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  • MIR 4: The First Large-Scale Update Is Coming!

    Sep 13, 2021

    Wemade's MIR 4 will receive its first large-scale update. New content will be released, including the first global clan battle, clan challenge, and solitude training.

    On September 10, Hidden Valley Capture revealed extra core content. Hidden Valley Capture is a battle between different clans, the goal is to control the main resource of the game - Darksteel. You can smelt the Darksteel into Draco, exchange virtual assets Wemix tokens, and build a bridge between game resources and real assets. Due to the rapid increase in the number of players, MIR 4 has added a new server area, South America, which is good news for players.

    So now the battle to conquer Hidden Valley Capture is the focus of the players. According to the time of the local server, starting from September 15th, it will be held every Wednesday at 10 pm.

    Occupying Hidden Valley can gain tremendous power and authority to manage the Darksteel trade. Wemade stated that Clans can monopolize the mine by controlling the entrance to the Hidden Valley, or tax the mined Darksteel to make clans get profit. As mentioned above, because Draksteel can be smelted into Draco and exchanged for Wemix tokens, clan struggles will eventually affect the real economy, which will cause more intense struggles.

    So after that, all players need to do is to enjoy the game, and the newly added server area also creates a better gaming environment for players. If you are a MIR 4 player, you can pay more attention to MMOWTS, we provide cheap MIR 4 Gold, and no matter which region you are in, you can buy MIR Gold you need on MMOWTS, including from EU MIR 4 Gold to Asia MIR 4 Gold.

    And MMOWTS also provides more game guidance and news, which allows players to keep abreast of the latest information about the game they play.

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