange Poki For Bells?

    Nov 18, 2021

    ACNH has introduced a new currency - Poki, MMOWTS has introduced how to earn Poki faster, you can click here to view. Poki is the currency obtained by building or remodeling vacation homes and facilities in Happy Home Paradise DLC. Although you can use Poki to buy items in the resort, once you return to your island, Pok has no value. You will need to build vacation houses and move forward in your career to unlock the ability to exchange Poki for ACNH Bells.

    In Happy Home Paradise DLC, you can build a vacation home by looking for clients, choosing an island for them, and decorating their homes according to a predetermined theme. Several new customization options can be unlocked, such as using pillars and counters in ACNH. After cooperating with enough clients, you can unlock the ability to trade currencies.

    In this DLC, you can get a career advancement after building a certain number of houses. Once 25 vacation homes are involved, Tom Nook will appear in the office. He will explain to you that Nook Shopping furniture will be used to decorate the homes. After that, when you return to the resort the next day, Lottie will announce that she has installed the Poki ABD console, which is the machine used to exchange between Poki and Bells.

    The number of exchanges per day is limited, and the exchange rates of Poki and Bells fluctuate every day. On average, the exchange rate is 100 Poki can be exchanged for between 220-350 bells.

    If you want to create the maximum number of Bells, then it is best to wait for the exchange rate to exceed 300. This means that you need to check every day, or use time travel. Occasionally, you may find that the exchange rate exceeds 400, so if you need a lot of Animal Crossing Bells, it is worth checking it frequently. This seems to be another way to quickly earn Animal Crossing Bells besides Turnip.

    In addition, you need to buy ACNH 2.0 Items, you can check them out on MMOWTS at any time. You can find any items or currency you need in ACNH here. If you want to get a better gaming experience in ACNH, then subscribing to MMOWTS is worth it.

  • ACNH: How To Earn Poki Faster?

    Nov 15, 2021

    A new currency is introduced in Happy Home Paradise DLC - Poki. You can use Poki to buy items from the souvenir shop in the Paradise Planning office, where there are new furniture items that are rare in DLC. You can also buy souvenir chocolates for a few years and invite the island residents to come to the archipelago and design their dream vacation home.

    After you open the ABD of the Paradise Planning office, you can exchange Poki for Bells. The exchange rate changes every day, but the value of Poki is often higher than ACNH Bells. You can save enough Animal Crossing Bells for the content flavor introduced in the 2.0 update to get more rewards.

    At the beginning of the Happy Home Paradise DLC, you will get 6,000 Poki from each vacation home, which means that the more you design, the more Poki you can get. Designing facilities will let you get 25,000 Poki each because these jobs are much bigger than vacation homes, but the number of facilities that can be designed on the island is limited. So, if you want to earn Poki quickly, MMOWTS will provide a more effective way.

    How to earn Poki faster?

    Lottie will never let her employees work for free. Remodeling the property will earn you part of your paycheck. You will get a fixed fee of 5,000 Poki for each remodeling of the facility, and the remodeling of a vacation home will get your current paycheck, which is generally used for home designs. You can remodel the home by visiting it and talking with the villagers, and the facility can be remodeled by talking to Lottie in the Paradise Planning Office.

    However, making a change to the home counts as a remodel, so we can use this to quickly earn Poki. As long as you place a new item or move an item, it will be registered as a remodel, and you can get a paycheck from Lottie when you return to the office. As long as at least one change is made, including lighting changes, soundscapes, and building exteriors, the game will count it as a remodel and you’ll get the paycheck.

    So if you need Poki urgently, you can take advantage of this feature. MMOWTS will provide more game tricks to help you fully experience the content of the game.

    In addition, you can also buy 2.0 ACNH Items on MMOWTS, which is also the most popular since the 2.0 Update was released. New items can always arouse players’ desire to re-decorate their islands, so if you also have items you like, you can directly come here to buy, this is the most time-saving way.

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