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Although Yanfei is a four-star Pyro Catalyst wielder, as long as you pair the right team and the best DPS build for her, you can maximize her Pyro damage.

About Yanfei

She is a top legal expert in Liyue Harbor, proficient in all fields of law, also known as the "law that walks". She also has a mysterious connection with another new character - Eula. Yanfei is part of the illuminated beast, similar to Ganyu, and generates scarlet seals, which reduces her stamina consumption when using normal attacks or elemental skills and elemental bursts.

Although Yanfei's stats are not particularly prominent, positioning her as a DPS, together with shield characters such as Diona and Zhongli, will bring you a different experience.

Her Best DPS Build

You can use her normal attacks to create scarlet seals, or Signed Edict and Done Deal to maximum the number of scarlet seals, and then perform a charged attack.

She and a shield character will be a perfect match, but in order to match the elemental reaction, characters like Xingqiu and Zhongli are suitable choices.

Yanfei abilities

Normal Attack - Seal Of Approval

Normal Attack: The fireballs she shoots can cause Pyro damage up to 3 times.

Charged Attack: Deal AOE Pyro damage to the enemy after a short casting time.

Plunging Attack: Yanfei fell from midair to the ground, causing damage to enemies in her path, and deal AOE Pyro damage when landing.

Elemental Skill - Signed Edict

Summon flames and cause AOE Pyro damage to nearby enemies. Any enemy concentrated by the flames will allow Yanfei to get the maximum number of Scarlet Seals.

Elemental Burst - Done Deal

When using this skill, she can summon a burst of flame to spray nearby enemies.


Solar Pearl is suitable, it is a 4-star catalyst weapon, it will increase critical strike damage and elemental skill damage.

Skyward Atlas is also recommended. It is a 5-star catalyst weapon that will increase elemental damage bonuses and have the opportunity to apply additional attack damage.


Crimson Witch of Flames, when equipped with 4 pieces, will increase vaporize damage. It will also increase her overloaded and burn damage by 40%, as well as all vaporize and melt damage by 15%.

This is the best build for Yanfei. If you own Yanfei, you might as well try the above suggestions.

New content and more events will also come, MMOWTS will also follow the players' concerns and update relevant guides.

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Apr 28 ,2021

When Zhongli first appeared in Genshin Impact, it seemed that he was not very popular. Many players believed that he should be stronger, so Mihoyo promised to rework Zhongli to make him more reasonable, so in the upcoming 1.5 Update, You will be able to unlock the new Zhongli.

New Characters & Housing system

Recently, Genshin Impact 1.5 version announced a lot of new content, including some new characters, Mihoyo announced Eula and Yanfei will be the latest playable characters.

Eula is a powerful Cryo user, and her weapon is a sword. Yanfei is a character who uses fire and catalyst. In addition to new playable characters, version 1.5 will also introduce a housing system, allowing you to build a house in one of three locations, and then you can use your furniture to decorate your house.

New Zhongli

The new Zhongli is also coming soon. He initially appeared in Archon Quest and reappeared at an event last year. Now the original banner of rock-manipulating Zhongli will run again, so you will get him at a higher level than the original. If you didn't get Zhongli, then this is the best chance. If you already have Zhongli, it will put him in a stronger state. However, the exact date and duration of the Gentry of Hermitage have not been confirmed yet.

PS5 Version

Mihoyo's regular updates of Genshin Impact always make fans look forward to it. Version 1.5 will be released on April 28. In addition, fans can also expect Genshin Impact to be released on PS5. The PS5 version will have native 4K resolution and faster load times and other improvements.

Genshin Impact’s content loop can attract and ensure that players return to the game. The introduction of new characters will bring old players back to the game. The return of old characters like Zhongli ensures that new players will not miss some content. So the game has always appeared in the public eye, which is one of the reasons why Genshin Impact is so popular.

Once there are more details about Genshin Impact 1.5, MMOWTS will also update related articles in time.

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Apr 19 ,2021

Regardless of whether you have gotten Xiao, it is undeniable that he is one of the most popular heroes right now. There is no denying that Xiao is the best character in DPS, just like Diluc, Ganyu, Childe, and Klee. As one of the newest members in the Genshin Impact DPS pool, it is time to introduce Xiao appropriately. It turns out that this quiet and mysterious Adepti has many secrets. Here are some little-known things about Xiao:

He Requires Qinxin Flower

For players, it is very tangled whether to prepare for Xiao or Ganyu. Because their ascension material is Qinyin Flower. The process of obtaining this flower is very difficult because they are both located on the top of the mountain. To make matters worse, their banners succeed each other, which means that if you own Ganyu, you may not have additional Qinxin flower for Xiao. But Xiao is Ganyu's mentor, and they can share the flowers lore-wise.

His former boss is Zhongli

Zhongli is the one who rescued Xiao from a cruel Adepti fate. He has always been the deity and protector of Liyue, and he has maintained it well. Zhongli is Xiao's boss. As Morax, he is the one who formed Yakshas to fight against the demons in Liyue. As for the other four Yakshas, they didn't get good ends.

His favorite food is Almond Tofu

Every hero has his own favorite food. For Xiao, Almond Tofu is his favorite, and is called "Sweet Dream" by him.

He has the highest base ATK

In the beta test of Genshin Impact, Xiao was considered a powerful character. Although the developers made adjustments to him later, he was still very strong. He has the highest base ATK.

He eats snow

Although Xiao is more than two thousand years old, he still has some cute habits - he eats snow. Because he once said, "Once the snow is thick enough, we can eat it." Given his stern personality, this should be true.

Venti’s music can make Xiao sane

Since Xiao ate too many nightmares and killed too many demons, he has been haunted by the violence of the past. This also implies that Xiao might go crazy or die like other Yakshas. However, in the character cutscene, Xiao listens to Venti playing the Dihua flute. Some people speculate that if it weren't for Venti's soothing music, Xiao might have succumbed to his karmic burden.

These are some things about Xiao. Although he has a stern personality, these little things also let us see a different Xiao. If you have not obtained him yet, you can buy Genshin Impact Accounts with him from MMOWTS.

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Feb 25 ,2021

Finally, the release date of the Genshin Impact 1.3 version has been confirmed by Mihoyo in a new trailer. In addition, the trailer also showed us a lot of new content.

New Character

There is a high-profile character - Xiao in the trailer, which means that he may become the latest playable character. Besides, the upcoming update will finally introduce the previously promised buffs in Zhongli and changes to the Geo element. This will also affect other Geo users.

New Resin System

Although Genshin Impact is very popular, some players still think that it can be better. Players hope that Mihoyo can improve the Resin system. The developers have also tried to adjust before, so the upcoming version 1.3 is expected to finally fix Resin. If this can be completely repaired, it will undoubtedly satisfy more players.

New Story

The latest trailer released by Mihoyo revealed that the release date of version 1.3 is February 3rd. It also showed us the Lantern Rite Festival, which is the event that the new story and content will center around. Although only Xiao appears in the trailer, this is different from the previous trailers. The previous trailers showed more than one character, such as Albedo and Ganyu both appearing in the 1.2 Update, but we can still expect to see other new characters appearing in 1.3 Update! Hu Tao is likely to be one of the upcoming characters, so fans can still remain curious.

The upcoming version 1.3 is getting closer and closer, so Genshin Impact fans are about to get new game content, which is exciting. So far, Mihoyo has maintained the 6-week new content release plan, which is absolutely delightful for fans. Hope that developers can always maintain this advantage so that they can continue to bring players fresh game experiences.

If Mihoyo releases more related news later, MMOWTS will also broadcast it as soon as possible.

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Jan 23 ,2021

The long-awaited Zhongli finally has appeared. We have also updated Zhongli's best character builds before. If you are interested, you can take a look. So far, two five-star heroes have appeared in the 1.1 update, and in the recent Unreconciled Stars event, the appearance of Scaramouche also brought new challenges to players.

Many players speculated that Scaramouche will also become a playable hero like Zhongli in the future. And traces of potential intermediary events in the game are beginning to surface, so once Mihoyo releases the upcoming Gliding Challenge, fans may not feel surprised.

In the upcoming event, you will meet a brand new NPC - Hughes. He is a gliding enthusiast and knows a lot about gliding spots. During December 4th-14th, he will provide you with the opportunities of finishing challenges in exchange for rewards, such as Talent Ascension Materials, Mora, Primogems, and Hero's Wit EXP materials.

The Unreconciled Stars event is over. It is like a narrative-driven multi-pronged event, but the upcoming Gliding Challenge is not similar to it. It is more like the Marvelous Merchandise event, which means it contains simple quests and you can get rewards easier.

If the recent Genshin Impact event statements are accurate, then the Gliding Challenge will consist of 7 different tracks, and the rewards are not fixed, it will vary according to your finishing time and how many tokens you collected during the gliding process.

In addition, you can also look forward to the food delivery event, because Mihoyo Twitter hints at the end: while it's warm event is also coming soon. Based on this, many fans guess that it is food delivery, because food must be delivered often when it is warm.

Genshin Impact has more content than can be expected. Creative ideas and designs will always attract fans. The 1.1 update did not disappoint fans, so fans also have higher expectations for the 1.2 and 1.3 update. The excitement is that the 1.2 update will be released on December 23.

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Dec 02 ,2020

Zhongli is a 5-star hero in the Genshin Impact 1.1 update. He appeared in the Liyue portion before, so we already know that he uses polearms. Zhongli is a Geo user who can petrify enemies and cause AOE damage. So if you have him, you should find the best builds for him!

How to get Zhongli?

Through Wish System!!!

About Zhongli

Zhongli's movement is very fast, which helps him quickly rack up damage. He is a Geo-Based hero. Because of these advantages, many players want him to join their teams. If you want to make him stronger, you should equip him with weapons and artifacts that can increase his ATK and DMG stats!

By the way, Zhongli's deep voice is really attractive because in the previous trailer, I thought he is a young but cold boy, but I didn't expect him to have a deep and mature voice. The contrast also makes me more addicted to him.

Best Artifacts

For him, the best artifact is Gladiator's Finale set, which will increase his ATK by 18%. When he is equipped with 4 pieces, his Normal Attack Damage will increase by 35%.

In addition, The Resolution of Sojourner is also good for him, and it is easier to obtain than Gladiator's Finale set. This can increase Zhongli's Attack by 18%. When 4 pieces are equipped, his CRIT rate for Charged Attack will increase by 30%.

Best Weapons

Zhongli's weapons should focus on improving his ATK stats and damage output. So the Skyward Spine is perfect for him, which can increase the CRIT by 8%, and the ATK SPD by 12%, Normal and Charged Attacks can cause 40% of the ATK damage.

The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is also a good 5-star weapon, it can increase ATK to 6%, and can stack up to 7 times.

As for a more accessible weapon, it must be the 3-star weapon - The Halberd. When Zhongli has it, he will be able to cause 320% damage every 10 seconds.

This is Zhongli's best character builds. If you already have him, put him on the right artifacts and weapons. If you haven't had enough luck to let him join your team, that's a pity. You can be more optimistic: although you do not have Zhongli, this will allow you to experience the fun of the game longer.

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Nov 13 ,2020

Mihoyo has announced that the 1.1 update of Genshin Impact will be released on November 11. Players have all ready for a new chapter and can't wait to experience the new content of the game. In this update, 4 new heroes are about to appear and new contents are waiting for you to explore.

As a free-to-play game, Genshin Impact update regularly, to consolidate the number of players or attract more players. In addition to new heroes, you will also receive new quests, so maybe you will be busy again.

Four new characters are introduced in the game, two of which are 5-star heroes. In addition, there is a questline to bring the Liyue chapter to a successful conclusion, which is a two-week-long event named Unreconciled Stars. And each area has a reputation system, and you can get rewards based on your reputation level.

About New Characters

Childe (Tartaglia): He is a 5-star hero, he will be very rare. He is a Hydro archer and can also use close melee attacks, which other characters cannot do.

Zhongli: He is also a 5-star hero, which means that he is difficult to obtain. He is a Geo polearm fighter, who can use elemental attacks to petrify enemies, which is awesome.

Diona: 4-star character. She is a cute little girl with pink hair, but she is not entirely human, she is a popular bartender in Cat's Tail tavern. Although she is small in stature, her power should not be underestimated. She uses the Cryo element to dish out range attacks.

Xinyan: 4-star character. She is a Pyro user. She is a rock star from Liyue with a thick southern accent, perhaps this will make her more attractive. Although in the trailer, you can see her holding a musical instrument, actually, she mainly uses claymores to repel enemies.

These new characters are very attractive, and I bet you can't wait to experience the new content! So we can look forward to the arrival of November 11.

Although Genshin Impact is a free game, it is a good prerequisite to get a five-star hero if you want to experience the core of the game. With the development of the game, some five-star heroes are becoming rarer and rarer, so if you want to encounter them through the game, which is very hard. At this time, buying Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star heroes on MMOWTS is a wise decision, and as Genshin Impact becomes more and more popular, some Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star heroes will become more and more expensive. When the price of an item goes up, buy it as soon as possible cause it'll become a high-value item. When the price of an item goes down, then stop buying it cause it'll become worthless. Therefore buying Genshin Impact Accounts as early as possible is not a loss.

Oct 31 ,2020
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