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  • WOW Shadowlands: Here's Everything You Should Know About The Pros And Cons Of Threads Of Fate

    Dec 30, 2020

    Shadowlands has introduced a new system - Threads of Fate, which means you can use this new way to level alts instead of replaying the main story. This is a fast and effective way to level the alts in WOW, but it still has some disadvantages.

    One of the greatest features of Shadowlands is that it makes leveling easier. For novices, level squish is perfect. Consistent with the streamlined leveling concept, Threads of Fate has been added to the game, which is an alternative method of leveling alts by repeatedly playing the main story of the game.

    How to access Treads of Fate?

    You need to complete the main story of Shadowlands once. Threads of Fate will allow you to level alts by completing world quests, side quests, dungeons and bonus objectives.


    Covenant is an important aspect of Threads of Fate, so if you choose a Covenant from the beginning, you can obtain Covenant abilities as soon as possible. This is also one of the advantages of choosing Threads of Fate to level alts.

    If you level alts by choosing the Threads of Fate path, you will skip the main story. To be honest, the main story quests are completely disabled, so you need to think carefully before you decide which leveling path to go with. Loyal fans of WOW should like Threads of Fate, because you will have more freedom in choosing alts levels. For the old players, they have chosen their Covenant very early, which means they can always work hard to gain Renown and level up Covenant reputation.


    For novices, without the structure provided by the main story quests, they may feel lost. At this point, there is no definite evidence that Threads of Fate is faster than leveling alts through replaying Shadowlands' main story. It still depends on your gameplay style. You can choose to go through the main story and then decide to use Threads of Fate, it is very risky to choose Threads of Fate from the start, because it is irreversible.

    So if you are not sure which route you should choose, it is safer to replay the main storyline first.

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  • WOW Shadowlands: Which Team Compositions Are The Best In PvP Arena Tiers

    Dec 26, 2020

    Season 1 of Shadowlands is in full swing, which also means you need to know about which teams are the best at the PvP tiers. Because the update is still going on, these lists will change frequently. Currently, there are still some good team compositions.

    The strategy is an important part of PvP games. DPS rankings are the same as other WOW class levels. Your preference will also determine which team is suitable for PvP. The best teams are made up of complementary classes - all of which make good use of cooldowns and rotations.

    The First Best team compositions

    An Arms Warrior

    A Retribution/ Holy Paladin

    A Discipline Priest

    Cons: The weakness of this combination is that all the roles are not mobile.

    Pros: But the advantage is that they are very good at crowd control and causing burst damage, which can make the team very powerful in PvP, because they have multiple ways to quickly destroy the enemies.

    The Second Best team compositions

    An Affliction Warlock

    A Shadow Priest

    A Restoration Shaman

    Cons: The disadvantage is that mobility is limited, because it takes time for the Warlock to release the damage

    Pros: The advantage is that this team has multiple defense cooldowns to maintain rotation, so for long PvP matches, this team is absolutely perfect, because they have the power to outlast other teams.

    The Third Best team compositions

    A Windwalker Monk

    An Arms Warrior

    A Holy Paladin

    This is the best team for players who desire mobility. Casting time and kiting enemies are not problems in this team, and it also has good defensive and offensive cooldowns. Because of these factors, it is completely reasonable for this team to be at the close top of the PvP list.

    And the composition of the team will also be affected by other factors, such as your preferences and trinkets. With the continuous updates of Shadowlands, PvP tiers have been changing. But the above three comps have always been considered the best choice for PvP arena games. If you want to maximize the advantages of each member of the team, you can use WOW Gold to buy some equipment or accessories that suit them. If you need to buy WOW Gold, now is the best time, because it is Christmas, MMOWTS discount events are ongoing, until the new year, as long as you buy WOW Gold with code XMAS on MMOWTS, you can enjoy an 8% discount.

  • WOW Shadowlands Guide: How To Unlock Soulbinds?

    Dec 22, 2020

    Each expansion of WOW will bring new system functions, so does Shadowlands, Soulbinds is an important part of it, but there may be many players who feel curious about these new mechanisms, so this article mainly introduces Soulbinds.

    About Soulbinds

    Soulbind is the answer to Legion's Artifact Weapons or Battle for Azeroth's Azerite equipment. In fact, when you choose your WOW Covenant at level 60, you will have the opportunity to Soulbind one of several famous members of the Covenant. In return, you will get a small part of the power from them. Once you choose the Soulbind, you can customize it through the talent tree interface, and you can increase the strength of your character in many different ways.

    How to unlock?

    When you reach level 60, you can choose one of 4 Covenants. Each contract governs different zones, and they will provide you with different goals and rewards.

    Once you have finished the introductory questline in the Covenant you picked, you can begin the Forge of Bonds. The two NPCs around you play a key role. They will give you certain power in the form of a Soulbind. When you complete the Covenant battle, you will unlock the third key NPC.

    How to unlock the extra abilities of Soundbinds?

    In the beginning, most of the abilities of Soulbind are locked, so when the Covenant you choose increases your Renown, you can get more rows.

    Some rows have more than one choice for you to choose from, so you need to consider which one best meets your needs.

    You will find that the abilities of Soulbind are integrated into the unique Soulbind tree, and the empty slots also need to be filled with a Soulbind Conduit. As for Conduits, you can get them through different activities, and each activity will provide a bonus. This also means that you can further customize your character.

    How to switch between Soulbinds?

    Each Covenant has three Soulbinds, so you need to set them for different purposes when appropriate. For example, one type of Soulbind is suitable for causing extra damage during a raid, while the other is more suitable for open-world quests.

    These Soulbinds can be switched to each other, which is the same as the talents. You need to make the process in the rest place. If you want to switch your personal abilities to a Soulbind, you can do it in your Covenant Sanctum.

    That's all about Soulbinds, it would be great if it helps you. As for more WOW-related news and game guides, you can subscribe to MMOWTS.

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  • WOW Shadowlands: Guide To 2020 Event - Winter Veil

    Dec 17, 2020

    Christmas is around the corner. At this time, WOW players may be busy restoring order in the afterlife, but it is also essential for the game to celebrate the festival. After the recent Castle Nathria raids, the heroes have a temporary rest time. From December 16th to January 2nd, all of you have the opportunity to participate in the Winter Veil event and obtain some holiday rewards.

    According to legend, the prototype of this Warcraft Christmas is Santa, who can take any form to leave snow and joy to you. Although Shadowlands will not have much involvement in Winter Veil, you can return to Azeroth to experience this celebration.

    There are still many things to look forward to for 2020 events:

    Greatfather Winter

    He and his helpers have arranged Winter Veil decorations in Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Under the huge Christmas tree, you can find many gifts, from cosmetics to new toys, but you can only open these gifts until Christmas morning. But before that, you still have something to do. You can tour the city with the sleigh of Greatfather Winter.

    Besides, you can finally meet Greatfather Pepe in the game, he will appear at the top of the nearby cart. When you click Pepe, you will get a buff for one hour. Please note that there is a prerequisite for you to interact with Pepe: your character must reach level 50.

    To defeat the Abominable Greench

    If you reach level 30, you can get a daily quest - You're a Mean One. You need to go to Growless Cave in Hillsbrad Foothills, and then defeat the Abominable Greench to save Metzen the Reindeer.

    If you can smoothly complete this quest, you will be rewarded, including the previous Winter's Grasp and Flames of Ragnaros.

    Garrison Dailies

    If you want to access more Winter Veil related to mythical yeti Grumpus content, you need to reach level 40 and have level 3 Draenor Garrison. After completing all the quests, you will get 5 Merry Supplies, which you can exchange for various Garrison decorations or toys.

    Christmas Hats

    More interesting thing is that you will see some enemies dressed up for welcoming Christmas, imaging that bosses like Sire Denathrius are wearing red or green Christmas hats, which is funny. And you'll have the opportunity to snatch these decorative helmets during the killing. So in the following days, you can pay close attention to enemies wearing holiday hats.

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  • WOW Shadowlands: Where To Find The Great Vault?

    Dec 15, 2020

    In WOW, you can get a lot of loot and find many special treasures through the afterlife. The Great Vault is an extra loot, where you can find even greater treasures. In the Great Vault, you can choose an item as a reward per week, and even include the Legendary power. To unlock these options, you need to complete specific activities every week, including participating in raids, finishing Mythic Dungeons, and getting Honor Points in PvP.

    This is a new mechanic appearing in Shadowlands, which replaces Bonus Rolls. After finishing all the necessary activities, you will have the opportunity to enter the Great Vault and choose your reward. The rewards you can choose are related to the difficulty of raids, the number of Mythic dungeons completed, and the number of honor points earned in PvP.

    Where to find The Great Vault?

    The Great Vault is in Oribos, which is located in Hall of Holding (65.0, 29.3).

    You will find the Great Vault in the Ring of Fates section of Hall of Shapes. This is where you find professions trainers. After weekly maintenance or resetting, don't forget to go there to collect your rewards.

    To unlock the Great Vault, you need to complete a quest chain first. When you enter the vault for the first time, you will get the Legendary Powers of your class, and you can craft Legendary Armor or items with them.


    If you want to obtain extra reward items, you need to finish 3 quests respectively in Raids, Mythic dungeons and PVP competitions each week.


    You can defeat three Castle Nathria bosses to obtain an item in the vault. You can increase the items available by killing 7 or 10 Raid bosses. The level of the rewarded item is proportional to the difficulty of the Raid.

    Mythic Dungeons

    You need to finish one every week to unlock one item in Vault. To unlock two items, you need to complete 4. To unlock 3 items, you need to complete 10. Like Raids, the level of reward items is determined by the lowest level your finished dungeons in a week.


    You need to get 1,250 Honor Points every week to unlock an item in the vault. As for two items, 2,500 Honor Points are required, and 6,250 Honor Points can unlock three items. The highest bracket win in a week will determine the reward items in the vault.

    If you don't like a week's rewards, you can take Brimming Anima Orbs, deposit them in Covenant's Reserve and use them for other quests during the week. In short, no matter what reward you choose, this is a good way to continue to improve your gear.

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  • WOW Shadowlands: What Classes Have The Highest DPS?

    Dec 12, 2020

    WOW: Shadowlands has been released for a while, and many fans are very curious about the DPS ranking, because the raid is in progress, you may want to know whether the DPS rankings have changed after the beta and pre-patch. In fact, the rankings have not changed much, but if you want to choose the appropriate DPS builds to raid, you still need to pay attention to some things.

    Normal difficulty and Heroic difficulty of Castle Nathria are now available, and Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 will be available on December 15th.

    The first Season of Shadowlands will last until February 2nd, which is the release date of Raid Finder Wing 4.

    Due to these updates, WOW's DPS rankings will change over time, depending on the difficulties of the raid you are participating in.

    About Castle Nathria

    It is located in Revendreth, and there are 10 bosses in it, the final boss is Sire Denathrius. Most of the battles are ranged DPS. Because in WOW, ranged attackers are the main part of endgame raids, while melee attacks are relatively few.

    Because of this, many of the top DPS classes in Shadowlands are ranged. For Normal difficulty and Heroic difficulty, if you can get the correct way, most DPS classes are sufficient.

    Best DPS Classes

    There is no doubt that Marksmanship Hunter and Shadow Priests are still at the forefront of the DPS ranking in the first season. In addition, Balance Druid can also be said to be one of the top-tier classes, which needs your attention.

    Marksmanship Hunter and Balance Druid have AoE attacks, which makes them play important roles in endgame raids. If you want to stack damage to the enemies over time, you can try the Shadow Priest, whose multi-DOTs are very good at this.

    Prediction: Fire Mage will be stronger

    At present, the DPS rankings of Normal difficulty and Heroic difficulty have not changed much, but huge changes may occur when Mythic+ difficulty arrives. Because Fire Mage has gotten a buff, this is one of the few specs with uncapped AoE capabilities. Therefore, many fans speculate that Fire Mage will play a more important part in Mythic+ difficulty raids.

    Of course, DPS Classes like Marksmanship Hunter and Shadow Priests should not be underestimated. They are considered the best DPS classes in the first season. If you are struggling with this, I hope this article can give you some help in choosing classes. MMOWTS also frequently updates relevant game news and game guides, and you can also buy cheap WOW Gold on MMOWTS. Based on these, you can know that MMOWTS is a comprehensive website with thoughtful CS, and most importantly, no fraud! we provide a refund policy, if there are any errors in the order, we will provide a refund to reduce your loss.

  • WoW Shadowlands: Where To Find Decayed Husk Treasure?

    Dec 09, 2020

    There are many areas worth exploring in WOW Shadowlands, and the Ardenweald zone is one of them, where you can find many treasures, and of course, some treasures require you to spend an amount of time exploring.

    The Decayed Husk treasure is elusive because it occasionally appears underground. So if you encounter difficulties in the process of finding the Decayed Husk, this article should help you get through the difficulties smoothly.

    Two easy places to find

    Shadowlands treasures will not only spawn in one place, so some places are easy to reach for you, and you can easily loot the treasures. In Crumble Ridge (72.81, 28.81) and Tirna Noch (66.57, 53.22) these two places, you will easily find the Decayed Husk treasure.

    Two difficult places to find

    Gormhive (53.23, 78.43): It is underground. To get into it, you need to navigate to 54.04, 76.30. There you will see a tunnel entrance that leads to the underground. Enter the tunnel and you just walk along with it, you'll arrive at the Decayed Husk, and after killing the mobs around the treasure you can get what you want.

    Creeping Hive (54.36, 49.72): First you go to 54.93, 49.78, where you will find an entrance, the Ardenweald treasure is not far away from it. When you approach Decayed Husk, you will be attacked by mobs, so you need to be prepared for battle.

    In addition to the Decayed Husk treasure, the Faerie Stahes in Ardenweald is also difficult to get. because you need to use Bounding Shrooms to reach a certain height. Although these mushrooms are quite close to these treasures, if you don't realize the usefulness of them, you may not get the treasure.

    In short, this is where the Decayed Husk treasure is located. You can find it according to the specific location mentioned above. For more news and game guides about WOW Shadowlands, you can browse the news page of MMOWTS!

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  • WOW Shadowlands: For Crafting Legendary Items, You Need These!

    Dec 08, 2020

    In World Of Warcraft, you can determine the quality of items, armors, and weapons through the ranking system. All items are marked: Poor-Common-Uncommon-Rare-Epic-Legendary. As the name implies, Poor means quality and attributes are the worst, the Legendary represents the best. Since it is the best, it is conceivable that it is not easy to obtain, but with the release of the Shadowlands expansion, you can now obtain Legendary items through Legendary Crafting.

    For crafting a legendary item, you need to imbue certain powers into it to strengthen its class abilities. All characters have the chance to unlock the Legendary crafting and use the system, although the crafting classes' characters may be good at this.

    How to unlock Legendary crafting?

    First, you need to reach level 60, which is the new highest level of WoW, and then join a Contract, and finish the first chapter and quests of the Covenant's fight, and then you can unlock Legendary crafting.

    After that, you have to find Runecarver, a new NPC in Torghast in the second chapter of the Covenant's fight. He will provide you with a series of quests that require access to Legendary Crafting.

    How to craft Legendary items?

    To craft Legendary items, 4 components are required:

    A base item

    2 Missives

    1250-5150 Soul Ash (based on item Rank/Level)

    The memory of the Runecarver Legendary recipes

    Some of these components can be obtained in a series of quests in Ve'nari and Runecarver in Chapter 2 of the Covenant fight.

    As for the base items, you can buy them from characters in crafting professions (Tailors, Jewelcrafters, Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers) or let them craft. The characters in these professions need to find base item recipes from the game content, such as finishing world quests or beating the dungeon boss first.

    You can also obtain these items by trading with other players, buy them at Auction Houses, or have a high-level alt to make them and transfer them.

    Missives determine the secondary stats of Legendary items, including critical strike, haste, and versatility.

    Soul Ash is another currency in-game, you can only find it in The Maw. You need to enter the Torghast dungeon and clear the layers and quests to get Soul Ash. Note that there is a limitation here. The maximum amount of Soul Ash you can get per week is 1200.

    For finding Memories of Runecarver, you need to defeat enemies or dungeon bosses and complete specific quests. Because Memories drop frequently, you can find them in The Maw or elsewhere in Shadowlands.

    Once you have collected all things you need, you can go back to The Maw, enter Torghast and start interacting with Runecarver, and you can pull up the interface for Legendary Crafting.

    Note that a character can only wear one Legendary item at once! If you want to upgrade them, you can bring items and more Soul Ash to Runecarver!

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  • WOW Shadowlands: Tips And Tricks for Completing Torghast - The Endless Dungeon

    Dec 04, 2020

    Torghast has been introduced in WOW Shadowlands. It is located in The Maw. You need to gather Soul Ash so that you can craft new legendary armor items and finish quests.

    Torghast is a little special. It is not simply composed of items, monsters and corridors. It is more like a collection of collections. Every time you walk in, it will change. This does bring you a fresh experience, but at the same time the difficulty of the game has also increased, so this article will introduce all of the details about Torghast.

    How to unlock Torghast?

    To enter Torghast, first, you need to complete some introductory quests at level 60, which will bring you to The Maw area. There, you will see Ve'nari, she will assign tasks to you, when you complete her first series of quests, she will open the portal to Torghast for you, when you jump into Maw from Oribos you can go over there.

    You can also choose to continue to complete her quests. You can establish a friendship with her, and then you will get a permanent upgrade, which will help you to get through Torghast more smoothly.

    How to get in Torghast?

    To enter the lobby of Torghast, you only need to walk to the portal opposite the Ve'nari chamber. After you enter the dungeon's lobby, walk forward to the shard setting in the floor, and walk left to the first wing, or right to the second wing. If you want to go through the portal, you will see the option of queuing for the scene, which can be done individually or by multiple people (up to five people). When queuing, you can choose your starting level.

    What you'll meet in Torghast?

    The different wings of Torghast have different bosses, which are rotated every week. There are 6 in total, so it takes three weeks to cycle all the bosses. Note that some bosses will drop what is needed for the best-in-slot or one Memory of the Runecarver.

    Complete a level for the first time per week and you will receive Soul Ash. Each level has six floors, here are what you will encounter:

    * Quest objectives: On every floor, you will find a reward event or objective. Completing them can gain additional WOW Anima powers.

    * Mobs, Mawrats and rares: Rare elites sometimes drop an Anima Cell. Non-elites are easy to kill, but they can explode, so be careful.

    * Souls: Completing souls' binding (starting at level 3) will give you a higher buff, but it will only last for 3 minutes.

    * Geography: There are many twists and turns and blind spots in the corridors in each level, so in order not to appear in one place repeatedly, you can make some marks, such as dropping raid markers or toys.

    * Ashen Phylacteries

    * Traps

    * Chests: Manipulate levers or runes to open them and get Anima Powers.

    * Floor mini-bosses: Kill it and you will get an Anima Cell and passage to the next floor.

    * Anima Cells and Powers

    * Brokers (3rd and 6th floors)

    * Bosses(6th floor)

    Rewards and Soul Ash

    After you defeat the final boss, you will get Soul Ash and a Memory of the Runecarver for your character's class. But you can only get this prize once per level. The storyline quests you finished in Torghast will also provide Soul Ash, and sometimes an Anima Cell.

    These are all the details about Torghast. If this is helpful to you, it would be great. You can choose to subscribe to MMOWTS, because we will update relevant news and game guides frequently, so that once the news is updated, you will be the first time know.

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  • WOW Shadowlands Guide: Ways Of Finishing The Penitent Hunt Quest

    Dec 01, 2020

    In WOW: Shadowlands, you can access a lot of new content, especially in the new Covenants. When it comes to Venthyr Covenant, you will know that it is one of the best for Shaman healers, so you need to hunt the souls.

    Because the Venthyr of Revendreth is about hunting down sinful souls, which means that Revendreth is a place of salvation for those who are sinful in life. They were banished to Banewood. All you need to do is to catch them, this task is the Penitent Hunt quest. This guide will tell you how to successfully complete this quest.

    Get the quest

    First, you need to go to Revendreth, find Wanecrypt Hill, and look around for a tall Venthyr called Fearstalker. They will assign you tasks and let you hunt three souls. These three souls have been weakened by fear, making them vulnerable. This is what Fearstalker wants.

    Where to find souls?

    They are scattered among the Banewood, so you can explore there with your mount, which will make the journey more convenient. Remember, you should tell Fearstalker "Let's Begin" so that they will join your avatar on the quest and become your helper.

    The Prideful Souls are quite far away, two of them are in opposite corners, one is Yoshai the Merciless, hiding in an open spot in the lower-left corner of the zone. The other is Crimelord Tiana, in the upper right corner, surrounded by spiders.

    The last one is Houndmaster Loksey, he is in the center of the designated area, you will be able to find him easily, but Truulax guards him. Bring it down to siphon Loskey of his Anima.

    Extra quests

    During the Penitent Hunt, you can also complete some other tasks. Most of the tasks do not require fighting, except Truulax. And Fearstalker has always followed you, so you can complete them easily. Once the Hunt is completed, you can proceed to other things. Most of these are monsters from Fearstalker and Huntmaster near her. After finishing these, you can get Renown and other rewards, so complete these tasks as much as possible. And completing these tasks while the Penitent Hunt will save you a lot of time.

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