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Torghast has been introduced in WOW Shadowlands. It is located in The Maw. You need to gather Soul Ash so that you can craft new legendary armor items and finish quests.

Torghast is a little special. It is not simply composed of items, monsters and corridors. It is more like a collection of collections. Every time you walk in, it will change. This does bring you a fresh experience, but at the same time the difficulty of the game has also increased, so this article will introduce all of the details about Torghast.

How to unlock Torghast?

To enter Torghast, first, you need to complete some introductory quests at level 60, which will bring you to The Maw area. There, you will see Ve'nari, she will assign tasks to you, when you complete her first series of quests, she will open the portal to Torghast for you, when you jump into Maw from Oribos you can go over there.

You can also choose to continue to complete her quests. You can establish a friendship with her, and then you will get a permanent upgrade, which will help you to get through Torghast more smoothly.

How to get in Torghast?

To enter the lobby of Torghast, you only need to walk to the portal opposite the Ve'nari chamber. After you enter the dungeon's lobby, walk forward to the shard setting in the floor, and walk left to the first wing, or right to the second wing. If you want to go through the portal, you will see the option of queuing for the scene, which can be done individually or by multiple people (up to five people). When queuing, you can choose your starting level.

What you'll meet in Torghast?

The different wings of Torghast have different bosses, which are rotated every week. There are 6 in total, so it takes three weeks to cycle all the bosses. Note that some bosses will drop what is needed for the best-in-slot or one Memory of the Runecarver.

Complete a level for the first time per week and you will receive Soul Ash. Each level has six floors, here are what you will encounter:

* Quest objectives: On every floor, you will find a reward event or objective. Completing them can gain additional WOW Anima powers.

* Mobs, Mawrats and rares: Rare elites sometimes drop an Anima Cell. Non-elites are easy to kill, but they can explode, so be careful.

* Souls: Completing souls' binding (starting at level 3) will give you a higher buff, but it will only last for 3 minutes.

* Geography: There are many twists and turns and blind spots in the corridors in each level, so in order not to appear in one place repeatedly, you can make some marks, such as dropping raid markers or toys.

* Ashen Phylacteries

* Traps

* Chests: Manipulate levers or runes to open them and get Anima Powers.

* Floor mini-bosses: Kill it and you will get an Anima Cell and passage to the next floor.

* Anima Cells and Powers

* Brokers (3rd and 6th floors)

* Bosses(6th floor)

Rewards and Soul Ash

After you defeat the final boss, you will get Soul Ash and a Memory of the Runecarver for your character's class. But you can only get this prize once per level. The storyline quests you finished in Torghast will also provide Soul Ash, and sometimes an Anima Cell.

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Dec 04, 2020

If you have ever explored the Ardenweald zone in Shadowlands, you should have seen an Unusual Large Mushroom on the corpse of the mob you dispatched. This is a unique item that all creatures of Ardenweald will drop, and the specific method for disposing of it is still don't know, but this guide will tell you how to use it.

In fact, in WOW, you can use this Unusual Large Mushroom to summon Humon'gozz, which is the enemy you will face in Ardenweald.

How to summon it?

If you want to summon it, first, you need to loot the mushroom, and then plant it in Damp Loam in the following 20 minutes. This Damp Loam is located at 32.42, 30.26. The important thing is: the respawn time of it is about 10 minutes. So, rush there right after you get the mushroom. Doing so will ensure that you can find a Damp Loam before the mushroom disappears from your inventory. If you can't get there in time, all you can do is to kill some monsters nearby, hoping to get another Unusual Large Mushroom.

After you plant this Unusual Large Mushroom in Damp Loam, wait a short while, and Humon'gozz will appear. All you need to do is beat it. Of course, it is not a character that should be underestimated, so this may take your time. If you find that you are unable to beat it, it is a good way to choose to seek help from friends.


After you defeat it, you will also get the corresponding reward - Arboreal Gulper. It is a new frog mount that just appeared in Shadowlands. But there are some restrictions to use it. If you do not reach level 60, you cannot use it, which means that it needs to be in your inventory for a while until you're up to 60.

If the correct usage of this mushroom is announced later, MMOWTS will also update the relevant game guides in time. But from the current point of view, it is an important way for you to obtain that frog mount.

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Nov 27, 2020

After WoW is constantly updated, the legendaries are also constantly changing. This time Blizzard has added a new method to deal with legendary items in WoW Shadowlands, which requires you to craft weapons' properties. Below we will introduce the method of crafting legendary items in Shadowlands.

Unlock the Runecarver

Runcarver is in the introductory quest of Torghast, it is related to crafting legendary items. Besides, you only have to unlock Runecarver, Memory of the Rinecarver Legendary recipes will drop.

The Runecarver is a special NPC located in Torghast. He can help you forge your weapons. Reaching level 60 and ensuring that you open the introductory questline to Torghast as prerequisites for you to enter Torghast. After this quest is completed, you can enter Torghast through the back portion of Ve'nari Refuge in The Maw, and you will see Runecarver's chamber on the right side of the entrance.

Craft Legendary Gear

The production process is simple, but it takes a little time to obtain raw materials.

1. Base item - blank templates for creating Legendary Items. And base items can be made by Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Tailors, and Jewelcrafters. You can also find base item recipes by finishing max level content.

2. Stat Scrolls - Stat Scrolls can be created by inscriptionists. These components will determine the stats that your legendary piece. Each legend requires two Stats Scrolls:

Missive of Haste

Missive of Mastery

Missive of Critical Strike

Missive of Versatility

3. Soul Ash - You can get it after completing Torghast Tower

And for the Soul Ashes, you can upgrade your legendary items. The highest level of the legendary is Rank 4, iLevel 235. If you want to upgrade your legend, you need to meet three conditions:

* Current legendary item

* New items of the same type as your legendary

* 100 Soul Ash for each Rank

If you have these three things, you can take them to Runecarver, which will help you upgrade your legendary.

4.The Memory of the Runecarver Legendary RecipeS - You can get them from dungeon bosses and raid drops.

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Oct 19, 2020

As the release date of WOW Shadowlands approaches, more and more information is revealed. Shadowlands newly introduced Timewalker Campaigns, also known as Chromie Time. The pre-expansion patch has already squished everyone's level to meet the new 60-level upper limit. Players can choose a level of 10-50 in expansion.

But it should be noted that you must have at least one character reaching level 50 to use this feature. Before this, only expansion that can be synchronized with level 10-50 can be Battle for Azeroth. The older expansions will still be accessible, but their level ranges will not be synchronized.

Shadowlands' Timewalker Campaigns will allow you to select any previous expansions you want and synchronize them at levels 10-50. You will get the initial quest in the expansion you want, and it is very easy to upgrade in it. Timewalker Campaigns can be exchanged at any time. If you want to complete the entire storyline of the expansion without being interrupted by level 50, you can choose to pause the experience gains so that you can enjoy the quest process.

If you want to know about Timewalker Campaigns, you'll need to visit Chromie, she can be found at the embassy in your capital city (Orgrimmar for the Horde, and Stormwind for the Alliance). She will appear on the map and minimap in the form of an hourglass. Speak with her and choose your campaign, and then you can go.

You can always jump back to the Battle for Azeroth expansion, and you can also disable Timewalker Campaigns at any time, it's all up to you.

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Oct 13, 2020

The pre-patch level squish for World of Warcraft may still not have an official release date, but regarding the upcoming Shadowlands pre-expansion content changes. With some new information, players can now get a better understanding of exactly how the level squish will affect their characters in the coming weeks.

The next World of Warcraft expansion has two pre-patches. The first one will bring a huge level squish, reducing the maximum level of the game to 50 (it will jump to 60 when Shadowlands launches next month).

Shadowlands is bringing some massive changes to the iconic MMO, but the level squish is one new feature that has stolen the spotlight in a lot of ways. Every prior expansion has increased the maximum level by 5 or 10, so this squish is a new territory for the game that sets an interesting stage going forward. The change also massively impacts how new characters and alts will experience Azeroth thanks to the use of Chromie Time for leveling.

When players begin to consider where their alts who have not yet reached level 120 will go in a few weeks, they can refer to this table to see the Battle for Azeroth to Shadowlands level conversion.

Battle For Azeroth Level Converted To Shadowlands Level

This explanation has been a long time in the works and should give players an idea of what sort of work they want to do on their unleveled alts in the coming week. There is still no release date for the pre-patch and the level squish, but many players are predicting it will arrive one week from tomorrow. If that's the case, players are running short on time to take advantage of the current 100% experience boost that is available in the game until the Shadowlands release date.

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Sep 27, 2020

Blizzard planned to release the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft before the end of 2020, named Shadowlands, featured five major zones, Bation, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, the Maw, as well as Revendreth, and the guide is about the new zone, from location, design, goals and more details.

Revendreth is the home to the Venthyr Covenant, who are uniquely spooky, pulling off a gothic aesthetic in a realm full of vampires, castles and blood rituals.

The premise of the zone is mixed with Greek mythology, Gothic architecture and Blizzard concept art of tombstones in Shadowlands, combing the Covenant's leader, Sire Denathrius, and creating a dark atmosphere in the game.

Compared to other zones like Maw, Revendreth is a much lighter kind of damnation, where the bad can atone and make up for their sins. The damned souls must find a very literal stone with these sins, and carry everywhere, including Kael'thas Sunstrider, who dies in the Burning Crusade.

Yes, Kael'thas Sunstrider returned to World of Warcraft, he was not understood from an anti-hero into a villain, and in Shadowlands, it is not known whether he will play a new character, at least, we still have a chance to redeem him and cast off his sin stone.

Once players choose Revendreth, they will get into a new layer of intrigue and politics, where they are required to deal with the class war brewing between the various levels of nobility in the zone.

At present, there is no confirmed date of Shadowlands release, and before that, the reveal event was also delayed due to the COVID-19, Blizzard was unwilling to announce too much content in advance, but the only thing we can confirm is that it will come in 2020.

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Jul 25, 2020

The next expansion of World of Warcraft has a release date this fall, and Blizzard has made a lot of preparations for Shadowlands.

In the upcoming Shadowlands, character customization is a prominent feature, one obvious of which is that you can change the character gender at will for free. And before that, players have to pay $15 for changing gender in World of Warcraft.

Not only gender, but also many things of characters in the game can be changed, such as race, hairstyle, color and facial features, currently all of these are free, which can be redone at these barber shops.

In order to find these barber shops, you can go to most major cities in World of Warcraft, where the gender change is able to be free starting in Shadowlands.

Also, Blizzard announced to release the beta of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands in mid-July, along with something new to add.

The players discovered a new NPC in Shadowlands called Pelagos, who is the first transgender character in World of Warcraft, trying to earn his coveted Kyrian wings.

It’s unclear whether Pelagos is a male or female, but this is definitely not the only transgender appearing in World of Warcraft.

This is expected of the ability to change gender, but this will not be seen until the official release of Shadowlands.

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Jul 11, 2020

While playing World of Warcraft, are you bored to complete a variety of repetitive tasks in order to reach level 120? Now there is an update in it that allows you to skip time and play the end-game content, don't you want to try it?

Since BlizzCon 2019, it will release the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft in Q4 2020, Shadowlands, and continue the story of the sixth expansion, Legion.

The Shadowlands consists of different small worlds, which are one enters after they die, and the Arbiter sends mortal souls to various covenants based on the action they took in their lives. As the update will create new content from all aspects, including environment, characters, lore and mechanics, it has more opportunity for players who are unwilling to complete various basic tasks to reach level 120 throughout World of Warcraft Classic.

Usually, players only experience 120-level quests to experience the end-game content, but in Shadowlands, it adds a Time Mechanics to allow you to skip time.

At present, as long as players have reached level 50 in any expansion in the game, they can venture forth into the Shadowlands, that is, in this update, you don't need to finish a huge amount of work to play, which can save a lot of time of leveling up, and continue Shadowlands directly.

Blizzard is trying to make every zone in Shadowlands as an end-game location, where players could finish repeatable world quests, bosses, and new dungeons or raid. Simply put, players can start playing the game in any area, and they can also end anywhere.

A few days later, there will be a reveal event of Shadowlands, originally scheduled for June 1, we will know more details by then.

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Jun 15, 2020

Affected by the ongoing coronavirus and racial justice protests, although Blizzard announced that it had postponed the reveal event of World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion originally scheduled for June 9, this does not mean that it will be delayed for too long, including the release of Shadowlands.

Shadowlands is the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft, since the BlizzCon 2019, it was set to be released before the end of 2020, which will be different from the previous versions of WOW, along with a decrease of the level cap from 120 to 60. beyond that, it will take players deep into a dark territory, even filled with the breath of death.

As we all know, Shadowlands is not only playable on PC, but it will jump to consoles with the controller support this time.

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Jun 12, 2020

It is worth noting that Blizzard will announce the details of WOW eighth expansion, Shadowlands on June 9, until then, the executive producer John Hight and Game Director Ion Hazzikostas will start a simulcast stream live to talk about Shadowlands and the newest content in development. In case of missing, it is better to set a reminder on your calendar for Tuesday, June 9 at 9 AM PDT through World of Warcraft Twitch and YouTube.

As of now, we could only preview the zones of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, Ardenweald and the Night Fae Covenant.

Ardenweald is a domain of restoration tended by the mystic night fae, where wild spirits return after their time on the mortal plane come to an end to reborn. However, affected by the mysterious anima drought plaguing the Shadowlands, everything in Ardenweald turns to wither, leading the cycle of reincarnation is unusually long.

In Ardenweald, you'll meet various types of inhabitants, such as Faeries, Vorkai, Sylvar, Tirnenn and more, while your task is to seek out the Winter Queen, who is the ruler of Ardenweald and the Night Fae Covenant to deliver the urgent news.

In the Night Fae Covenant, you'll receive two unique abilities, one class ability for combat, and another signature ability to explore the world in a new way, and unlock other powers and cosmetic rewards. That is, your character is able to be granted new abilities when joining a Covenant and get rewards, including a mount, a pet, Night Fae-forged armor, and back attachments.

The details about Ardenweald and the Night Fae Covenant might be changed when Shadowlands is released, so stay tuned.

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Jun 04, 2020
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