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WOW TBC Classic Phase 3 will bring a ton of new content, including the iconic raid Battle for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple, Arena Season 3, and more. MMOWTS will cover the details.

New Content

Phase 3 brought many new reasons to return to work in Outland.

Battle for Mount Hyjal

Battle for Mount Hyjal is the easiest of the 2 new phase 3 raids in the TBC Classic, which is a good thing because you need to complete it to fully fit into Black Temple.

Battle for Mount Hyjal has 5 bosses, including:

* Rage Winterchill

* Anetheron

* Kaz'rogal

* Azgalor

* Archimonde.

The most notable issues with this raid are its dangerous trash wave systems and AOE damage and the fear of the final boss - Archimonde, which will test your team's DPS and tank positioning in all the rendezvous. To ensure that you can go further in the battle, it is helpful for you to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold in MMOWTS in advance.

Black Temple

This is also the final challenge of the third phase of TBC, this raid requires you to ensure coordination by clearing the Battle for Mount Hyjal, and then fighting through Black Temple's numerous enemies to reach the Illidan Stormrage.

Black Temple has 9 bosses, including:

* High Warlord Naj'entus

* Supremus

* Shade of Akama

* Teron Gorefiend

* Reliquary of Souls

*Gurtogg Bloodboil

* Mother Shahraz

* The Illidari Council

* Illidan Stormrage

Arena Season 3

PVP is easier to use in TBC Arena 3, which gives you a better starting point in Season 3. You'll be rewarded with the best PVP games, and those who just missed the game will come back again when the game is released.

TBC Arena Season 3 will also make some changes to matchmaking, expand rating searches, and allow teams to be further separated to match up in the interest of managing crazy queue times.

Jan 29 ,2022

The second PVP season of WOW Classic TBC has officially ended, and now players will focus on the next season. Blizzard hasn't officially announced a specific date for the next season by then, but there's some information that should give us a rough idea of what the next season will look like. MMOWTS lists the relevant info.

The TBC Classic now has 2 arena seasons, the first started on June 16th and ended on September 7th. The second one started a week later on September 14 and ended on January 10.

In an official post on the Blizzard Forums, they stated that the content for Season 3 and Phase 3 of Classic TBC will be available later in early 2022. Because of the PVP reward system, Blizzard is trying to ensure that the release of Season 3 is consistent with tier 6 raid content.

Blizzard kept saying during the TBC Classic that they didn't want to follow the release patterns that TBC originally released in the mid-2000s. They are more interested in making sure that tier 6 raid content is prepared before moving forward. While Blizzard also didn't set any specific date for the new phase, testing for raids in that phase began in early December.

Considering the patterns Blizzard has followed in the past, we can expect the game to move into Phase 3 in the next 2 weeks or so, with a new PVP Arena season.

In order not to disappoint fans, Blizzard often says that the game will be released soon. There is usually only a week or two notice of the definitive dates, so after that, you can always come to MMOWTS to check for the latest news. Or feel free to come here and buy TBC Classic Gold, which will help you get started Season 3 better.

Jan 17 ,2022

When you reach level 70 in WOW Classic TBC, you may be confused about what to do next, but there are still many things you can do in the game. MMOWTS will show you some things you can do.

Best things to do at level 70

* Farm TBC Gold: Getting a lot of WOW TBC Gold will always bring you advantages. First, you can have enough coins to buy all the abilities from the trainers and improve your character. Second, you can use the Auction House to buy rare TBC items needed to complete quests or some professional recipes.

* Complete Heroic Dungeons: Once you grind all the normal dungeons for a period, you can get better rewards by increasing the difficulty. In addition, you can get "Badges of Justice", and you can exchange powerful TBC items. You can also get unique equipment by killing the boss.

* Unlock the Flying Mount: Search for trainers in Outlands and purchase Riding skills that will allow you to fly between new maps. Between flying skills and mount, you need to collect 1K Gold in your character. In addition, to get the highest speed, you need 5K WOW Classic TBC Gold.

* Participate in PVP Activities: You can control the arena to show how you manage your abilities and when to attack. When you compete in the arena 10 times a week, you will earn Arena Points. When you have accumulated enough points, you can use them to exchange powerful equipment.

* Hunter for Powerful Equipment (BiS): Once you have almost unlocked every Heroic Dungeon and Raids, you need to clear out knowing what to hunt. Some of the rarest TBC items you find in these places can take your character to another level.

So, even if you reach level 70 in TBC, you can still enjoy the content in the game. If you are a new TBC player, you can also come to MMOWTS to buy TBC Classic Gold, which will help you upgrade faster and experience all aspects of the game.

Nov 29 ,2021

Blizzard has announced that it will suspend the previously announced BlizzConline in early 2022. In the past few months, this company has encountered several sexual harassment lawsuits and investigations, and all aspects have been affected.

But the current The Burning Crusade is still going on, and now Hallow’s End has officially landed on Azeroth, so it’s time to encounter the Headless Horseman.

You can summon a Headless Horseman once a day, which means that in a 5-person team, everyone can summon the horseman. You have a total of 5 chances to obtain some unique seasonal loot, which includes:

* 3 different rings

* A helmet

* A sword

* An on-use ability to summon Pumpkin Soldiers

You can get some more interesting things from killing the horseman, including magic broom mounts with a limited lifespan, a Sinister Squashling pet, and a jack-o-lantern toy.

In order to obtain this loot, you need to gather about 5 players above level 65, and then go to the Graveyard instance of the Scarlet Monastery. The dungeon is in the northeast of Tirisfal Glades, a zone controlled by the Horde.

Once you enter this instance, you will see a Pumpkin Shrine, which provides a daily quest - Call the Headless Horseman. After accepting the quest, you will get a Dreary Candle. Take this candle to the Loosely Turned Soil in the cemetery, and click this pile. It will summon Headless Horseman.

This boss has more than 100,000 health, so it will not be a problem for your group. You want to make sure that everyone in the team can complete the daily quest, because everyone can summon the horseman. Getting 5 chances where you want each day will increase your chances of returning home with the loot you want.

This event will last until November 1. During this period, you can reset every day to get rings, toys, mounts, and other horseman items. In the meantime, if you need WOW TBC Classic Gold, you can always come to MMOWTS for help.

In addition to TBC Gold, MMOWTS also provides WOW TBC Boosting services, which is a priority for players who are stuck in certain bosses, which can also greatly improve your gaming experience.

Oct 27 ,2021

Since the release of the WOW TBC Classic, it has been sought after by players. Exploring the Outlands means experiencing the classic grind in the old-school WOW. Last week, WOW TBC Classic introduced two new major raids. MMOWTS has already listed the specific details.

New factions

This update brings new factions, Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard. No matter which alliance to join, you will receive a large number of quests and get rich rewards.

New raids

The new raids are Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye.

Serpentshrine Cavern

When you start Serpentshrine Cavern, you will need to go to the Colifang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh for the max-level raid, which is very challenging. When you face Lady Vashj, there are 6 bosses for you to deal with. The limit for this raid is 25 players and it will be reset every week. So before starting this battle, you need to plan your strategy. Of course, the indispensable part is TBC Classic Gold.

The Eye

This raid includes storming the Crystalline Tempest Keep in Netherstorm and fighting with four raid bosses all the way. Eventually, you will meet Kael’thas Sunstride. Like Serpentshrine Cavern, this raid is also limited to 25 people and resets every week. If you have always wanted to get Ashes of Al’ar, this raid may be a great opportunity. Trying actively will always surprise you.

As for the other features brought in by this update, such as guild banks and a Group Browser Tool, we have introduced them before. You can click here to view the detailed information.

If you can’t wait to try these two new raids, it’s wise to stock up on WOW TBC Classic Gold now, which can help you be more comfortable with raids. For more new TBC Classic news, you can browse MMOWTS at any time. And you can come here to buy TBC Classic Gold anytime.

Sep 24 ,2021

With the release of Overlords of Outland, The Burning Crusade has something new. The update has brought some new raids, opened the second season of the arena, added some quests, and even added much-needed Looking for Group tools.

When it comes to WOW, raids and adventures are the foundation of the game. So updates like this can keep the content flowing and bring freshness to players, especially at the beginning of Season 2.

The second season of the Arena will bring battles to the enemies of your faction. If you are the winner, you will get Arena points in exchange for better equipment. To have a good start, it helps to have enough TBC Classic Gold. Keep going, you will have the opportunity to get better equipment and a precious Gladiator mount. However, the raid is an important part of this update.

First, you can enter Serpentshrine Cavern, where you need to defeat Lady Vashj. This 70-level raid needs you to conquer with 6 bosses, including Hydross the Unstable, The Lurker Below, Leotheras the Blind, Fanthom-Lord Karathres, Morogrim Tidewalker, and Lady Vashj If you can get through the watery hazards of these caverns and win, then you will get the loots and be qualified to brag.

The second additional raid is The Eye. You need to fight 4 bosses in the towering crystal fortress, and minions of the leader Kael’thas Sunstrider all with the towering crystal fortress.

Outland also provides new daily quests for those who want to advance by winning the support of local factions. Other new features include guild banks, which is a necessary choice. In addition, looking for a group tool is also important. Although guilds and outside platforms can allow you to find your groups, the LFG tool is a more classic tool that makes it easier for you to find companions and fight together.

MMOWTS will pay attention to more TBC Classic news and update the news in time. If you are a WOW TBC Classic player, you can subscribe to MMOWTS.

Sep 22 ,2021

The first content update in WOW TBC Classic has arrived. Overlord of Outland has brought a lot of new content. You can now venture into Serpentshrine Cavern to fight Lady Vashj or board the Eye of Tempest Keep to defeat Kael'thas Sunstrider, of course, these are challenging.

New Raids

Although this update introduces new content, it will take a certain amount of time for the new content to become available. You need to complete multiple other raids, quest chains, and heroic dungeons to truly gain the ability to participate in the new content of TBC. This update also marks the beginning of the new season of the Arena. You will get new gear and introduce two new factions in exchange for rewards.

Guild Banks

In addition, guild banks are also a new addition. Before that, guild leaders usually produced multiple level one characters and used their bag space and bank storage to store various crafting materials and supplies last time. But this process is troublesome. If you operate a bank, you need to log out of your main role. But the Guild Bank makes this process easier, and you will be able to easily deposit and withdraw items.

A browser tool

Overlords of Outland also brought a team browser in-game tool. You can list your team or yourself in the tool and participate in various activities, such as dungeons, raids, PVP, or quests, so you can send invitations or be invited more easily. Before this tool appeared, you could recruit dungeon teams or raid members through the game’s chat function and manually inviting players to join the team.

Now that this update has arrived, MMOWTS will continue to update the new content that will appear later. As for the new challenges that you want to face more calmly, you can come here to buy TBC Classic Gold, because it will be a lot of expense, so looking for cheap TBC Classic Gold will be necessary. You can get a 3% off TBC Gold discount coupon at MMOWTS before buying now, so it would be wise to stock up more Gold when it is at a low price.

Sep 16 ,2021

Breaking news! Tempest Keep and SSC will be available this week! The long-awaited release time of TBC Phase 2 finally gets close, which means that Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern will appear.

Phase 2 release time

TBC Phase 2 will be available on September 15. But the official release time is still unclear, and it’s not on the server reset this time, it will not be as clear as the previous releases.

If Blizzard can maintain the normal time, we can expect the new content to go online around 11 am EST on September 15 (Wednesday), but this may not arrive on time because it will be completed when the server is reset on Tuesday.

What’s new in Phase 2?

Phase 2 will introduce a lot of new content, they include:

* New 25-man Raid Tempest Keep

* New 25-man Raid Serpenshrine Cavern

* New Arena Season 2 (Rank Reset, Rewards, New Gear)

* New Reputations (Ogri'la, Sha'tari Skyguard)

* New Mount (Nether Ray)

Server Downtime

TBC Phase 2 will cause server downtime, but we don't know when it will happen. Because the update is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, this means that Blizzard will load all the new content during the Tuesday maintenance period and wait for the release time, or they will shut down the server again on Wednesday for the unspecific time.

We still expect Phase 2 to go online on time. We speculate that the server to be down for 3-4 hours before the content being available. For more news, you can subscribe to MMOWTS, and we will pay close attention to related news.

Given that a lot of new content will appear, players will become busy again, so TBC Classic Gold will be sought after again, now is the best opportunity to buy TBC Classic Gold, now before you come to MMOWTS to buy, you can get a 3% off TBC Gold discount coupon in advance, so what are you waiting for?

Sep 14 ,2021

The second phase of the WOW TBC Classic is coming soon, and its arrival means that the PvP arenas of the first season are about to end.

Although Arena season 2 will not start until after the reset of the region weekly starting on September 14, Arena season 1 will end a week earlier and players will have a one-week offseason.

TBC Classic Arena season 1 will end on September 7th, depending on where you are. For European servers, the season will end on September 8, after which follow the region’s weekly reset.

Although Arena season 1 lasted until Black Temple was released, Blizzard wanted to provide players with a slightly different approach. And they have shown a change, postponing the Tier 5 raids, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, relative to their original release.

The beginning of Season 2 will be synchronized with the release of TBC Phase 2 content, which also includes these two Tier 5 raids.

After Arena season 1 is over, you can still use the remaining Arena points until season 2 begins. And the Gladiator gear from season 1 will also be discounted to prepare for the new season, so it is worthwhile if you spend TBC Classic Gold for it at this time.

Once season 2 starts, any arena points you have will be turned into honor. When season 2 starts, you will receive 10 honors for each arena points you earn.

Once new content arrives, you can also pay more attention to MMOWTS, because we will also pay attention to the latest news of TBC Classic and share some highly discussed topics, so that you can also learn about the latest info about the game. In addition, the effective resource in the game - WOW TBC Classic Gold, is also available here,

No matter how much TBC Gold you need, MMOWTS can provide the quantity, because we can always guarantee a large amount of inventory for emergencies, so no matter when you come to MMOWTS to buy TBC Classic Gold, you will be able to receive them within a short time after placing an order Gold.

Sep 03 ,2021

The first season of WOW TBC Classic’s PVP Arenas has just started for 9 weeks, but fans are ready to welcome the second season.

When TBC first appeared, the first arena season of the expansion lasted about 20 weeks. When TBC Classic is released, the developers also hope that this season will follow a similar schedule.

The second season should have been released in the third phase of the game content release, about the same time as the raid Black Temple. But there is related news that the second season will arrive earlier than originally expected. Instead of waiting for Black Temple, you can get a fresh start for the second season in Phase Two.

Although the exact release date of the second phase has not yet been announced, the game's PvP system and the raid bosses of the Serpentshrine Cavern, as well as the Temple Keep, are being tested on the PTR.

Although these raids were available when TBC was first released, Blizzard decided to stagger its releases in Classic because the gear in these raids was different from those of Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, and Karazhan.

Blizzard not only decided to end the first season early, but also increased the number of Arena Points players can get in the first season before the second season. In addition, Blizzard will reduce the cost of rewards before the season before the second season’s launch.

With this in mind, we predict that Phase 2 and the arena second season may be launched in the next 4-6 weeks. More likely, we can expect to see these in the next month, depending on how the testing is conducted.

Once they are officially released, you will be able to enjoy the fun of the new content. As for the good experience, you can come to MMOWTS to buy TBC Classic Gold.

Now MMOWTS also offers 3% off TBC Gold discount coupons, so you can get cheap TBC Classic Gold here.

Aug 26 ,2021
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