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In the Genshin Impact 3.0, one of the most significant mate-changes is the Dendro aura, it will hace two major reactions with Hydro and Electro, while the enemy is affected by a Dendro aura, Electro combines Dendro will bring Quicken aura, any subsequence electro application or Hydro application will then trigger aggravate or spread which do boneless damage. Considering those changes, to choose a good Electro character will help you a lot in your future adventures.

Yae Miko, who probably is a really good aggravate user as her totem continuously apply a bunch of electrodes and therefore it can trigger a lot of aggravates.

One of the biggest benefits of being able to build elemental mastery on Yae Miko now is that you can double dip on your talent, your talent will increase your elemental skill damage based off your elemental mastery which means that your normal scaling damage is going to be higher.

Just like visuals when you trigger a aggravated reaction, your aggravated reaction will scale based off your elemental mastery but at the same time your elemental mastery will increase your damage percent, which will then be a part of the aggravate damage formula.

Overall Yae Miko’s damage would increase significantly in the mate-test which benefited by the new Dendro aura reactions.

However, some players do not have Yae Miko in their collections, which means they probably do not have any opportunities to experience those changes above on time. Actually in MMOWTS we could offer you a wonderful personally Genshin Impact accounts with the reasonable price. Not just Yae Miko, other powerful characters accounts are on sale with 50% discount as well. We have the best price comparing other websites, come to MMOWTS and pick your favourite individual Genshin Impact account!

Aug 19 ,2022

With the release of the Genshin Impact 2.5 Update, many new features have appeared in the game. While new character banners, events, and new weekly bosses appear, these hidden achievements aren't listed publicly, only revealing when you earn them. Completing these is very important if you want to earn Primogems and level up your Adventurer Rank. MMOWTS will introduce new hidden achievements.

After completing all achievements in specific categories, you can also unlock special name cards to use in your profile. Hidden achievements are hard to get because you can't find them anywhere and only appear when you meet the requirements to get them. But we've collected the hidden achievements added in the 2.5 update:

* Impeccable Judgement - "Only shoot down your real opponent..."

* Basically Harmless - "Defeat a Specter that has not accumulated any Fury."

* Hard Landing - "Bring a climbing Bathysmal Vishap down."

* Beware of Angry Dog - "Defeat a roaring Rifthound."

* Inugami's End - "Destroy two Rifthound Skulls within a short time."


Once you get the achievement, you can get 5 Primogems as a reward. All of the new hidden achievements can be easily earned as long as you are aware of their existence. The list of available hidden achievements will continue to grow as achievements are continuously updated. At that time, MMOWTS will continue to be updated.

MMOWTS will not only offer some gameplay guides but also cheap Genshin Impact Accounts with any characters you like, which includes Yae Miko, Raiden Shogun, and more.

Mar 08 ,2022

The Three Realms Gateway Offering Event has arrived in Genshin Impact, now you need to collect the Aphotium Ore to unlock the sealed teleport waypoint through Enkanomiya. MMOWTS will give detailed steps to collect Aphotium Ore.

The waypoints are enveloped in a vile Corrosion, and you'll need to collect Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes to perform Rite of Diffusal, a cleansing ritual that clears the corruption from enemies, structures, and entire areas. And to start the Rite, you'll need a special Gadget - the Bokuso Box.

Bokuso Box

The Bokuso Box is a new event Gadget that can be used in different ways, including cleaning corrosion, granting corrosion resistance, damaging enemies, and displaying necessary event items on the minimap.

To unlock the full use of the Bokuso Box, you'll need to upgrade the Gadget with a new currency - Light Realm Sigils. Sigils can be offered on the Statue of the Vassals to increase the level of the Bokuso Box.

To farm Light Realm Sigils, you can open chests and complete event objectives, such as unlocking Sealed Teleport Waypoints. The way to get unlimited Sigils is to clear Sentou Trials.

You can earn Sigils rewards by completing a Trial, then rest at Statue of the Vassals to refresh all Sentou trials. Repeating this process can upgrade the Bokuso Box faster. Once the Bokuso Box is level 1, you can see the Aphotium Ore nodes on the minimap.

Where to find Aphotium Ore?

Approaching a node, press the "Gadget" button to activate the Bokuso Box, then you can collect Aphotium Ore. The box will release energy and you can collect the ore. As you collect ores, the Bokuso Box will gradually run out of energy, and you can replenish it by interacting with Light Conches and Coral Butterflies on the farming routes for Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes.

Note that the Three Realms Gateway Offering will end on March 30th, so you need to farm Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes as soon as possible during this time.

MMOWTS will always keep up with the trend and provide corresponding game guides, and Genshin Impact Accounts with Yae Miko are already available on MMOWTS, if you want to make her join your team faster, buy here is the best way.

Feb 19 ,2022

Recently, skins and alternate outfits have been the focus of discussion among Genshin Impact players. In the 2.4 Update, Liyue's Keqing and Ningguang received skins, and Diluc and Fischl in Mondstadt got skins, which made players more and more curious about what's coming next. Based on this, MMOWTS also collected some related news.

Since the release of Genshin Impact, character skins have not been Mihoyo's focus, but this situation has changed until the 1.6 update, which adds summer-themed outfits to Barbara and Jean, which is popular with fans. Now, with the advent of the 2.4 Update, Ningguang and Keqing have formal dress skins, and the topic of skin has once again aroused heated discussion. And, what is exciting is that 4 Mondstadt characters will get alternate outfits.

Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona will get alternate outfits in this update. Among them, Rosaria's changes are eye-catching.

However, the specific release date of the alternate outfit has not been announced, and fans can only wait for the news later. In addition, we don’t know whether the new outfits are free or paid, but some of the outfits have received relatively little changes, so we guess it’s free. Even for a fee, MMOWTS will provide cheap Genshin Impact Accounts with them, so that you can get everything you want at the lowest price possible.

With the advent of 2022, the Genshin Impact community will become more lively, one after another new news followed, and a lot of new content will be coming soon. The return of the popular Lantern Rite event and the highly anticipated Yae Miko have been confirmed. In the new year, Mihoyo still has not disappointed fans, and a new journey is kicking off.

Jan 05 ,2022

The character addition of Genshin Impact helps to create additional hype for each, as they are one of the main attractions of the game. Although 2.3 Update has been released, news about the 2.4 Update has now been leaked. And, the official social media account of Genshin Impact has announced Shenhe and Yun Jin, 2 new polearm characters.

Kamisato Ayato

The leaks of Genshin Impact is common, but it is really attractive. Many characters that have not appeared are hyped. One of the characters is Kamisato Ayato. Several characters in the game have mentioned him, and we can be sure that he is Ayaka’s brother is also the leader of the famous Kamisato clan. Now that related news has been leaked, MMOWTS has also collected some.

Ayato will be another Hydro character, which means that he may have a great synergy with his sister Ayaka. Ayato will also use swords, which will make him the second Hydro sword character after Xingqiu. As for when he will arrive at Genshin Impact, related leaks indicate that he may arrive with the 2.7 Update, which is around April 10, 2022.

Yae Miko

Another character that is expected is Yae Miko from Inazuma. According to related news, she may be one of the strongest DPS characters in Genshin Impact, on par with Ganyu, Ayaka and Hu Tao. But currently, we don't know her weapon type. The design of the character clearly shows that her element will be Electro, because she is closely related to the Inazuma area.

Yae Miko is expected to appear in Update 2.5, which is around February 16, 2022.

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Dec 08 ,2021

The 2.1 Update has been updated for a while, and players are continuing to explore the content, but now the news about the 2.2 version has been leaked. Hu Tao will appear on the second banner of the 2.2 Update, and will bring a new four-star character - Thoma.

Hu Tao can now be said to be one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact. She is now one of the most powerful characters in the game and maybe the strongest DPS in the game, except for Ganyu and Eula. Hu Tao is a Pyro polearm user and is one of the most important figures in the Liyue.

A leaker on Reddit said that at present, Hu Tao's re-run is expected to be released as the second banner of the 2.2 Update, and the second banner should drop around November 7. But this is just a leak, and we don't know whether this is reliable.

Yae Miko is another character mentioned by the leaker. She has appeared in the last two update previews and is also attractive. According to the recent live stream, she will be the protagonist, bringing players through the second part of Inazuma.

At present, Genshin Impact has stated on Twitter that Thoma may be a character in the game. The recent leak also revealed some interesting characters, like Gorou, Tohma, Yae Miko, and more. These are to satisfy the curiosity of fans. As for more reliable news, we still need to wait for Mihoyo to announce.

MMOWTS, as a game service website that has witnessed the first release of Genshin Impact to the present, always provides the latest Genshin Impact Accounts. Once the latest playable characters appear, some players will choose to come directly to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts they need, because this is the most time-saving way.

Five-star characters can only be obtained through Wish System in the game. This requires players to spend a lot of time and Primogens, so this is a gamble. Of course, sometimes it is not cost-effective, so it is safest to buy from MMOWTS.

Sep 26 ,2021
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