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Torghast has been introduced in WOW Shadowlands. It is located in The Maw. You need to gather Soul Ash so that you can craft new legendary armor items and finish quests.

Torghast is a little special. It is not simply composed of items, monsters and corridors. It is more like a collection of collections. Every time you walk in, it will change. This does bring you a fresh experience, but at the same time the difficulty of the game has also increased, so this article will introduce all of the details about Torghast.

How to unlock Torghast?

To enter Torghast, first, you need to complete some introductory quests at level 60, which will bring you to The Maw area. There, you will see Ve'nari, she will assign tasks to you, when you complete her first series of quests, she will open the portal to Torghast for you, when you jump into Maw from Oribos you can go over there.

You can also choose to continue to complete her quests. You can establish a friendship with her, and then you will get a permanent upgrade, which will help you to get through Torghast more smoothly.

How to get in Torghast?

To enter the lobby of Torghast, you only need to walk to the portal opposite the Ve'nari chamber. After you enter the dungeon's lobby, walk forward to the shard setting in the floor, and walk left to the first wing, or right to the second wing. If you want to go through the portal, you will see the option of queuing for the scene, which can be done individually or by multiple people (up to five people). When queuing, you can choose your starting level.

What you'll meet in Torghast?

The different wings of Torghast have different bosses, which are rotated every week. There are 6 in total, so it takes three weeks to cycle all the bosses. Note that some bosses will drop what is needed for the best-in-slot or one Memory of the Runecarver.

Complete a level for the first time per week and you will receive Soul Ash. Each level has six floors, here are what you will encounter:

* Quest objectives: On every floor, you will find a reward event or objective. Completing them can gain additional WOW Anima powers.

* Mobs, Mawrats and rares: Rare elites sometimes drop an Anima Cell. Non-elites are easy to kill, but they can explode, so be careful.

* Souls: Completing souls' binding (starting at level 3) will give you a higher buff, but it will only last for 3 minutes.

* Geography: There are many twists and turns and blind spots in the corridors in each level, so in order not to appear in one place repeatedly, you can make some marks, such as dropping raid markers or toys.

* Ashen Phylacteries

* Traps

* Chests: Manipulate levers or runes to open them and get Anima Powers.

* Floor mini-bosses: Kill it and you will get an Anima Cell and passage to the next floor.

* Anima Cells and Powers

* Brokers (3rd and 6th floors)

* Bosses(6th floor)

Rewards and Soul Ash

After you defeat the final boss, you will get Soul Ash and a Memory of the Runecarver for your character's class. But you can only get this prize once per level. The storyline quests you finished in Torghast will also provide Soul Ash, and sometimes an Anima Cell.

These are all the details about Torghast. If this is helpful to you, it would be great. You can choose to subscribe to MMOWTS, because we will update relevant news and game guides frequently, so that once the news is updated, you will be the first time know.

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Dec 04, 2020

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard first improved the concept of Shadowlands as the next expansion of World of Warcraft, then Blizzard quickly revealed its pre-purchase editions, Base, Heroic and Epic on its official site, but except for this, before today, we know almost nothing about Shadowlands, even its release date, only knowing that it will be released sometime before December 31, 2020.

Just arrived, Blizzard finally confirmed the release date of Shadowlands, as well as a series of new content in the update.

During Blizzard's Q1 2020 earnings call, Shadowlands has now officially been locked in for its release as early as November 2020. before that, someone speculated that the development of World of Warcraft may cause any delay in the current global situation affected by the coronavirus, as employees have to stay at home and work.

This is not surprising that Shadowlands will bring a huge dump of content to World of Warcraft, notably a new dungeon called Torghast, which must be the "greatest expansion ever", beyond the current Battle for Azeroth.

Beyond that, Blizzard president claimed that World of Warcraft is still as social as the day it launched, giving many reasons to play with the group of people over and over.

World of Warcraft Classic is a "modern" game, constantly expanding in breadth and depth of gameplay, in order to call on more people to play the game, Blizzard must keep creating attractive game content.

If you can't wait for playing Shadowlands in November, you can play the current World of Warcraft and wait for the closed beat later, letting you preview the update content.

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May 07, 2020

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard announced the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft, Shadowlands and made it available for pre-order, at the same time, Blizzard also introduced one of the distinctive features of Shadowlands, Torghast inspired by roguelikes, Tower of the Damned, which may change the MMO.

Players are allowed to play Torghast during the Shadowlands Alpha, where players will encounter multiple difficulties from the first floor and have a relatively easy time making it to the goal. As players climb the tower, they will receive a progressively harder challenge. That is, Torghast has fixed levels with procedurally generated enemy spawns, like a boss fight on every sixth floor, also the first floor is simple, and eventually evolving into elaborate wings with traps, locked doors, puzzles and more difficulties. In order to get through Torghast, you need to combine skill, strength and strategies.

You can build a group of up to five players to enter Torghast and participate in the Boss battle, they would give help while you are in trouble, and it is also allowed to fight alone, but the process would be very slow, you'd better stay away from these bosses to block damage.

It should be noted that the difficulty of the dungeon will be adjusted according to the group, that is to say, the challenges you encounter when fighting alone are much easier than the group battle.

After defeating the boss each floor, players can also get random rewards called Anima Powers, which could increase a certain stat or a new spell for the characters. With them, players can temporarily protect their characters from long-range attacks, reduce the boss damage and restore health quickly.

You really need the extra power to effectively complete the difficulties, just like WOW Items in the game, which can give the characters a boost.

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Apr 27, 2020
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