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After February 12, all eyes are placed on World of Warcraft Classic Phase 3, featuring the Darkmoon Faire and Blackwing Lair, and Phase 4 will come soon following with it. Currently, WOW Classic Phase 4 is already released on the Public Test Realms, in order to play the content of Phase 4, you must access it first.

First of all, the testers must install the Public Test Realm through the launcher, and open the World of Warcraft tab to get in the version menu, then select PTR: World of Warcraft: Classic to install. The setup is about 500 MB, before installing, please ensure that your computer has enough space.

There are two servers for Phase 4: Classic PTR Realm 1: PvPClassic PTR Realm 2: PvEEveryone could choose one of both at will, note that if you want to team up with friends, you'd better discuss in advance which server to enter.

After installment, you can play the game by picking a character, which can be created by yourself or copy one from the vanilla game, following the same process as vanilla WOW Classic: race, sex, class, appearance, and name. When all is done well, press accept to continue playing.

Simply put, the rules for creating a character in Phase 4 are the same as when playing WOW Classic for the first time. If you just want to copy a character from WOW Classic servers to PTR, you only need to choose the region your character is currently located in and select the character you want to copy.

Once completing, you can play Phase 4 content on PTR for free.

Either Phase 3 or Phase 4, how can you lack WOW Classic Gold if you want to the game well? Even experienced players still can't meet daily needs through farming, while MMOWTS could provide consumers with enough WOW Classic Gold anytime, anywhere.

Honestly, it is the best place to buy WOW Classic Gold, it will be responsible for the consumers' rights. More importantly, all the goods sold in the store are done by real men, its security can be 100% guaranteed, which greatly reduce the risk of account being banned.

Mar 02, 2020
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