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As the dark horse profession of Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 1, after three months of testing, players finally saw the shining point of Amazon. In Ladder Season 1, which is gradually coming to an end, Lighting Amazon Build is in Endgame with excellent clearing speed and high area damage and it plays a great advantage.

While Lightning Amazon can handle just about anything, survivability and defense can get in the way when faced with enemies like Uber. So it is very important to choose the right D2R Ladder Items. In the choice of Runewords, we also need to take into account the bonuses of damage and survivability. We can turn our attention to the following options:

1. Spirit - Shield

Spirit Runeword is the only shield in the game with all skills +2, and it has the absolute advantage of a low budget. Whether it is in the early stage or late stage of Ladder, players can use it to obtain a very considerable improvement.

From the affix point of view, the +55% Faster Hit Recovery and +250 Defense vs. Missiles it brings can take advantage of the Lighting Amazon Build and make up for the lack of survivability.

2. Enigma - Chest Armor

Enigma's delivery boost is the main reason most builds want it, and Lightning Amazon is no exception. Players can limit the range of the aura through the Spirit Runeword. At the same time, it also brings a nice speed boost.

MMOWTS is committed to bringing you more information and services, so stay tuned. You are welcome to visit us anytime.

Aug 04 ,2022

As a representative class throughout Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder mode, Sorceress definitely deserves your attention. And among its many builds, Lightning Sorceress has won a lot of players' hearts with its unique and fast playstyle. But it has a weakness that cannot be ignored, that is, it relies too much on D2R Ladder Items as gears, which means that players need to choose them carefully.

In terms of Runewords, players can refer to the following options:

1. Heart of the Oak - Weapons, Mace, Staff

Heart of the Oak is one of the most useful Runeword for all spellcasters, and it gives very impressive effects, a 40% cast speed bonus and +3 to all skills give Lightning Sorceress a very impressive AoE attack.

2. Spirit - Shied, Sword

For Lightning Sorceress, Shied's best bet is Spirit. This Runeword gives +2 to all skills, a bonus to casting speed, and faster hit recovery. These effects meet almost all the requirements of Lightning Sorceress and are very good Lightning Sorceress gear.

3. Enigma - Chest Armor

Enigma is a Runeword for almost all spellcasting classes. Its effect is very useful, but its combo Jah+Ith+Ber contains two more difficult-farming Runes, so it will increase the overall budget.

4. Infinity - Act 2 Mercenary

Infinity is one of the Runewords that Lightning Sorceress Build relies heavily on, it lowers the enemy's Lightning Resistance for very powerful damage. But Infinity is very expensive, so it will also boost the budget. will continue to bring you more information on Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder. You can get more useful information and services here, so stay tuned.

Jul 14 ,2022

Wind Druid takes its name from the fact that almost all of the attack power saving in this build is based on wind characteristics, including Twister, Tornado and Hurricane. For players who need regular AOEfarm magic items, the ability of this build has good synergy, so it can bring good results.

Because Wind Druid's early skills are not strong, we need to consider a reasonable budget and the scope of our ability for the selection of equipment. The following Runewords are the most worthwhile to use after comparison:

1. Heart of the Oak - Mace, Staff

Heart of the Oak is a recognized Druid-style Runewords, it will bring a very considerable magic bonus, including All Resistance +30-40, and a considerable damage bonus, so it is very suitable for Wind Druid in the mid-term.

What's more, the 40% cast speed boost and +3 to all skills also work well with Spirit Shield, resulting in even better stats.

2. Spirit - Shield

Spirit is arguably the primary shield of choice for Wind Druid, as it gives +2 to all skills, a 25% to 35% cast speed bonus, and faster hit recovery, which means putting it in a socket can get a big boost.

At the same time, its Runes combination is not difficult to farm. The starting difficulty of Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn is Normal, and players can complete the preparation work in the early stage.

3. Enigma - Chest Armor

Enigma is a must because of its impressive effect that gives Wind Druid very good teleportation and defense bonus. But D2R Ladder Items like this one that includes Jah and Ber are more expensive. Since their lowest difficulty is Hell, players also need to work hard on farming.

After two months of the Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder season testing, Wind Druid is indeed a very worthwhile Druid build type that can level up well and stand out in the Ladder.

MMOWTS will always bring news and service for your Ladder season, and you can always visit us and ask about it.

Jul 07 ,2022

Since the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected patch 2.4, Amazon's Strafe has replaced the previous 75% effect with full weapon damage, and has brought some bonus physical damage to Multiple Shot and Guided Arrow. And because of this, Strafezon Build has become one of the most popular builds in Ladder.

As the core ability of this build, Strafe must be configured with the appropriate D2R Ladder Items as gears to achieve improvement in the competitive mechanism. So the following Runewords are what players who choose Strafezon need to pay attention to.

1. Chains of Honor - Chest Armor

An excellent offensive armor, it is also a Runeword that works well as an endgame body armor. Chains of Honor can bring many desirable bonuses, including high resistance and attack rate bonuses.

But Chains of Honor has a disadvantage that cannot be ignored, that is, Ber in its Rune combination Dol+Um+Ber+Ist is more difficult to cultivate. If you don't have enough capabilities, it may be a better option to turn to a third-party service.

2. Treachery - Chest Armor

Compared to Chains of Honor, Treachery is much more budget-friendly. Its Rune combination is Shael+Thul+Lem, which is also easier to farm. And it brings more chances to cast a level 15 Venom on striking, high IAS, and Faster Hit Recovery.

3. Wisdom - Head Armor (Ladder exclusive)

Wisdom is the Runeword that works with almost all of Amazon's builds, it gives a 33% piercing attack bonus, mana steal, mana per kill and cannot be frozen.

The Rune combination required by Wisdom is Pul+Ith+Eld, which is not particularly difficult to achieve as a whole, so Wisdom is one of the indispensable Runewords for Strafezon Build.

Farming and crafting the above Runewords will help your Strafezon Build have a more significant boost in Ladder rankings. If you want to get more Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder Season 1 information and guide, be sure to visit, we will provide you with satisfactory service.

Jun 24 ,2022

FoH Paladin uses Fist of the Heaven as the main attack skill, it can destroy many types of monsters in Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder. With the balance adjustment of the patch 2.4, the Fist of the Heaven buff has greatly reduced the cooldown of FoH Paladin, so Paladin has become the most-played Ladder class after Sorceress.

To play the absolute advantage of FoH Paladin's powerful AoE damage, D2R Ladder Items such as Slot Gear are also the part we must pay attention to. The following Runewords are necessary for FoH Paladin.

1. Grief - Axe and Sword

Phaseblade as FoH Paladin's weapon of choice requires Grief Runewords. Grief was chosen because it is the only Runeword that can bring damage buffs to the skill Smite, and can bring very considerable damage. And the budget to use it is not high, the required Runes combination Eth+Tir+Lo+Mal+Ral is relatively easy to obtain medium level.

2. Spirit - Shield

Spirit has always been popular with Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder players, and it is known as the best spell caster. It can bring amazing casting speed and resistance. At the same time, the Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn combinations it needs are also low-level Runes, which are easy to cultivate.

3. Call To Arms - Axe, Hammer, Mace, Polearm, Staff, Sword, Melee Weapons and Missile Weapons

Call To Arms has always been the best combination with Spirit, allowing players to achieve unique skill bonuses. But the composition is relatively expensive, it requires Amn+Ral+Mal+Ist+Ohm.

4. Enima - Chest Armor

The biggest highlight of Enima is that its teleportation has no level limit, which is very beneficial for the initial cultivation of FoH Paladin. Players need to cobble together Jah+Ith+Ber to get it.

FoH Paladin Build will have these best Slot Gears that will be even more powerful, and making full use of its efficiency in clearing enemies.

If you want to keep improving your ranks in Ladder, it will definitely help to try to strengthen FoH Paladin with the above Runewords. MMOWTS will continue to pay attention to your needs and bring you more practical information.

Jun 07 ,2022

Flickering Flame is one of the new Runewords unique to Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 1. It is a combination of Nef+Pul+Vex and belongs to the Helm type, suitable for All Helms, including Circlets, Barbarian Helms, and Druid Pelts.

As the name suggests, Flickering Flame is very suitable for use in the construction of Fire elements. From the effect point of view, it mainly includes the reduction of the enemy's fire resistance and the addition of fire skills but also can increase the defense ability when equipped. These are very beneficial for the construction of Fire elements, and this also means that there are no specific restrictions on occupations, common Fire Druids or any Fire Sorceress are especially suitable for using this Runeword.

For these classes, Flickering Flame is very suitable for Helms with 3 sockets and no high-intensity requirements. Specifically, there are the following Items:

Classes Other than Druids: Death Mask (Exceptional), Demonhead (Elite).

Druids: Any Elite-quality "Spirit" Pelts.

Regarding the farming of the basic Runes Nef, Pul, and Vex, players can choose a suitable farming location according to the following instructions:

Nef: Normal+ Countess, Hellforge, and Secret Cows; Act 2 Normal and above.

Pul: Hell Countess, Nightmare+ Hellforge and Secret Cows, Act 4 Nightmare and above.

Vex: Hell Countess (rare.), Nightmare+ Secret Cows, Act 1 Hell and above.

The Vex Rune necessary to combine Flickering Flame is relatively difficult to obtain. It requires players to spend a certain amount of time on farming. If you don't have the time and energy, MMOWTS will be your good helper. We will provide you with cheap D2R Ladder Items, including Rune and Runewords. You are welcome to place an order on our website at any time.

May 13 ,2022

Wisdom is one of the new Runewords in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 1, and a rune that can play an important role in Ladder Season. Players can create amazing performance bonuses by combining them with normal quality gear.

The combination of Runes required by Wisdom is Pul+Ith+Eld, which is a Helm-type rune that can be used based on Armor of All Helms, including Circlets, Barbarian Helms and Druid Pelts. It has three slots, which can only be used if you meet level 45.

Overall, Wisdom is a good fit for Amazon and Barbarian. One of the most notable is that Wisdom will be able to bring up to a 33% Piercing attack bonus, which happens to be one of Amazon's main skills, whether it is Javazon or Bowazons is very applicable. As far as Barbarian is concerned, Pierce is a new addition to the 2.4 patch that can't be ignored for improving the Double Throws skill.

As one of the few Helm-type Runes, it can provide players with a powerful Armor in the mid-to-late Ladder. It is suitable for use on the following basic items:

Amazons: Death Mask (Exceptional), Demonhead or Bone Visage (Elite)

Barbarian: Slayer Guard (Exceptional), Carnage Helm or Fury Visor (Elite)

It is worth noting that Wisdom Runeword is one of Ladder's unique Runewords, which only applies to characters on Ladder, and non-Ladder players will not be able to obtain it through normal farming. Ladder players can obtain Pul, Ith and Eld by finishing missions such as Normal+ Countess, Secret Cows, and Hellforge to combine into Wisdom.

If you don't have time to farm Runes, MMOWTS will be able to provide you with effective help, and you can directly buy D2R Ladder Items here, we can provide you with a variety of Runes to advance your Ladder process.

May 12 ,2022
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